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rooting from the hip so yeah there and that's what i worry about the president said well we're going to meet in may before may well you know that's sixty days away we don't have a secretary of state i think it's important if it's the laid thirty days fine but do it right and have some pre meetings so that it isn't just the two leaders having it out when we don't have an agenda we don't have a strategy we don't have a point. as. what they're going to ask for is one they want the end of the korean war or the armistice agreement to disappear because that state of war two they're going to want our withdrawal from south korea our military troops we're not going to do that but you know maybe there's a compromise there third there want to they're going to want an end to the sanctions the sanctions have been biting them and this is where i think china has played
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a more positive role than in the past although china could do more they're also going to want something in return if they put a curb if we put a curb on their nuclear and missile activities. so it's going to be a long ago she asian larry president clinton negotiated an agreement north korea stop their nuclear development they started cheating after eight years but in return from china the u.s. japan south korea we gave them economic assistance energy support nuclear reactors so i don't think the north koreans are going to shy away from asking for something in return villages and as always thanks for your time today. thank you larry all the best to you thank you you too bill well i'm all politicking right after the break.
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the firing of rex tillerson at the state department surprised a few tillerson was often described as bland and on numerous occasions out of step with his boss donald trump the nomination of my cum pail to replace him is anything but planet. earth. i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out it's. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch pull the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i
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know about the beautiful guy a great so one more chance for. the base this minute. back to politicking donald trump made his first visit as president to california this week first in a san diego area to look at prototypes of his proposed border wall and l.a. for a fundraiser this is washington d.c. and much of the world was left stunned by the at rupp firing of secretary of state rex tillerson and what that means for america's foreign affairs lots of areas to cover with our next guest jank ugur host of online news and political commentary show the young turks founder and c.e.o. of the t. y. t. network he joins me here on set before anything else. you said for the democrats to prevail in twenty eighteen you have to come together the moderates and
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the progressive scan be divided for you to be successful do you agree largely disagree with i'm going to when i go is the offside stays no no no not about staying home the part i agree is once you get past the primaries of course you unite and so i had a progressive candidate on from the just democrats who lost her special election arizona. then a lot of just democrats were in texas but anyway brando aspergers she said i said what do you do next and she said i'm going to go help the other democrat because we can't have a republican in that district but during the primaries i do not want to unite with corporate democrats i want to defeat them and so i and whatever they say unite they mean bury your head and just support my candidate to that i say hell no but if you do you know i did unite in two thousand and sixteen if their primaries did the burn yes and there's people go out for hillary ok first of all the answer is largely and
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overwhelmingly yes if you look at the stats on how they voted they voted for hillary clinton as bernie sanders told them to do now secondly it is not bernie sanders or sponsibility although he did a wonder. well job in pushing for it was hillary clinton's responsibility so i wish the corporate democrats would realize that they are terrible at elections and they should actually let progressives run bernie sanders would have almost certainly one instead they blew the race to this monster. ok as discussed some things donald trump said the state of california is begging us to build walls in certain areas also said the state sanctuary policies are illegal unconstitutional and our strength to national security for the make of that. guy is a bloviating idiot so he says the mexicans are incredible mountain climbers based on what he does not a spell marine corps so he's going to come in here and lecture california
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california has got no interest and he said california is totally unsafe because of our policies they want to do it here he should get out we got no interest in this guy he's deeply unpopular here we don't need him or stupid wall. but if the trip went without any hiccups i kind of like i said he he insulted the whole race again for the twenty eighth time now apparently there mountain climbers and some are criminals and rapists and and then he comes in and say bragging about how he saw into the troops does not his fellow marine corps could larry imagine if a democratic president had been there in court if he spelled a c o r e instead of see you oh r p the marine corps because he doesn't know he's an idiot he ran through airy that's how he spelled it because he first of all he's a chickenhawk he when from vietnam he said his own personal vietnam was avoiding s.t.'s at orgies this guy is
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a loser through and through and so for when he comes and talks about how he's pro troops he just embarrasses them so he's a fraud in every imaginable way other than that you're crazy about. ok what do you make of the firing of rex tillerson. so i have any theory on larry and it's a theory that i laid out before he was fired so five days before he was fired i said on the young turks tillerson is going to go quote very soon now what. i base that on not on their disagreements on north korea or iran or any of the other things they're making up right now know exxon canceled their deal with roast nafta the biggest russian oil company that's a half a trillion dollar deal that's the whole point of rex tillerson being secretary of state why else is this random c.e.o. of exxon mobil who has no diplomatic history no government history the secretary of state because russia wanted that deal with exxon the revenues from that deal would
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have equaled nine trillion dollars last week exxon said this sanctions are in place there's nothing we can do about it oil price of dropped anyway we're canceling the deal with russia and i went on the program and i said rex tillerson is on borrowed time he's gone he will host and make that deal he was supposed to make that deal happen and so apparently russia gave marching orders to trump to fire tillerson and they did it is stunning i'm telling you right now that the back channel to russia is not just something erik prince set up in the seashells islands in the past it's alive and well right now and that's why tillerson was fired and if i said that after he got fired you might have say i don't know about that i said it before he got fired i said this is why he's going to go remake of pump a zero. right wing sycophant for donald trump so he's going to continue the he continued to. all the wrong policies the cia another person is going to
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replacement the cia is a well known torture broke the law several times right now the europeans actually are working on an arrest warrant on her so it would be amazing if our cia director went to germany and prosecutors handcuffed her which is entirely possible now so it's pompei going to do it the state department whatever trump tells them to do he's been kissing trump the whole lying what russia tells trump to do exactly so now pompei will look forward to taking his orders from why his autumn years. never hard on russia do you think because he has a deal with them and he's been money laundering for them for decades they have the dirt on him both on the money laundering on whatever tapes that he's so worried are going to come out by the way why did he do the deal with stormy daniels when you just deny it because he denies every other thing oh i didn't sexually harass her i didn't say she was i strongly denied so why did he pay stormy daniels because she has text and pictures so the thing he's afraid of is pictures and videos so i don't know what putin has but i'm so he i don't know if you have pictures or video that's
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speculation of any but i go he did the money lar any pictures and videos would be when he was the owner of the trump organization married to millennium but not in public office he had sex with someone what does that mean he's worried about how he looks he's an egomaniac he has tiny hands he doesn't want the video coming out that's what this is about rand paul said he will oppose pump a oh you think that will go anywhere. i hope it does look that's bipartisanship i hope rand paul and democrats can get together and block pompei oh i would say even more importantly block the new cia director. where the young turks on the midterms you got any candidate oh yeah we're all over them interest first of all we're doing primary coverage so we did texas and that was super exciting we're the only ones doing primary coverage nationwide literally we've got illinois coming up next week who's
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going to win is going to be pretty sure is going to be daniel best for the governorship we've got a bunch of just democrats in illinois those are the progressive candidates that don't take corporate pac money there were seven of them in texas three one out right two went to the run offs two lost and the whole time we were on the edge of our seat so these just democrats this fifty two candidates none of them take corporate pac money and the they got the democrats the corporate democrats running scared so these these midterms are going to be gigantic if those uncorrupted candidates win it sets the table for two thousand and twenty one when you talk about mid-term i guess if we will go back john kennedy would be. a middle american democrat humphrey who who was the mainstream democrats you don't think nancy pelosi is liberal no no no so what way is she not so larry it isn't so much about any particular issue as it is about. this
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systemic problems in democratic party so when you asked nancy pelosi why should you be the leader of the democrats in the house she says because i raise the most money now in the old system they was the only thing she's no no that is literally what she said she said i raise the most amount of money and i get it to the my fellow democrats and that's the most important thing and and and reality to actual progress in the country what that says is i am the most corrupt i am the ones i'm the one willing to go to the rich and the corporations and tell them what do you need because the democratic party will deliver it for you instead of the voters where in her voting would you back that up with. barely challenge bush the entire time the bush was in charge barely laid a glove on how much of a glove are the democrats laying on trump now what are they doing there do you regulating wall street today so schumer and those are going to have the majority no but they've got twelve democrats who are co-sponsoring the republican bill to rip
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apart dodd frank and whatever little financial regulation there was on the bankers so why are they co-sponsor that enough to do that they do it because their donors look larry ninety three percent of americans think that the politicians represent their donors and not their voters and their right so that's why not taking corporate pac money is the most important thing you can do because if you keep taking that money you going to keep representing those guys barney frank told us once on the young turks he said what you want to do. i think now the banker money into the twenty percent at least will have some money to compete with no but if you think about it answers of course don't take the banker money because if the republicans are taking eighty percent of your taking twenty percent that knees you're consigned to be a loser for the rest of time they're out raising you four to one yes now you've agreed to the corruption but you've agreed to be the loser in that corruption is now on the other side you know the major factors in the republican party that don't
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like mainstream republicans should we have four parties in america no what we should do is get the money out of politics so we can do that constitutional amendment wolf back dot com so that's a group that's working on a constitutional amendment and we're going to get it and we're going to go above the supreme court every generation is going the constitutional amendment and we got to get that one because larry if you get it out then you have honest republicans and honest democrats and we'll get back to actually fighting over the issues instead of trying to figure out how to do fake arguments kabuki theater and at the end of the day the corporations win no matter what for example you said about nancy pelosi what is she now liberal on medicare for all she won't do it she says it's not time dianne feinstein says not time to advise and i love you but you're eighty four i don't really love you you're eighty four years old you've been in politics fifty years what is going to be time when you're ninety four one hundred four no they don't they're never going to do medicare for all you know she said no to medicare for all feinstein did in the town hall then went
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a week later and raised money from health insurance companies that's who she works for that's who palosi works for that's why they're never going to give americans universal coverage who would you like to be your candidate in twenty twenty this is going to be really difficult bernie sanders is the of the world is going to run again it appears so i don't have any inside information with it from the outside he's in iowa he's got a book coming out he's got every trapping of a person running for president he's the presumptive nominee he's the most popular politician in the country i think joe biden may be more popular and certainly i think i think joe obama's the most part. well of the active politicians when they do polling bernie sanders comes in number one but joe biden is close joe biden's a fundamentally decent person sure is he's just a little off on the policies and i think bernie's going to go bolder is going to go more progressive and he's going to win easily thanks jank three sailors love having
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you drink you go. thank you and thank you for joining me on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me of kings things and don't forget to use the politicking hash tag that's all for this edition of politicking.
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this baby and. say this on march eighteenth vote with your remote to zante for special coverage of the russian presidential election exit polls opinions real time results monitoring and much more. the firing of rex tillerson at the state department surprised a few tillerson was often described as bland and on numerous occasions out of step with his boss donald trump the nomination of my comp a.o. to replace him is anything but planned.
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combination of. very artful policy. where he's established a great relationship with food and they. say. this relationship between. quite a lot can be quite. be quite difficult undermining.
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eleven thousand people leave syria's controlled enclave of eastern good with many more still struggling to make it to safety. should go away. defense secretary. between london and moscow increase over the poisoning of. his daughter investigation into the murder is yet to produce any concrete evidence with u.k. police and saying it could still take weeks to establish a suspect. claims that top government officials were involved in organizing the. world's.
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other stories. but stay with us always. welcome to. one the cold war was over so was the nuclear threat that loomed over the world but now once again tensions are at its peak between united states and russia with both sides boasting new rockets arms and doctor and politicians and media steering a confrontation between the two nations. thinkable one more time while i'm here in harvard to talk about all of this to one of the greatest most prominent minds in a sphere of national security dr graham allison. quickly repeating itself with
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moscow and washington. both sides claiming major nuclear breakthroughs. is back from the cold war grave but this time to nuclear threat is more advanced so is the start treaty when it comes to reducing arsenals how much more significant is the nuclear threat in the twenty first century or is this all just part of an attack minded geopolitical game with high stakes. are really great to have you on our program today welcome. last to talk about lots of things going on lately put in gave his state of the nation speech recently and. new military arsenal capable nuclear weapons basically laying down a marker i mean he said they weren't listening to us before now they will have to listen do you really thing this confrontation is all about not listening. it's
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a good question so basically that what's happened to the state of u.s. russian relations is tragic and i think it is there's more than the left blame to go around so. i think that both governments are talking more than they're listening at certainly right but i think the. the. in the american perception of russia it's now become so politicized that it's very hard to assess any thing that you see and this far as i can understand in the russian. perception of whatever's happening in the us it's also highly politicized so from the perspective of most of washington demonizing putin and russia is.
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good politics in the case makes people feel better and then for putin and mowed many many russians including some of my friends. they merely saying washington and its politics is good politics works for a campaign and makes people feel better and what they fail to ask i think is or does this make us safer than we were before or is this leading us into a more dangerous world and i'm afraid the latter so even during the cold war the actual cold war at the still was a framework of communication between moscow and washington during late obama years communications were pretty much all but cut what is not talking to moscow going to achieve i mean how is not talking to moscow going to pressure int into doing anything they'll high have long been of the view that not talking is.
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so i would old cold war years i worked for the reagan administration and reagan would often say to conservative republican supporters. i hate the evil empire my objective is to undermine the evil empire but not to talk to my russian counterpart given that a hazard or so little that could cause the u.s. to disappear would make no sense so i have to talk i have to negotiate i have to ask about how we can reach agreements so that we can skip constrain our competition so one of the great lessons very hard to learn during the cold war was that two deadly adversaries still if the if the if the reality is that if we end up in a war i kill you. but also you kill me so if that's the circumstance
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then that's a choice either of us can make any day but it's a so choice for suicide it would be crazy to allow that to happen by accident or bump on the basis of some misperception or some misunderstanding so what communication is about even among deadly adversaries and what constraints are about in the arms control constraints is making sure that any catastrophe that occurs will be a deliberate catastrophe because a sane russian government will never have a war with the us that would be suicidal for russia and a sane american government will never have a war with russia that would be suicidal for america so ronald reagan's famous bumper sticker was a nuclear war cannot be won and therefore must never be fought. and
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so i i've written actually here at the beginning of the trip administration that in some ways we should get back to some of the lessons from the cold war i don't want to go back to the cold war though it seems like we're backing into some version of it but the lessons that were learned during the cold war about communication and constraints i think are very good lessons for today i mean i think that both sides would tell you right now that the whole military arsenal build up and the reviewing of the doctor reins and all that's going on it's for the deterrence not for the war but i just wonder is this how things are going to be right now i mean building up military and sort of talking is deference to only way you can so these are two separate vectors so building up or building down arms as one story. talking and not talking and even reaching agreements about constraints is another
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story so i think and i think that i could i would prefer that the u.s. and russia were reaching arms control agreements like they did under reagan and under bush and their group. to reduce our souls but even if the u.s. and russia are are increasing arsenals maybe especially if they're increasing arsenals including new and different kind of weapons then the communication and constraints becomes even the more important because if you're building up your arms and i'm trying to perceive what the consequences of that are for me and i building up my arms including new arms and you're trying to perceive what the consequences are the real fact is if we end up in a war we kill each other so that's a disaster for both of us so would we like to have
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a chance of that happening. by misperceptions or misunderstandings or accidents or would we like to limit that risk and i think say sanity suggests we should limit that risk and that's actually what both american and soviet and russian governments that would the conclusion they came to after having tried the other for some period of time and i suspect in the current competition at some point this fact will reemerge because it's undeniable you can't i don't think anybody has an alternative to reagan's bumper sticker that if it turned out to be zero of war a full scale war between russia and the us both nations will be completely destroyed. i hope we reached that point sooner rather than later but we're not there yet before we get there what do you think will happen to the new start treaty between russia and america that expires in twenty or twenty one i mean trump has called it a bad deal many times put in
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a saying that americans aren't americans are upholding key agreements is a dad though i think the question so he answers it certainly is the big question mark and. the munich security summit where i was two weeks ago it was that this debate that i participated in that is over or we are we are beyond the era of arms control because both the. the i and if treaty which both americans and russians but she said other of having violated and now all the expiration date for a new start would suggest that in the current mood that is if nothing else changes in the relationship between the u.s. and russia that treaty will leps and now does it make really all that much difference whether.


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