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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 14, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm EDT

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because it will become more. toward your career as well but i guess it was a year. one hundred fifty. official line is that. so i will study is an us occupied territory should it be a great source would. probably develop nukes and if that happens what about japan. to get all this gantries have a lot of development. what
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matters is r t international now donald trump has announced he wants to create a space force saying that space is a war fighting domain during a speech at the marine corps air station in san diego on tuesday he explained his new outer space strategy. has a story the army navy. enough in the battle for world's dominance it's time for new developments and donald trump isn't short of ideas space is a war fighting domain. just like the land air and sea. we may even have a space force develop another one space force we have the air force one of the
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space force we have the army the navy trans comments have captured the imagination of twisties as with many wondering whether help become the guardian of the galaxy or will he be training in all me of power ranges all still in trip as ready to file a says any extraterrestrial threats and even some of the president's general seem to be a list same page or planets. there is no war in space just as there is no war in cyberspace there is only war and war can extend into any demain not a new idea it's been proposed many times in the past and it's always been rejected but it is something that people have been promoting again recently and i think that would be a very negative move actually because it would create a constituency whose natural interest than it is is to further the weaponization of space and create a greater danger of actual war in space but not all the way but i think u.s. defense and as full secretaries have labeled the space plan as unnecessary where
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critic and costly and the house in fact spin a space command's for if they see is is part of the us as force and carries out intelligence operations and make sure space isn't militarized then there's also the nine hundred sixty seven outer space treaty no small obstacle to any american ambitions to put weapons in orbit it was created to stop the setup of military bases and out of space and address other costs make concessions well there the us has previously blocked or abstained from the un effets to regulate space weapons. since at least the past twenty years if not beyond that the united states has had
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no interest in any discussion of space arms control so although it's hard to tell how sincere trump is at this point one thing is fishel trying feels the force is with him. the right wing canadian activist has been detained in france and banned from an. britain lauren southern was held at a british border point in kalai the u.k. home office told her she was being banned for distributing racist material in the town of luton last year one of the posters said is a gay god officials described the twenty two year old as a threat to u.k. public policy southern says she was interrogated in the french report under the u. case terrorism act i got a knock on the door from the kent u.k.
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police who handed me this form and that's where things kind of went sideways it's the schedule seven terrorism act and they said you need to read this you are being brought in to be questioned under the terrorism act. well other right wing activists have been barred from britain for similar reasons austria's barton selmer and american commentator brittany pettibone were this month detained for three days before being deported selma had been scheduled to speak at a free speech conference in london's hyde park we were banned last weekend from entering the u.k. for various reason for me because i wanted to give a speech about freedom of speech on speakers corner. and for me i am an american conservative commentator and i simply wanted to enter the u.k. of course i was going to watch martin speak but i was primarily going in to do some interviews i wanted to interview tommy robinson who is outspoken against islam and
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they essentially labeled him a far right leader who incites racial hatred and that's why they didn't want me to enter to interview him so huge crackdown of censorship but not only you know them banning us but also on the internet right now as we're seeing on platforms like you tube and twitter these are to stay with us. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question by the way i was going to be your coach . guys i know you on the us he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the beach but how would you. go over great britain if you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and thirteen
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world cup in russia. this special one come on both appreciate me to just say to review. the latest edition to make it up as we go. there's nobody that's keeping goober is a commie we're all working for below minimum wage at the end of the day if you factor in the ecological devastation of the dancing chicken effect and all the cruelty prone eggs who escapes this nightmare we call post-industrial is post ironic post. anticipation and infantile ization narcissistic cause i realize.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm part shelton. coming up today we talk investing with an emphasis on millennia old investing with april root of the routing group and what's going on with cuba as we are about to see a cuban government without a castro at the helm alex behala bitch takes a look at the economics and we get a prognosis from john of the u.s. cuba trade an economic development council and before we go stephen hawking has passed away we'll spend a few more months moments on his remarkable life all that's coming up but first let's get to some hot headlines. breaking news a say afternoon financial pundit t.v. personality larry kudlow is going to be the next director of president trump's council of economic dividers advisory rather reuters reported that carlos said the
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president offered me the job last night and i accepted the any c. director is officially the principal economic advisor to the president the recent departure of former goldman sachs president and c.e.o. gary. cohen from the post over tariffs had rattled investors kudlow has criticized the president all over tariffs but reportedly became convinced of the merits after trump agreed to soften the impact on u.s. allies like mexico and canada in response to carlos' concerns. and the organization for economic cooperation and development or o.e.c.d. d. is pushing for an international dialogue to reduce trade frictions and prevent a cycle of tit for tat trade war escalations the o.e.c.d. s march economic outlook advises that quote governments should avoid escalation and rely on global solutions to resolve excess capacity in the global steel industry
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the outlook also warns that quote trade protectionism remains a key rist that would negatively affect confidence investment and jobs the o.e.c.d. recommends using the process of the world trade organization the w t o to resolve the growing dispute over u.s. president donald trump's imposition of tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. leftist presidential candidate andreas mann well lou lopez obrador also known as aam low is extending an olive branch to mexico's business class last week he told the annual meeting of the association of mexican banks that if elected he will support banks won't confiscate assets and won't nationalize the banks he also said quote we'll have a country more focused on its main problem the cancer of corruption and the leads his closest rival by thirteen points in the latest poll the presidential election
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takes place on july first. google says that they will stop advertising for bitcoin and other crypto currencies as part of an effort to eliminate unregulated financial products from their platform you may recall that earlier this year in january facebook took a similar action the google ban also applies to advertisements related to crypto currency exchanges as well as initial coin offerings which allow companies to raise money by selling crypto currency. and in related crypto news a new self regulatory organization and what they call an s.r.o. for crypto is being proposed by the winkle by cameron and tyler winkle voss the founders of gemini the digital currency exchange the twins founded in two thousand and fifteen the virtual commodity association would function as a nonprofit independent organization to be governed by a board of director the winkle vi said in a statement quote we believe
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a thoughtful s.r.o. framework that provides a virtual commodity regulatory program for the virtual commodity industry is the next logical step in the maturation of this market and good for them. and one more crypto story coin base one of the world's biggest crypto currency exchanges and wallets which you may recall was in some hot water last year i think in august as the internal revenue service requested the names of their customers some who may have been avoiding paying taxes on crypto currency profits has now opened a bank account with u.k. lender barclays the six largest global investment bank in the world the new signifies the first major relationship between a large investment bank and a crypto currency exchange banks have been reluctant to exchange in crypto currencies or the exchanges themselves on which they trade due to myriad factors including but not limited to concerns about money laundering on unregulated
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platforms with unregulated currencies. and now we turn to investing and focus on millennial are they different and are investment advisors doing what needs to be done for millennia lots of questions and we have just the person to answer all of our queries april ruden the founder and c.e.o. of the routing group april thank you so much for being here before we get into it let me ask you just a quick if you have a quick take on the news that larry kudlow will be taking gary cohen's job and the white house as director of the national economic council any reaction. well thanks for having me bart first of all second of all i would say that because i was an early supporter of trial so there may be no surprise there. and they have
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a great and mostly everything except from what i've seen recent aluminum and steel tariffs i think there's been a little bit of the a disagreement but you've been on t.v. with kudlow quite a quite a lot just to buy the sparts so what do you think. well i like being interviewed so you do it so i think i mean he's definitely a guy that's out there all for open free markets guy he's i think has a powerful personality and my question would be whether or not given that the president himself has a powerful personality how that dynamic will work but there's no question for me that he will rule some of these meetings these big meetings that they have everything all economic policy whether or not it's commerce department or treasury stuff all federal flows through the economic council so look i commend him for taking the jobs you know you don't do it for the pay you do it for the country so i'm really pleased for larry and hope that he can make a difference and and hang in there we need adults in this administration and larry
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will be a good addition so one way april back to it let's get to the millennial i mean how are they different to we know they're a little bit different but how are they different investors than than the rest of us. so i think the first thing that people need to understand about millennial is is that they're more conservative than what people think they have seen two thousand and eight happen they've seen their parents' portfolios decimated in some cases they've seen what some of the larger financial services institutions have done and so they've become more conservative fifty percent of more portfolios are in cash and this is this generation millennial next gen are the most educated that we've ever had.


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