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so are we having a case of blatant bone business here but this is of course all fiction it didn't happen in reality you avoid the culprits with the tainted record the one that stands out is the cia one of the key targets cuba has laid come undone t. fidel castro among the hundreds of alleged assassination attempts were cigars laced with poison and their contaminated pen so could these cells brew poisoning be blatant american this one could stretch this logic beyond any reason and say for example the u.k. has been holding its skills in the death by chemicals business since shakespeare's macbeth busted blatant englishness the cia james bond shakespear one thing all of my theories have in common is an insane age of conspiracy we're
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not taking them seriously neither should anyone but when it comes to russia and proof well we've already heard the d.n.a. arguments in the election meddling scandal the story corps practices of the russians who typically or most genetically driven to co-opt. perpetrate international law is being substituted for hashtags russia did it. highly likely. indeed highly likely is the term britain and its allies use in their joint statement to conclude moscow's culpability for the poisoning they also want russia to tell the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons but the nerve agent which was thought to have been used international affairs commentator marco gossage sees the u.k. also has data that should be disclosed. well it almost doesn't matter whether
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they're russian citizens or not i mean here we have an instance where someone in this case russia is being accused so that someone being accused is not being told what the evidence is against them in fact they've been denied sight of the evidence that they could then question investigate and contest so in in the british legal system in any western legal system that would be viewed as utterly scandalous but it seems the british establishment thinks that that's the way to treat russia which clearly is illegal as a embassador mention it's also immoral and it also prevents a proper investigation which may indeed be the point of making all the evidence opaque to outsiders well we have been talking at length about the incident and the resulting backlash with russia's ambassador to the u.k. the full interview airs here later this hour. the torrent of allegations coming just as russians prepare to go to the polls in
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sunday's presidential election our senior correspondent rutgers the of looks now at how public funded broadcasters in the western doing what russia's been accused of all along. goodness there's this russia story keep going you go by what they say on t.v. russia has now meddled interfered with then to corrupted practically every single letter of the us constitution and they expect more the threats not going to go where the russians have been at this a long time and i fully expect they'll continue to be at it do you have concerns that they might try and interfere in the u.s. midterms which are coming of course good thing the cia is on and watch putin now expect to taste his own medicine a little of uncle sam's own meddling warring been happening for years you'd never believe how obvious they are about it the us government's own broadcasting
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board of governors its cold war offspring voice of america radio liberty car and cetera these guys will apparently go pretty far to sow mistrust among russians. presidential campaign isn't going and people are saying some stuff today is valentine's day in russia it should probably be celebrated as laugh of lot more putin than when people try to organize a demonstration or something against putin they tend to get arrested crazy stuff and magine if someone on our team was this unprofessional it might be fair to say this would be considered acceptable by the western establishment remember how they accused russia of favoring a political candidates during the us election you'd think they'd never do that themselves.
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yesh and that's just over the course of one day but come on that's not fair. no valley isn't running what do they have to say about the other candidates will eight of them. on food if at all not either one you sure can do that some mini me of was a line you know what is tipped off globally but will make one sit again above would in the mood not you one is deal. rather than please a little bit of meaning. with current time we get the message washington's preferred guys aren't on the ballot but this could be considered subtle compared to what's next called the c. of the german international broadcast. these guys literally have instructions on how to boycott or protest the elections in russia bonus easy to read and very
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simple you serious foreignness state funded news media instructing russians on how to ruin the elections can you imagine what they would do to our see if we ran anything of what you just saw even if we had wanted to some i'd say the double standard is fully alive and kicking for foreign meddling in russia's internal affairs that's been around for decades ever since russia actually established itself as a state producer which it will and should not be what. has been sort of a quote from spring it's. what. i see a slime bucket you could elicit cheers from and you should will do you still going toe to toe to toe the line you could in history of well most of the politicians in
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russia's presidential election are what you would call political veterans who've had their share of ups and downs over time. the red superpowers days are numbered and changes in the air. some of the future candidates seize the opportunity and start testing out the political waters and the crumbling states. that well this man needs no introduction although he did back then with his spine days behind the wild ninety one pitch and some petersburg or other leningrad as it was back then working as an advisor for the northern capitals mayor anatoly sobchak if she were usually going to restore there's such a relationship. and he's got some harsh words for the commies and you can usually go to the daily beast but you would not want to do is over
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a million children little nearly every issue there in the paper was a pleasure to be there you know you're ears to the first and usually. devoted to a little. over the news of the eligible there are lots of pictures of putin and his boss anatoly sobchak from that time there they are walking and laughing and posing with a gun and if the name subject sounds familiar you've guessed it he's the daddy of another nominee trying to get into the kremlin this year back then because sonya is your average politician is kid giving her thoughts on cultural events in the city to be gushing reporters if not killing the latest opinion placards attending a prestigious school and playing with putin's daughter in front of the cameras. these two future nominees are at the epicenter of political life in their careers are really taking off in three years eleven is you're not going to political nobody
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to presidential candidate put his f.s.d.o. on the for all states but if you want an accord to stay on for unusual number of us government on number of matching the international anxiety of it. kind of rhetoric will come a bit later with the first big win for zhirinovsky party at the time economist grigory yavlinsky is a lot more of a media darling he's best known for his market make of a plan to introduce the soviet economy to such radical ideas as private property and the free market all in just five hundred days but no action is taken and he quits deciding to go it alone in the world of politics. yavlinsky was actually inside the white house during the failed coup attempt when communist hardliners tried to overthrow the reform minded goolsbee. one of our future candidates totally clear of politics in the ninety's the communists dark course pavel grew demon at this point he's quite happy to run
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a state farm named after lenin he'll go on to make millions. let's fast forward now to march twentieth for a closer look at one of those hopefuls today it's the turn of grigory yavlinsky who is the leader of social liberal party this veteran of russian politics is sixty five years old his campaign centers on strengthening protecting private property rights and also among his promises is an increase in the minimum wage is twenty eight campaign slogan is road to the future here's where he stands on the big issues in his own words. we need the kind of state to faces its people and doesn't turn its back to a state that gives them land builds roads it opens bank accounts we need the kind of state that has as its primary goal the protection of a life well each and every citizen there's a reason that's what we need our states a deal like.
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russia's economy remains in the same state it's in now then our country will never have a strong army aboard it will be capable of defending its extensive borders with the most unpredictable regions in the world. the love of the city the country's main foreign policy goal should be to make your people rich and safe our foreign policy should be aimed at improving our quality of life i'm loosing economic growth the country says in its should be the ones benefiting from our foreign policy was recently in this regard the last decade foreign policy elites led by putin and love wrote them so it has been an absolute disaster. yeah our business lorna i would definitely work to make sure our citizens can travel across the world without needing visas and i would do everything to the
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russian people feel safe in all of the world's countries europe and most importantly i will make sure the russian citizens are not sacrificing their lives in the interests of others while on saturday evening our special election coverage kicks off on red square and continues all through polling day as the results reactions it. to more world news this hour migrants clashed with riot police in the spanish capital on thursday nights following the death of a man from senegal. was. the thirty five year old who was reportedly chased by police conducting an inspection of street vendors and he suffered a fatal cardiac arrest witnesses save a man was chased by officers on motorbikes his death saw around one hundred
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migrants take to the streets of burning waste bins on throwing bottles and stones emergency services say four rioters and sixteen police officers were treated for minor injuries the maire of madrid is promising an investigation into the immigrants death. the u.s. central command has admitted that it doesn't know what resources it gives to the saudi led coalition are being used in the conflict with yemen does sit com track the purpose of the missions that it is refueling what targets it strikes and the results of the mission sen we do not ok reuters recently reported on a saudi coalition air strike in late february that killed five civilians is seven come able to tell whether a u.s. fuel or u.s. munitions were used as part of that strike. so no i don't believe we are
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ok. last month a group of u.s. senators introduced a joint resolution on yemen it aims to limit the president's power to wage war without authorization from congress it also aims to cuts america's support for saudi arabia and disentangle it from saudi involvement in the yemeni civil war the vote on the resolution is to be held soon. well in twenty seventeen the u.s. and saudi arabia signed an arms deal worth almost one hundred ten billion dollars it was described as one of the largest arms sales in american history i mean all these are pictures of the aftermath of the saudi lady coalition's latest terror strikes in yemen a dozen or eight something carried out against the airport destroying most of the planes war broke out in yemen three years ago with a saudi led coalition bombing campaign against rebels claiming thousands of civilian lives the u.n. describes the situation as the worst that man made humanitarian crisis in modern
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history. a professor of international law at washington's georgetown university chorale thinks that by feigning ignorance the u.s. is trying to escape the legal consequences of its actions. there are crying a few manatees and crimes of war crimes against humanity and trying for that are
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being committed in the war. and the us being and not accomplished in this case the us is a supporter of this coalition. for the us to admit that yes we know what is happening i would choose a more likely thing it is. it has consequences legal consequences in addition to this us law that prevents the recipient countries of us weaponry to use it except themselves be friends. committing war crimes and crimes against humanity be sent to firms so there are legal liability both internally and internationally. switching gears grabbing a coffee and a snack on the go in the us is a straightforward procedure in the main but there are increasing cases where cafes
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are kicking customers are if their views don't chime with the owners and even police officers are to new a similar account reports a donut and a coffee your cliche stereotype when it comes to american cops but one oakland cafe they're not likely to get either the us or where to coffee shop has refused to serve unformed police claiming that their presence threatens emotional and physical safety we know in our experience working on complaints against police brutality that we are not alone in saying that police presence compromises our feeling of physical emotional safety the local police department responded saying that this would serve as a teaching moment to practice actual tolerance i think their position is very clear that they don't want the police in there and i can respect that if they do call the police for any need we're going to give them the same level of service as anyone else regardless of their position you may. i know it's like police to be targeted but it follows a pattern at least for groups that haven't actually experienced discrimination before for example
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a gay own seattle coffee shop kicked out christian activists who were handing out anti-abortion leaflets and they weren't asked nicely i'm gay and you have to leave so you aren't forced are you denying a service here i don't have to tolerate this. they're doing all of our friends don't come here ok. a gay couple face similar treatment from a christian own bakery who refused to sell them a wedding cake saying it would violate freedom of expression and it turns out political affiliations can also make you a victim of discrimination republicans and trump supporters aren't welcome at certain places like this one new york coffee shop on what. is somewhat more western bottom. line. and since it's usually minorities being discriminated against police conservatives republicans might be surprised happening to them as well people think that it's ok and if they do it sometimes they don't
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think it's a person is on they think it's ok like they separate rooms for people of color so to speak like in colleges they have for the. people of color only dorm room they think they're doing a good thing by providing them a safe space well they're doing is doing what was in an impasse but the reality is doing a bad thing and i blame it on a lack of education or the missed age occasion about that kind of ideology and where it comes from so yeah i think some people think they're being narrow pressures but some are pursing not really knowing what they're doing i think when you're doing the right thing some would argue that it serves them right but others believe the oppressed shouldn't become the oppressor samir khan r. t. washington d.c. you know there's been lots of reaction to this r.t.c. neil harvey he spoke to former officer dominic is all about some people's changing of the troops towards police in america. there have been though have been that unfortunately cases of abuse of power brutality by the police on citizens does that
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not worry you that actually some of the concerns might be grounded in reality yes it absolutely worries me for the sake of the fact that when you use the word brutality it's subjective again it's based off opinion we've seen now businesses and individuals take an emotional stance against police without any factual information the coffee shop itself said that they you know basically their concern is that some of their customers will be in an emotional state of feeling insecure that they fifth physical or emotional harm can you understand no i cannot understand that we see people doing nothing but acting on what they think versus what the facts are and you create a panic for no reason whatsoever for a business or for one else to to say that they're not safe around the police that's that's a very big issue the number one issue we have is we do not have the public or the police coming together the public they don't educate themselves if the public took the time to understand police policy police procedure and the law i can guarantee
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you ninety nine percent of all complaints of police brutality would be dismissed before they were even made. google has landed a major blow against bitcoin after it was announced adverts for the cryptocurrency would be removed from its platforms because valuation is hit a new low for march trading at around eight thousand dollars following an eleven percent drop in just twenty four hours or so google explain that the. we don't have a crystal ball to know where the future is going to go with cryptic currencies who's seen enough consumer harm or potential for consumer harm they did scenario they want to approach with extreme caution or google's ban will come into effect in june unfolds a similar move by facebook earlier this year the social media platform still allows some financial based for its but crypto currencies are strictly off limits bitcoin faces being cut off from two of the world's biggest advertising sellers but whether
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that will curb krypto mania is the battle with stories like the following wetting the appetite of potential investors chris saying thousand dollars into big calling in twenty thirteen he's now turned it into twenty million dollars a turn of three hundred fifty dollars to twelve thousand he says that twelve thousand turned a six figures in a year he became a millionaire at twenty four but there's a flip side to cryptocurrency has been implicated in scams and that's perhaps why google and facebook are concerned though financial commentator charlie boyle the real reason for opposition to bitcoin is other threatens the financial status quo i think it's a bit of a p.r. exercise going on. you know a lot of financial services companies are across the world and point particular on credit cards so. so there may well be a bit of pressure from the u.s.
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government because bitcoin of course is a real threat to the existing financial system conversation that hasn't really been how the government regulatory level which is regulation and education big corners here to stay in cryptocurrency are here to stay big banks are saying it's a bubble but the same time they're investing in some of them. not big corn in particular so we need to find a way of cryptocurrency fitting into the existing payment system for figure out currencies and also to educate the public bitcoin is not a speculative currency it's supposed to be a replacement for the existing payment system. next on the program with relations between moscow and london moving towards a new laws we have an extended sit down with russia's ambassador to the u.k. this is r.t. international.
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not new google. most people think just stand out and this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice or the biggest read in truth to stand this is just the dance the right questions to the right answer.
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for shit. the firing of rex tillerson at the state department surprised a few tillerson was often described as bland and on numerous occasions out of step with his boss don't trump the nomination of my home page to replace him is anything but when. you need the good and the bad you need capitalism to work both winners and losers you can't bail out every single bank that gets into trouble you can't bail out every single party koppel's the nice free money you gotta let the system weed out the losers otherwise you end up with you know a state controlled state maintained price fixing regime by the state that resembles all failed such experiments in the past why not just let the free market be the free market.
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ambassador thank you very much for joining us at this obviously extremely busy time for you i'd like to get started with your reaction to the measures that theresa may announced did you see them too much given the situation where they proportionate what did you think when you heard the list that she's announced of measures to be first of all i want to see the rethink what was announced by the british. prime minister to resume. isn't acceptable and justify it and this really is the russian british relations of course the measures are very strong because we're talking about the expulsion of the twenty three russian diplomats this is forty percent of the diplomatic staff of the embassy and of course it will definitely make the beauty of the embassy quite difficult but this is the
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new reality is all these people have to leave by the twenty first of march they go to only one week. and this is life and the embassy will function as usual but of course in the in the reduced stuff what did you make of comments we heard u.k. defense secretary gavin williamson speaking and he used quite unusual i would say language for diplomacy where he talked about russia needing to go away and as he put it shut up what do you think this is conducive to the situation or is this kind of how things will be from now on difficult to see but i have some reservations about the political culture and the way whole discussion is going on and of course the way how the minister of defense is putting. he's views. will quite. surprising for us but this is the new reality
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a new political culture in the united kingdom but we hear this kind of statements you know all the time in the parliament from the british. those for the russian either it's for the europe we need to promote in the world it's a little bit shocking but when you leave you're in london you know for for a while you know you can get used to this but when you first learned of this story because it this is only going on for just over a week now and it seems to have snowballed so much and events unravel so quickly when you first heard of you know the story with the double agent and his daughter did you expect this to this or this come to this kind of breaking point that situation when it was said that there's a connection to russia did you first see that it would come to this kind of crescendo once we got the information from the media about that accident with the poisoning of the russian citizens. we needed to request it the foreign
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office to us details. what happened you know with the investigation stands you know what are the reports of the police. but almost you know less than twelve hours we heard the statement. foreign secretary boris johnson. who said that this is russia for everything what's happened in seoul's bery and for us that you know this really you know surprise me because you know the investigations just started and the members of the the government is blaming the states it's quite a serious. blame without any evidence and i was really surprised then i had the meeting with the with the boris johnson was summoned to the foreign office and. so i got the i mean my country got the will to mount them. and this is first and the second of course we were blamed that
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everything put happened there this is and this is the christmas. buzy of russia so the ultimate there was very simple you know twenty four hours and we have to answer basically to two questions the first question is we have to confirm or deny that the that the substance and there's boris johnson put it this is the under the british because if occasion this is a two three four so basically this is based on their calculations this is the name of that substance because we don't have any access to this substance that's why we have to trust the police because of the over the british so boris johnson said we have to either confirm or deny that somehow we mismanaged this kind of. substance the stockpiles in the second one but it was the question of whether.


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