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international official was addressing russia in such manner and sergei lavrov replied to that calling. quite a handsome young man who was however perhaps not. being taught good manners and maybe lacking some education. version as to why he did it was because he wanted to go into history books with comments like that. for the update for an hour from us then i encountered an hour to. go well the diplomatic route between britain and russia has indeed deepened over the past twenty four hours with prime minister treason may promising more sanctions over the poisoning of former double agent circus cripple since the u.k. directly blamed moscow for the incident its allies have lined up to back london here's a look at some of the evidence being tutted which may be swinging their minds.
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i'm afraid the evidence is overwhelming that it is russia and something by the way in the kind of smug sarcastic response that we've heard from the russians that to me is that indicates their fundamental guilt. france shares britain's assessment that there is no other plausible explanation and reiterate its solidarity with its ally. this is not an isolated incident russia failed to ensure syria destroyed is chemical weapons from . the attack in seoul south korea has taken place against the backdrop of a reckless couple of russian behavior. over many years russia these
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cells bury poison or everyone seems to have made up their minds and the u.k.'s foreign secretary was blodgett inventive stereotypes in its blatant russian this the nerve agent sends a signal to all who may be thinking of dissent in the intensifying repression of putin's russia nobody chalk the new noxious scare a nerve agent with obvious russian ness the chemicals even being featured in a t.v. spy thriller in a standoff between the u.k. agents and russians the show is marketed using the slogan diplomacy is overrated is sleep about some. gas that was on the top of the truck through it. so it is a coincidence. to see. the first thank you for finding dr markel for us again we're off to be taking another tour for ourselves d.v.d.
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and cinema have made the. secret service is poisoning people plot an international feature after all even the most british of all agents james bond has also found himself amid some talks and driven storylines. so are we having a case of blatant born business here but this is of course all fiction it didn't happen in reality you avoid the culprits with the tainted record the one that stands out is the cia one of the key targets cuba has of late come undone t. fidel castro among the hundreds of alleged assassination attempts were cigars laced with poison and a contaminated pen so could these cells brew poisoning be blatant americanness one could stretch this logic beyond any reason and say for example the u.k.
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has been holding its skills in the death by chemicals business since shakespeare's macbeth busted blatant englishness the cia james bond shakespeare one thing all of my theories have in common is an insane age of conspiracy we are not taking them seriously neither should anyone but when it comes to russia and proof well we've already heard the d.n.a. argument in the election meddling scandal the story corps practices of the russians who typically or most genetically driven to co-opt. perpetrate international law is being substituted for hash tags hash tag russia did it. highly likely. or highly likely is the term britain under tell lies use in their joint statement to conclude moscow's culpability for the poisoning they also want russia to tell the organization for the prohibition. of chemical
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weapons about the nerve agent which was thought to have been. a woman known graffiti artist has hit i doubt russia side its embassy in london this is dialing up the russian embassy and lists a mock many other items including chocolate a reference to a nerve agent used against circus cryptologist daughter but we spoke to the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander yankovic about the instant in the city of salt on the backlash it's tricky. since we're blamed the. under the british agent the two three four. is the russian region we asked the british officially by a note to share the sample so that in order to make our own conclusions and we would not and so all the investigation of the scruple is classified we don't have any
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information we don't have any access nobody saw the pictures of the people in the hospital whether they live or maybe the just in the group. so nobody talked to the doctor you know there is absolutely no transparency in this case and this is worries us but by the way under the international law in the vienna convention we have to give the excess to these people because they're russian citizens and we are also being tonight so basically britain doesn't respect the international law and the way how they're behaving. is just. puts a lot of questions well a slew of allegations come just as russians prepare to go to the polls in sunday's presidential election our senior correspondent murat gusty have a look now at how a public funded broadcasters in the west appear to be doing what russia has been accused of all along interference. goodness there's this russia story keep going you go by what they say on t.v.
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russia has now meddled in to fit within the corrupted practically every single letter of the us constitution and they expect more the threats not going to go where the russians are but out that's a long time and i fully expect they'll continue to be at it do you have concerns that they might try and interfere in the u.s. midterms which are coming of course good thing the cia is on and watch putin now expect to taste his own medicine a little of uncle sam's own meddling warring been happening for years you'd never believe how obvious they are about it the us government's own broadcasting board of governors its cold war offspring voice of america radio liberty current cetera these guys will apparently go pretty far to sow mistrust among russians. presidential campaign isn't going and people are saying some stuff today
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is valentine's day in russia it should probably be celebrated as lawful. when people try to organize a demonstration or something against putin they tend to get arrested crazy stuff and magine if someone n r t was this unprofessional it might be fair to say this would be considered acceptable by the western establishment remember how they accused russia of favoring a political candidates during the us election you'd think they'd never do that themselves. yesh and that's just over the course of one day but come on that's not fair. no valley isn't running what do they have to say about the other candidates will eight
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of them. on food if at all not be there when you sure can do that some mini me of was in line you know what he's ticked off globally but we're going to make one. good in the mood in the new one is deal. rather than flee the movement i mean. with current time we get the message washington's preferred is on the ballot but this could be considered subtle compared to what's next called the sea of the german international broadcast each of these guys literally have instructions on how to boycott or protest the elections in russia bonus easy to read and very simple you serious foreignness state funded news media instructing russians on how to ruin the elections can you imagine what they would do to our see if we ran anything of what you just saw even if we had wanted
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to some i'd say the double standard is fully alive and kicking for foreign meddling in russia's internal affairs that's been around for decades ever since russia actually established itself as a state for due to which it will and shouldn't be what. has been so he quotes from disagreements. what. i see a slime bucket and you could. just move on and you should will do you still going to talk to you when you can and you start early. well most of the candidates in this weekend's russian presidential election are what you would call political veterans who have their share of ups and downs over time.
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in two thousand is russia you no longer go to the outdoor markets that gone and so ninety's instead you go to one of the many mega moves springing up like mushrooms these prune years between two thousand and three to two thousand and seven the oil price triples russia's g.d.p. salaries and pensions are all rowing as are the approval ratings a lot of meat to to he wins his second election in two thousand and four with a landslide seventy one percent. with russia now recovering after years of economic decline putin moves to restore the country's international clout he pulls no punches as he speaks of the munich security conference in two thousand and seven and also what you're saying but you don't which it's a new issue because they should just when you're looking at napoleon there must be welp shinya was unfortunate back at home stability is the buzzword russia was even left relatively unscathed by the global financial meltdown two thousand and eight.
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that's the year putin goes back to being prime minister that he still holds the limelight in two thousand and nine his tough guy image is complete let's see these shirtless snaps taken during a summer holiday in siberia it's an image the world just can't forget now put in writing a horse shirt let the enduring power of brand protect nacho image of a shirtless pussy madam mayor putin can ride a horse without actually a shirt off so what are the other two thousand one hundred candidates to be up to. a sub jack is enjoying the two thousand to the max she's rich she's famous starring in ads. that quick to punch the emotional quotient got. the sound and the music video. i mean you look at the news that he goes up to hosting the country's most popular and scandalous reality show. perhaps
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inspired by her glamorous lifestyle subject becomes a north slope writing books with titles such as how to marry a millionaire while subject focuses exclusively on show business and not on politics yet another two thousand and eighteen presidential candidate that the media manages to do both the nationalist l d p r leader comes third in the two thousand and eight election race and what was his third attempt at the russian presidency at the time you can still see him at the state duma glamorous red carpet events the number of coke bottles and of course on t.v. shows of all genres no doubt about it is that grandma yeah that was me at that but it's a big issue that one of. grigori yavlinsky meanwhile steps away from big politics giving up the leadership of this democratic republic of trust these days he's more into economic research and teaching students. these cheers you should look
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beautiful fish fish in the. north. and where do we find the surprise two thousand eight hundred can travel through dinner at the end of the decade he quits the ruling united russia party and gravitate towards the communists which only seems logical given that he's running a farm stemming from soviet times called lenin soft cause. the vote is fast approaching on the saturday evening our special election coverage kicks off on a red square and continues all through polling day as the results and reactions come in. right after the break migrants clash with police on the streets of madrid following the death of a street vendor. most
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people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first woman top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest read. truth to stand down to lose you since you just need the right questions and demand the right answer. first. you need the good and the bad you need capitalism to work both winners and losers you can't bail out every single bank that gets into trouble you can bail out of. the nice free money you gotta let the system weed out the losers otherwise you end up with you know a state controlled state maintained price fixing regime by the state that resembles all failed such experiments in the past why not just let the free market be the free market.
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again migrants clashed with riot police in the spotless couple on thursday night following the death of a mom from senegal. i. was. the thirty five year old was reportedly chased by police conducting an inspection of street vendors before surfing a fatal cardiac arrest witnesses say the man was chased by officers on motorbikes his death saw around one hundred migrants take to the streets burning waste bins and throwing bottles and stones emergency services say four rioters and sixteen police officers were treated for injuries the mayor of madrid is promising an investigation into the immigrant. you chub is stepping into the ring in the
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fight against fake news but his choice of sparring partner has drawn a barrage of criticism. you tube conspiracy videos. so inspections of people who don't understand that watching science fiction to base is strong criticism after it spread conspiracy theories in the aftermath of the deadly school shooting in florida to get him to tell a video like this isn't the first time they have been unable or unwilling to stop the spread of conspiracy theories. do you believe. the media and for me. the shelley i'm on here is going to be out of. it.
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thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks thanks. thanks. i think it's an interesting decision by you seem to link to wikipedia i imagine part of the reason is that whatever the criticisms of wicca pedia because it's
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donation funded there's no advertising that no one really would would question that it has any ulterior. the motive. what makes this whole thing sort of fascinating and problematic of course is that you know who's to decide what is misinformation and you know in two thousand and three before the invasion of iraq as far as the establishment was concerned it was a conspiracy theory to say that there were actually no weapons of mass destruction and that the invasion of iraq was was you know based on a bogus pretext cooked up beforehand by bush and his cronies what we've seen what we saw in the years afterwards is that that previously conspiracy theory was absolutely true and certainly the powerful of the world to conspire a lot of the time to try and make sure that they're interested in what happens in the world so this is an inherently complicated and messy area i would say it's the
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latest stunt cullimore show episode in moments and this time the former english premier league star has gone all hollywood. we've signed one of the greatest. but there was one more question by the way is going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge tournaments and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the. great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get let's go. along.
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and i'm really happy to join. russia. this. national one come on doctor patient needs to just say the reno theology team's latest edition make up a think i need to. look. at the plate from many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spending student twenty million on one player. book it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game great so what more chance for. a nice minute.
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call him osho epic journey across the americas continue sweepings argentina and uruguay to form a winners and we decided to come to be united states specifically los angeles and so it's a man about the full lives of the united states men's national team that will not be present in russia and so much on the bradley was the manager when the united states finished top of the group in south africa in two thousand and ten. was the poster boy of american football in the nineteen ninety four well let's talk about
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about the state of the game here in the united states. send your love oh yeah this is how we do well yeah but we have a walk on the pier another just in. the big news release united states men's national team have not qualified for the race well a lot a lot of foreigners would think oh it doesn't matter to americans because you go and they spell you call and you call them unless you call baseball right really does matter it does and i think it's a there's a dramatic representation of how far we have come by the consternation and the consistent bleeding and complaining and critique and criticism of everybody and anybody whether they kick a ball whether they're a coach whether just involved in soccer whether it's just us as americans i think it shows how far we've come that people care and people are depressed and disappointed and sad and they're angry that the u.s.
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hasn't qualified in the. it's a blip but it's also a tough moment because no one expected it and. it does. a lot of people start jumping up and down with answers and for me. i would have told you before this qualify and that there's things that we're doing pretty well but there's a lot of things that just need to improve and. so i haven't changed my story at all so. the dialogue at the moment is uneasy and so somehow the real football people. just continue you know you have a chance to work in a club from top to bottom to get a right. to. post in costa rica with populations huge lack of infrastructure compared to the united states that you're going to. have to happen to the company well first off i
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think it's a little different when you're comparing it's a little apples and oranges when you're comparing the united states to let's say in iceland or any other country for that matter one of the things that makes my country the greatest in the world in my opinion is our diversity but with that diversity comes incredible diversity of thought in that if i go along this beach and i pull out a bunch of americans and i say what's beautiful soccer to them i'm going to get a hundred different answers so we have no real collective an agreed upon style of play which means we try to be everything to everybody and that's that's commendable because that's kind of what our country is about but what makes a country great doesn't necessarily make a soccer team great and i think we have to come to a realization going forward that. maybe we have to be more definitive and in being more definitive b. and dare i say it maybe even more exclusive as opposed to inclusive and i know that scares some people but ultimately a team of good individuals but not
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a good team lost the games that they should. and we didn't qualify. some to like you don't be all for this non-callable show to accept small. a foundling the legendary stanley. los angeles football club is the new kid on the m.l.s. and it's going to be managed by a very well respected manager who's managed in the premier league has money to egypt and he's managed the u.s. men's national team he's name is bill bradley but so much up we're going to be joined by bob bradley a man with great experience being a manager bob it were here it's a beautiful sunny day i've come from freezing cold to england to have a look at the growth of the guy in the united states another club. m.l.s. is growing very nicely. the league has grown a lot of new stadiums exciting new talent and in the case of l.a.'s see
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a new team that comes into a fantastic city that has real football tradition ownership that has a vision so for me it's quite exciting tire important for players like christine policy and of the younger players. to be promoted both in the m.l.s. in europe since the united states forward not just the growth of the m.l.s. but international level are you seeing the signs that the united states is now producing a lot of quality young players. i think we hope that that's happening and we'll find out. again if you look at the history of the u.s. national team there's been a good run of qualifying for the world cup there's been moments where a team came together in the right way and was able to achieve. some good results we've not yet gotten to the point where you know where consistently.
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get into the. semifinals and finals of tournaments with not won a big tournament yet so there's no getting around the fact that there's still a lot there for us to achieve. so in some symbolic a. better way to say the beautiful city of los angeles. says.
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mr clinton on to knowing full well kowloon back in the one nine hundred yes england didn't qualify. so remember being an active player watching it and like you say. rose ball in past due to huge crowds all of the big sponsors wants him to be a paul to the right he was very much the poster boy the please it's right you all american boys are going to look at stuff in stripes oh yeah well there's a very powerful image going into the tournament what were your expects it expectations if you and you would say i looked at it as a huge platform a stage and an opportunity i knew what i was i knew what i was and i knew as a team what we were what we were and what we weren't but i also recognize that we have a responsibility and i live the power of what a world cup can do to an individual it changed my life completely on and off the field one of the reasons why i'm walking on this beach today next to you here in manhattan beach right in los angeles is because of the power of the world cup. and
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doors opened up on and off the field and that's why i hope twenty twenty six happens because i want some other player that we may not even heard of that's growing up the united states to get that opportunity and i milked it for all it was worth and had a blast doing it on and off the field i remember most of it not all of it i remember most of it it was great but ultimately i'm proud because i was part of a moment and a group of guys and just a revolution if you will that change the way my country views soccer because it was the first time a lot of people ever saw soccer played at the highest level. in . central america the growth of panama and costa rica does that surprise you bearing in mind that in every region whether it be side to man.


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