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it's going to take you live. the u.k.'s prime minister expels twenty three russian diplomats from britain in retaliation for the kremlin's alleged involvement in the poisoning of a former russian intelligence agent and his daughter despite police having declared no suspect. to speak is no alternative conclusion other than that the russian state was culpable for the attempted murder of mr scruby and his daughter under the vienna convention the united kingdom will now expel twenty three russian diplomats who have been identified as declared intelligence officers and russia says the u.k. still has not replied to its offer to help with the investigation or its request for access to the chemical used in the incident moscow earlier rejected a midnight ultimatum to answer questions about the origin of the nerve agent use.
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human rights advocates called on the u.s. congress to chill rejects donald trump choice to be the new cia director over her involvement in the intelligence agency's torture program. a warm welcome you are watching our c.n.n. international with me mickey erin we start with breaking news from westminster where u.k. prime minister to resign may have said britain will exparel twenty three russian diplomats on suspend all bilateral meetings with russia it comes in response to the poisoning of an ex russian intelligence officer and his daughter in the city of seoul three as the investigation into the incident continues well that's now cross live to our correspondent and to see a check and
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a who's been following all the latest details on the speech in parliament of course unless to see it can you talk us through the details so far please. well mickey it seems that the spy scandal has reached some of a crescendo everybody was waiting to see what theresa may would come up with following the expiration of the deadline that she had set for russia where of course russia rejected being accused in this whole story and said it had nothing to do with it theresa may has said that russia's response was a distain given the gravity of the situations she said that any high level contact is now off the table between the two countries and that twenty three russian diplomats are going to be expelled from the u.k. the british prime minister said this has to happen within one week and that this is the biggest number of diplomats to be expelled from the country in thirty years she's talked about some other measures to be taken following these latest developments as well she's talked about the new legislative powers that are going
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to be heightening defense in the u.k. strengthening legal powers for sanctions following violations of human rights monitoring and tracking any people coming to the u.k. that are deemed to be a potential threat to the country she's talking about freezing russian assets in the war involved in any questionable activities as well as targeting what she's called the corrupt elite and it's money coming to london and she said that no officials from britain including the royal family will be attending the world cup taking place in russia this summer let's take a listen. mr speaker it was right to offer russia the opportunity to provide an explanation but their response has demonstrated complete disdain for the gravity of these events. they have provided no credible explanation that they could suggests they lost control of the news agent no explanation as to how this agent came to be used in the united kingdom no explanation as to why russia has an undeclared
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chemical weapons program in contravention of international. well to this we saw the opposition party leader labor party leader jeremy corbin ask to resubmit several questions about whether or not facts have been provided to russia whether an official notice or fishel request was sent to moscow to cooperate whether potentially any kind of dialogue taking place in the situation would have been helpful and where their conversation could have taken place with russia into this theresa may she didn't really give a response let's take a look. as the prime minister taken the necessary steps under the chemical weapons convention to make a formal request for evidence from the russian government how has she responded to the russian government's request for asylum full of the agent used in the souls return to run its own tests has a resolution trace analysis been run on a sample of the nerve agent and has that revealed any evidence as to the location
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or which production all the identity of its perpetrators we gays the russian government the opportunity the through the day march that my right on befriend the foreign secretary delivered to the russian ambassador here in london earlier this week to do just that they have not done so there is a consensus across the butt benches of this house yeah i am only sorry that the consensus does not go as far as the right honorable gentleman. could do could have taken the opportunity as the u.k. government has done to condemn the culprit for the c.e.o. of the russian. well theresa may also said that this is these developments are not a question of british diplomacy but a question of russian called culpability now given despite the fact that an investigation is still going on and just yesterday we saw the police in the u.k.
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say they are not quite ready to point fingers and that the investigation continues throughout this whole time russia has said. it has nothing to do with the poisoning of sergei scrip all they said that what would have been nice is to see an official request from britain that we heard the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov say that if such a request had been sent russia would have replied within ten days but no such official traditionally use diplomatic channels have been used let's take a listen to sergei lavrov with a view which. the who we haven't received any official request from london based on its own obligations in accordance with the chemical weapons convention we've told britain we are ready to respond if they file the request instead of fighting the official request the u.k. continues to pull political stunts. well moscow has made it has made it clear that they see these developments as a provocation the russian foreign minister also said that russia couldn't and
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didn't have a motive in this case and that the only thing this situation does is fuel for would be against russia while it continues to say that it had nothing to do with this case and of course clearly we can expect some kind of reaction from moscow in the hours to come following these announcements from theresa may about the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats and the ending and of high level ties between the two countries and canceling any meetings coming up including the visit of russian foreign minister to the u.k. so lots to look ahead to in terms of how this is going to continue to unravel but now let's take a look at how this whole scandal started. on on sunday march fourth a couple are found slumped on a bench and souls bury reporters arrive at the scene for what was thought to be a local incident but soon after a global media frenzy unravels with accusations allegations and speculation moving at the speed of light exposure to an unknown substance and her comparisons to the
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two thousand and six death of alexander litvinenko march sixth the u.k.'s counterterrorism police take control of the investigation the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson has this to say while it would be wrong to prejudge the investigation i can reassure the house that should evidence emerges implies state responsibility then the majesty's government will respond appropriately and robustly. russia says it has no information and offers to help in any way it can these headlines leave little to the imagination long before any conclusions are drawn russia is being vilified the dots have been connected in the eyes of the world press on march twelfth british prime minister theresa may is expected to provide clarity the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against. the script and the ultimatum is given to russia come clean or else well russia asks for proof evidence and facts will cause
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getting many questions regarding how and where the nerve agent was actually administered i called home and told that this is what we're not declaring a person of interest or a suspect at least in a court of law this would at least mean a time out in the world of political game play apparently means very little and associate you're going to r.t. london we would have cause to bring any more reaction and analysis on this breaking news story in the coming hours we're also expecting to have an official response from the russian foreign ministry will be bringing you back to you as soon as we get it in the meantime russia's ambassador to the u.k. has said he believes the british government is acting inappropriately and needs to meet its obligations under international law. everything what it. feels acceptable to the city. ok should. we believe that
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the you know i do keep the full big international and on the other under this obligation to help. feed the weapon they have to present the request to the organisation and then we're headed to consider this within a few days this is the international law and of course we're not yet ready to. to talk you know we will be ultimately. let's bring in a guest now let's cross live it to a game a tongue journalist an executive director of the swiss press club midst of a town thank you for joining us on the program so twenty three russian diplomats on now being expelled from britain they have a week to leave what do you make of this measure and how prudent is it at this stage. no i think it's very imprudent to make
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such. as this is runs without any evidence it's not prudent because we know now the international tensions are very high and discus of behavior or is just adding more tensions to detentions i think that's not the way to to have dialogue and to have a comprehensive discussion about these topics and about this poisoning for me it's very uncertain from geneva which is a place of dialogue and peace it's very disturbing and it's very. it's be procured patient to to see such behavior in international relations and based on any evidence. as you said tensions are particularly high right now but what do you think next for you k. russian relations given that given the the atmosphere right now.
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you know i think this is a domestic problem because the problem of great britain now they have the problem with completely is a lady does a native from the united states from the european union and trying thanks to this. event to to make dealings with european union and nato countries more straight. and that's the reason why mrs may for my eyes gave such an importance to. this event to this accident because there is no no we'll reason to make it to give such an importance. individual tragedy that's a tragedy for the people who were poisoned but it has no reason to give such an importance on the international relations and the problem it will sour or do
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relations not only between great britain and. russia but between all the nato countries because we can see the reaction now in france and germany in canada and nato countries which have the reaction of the. president of the european union the goal of all this exercise if i can say that is. try to make. as i said tension new tension. between russia and the west. i was wondering you know what's the west we'll find to boycott. the football world cup and i was sure something will happen. with.
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your hatred of a strong what's been thrown around in parliament today in fact the meeting still ongoing i do believe how likely do you think is that most go to response to this. i think if there is such if great britain takes. measures against russia russia is no order precipitated to to make. sure we measure holes so it will add a new new it we agreed. distances because because russia is a sovereign country cannot stand without a reaction so. what i am afraid. as i said seen from geneva is now we are in a kind of escalating as collating tense sons because of russia as currently the right to make retaliations which is not too
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good a good thing but what what can or should do i think that there is no. means of doing so do songs for for russia and that's a pity for hold the situation on the european continent and will not be striking some people as particularly peculiar is how just yesterday we were reporting u.k. counter-terror police bringing live footage of them saying they were yet to declare any suspects so why now then just be twenty four hours later are we saying what is politicians being completely insistent the russia was responsible for the poisoning . yeah i think the russia is is nothing to see with this kind of thing. directly because there is no evidence but russia is a useful is a useful scapegoat for for british politician to find
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you know diverse from. its problems the difficult to break. as we do european union and also the growing is a liaison of great britain on the international scene that's a very. very if i can say it's very it's a very good opportunity for great britain now to strengthen the links and the relations with the european countries and also the united states because of their in finding a common enemy which is russia and for me the main explanation of all this mess. is based on the british domestic
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problem and the consequences and bad the difficulties generated by the brics and for legal solutions that have no order explanation for giving such an importance to this topic because we know that there's a quote service even five six there are proceeding to extrajudicial assassinations you know president hollande has recognized the book written on his presidency that he has a lot of extrajudicial as assignation so circus of france or cut services as assassinated or pointed so that's not special things or but nobody is. reacted in due west or into french or british press about this kind of of. events so why no to give such an importance to it is that it's really
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difficult to understand. your game it sounds a little. if we don't view to yeah magazine that time journalist and executive director of the swiss press club thank you for sharing your thoughts with us on r.t. international we appreciate it. now in other world news the u.s. president has opted for a major shake up on capitol hill the new face of american diplomacy will be the incumbent cia director mike pompei o with whom donald trump says he has good chemistry. very good relationship whatever. whatever was. right. was. with my pompei are now preparing to take the reins at the state department his position at the cia will be filled by gina house but now she's a veteran intelligence agent who controversially played
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a role in the organizations torture program also you think was done enough now it takes a closer look at the appointments and their implications hawks nesting in washington might be the new diplomats in chief of the iron fist to lead america's state department has had the president under his spell for a while already the to see eye to eye on normal most everything the issue that sunk to listen diplomatic korea trump and share common spite towards iran and north korea both of them like to call torture enhanced interrogation and there are fans of the n.s.a.'s warrantless bulk data collection where the stand on whistleblowers is one of the few things that trump and don't pay or don't quite agree on well they have to differ on something. it's time to call out wiki leaks for what it really is a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia
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. i can think of one thing that is put america in a better position as a result of this deal we're a year out from the agreement and every has single action the iranians have taken has been bolder and starker than the ones they took before the agreement. a very real danger. by hardly ever escape a day at the white house without the president asking me about north korea and how it is that the united states is responding to that threat it's very much at the top of his mind they are ever closer to having the capacity to hold america risk with a nuclear. this is the man elevated to america's top diplomat and descending with him is his former deputy gina has pulled will be the first woman to lead the cia with her boss's impending departure she worked undercover and in secret for years she clearly likes being out of the spotlight and it could be for a good reason she was one of the tortured chieftains at the cia in two thousand and
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two asp all round the operations of an agency black site in thailand where two terrorist suspects were tortured one of them was nearly killed during these so-called interrogation agents slammed against the wall water boarded him deprived of sleep and kept him in a coffin like box and it was a hospital reportedly who later gave the order to destroy the tapes which recorded the torment along with other evidence given trump's pledge to keep guantanamo bay operational and he's advocating of waterboarding everything falls into place it seems now the state department and the cia will have plenty in common you know in hansing not just interrogation techniques a diplomatic routine to. well be back after this short break day stay with us. it's.
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quite so many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each killing their own lives and spending to do the twenty million at one player. it's an experience like nothing else only because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so we'll all chance for. six point eight. one else seemed wrong. why don't we all just don't call. me. yet to say proud just didn't come out to. engage me because betrayal.
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when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground . hello welcome back alright when canadian activist has been detained in front of sound bank from entering britain lawrence thought the and was held at a british court appointed kalai the u.k. home office told her she was being banned for distributing racist material in the town of luton last year one of the post has said is a gay gold officials describes the twenty two year old as a threat to u.k. public policy seven says she was interrogated in a french port under the u.k.'s terrorism. i got a knock on the door from the kent u.k. police who handed me this form and that's when things kind of went sideways it's
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the schedule seven terrorism act and they said you need to read this you are being brought in to be questioned under the terrorism act the right wing activists have been barred from britain for similar reasons all stratas martin sound law and american commentator brittany pettibone would this most detained for three days before being deported cell now had been shuttled to speak at a free speech conference in london's hyde park. last week and from the u.k. for various reasons for me it was because i wanted to give a speech about freedom of speech on speakers corner and for me i am an american conservative commentator and i simply wanted to enter the u.k. of course i was going to watch martin speech but i was primarily going in to do some interviews i wanted to interview tommy robinson who is outspoken against islam and they essentially labeled him a far right leader who incites racial hatred and that's why they didn't want me to
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enter to interview him so huge crackdown of censorship but not only you know them banning us but also on the internet right now as we're seeing on platforms like you tube and twitter. well the bands have caused the anger in some quarters supporters are saying that while the right wing activists have been banned radical islamic preachers have been allowed to speak freely and known terrorist suspects are allowed entry into britain. it's ridiculous if you look at us that both of us are as i called i'm acceptable characters for you if you pose a threat to the call again please of the local communities wired the same the very same country lets radical muslim extremists just freely enter the country they have all these muslim grooming gangs but still we are the main threat and we are kept out of the country i think is just ridiculous thank you for choosing r.t. international we'll be back with more news and more details on our breaking news story after this very short break stay with us.
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a church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that so that as the end then i think you'll get it used this out in.
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this. case felt. i'm after that say we're going underground amidst the music of all staring ahead of st patrick's day on saturday the u.k. which relies on the russian federation for energy supplies and the usa for its special relationship continues to threaten moscow with everything from banning free speech to cyber warfare not that any of that will arguably be of much use to the british people whose fortunes would describe the optimistic plea in the past twenty four hours by a british chancellor at his spring. the statement coming up on the show have years
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of successive labor tory and liberal government policies strangled britain in a choke hold as the u.k. government doggedly vows to continue austerity measures whatever mainstream commentators may say we broadcast going on the ground reports on the damage done to subsidise u.k. financial institutions all this more giving up on today's going underground but first tonight they'll be a going underground special to examine teresa mayes defacto war with russia even u.k. mainstream media has been quick to recall how margaret thatcher used the falklands or malvina us war to restore her popularity at home after catastrophic economic figures in the neary echo of ronald reagan's lackluster support for thirty u.k. foreign office protestations of having backing for a war from washington appeared when donald trump fired the u.s.a.'s top diplomat rex tillerson after he seemed to back to raise them a bit if the whole war with russia is merely a deflection from
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a stagnating economy what else has to raise i'm a go to hide let's examine what arguably had to be hidden and u.k. chancellor philip hammond springs statement delivered in parliament in the past twenty four hours a palm and to baying for revenge on moscow for the so-called highly likely russian attack in england here is senior producer peter bennett's extended report which asks just why a political class might have decided on policies directly impacting the most vulnerable in british society how much of our laws that dictated by post by law schools and policies coming from the building behind me and its near liberal decisions are made on all the hoff by select few how can elected members of parliament accurately represent the diversity of british society i speak is activist on the front line campaigning against tory government and local councils and working class issues striving to get the most vulnerable in society a seat at the table of power chris sparely is the founder. see britain has clocked
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a grassroots charity stablished attack. the sense that a great class. so i'm a working class kid from luton i went to comprehensive schools all my life going to l.s.e. just sort of statistically in the sense of you know if you throw enough working class kids at the russell group universities some of them get in and i go and i study economics or three years and i nearly dropped out i think at least once a year because you just get there and you work so hard to get there you've done so many things to prove that you're worthy of being somewhere and doing something and then you have just thrown back in your face every minute of every day that you're around people who are better than you know around you equals you're on your period because people have seen more than you've ever experienced more they they know more they've done more people you know quite line in the whole and it sort of really mold you like i don't have this accent and i was going to find a proper like robot do an accent but i made an effort to present myself better because i felt so inadequate where i was so that's what we're trying to.


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