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and to taking part of the political process in syria we have discussed this issue with our soda friends. when they have presented their initiative to create the. they have presented their mission to of to. combine the area the moscow and other groups. i noted. to be more effective so maybe it will take some time to start this consideration all pro says this is the decisive phase of the political process because once the congress. the syrian national dialogue congress is accept by all the parties as a legitimate process only then will be able to move forward and as stated in the un any agreements can only be. be as a result of
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a free agreement between all the parties to the syrian political process next question. but you but i think you i mean i have two questions to you mr lover of. we. have to. cover the issue of recent words and actions of washington towards the u.s. mr lavrov how would you comment the recent statement by the state department to impose new sanctions against russia. with regards to this group powell case. and also can you comment on the new sanctions. also i would like to. pass to you the words that we've heard from the.
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britain's defense ministry that russia should go away and shut up can you tell us what was the last time that such a high ranking official spoke the same way to russia because well. i don't remember any cases of. of this happening but we do not even pay attention to things like that we. do we see this story concocted about this russian. alleged. interference in the us elections. we have not seen a shred of evidence provided to. you. to the international community they
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provide no facts they always impose new sanctions. which shows that while as you can see now this is the time when the i was on. a legal system is showing its new side. and do it here vall must get on accustomed to it. i have recently watched c.n.n. news and b.b.c. news and. what they're saying is very direct they are saying that. the u.k. . received support from the us from france and . the u.k. wants to know why russia boys and this man and what russia is saying that the that we are denying that we poisoned him and this is all that they're saying. they're not saying that there is an investigation that the investigation is not completed
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that the results of this investigation have not been given to any courts. that the u.k. is part of the on this is a shoo in for the prohibition of chemical weapons and that is why they need to file an official request to the organization regarding this matter they're not saying that russia has expressed. the that. the u.k. needs to file this official request and that we base our actions on an international document ratified by the u.k. the u.s. and all of the countries that are so worried about what's happening right now. they told us we are not going to talk to us and this is a direct violation of the international convention. because when you. are going to do something. that was good at what you do
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to us you need to do is up with. the use actual of international law and your professional your colleagues your which is in the in the west even that is that you journalists in the west are not explaining this things to the population that you know what they're saying. is just a couple of things that russia was asked to explain itself and russia is not going to explain itself and this is all that they are saying that to their population this is an instrument of western propaganda and i hope that we will never. resort to such instruments such from propagandizing as for our stance i believe that we have expressed it quite clearly we have asked the u.k.
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to. take action. as it is required to do according to international law and you can see what is actually a big done by the u.k. well. when a person when they ask them in the parliament in the british parliament to do all of this it was denied and there's your views which are little they do and i hope. but it appears that. the these people poisoned. this is good pilot his daughter i hope that. their health improves. and once and i sincerely hope that they do when they their health improves. why are they not going to ask him i'm
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a bit maybe you should just wait and ask. the person to whom this tragedy actually chicken the new york of course happened but there are no no there is no one has saying about them was that you're the sort that would ensure this doing this in in the case of mr litvinenko we try to cooperate too with the british. justice system but at one point our british colleagues just. when you made a decision to close this process to us and they didn't want to provide any evidence to us. so this is all. i had a specific scenario but at that point in the case in that case there was at least. court at least there was some. visibility of justice but
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now those isn't even just a trial there's nothing being done by the justice system so i believe that this is completely unacceptable completely groundless this is just. a part of the recent campaign where you know as for the words by the. the u.k. minister of defense. this is a very. this is a young person who wants to. be. in the us you know you to become a person of. great prominence and to go on the annals of history i don't know that's for terrorism a i don't know why is she why is she actually tolerating that . next question. i'm not going to thank you simply because they were from. the representatives ask
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a question to the two of. them. and the first thing to. do. so my question is about the situation in. yemen because in the makeup of the form of islam. well the first question is the operation of a violation. of syria. ok i will just break away now from the news coverage just to briefly sum up what you've been watching there for the past number of minutes turkey's foreign ministers meeting in kazakhstan two main issues brought up first of all what's happening in eastern where thousands of civilians have been able to leave the terrorist held area and go into car door she want to turn in corridors in damascus government controlled areas . asking for international help for the people who leave that area they're going to
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need food they're going to need shelter and they want the international community to step up and also briefly talking about the situation with surrogates doored of the poisoning of the double agent in the u.k. sergei lavrov speaking at length from an r t a question all not saying not a shred of evidence has been given to the international community by no communication which goes against international law let's know in fact by the way if you want to read more on our watch the rest of the pressure the r.t. website has that but just what we were speaking about there the diplomatic route between britain and russia has deepened over the past twenty four hours with prime minister trees and may promising more sanctions over the poisoning of former double agents or script since the u.k. it directly blamed for the incident as allies have lined up to back london here's a look at some of the evidence being targeted which may be swaying their minds.
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and i'm afraid the evidence is overwhelming that it is russia and something by the way in the kind of smug sarcastic response that we've heard from the russians that to me that indicates their fundamental guilt. france shares britain's assessment that there is no other plausible explanation and reiterate its solidarity with its ally. this is not an isolated incident russia failed to ensure syria storage its chemical weapons for. the attack console screen has taken place against the backdrop of a wreck just a ton of russia's behavior. over many years russia these cells bury
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poison everyone seems to have made up their minds and the u.k.'s foreign secretary was blodgett inventive stereotypes in its blatant russian this the nerve agent sends a signal to all who may be thinking of dissent in the intensifying repression of putin's russia nobody chalk the new noxious scare a nerve agent with obvious russian s. the chemicals even being featured in a t.v. spy thriller in a standoff between the u.k. agents and russians the show is marketed using the slogan diplomacy is overrated the slip about some. gas that was undetectable but it's all through us. this is. the first thank you for finding dr markel for us again we're off to be taking another tour for ourselves t.v.
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and cinema have made these. secret service is poisoning people plot an international feature after all even the most british of all agents james bond has also found himself amid some talks and driven storylines. so are we having a case of blatant bone business here but this is of course all fiction it didn't happen in reality you avoid the culprits with the tainted record the one that stands out is the cia one of the key targets cuba has of late come undone t. fidel castro among the hundreds of alleged assassination attempts were cigars laced with poison and their contaminated pen so could these cells brew poisoning be blatant americanness one could stretch this logic beyond any reason and say for
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example the u.k. has been holding its skills in the death by chemicals business since shakespeare's macbeth busted blatant englishness the cia james bond shakespeare one thing all of my theories have in common is an insane age of conspiracy we're not taking them seriously neither should anyone but when it comes to russia and proof well we've already heard the d.n.a. arguments in the election meddling scandal the story corps practices of the russians who typically or most genetically driven to co-opt. perpetrate international law is being substituted for hashtags ash tag russia did it. highly likely. you know the term high glee likely is what britain and its allies use in their joint statements to
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conclude moscow's culpability for the poisoning they also want run. to tell the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons about the nerve agent which was thought to have been used one unknown graffiti artist has hit russia i decide the embassy in london it stays here dine at the russian embassy unless a mock menu that among other items includes navi choco late a reference to a nerve agent used against her script and his daughter we spoke to the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander yakka vanco about the poisoning incident in the city of solsbury on the backlash it's triggered things were gleaned the. under the british course of. the two three four. is the russian region we asked the british officially by a note to share the samples of that in order to make our own conclusions and we would not and so all the investigation of the scruple is classified we don't have any
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information we don't have any access nobody saw the pictures of the people in the hospital where they live or maybe the just in the group. so nobody talked to the doctor you know the risk absolutely no transparency in this case and this is worries us but whether we under the international law in the vienna convention we have to give the excess to these people because they're russian citizens and we're also being denied so basically britain doesn't respect the international law and the way how they're behaving. is just. puts a lot of questions will this slew of allegations come just as russians prepared to go to the polls in sunday's presidential election our senior correspondent the of looks now at high public funded broadcasters in the west appear to be doing what russia has been accused of all along interference. goodness there's this russia
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story keep going you go by what they say on t.v. russia has now meddled interfered with then to corrupted practically every single letter of the us constitution and they expect more the threats not going to go where the russians are but out that's a long time and i fully expect they'll continue to be at it do you have concerns that they might try and interfere in the u.s. midterms which are coming of course good thing the cia is on and watch putin now expect to taste his own medicine a little of uncle sam's own meddling woring been happening for years you'd never believe how obvious they are about it the us government's own broadcasting board of governors its cold war offspring voice of america radio liberty car and cetera these guys will apparently go pretty far to sow mistrust among
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russians. presidential campaign isn't going and people are saying some stuff today is valentine's day in russia it should probably be celebrated as more fun than when people try to organize a demonstration or something against putin they tend to get arrested crazy stuff and magine if someone on our team was this unprofessional it might be fair to say this would be considered an acceptable by the western establishment remember how they accused russia of favoring a political candidates during the us election you'd think they'd never do that themselves. yesh and that's just over the course of one day but come on that's not fair. no
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valley isn't running what do they have to say about the other candidates will eight of them. on food if. either when he sure didn't can do that some mini me of was in line you know what he's ticked off globally but we're going to make one kid. in the only one new deal. rather than flee the movement i mean. with current time we get the message washington's preferred guys on the ballot but this could be considered subtle compared to what's next cool to see the german international broadcast. these guys literally have instructions on how it's a boycott or protest the elections in russia bonus easy to read and very simple you serious foreignness state funded news media instructing russians on how to ruin
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the elections can you imagine what they would do to our see if we ran anything of what you just saw even if we had wanted to some i'd say the double standard is fully alive and kicking for foreign meddling in russia's internal affairs that's been around for decades ever since russia actually established itself as a state producer which shouldn't be what it used to. have been so he couldn't refuse giving you. what. i see a slime bucket you could. choose from and you should know do you still him to even you could you start early. or most of the politicians in russia's presidential election are what you would call political veterans who've had their share of ops in dollar over time.
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it's new year's eve one thousand nine hundred ninety nine president boris yeltsin unexpectedly resigns. a little. do you want but i thought. poor. then prime minister vladimir putin takes over as interim president of the russian federation the countries are showing in two thousand with a new face at the helm. during his first months in the kremlin putin offers journalists a regular imps of his working space and even though a sneak peek into his family life. was in much the forty seven year old putin at that time relatively unskilled in
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politics compared with other candidates wins his first presidential election looking at his lineup of rivals you can see familiar faces some of them will also be running in two thousand and eighteen like gregorio linsky who came third in the two thousand race throughout the early two thousand he's active as a state duma deputy and a leader of the liberal africa party you have linsky was among the negotiators to try to broker a deal with chechen terrorists would seize moscow's de graaf the theater during a crowded musical performance in october two thousand and two. was that. the attack is specifically named linsky as a preferred negotiator because he was a critic of russia's military operation in chechnya now but orders for the coordination actually go on from duty. the way it did when you tube. actually in the coming is your political career when do. his party loses seats in the duma
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and forces him to sit out the two thousand and four election. another figure on russia's political scene that to me is you're enough ski he was for nearly every presidential election campaign also skips this vote bolstering his image as the eccentric firebrand of russian politics he allows his former bodyguard to run for the presidency instead of that's perhaps the most surprising thing politician he did back then. by. the still. taking part in a quiz show. survival show. and even a tabloid to michelle. actually back then tabloid t.v. was the domain of another two thousand and eighteen candidate because sonia subject that's on the subject is far from politics building itself a scandal its reputation as a russian paris hilton. was seized to u.k. like it was in the forty's casual the two thousand and eighteen presidential run at
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least known to the public in the early two thousand is pavel routine in the future communist candidates is in a different camp at the time during the two thousand election campaign campaign for putin and later he became a member of the ruling united russia party. so that's who's on the ballot but what about those making the decision on march the day.
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yes it was close to where you in the film to put some of these two out of the scripts for history you can always get. the most of those on books before innocent people to put a couple to get in the studio you have here of course ruth was up a little bit so mr leno just because it was each of your books just a lot i see just your start up for a scene. there but it's pretty hard to listen because of course but a slope certain overprepare lenient. with him also did it on for some other governments took a look at some of the torture who comes to console folks who just sold the movie due to this it seems a little bottle of. the both of them seem to get. another spirit filled with a long string double deepening blues to the morning of time with no borders to fulfill with within months the chills to leave you flooded with a little blissful cousin just before we switched in the cookies to the collection
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the bullshit. guilt trip into the moment to sleep with enough to support the thoughts of those who know the flow of the thought crossed the world for me out socialist and something else in the sickest of the clinton could. become. there's an image so good i will consider my limited future and you will know who those who put months to tell me will. do with the new media in the putting those whose interest was mr usual who could you know that i would let you know this good idea. to me just the words. to the. desert for them. because the good news of course the future. with the supposed competitor. so on suddenly they are special election coverage kicks off on red
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square and continues all through polling day as the results and reactions come in. you're watching our to international with a full hour of news up next thousands have no mileage to leave war torn eastern in syria thanks to humanitarian corridors provided by russian. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest kill people. but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the pole with you and do all the great. good you are the rock at the back nobody gets to you we need you to get
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the best go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet this special want. me to just take the rio bianchi team's latest edition as we go. to. the firing of rex tillerson at the state department surprised a few tillerson was often described as bland and on numerous occasions out of step with his boss donald trump the nomination of mike pump ale to replace him is any plan. the far right. isn't just on the march it's taking violent. action i don't like it that. those organizations which are usually splintered which we for
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different names i'll give you that look. at. the complex web of. pearl. purred. just approaching twenty minutes to eleven am here in moscow welcome back over twelve thousand people have managed to escape the militant controlled syrian enclave of eastern using russia's sponsored humanitarian corridors it's the biggest
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number to have been evacuated from the embattled area in wanting today but it's been tough to get to this stage and explains. at first it was only a trickle of civilians fleeing serious rebel held territory of eastern data it's now become a flood thousands have been given safe passage out of the embattled and play. just. one. mother said. look you know. i'm doing. a live.


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