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tv   News  RT  March 16, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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we have to acknowledge that this is the russian aggression you know this is the russian would do that. next day we gave an official we send the official note and there were two points there the first one of course we're not ready to discuss all these things in a way of the ultimate them and of course you know russia is not the country which is. ready to talk this way this is first second we pointed out to the british counterparts that. if they have any questions or let's see any information they have to do you in accordance with international law russia and the u.k. the members of the organization will provision of the chemical weapons and the right under article nine they are going to represent us in case you have any suspicions you have to apply to this organization officially and.
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ask for the consultations with the specific countries we will you have this kind of suspicions and then you you have to give the answer within the ten days only be earlier and if you are not satisfied with the answer then you have a special procedures where the organization itself will be switched to this process so the instead of that the british decided just to talk to us you know in the way of the ultimate thems. and so this is the way this is the way how they are behaving but that you'll just have to clarify for those who don't know both britain and russia are part of that organization yeah that's right so this would be normal protocol under the these circumstances that there's an official request filed in ten days are given this right so this is the official procedure and we. like all the members of that are musicians i subscribe from that
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but since we're pulling the. under the british question occasionally agent a two three four. is the russian region we asked the british officially by a note to share the sample so that in order to make our own conclusions and we would not so that give give us additional suspicions about the reason given as to why don't they said just know we're not going to give you anything and words johnson has said that they are going to send a sample to the opi c.w. but not to russia that was later that was later so basically of course were welcome to let's say to send this to the organization but still i just spoke to our ambassador to this organization and he said so far there we didn't get any formal request from the bridges side it means that i don't know how
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they're going to act but for the time being no official procedure was launched and this is another very suspicious behavior of the british side so all the investigation about the screwball is classified we don't have any information we don't have any access nobody saw even the pictures of that people in the hospital whether they alive or maybe the just in the good health. so nobody talked to the doctors you know there is absolutely no transparency in this case and this is worries us but by the way under the international law and the vienna convention we have to get the access to these people because they're russian citizens and we're also being tonight so basically britain doesn't respect the international law and the way how they're behaving. is just. puts a lot of questions. twenty
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eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest. but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the football with you and all the great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets to you we need you to. go. alone. and i'm really happy to join. the world cup in russia meet this special want. me to just say the review theology team's latest edition as we go. through.
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when you don't. see the team so i. did a quick. what did you not through only ted space you. may. want to know. said. claiming to know. that. you speak french. yes. that's a new. combination of. very artful policy. where he used to step out of greek with the food and. mistakes writing. this.
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relationship between russia and china then becomes quite quite a line can be quite insecure and would be quite difficult male to undermine. what did you make of some of the media coverage of this story because obviously the anti russian moods if you can put it that way have been prevalent for quite some time so when this story happened were you surprised to see the way it unraveled given the the investigation is still going on and the police have not made any official statements in terms of pointing fingers quite yet the launch was made by after the speech of boris johnson that was the next day so immediately under the command you know of the of the foreign secretary we've got all this media reports without any evidence if you read the british newspapers you will see that there are no evidence this is this is first. the beginning of this. we
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heard two things going interesting the first one there were calls that. the license of the r.t. should be revoked. and the second one that the world there were promises in the parliament to launch the cyber attack against russia. so basically there was a strong reaction from the russians about the presence of the earth in the u.k. but what is interesting with fischer they requested the explanations about the plans of the britain to launch this cyber attack is this a real saber attack against the country it's the act of war. and first of all we didn't get the official answer to this note and some how to do is a good that let's say that topic disappeared from the british newspapers and from any statements from the in the parliament so basically i think that the british so
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i decided that was too much so two things r.t. and the cyberattack disappears from the disappeared from the british media. so this is this is the answer to your question what do you make of some of the terminology being used according to recent neighbors john. and she's used the words highly likely that got a lot of traction he today said when asked how certain he is that russia is behind this on a scale from one to ten he said nine point nine nine hundred eight yet he's also said there's overwhelming evidence that points at russia do you think given the gravity of the accusations and the consequences that are clearly already following in the story there should just be more certainty provided i'll tell you this is that this is quite a trick because when you don't have evidence when the when you don't have any proofs you have to use the word likely probably maybe because the british
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provide any information the provide access to the investigation that's why in order to see something for sure you have to present the evidence and begin to do this but then why would they go so far with these kinds of measures that are being put in place i think this is the if you look back to the policy of the u.k. you will find that britain in new circumstances is trying to find new police in the let's say you win in the western society because they're leaving you and everything what is left you know i'm not talking about the united nations but the key arena in this is needham and britain's trying to find the police and this police the found on so-called and to russian campaign and the way how they want to deter russia that's why we have seen a year ago the new concept of national security where russia was named as the major
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in the me to britain then there was a banquet speech where we basically got the confirmation that we are the the enemy and the reason one more reason for. diverting the attention of the british public is this is the. and because. the situation is new with a negotiation is not so easy in this country and britain is. definitely. has has to find the solutions with the european union and for the time being i don't see any results from the from the negotiations and they have in order to divert the attention from the bridge that they have to see to present something to the public that could move to it and there's a great possibility to launch this into russian campaign and to russian attack and so this is this is this is this is in the area which was written in london but
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. but from my point to you this is a very short sighted it's an area because in the long run. britain have to explain what is behind all these things and sold very i think they have to explain what they're doing in this secret chemical laboratory which is eight miles from from the from the source very. where were the investigated the substance based on their information on the samples based on the certain standards the have and this i think this would be the question that we have to clear a fly. in the organization for proliferation of the chemical weapons because everything what is being said today. looks for us very suspicious just to go back.
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for a little bit to the relationship between russia and the u.k. now where where does it go from here because we've seen in recent months specially what some of the accusations flying around people have been asking is this kind of new cold war today will. i was asked about this and he said he didn't use the term cold war but he said extremely extremely chilly. where does the relationship go from here and where would russia like it to go from here this week and then moving forward and what would it take to. for this kind of gridlock to live somewhere well if you look at the concept of the russian foreign policy and never think what we did all these years the major task for us is the create favorable conditions for the development of my country so this is the way how we're putting all the relations with all the other countries by the way if you look at the world
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you'll find that maybe something like with the hundred twenty countries we don't have a visa regime so we want to have different relations so that was the go. of course of our policy with the u.k. and that was the job of any investor including me and so all these years despite the difficulties that we have with britain we tried to find the opportunities for the political dialogue and we created the right formats you know like the minister and the minister of defense for months you know they were there was it was a patient in the political life during the olympic games year so we tried to promote economic relations and you know business in business is also a lie here because you know the simply don't understand what's happening you know with the government but they have limited influence and so culture science you know everybody is interested and. probably the political
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let's see so-called deep state. so they're putting the policy that we're witnessing so basically there will be there will be approach will be very simple we. first of all we want to clear all the questions. behind this kind of a provocation this is exactly what we see this is first and then we'll see what are the other possibilities because we have to influence britain. britain is the perm member of the security council and we're interested to hear our views and want we want to influence on the british policy and in order to do have this influence you have to have the mechanisms that's why that's why that's why our policy will be. quite. we have strategic patience
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but we will never talk to us in the such a language as you just heard from the minister of defense this is not the language so we're right we know what we're doing as there is and we said and the time will come when the people of britain the will understand that they have. maybe they have another government who will who will when other people who will have a better policy towards russia but that's where the relations we are always open for any constructive corporation because as i said our task is to create as favorable conditions for my country to develop and of this country because we're busy with our own economy so we're not going to put anybody as the enemy or something it's not our policy but we have strategic patience britain is facing
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quite a serious steps on our side. to them and two directions the first one of course will will demand to answer although notes in official requests so we're talking about the good samples of that. a two three four under the british cation this is the poison as they put it this is we have to get the excess to the to this family of scruple but we ask the axis and so. conflicts as to the. to the in other gentleman who died here he's the russian citizen mr. and the circumstances are very suspicious. so we will get all the answers from the british side in the organization for the proliferation of the chemical weapons we will get access to the all the investigation that they're doing. and of course i'm
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quite sure that. we will get all the results it's not just one day story it's not a media story but at the end of the day we clearly fired the whole situation with the policy of britain so that's why we're confident that's why we know that we are right and we believe this is the right direction or work with the british but it should be done in a legal way not just through the media and of course i think that will i hope. that will put the british to the table or. not the negotiations at least the conversation because for the time being you know the excuse is keeping of doing this.
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combination of ashish impinged very artful policy towards russia where he's established a great relationship with food and they still are an american mistakes i think in dealing with russia and look at this relationship between russia and china to become quite quite a lot can be quite fit and would be quite difficult to undermine. you see a good few days. and you didn't see is a. church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the geographic
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solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard was not known the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that if that's known as the i didn't and then i can flip out at tuesday's out in. its path.
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headline stories this hour diplomatic uses the u.k. of international law by refusing to cooperate with moscow in the case of the former . russian this. sum of the talking points being used by britain. to blame the. doctor. coming up more than thirty. eastern in the largest evacuation from the area since militants took control of their. presidential election fast approaching.
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international media covering the campaign. at the same rigorous standards as they would in their home countries. twenty four hour news live from moscow with international my names you know neil welcome to the program our top story russia's top diplomat has accused the u.k. of breaching the chemical weapons convention by refusing to cooperate with russia in the investigation into the poisoning of a former spy and his daughter picking up the story this hour. the media conference was about some very serious matters that had to do with syria but. longest and most emotional answer was to my question about the screwball poisoning
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scandal and all the international reaction that we've been getting to it in the last few days the top diplomat of russia began with saying some very critical things about the most influential news organizations in the west he said that basically all these media are failing to report on the fact that the investigation is still ongoing and then no specific results have been announced the fact that the u.k. government isn't being transparent enough and also refusing to cooperate with russia on many matters in this case. russia has requested the substance london has been handed over to moscow as per the chemical weapons convention ratified by russia and the u.k. so the fact that london told us bluntly that the u.k. won't talk with russia is a clear violation of the convention which sais that before a state can act in any way because it is obliged to get in touch directly with
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a country which it suspects is the origin of a given toxic agent. as a result of the attempted murder with the use of a nerve agent which is still being investigated we're remember that london decided to expel a large number of russian embassy diplomats from britain and the u.k. secretary of defense had some very nasty things to say about moscow when he was asked about russia's possible reaction to it well my second question for surrogate was whether he remembers when was the last time when a high ranking official of such a level addressed russia like that is absolutely. atrocious treacherous an outrageous what russia to insult great we have responded to that frankly. should go away should shut up. we don't even pay attention to things like this
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anymore. the defense secretary seems to be a nice young man when that's probably how he wants to be remembered in the history books he probably lacks education of something i don't know judging by the fact that the russian foreign minister already had promised that moscow would expel british diplomats from russia and would tell you we understand that in the coming days things could only get worse or commenting on this cripple case former german foreign minister gabrielle likened it to a quote james bond film he also warned against jumping to conclusions on assigning blame before due process has been completed well here's what has emerged in place of hard evidence. and i'm afraid the evidence is overwhelming that it is russia and something by the
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way in the kind of smug sarcastic response that we've heard from the russians that to me indicates their fundamental guilt. france shares britain's assessment that there is no other plausible explanation and reiterate its solidarity with its ally. this is not an isolated incident russia failed to ensure syria destroyed is chemical weapons from . the attack console screen has taken place against the backdrop of a reckless. all right behavior. over many years. russia these cells bury poison or everyone seems to have made up their minds and the u.k.'s foreign secretary was blodgett cool inventive stereotypes in its blatant russian this the nerve agent sends
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a signal to all who may be thinking of dissent in the intensifying repression of putin's russia nobody chalk the new noxious scare a nerve agent with obvious russian ness the chemicals even being featured in a t.v. spy thriller in a standoff between the u.k. agents and russians the show is marketed using the slogan diplomacy is overrated the years slip about the course. because it was one that had to look at all through as. it is a coincidence. to see. your rational first but if you're finding dr market force again we're off to be thinking of another tour for ourselves t.v. and cinema have made the secret services poisoning people plot an international feature after all even the most british of all agents james bond has also found
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himself amid some talks and driven storylines. so are we having a case of blatant bone business here but this is of course all fiction it didn't happen in reality you avoid the culprits with the tainted record the one that stands out is the cia one of the key targets cuba has laid come undone t. fidel castro among the hundreds of alleged assassination attempts were cigars laced with poison and a contaminated pen so could these cells prove poisoning be blatant american ness one could stretch this logic beyond any reason. and say for example the u.k. has been honing it skills in the death by chemicals business since shakespeare's macbeth busted blatant englishness the cia james bond shakespear
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one thing all of my theories have in common is an insane age of conspiracy we're not taking them seriously neither should anyone but when it comes to russia and proof well we've already heard the d.n.a. arguments in the election meddling scandal the story corps practices of the russians who typically. genetically driven to co-opt. protrude international law as being substituted for hashtags ash tag russia did it. highly likely. well highly likely is indeed the term that britain its allies use in their joint statement to conclude that a mosque was culpability for the poisoning the also want russia to tell the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons about the nerve agent which was thought to have been used just all not point one norden graffiti artist has hit out
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at russia's side its embassy in london at the ses that dine at the russian embassy and lists a mock menu that among other items includes chocolates a reference to the nerve agent used against sergei scruple and his daughter we spoke to the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander go up by the poisoning incident in the city of salt on the backlash it triggered. the. under the bridge of course of. the three who are. the russian region. the british so the nude to share the sample so that you know. to make our own conclusions and we would knight so all the investigation about the scruple is classified we don't have any information we don't have any access nobody saw even the pictures of the people in
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the hospital where they live or maybe the just in the good health. so nobody talked to the doctor you know the risk absolutely no transparency in this case and this is worries us but whether we under the international or in the vienna convention we have to give the excess to these people because they're russian citizens and we are also being tonight so basically britain doesn't respect the international law and the way how they're behaving. is just. puts a lot of questions. well this loop of allegations coming just as russian is prepared to go to the polls in sunday's presidential election our senior correspondent looks now at how public funded broadcasters in the west appear to be doing what russia has been accused of all along interfering goodness does this russia story keep going you go by what they say on t.v. russia.


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