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a lot of development coming. this year as bull approach simplicity let's talk about these because this is really some people would argue that the crypto to look at most would be the crypto with the best technology and bitcoin seems to attract the best technologists and let's talk about they say a lightning network is the status of that was it means we have progressed pretty far even just in the past few months where now there's actual usable lightning software where you can either run on the test net or if you're feeling particularly adventurous you can actually run it on main that but there are definitely still some bugs in there that are needing to get fleshed out so we're not recommending putting you know actual value behind it yet but you can you can go to lightning dot network and see a lot of the development and apps that people are building all right signatures so that's a little bit further out probably be at least a year or so before we see people actually using it but that's going to be
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a really under the hood thing where i think like the average user isn't going to directly see much from it we're going to see more efficiency gains basically from individuals and people who are receiving lots of transactions and then having to spend all of those you so it's really just a consolidation of the signatures to make the transactions more compact to use less block space and therefore be cheaper on the feeds so this kind of falls under the heading of scaling and this is a benefit ongoing debate and the big space is not scaling fast enough it's not scaling the way people like it people trade for x. they don't like the way it's scaling of the view that is scaling exactly as it needs to scale there's no faster slow to scaling it scaling as it is it's they the protocol was launched in january of two thousand and nine and it's doing exactly what it lincoln expected to do no more alas is that is that a fair statement. yeah i mean i spent ten years doing web app development and
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special specific specifically like scaling problems in web apps and in the way the scaling works is you you become more popular and you hit some bottlenecks that hurts you know it's painful and that's your incentive to then make changes to make it more scalable and this is a cycle that will repeat over and over probably in perpetuity you know that the way encryption works of course is that it's a lot easier to create encrypt and then to decrypt rights as a simic asymmetry involved in this is part of the reason this is really the basis of the whole proof of work algorithm but it's also can be said as a lot easier to create an all quiet era for coin that is to create bitcoin in other words you say this so is this an attack vector and any of you know other words people can come out lots of coins a lot of four x. seven gobs of lots of cash on the sidelines and does it swamp this space as attract regulators does it does it stink in a way that's unhealthy. i mean it has created
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a branding war it's been a real brain drain for a lot of people in the community arguing about what is the real bitcoin also from a technical standpoint you know when i was working at big goo it was causing a lot of developer drain for us having to expend a lot of resources to support various forks and you know it's unclear how long term viability of those different things is going to end up or let's get back to our list of scaling initiatives that are coming down the road here bullet proof so that is going to give us better privacy which i think a lot of people have been waiting to see in because so we've had these various ideas for things like confidential transactions and then cash for example is doing there's your knowledge proofs but in general these these great privacy advancements they have a lot of blue to them they require a lot of data and of course with the block size being restricted you want to use as little data as possible bullet proof going to enable us to do these more privacy centric signatures. seems without requiring huge transaction that i'm back to
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twenty fourteen or so a lot of these old colleen's came in to being it was in response to a lot of people believe what the scaling issue in terms of the slowness of scaling etc and so a lot of coins are focused on privacy a. narrow even dash are these coins. are these developments going to such a cannibalize those coins to a degree is there anything that can be done in an altered coin that can't be done on because. well from a long term standpoint technically you know big corn or any of these protocols can theoretically be changed to do anything of course we've seen the social dynamics to make that a lot more complicated but i can say you know for example mn arrow is already working on implementing bullet proof because it's going to be a huge advantage to their efficiency now is it likely to cost brought in first so
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you can argue charlie and that did those guys it was a push to the ball forward a lot of ways and it showed it worked and it was so there that was a net i think a positive thing that was done in the space. good on our list ok here's one member wimble i guess this is another harry potter reference it is and the project that's implementing member wimble is actually called the grin project and this is very exciting cutting edge stuff that i can't even claim to fully understand myself but suffice to say that they're really rethinking a blocked chain such that they're targeting extreme privacy and extreme scale ability at the same time which we haven't seen before the easiest way to describe it is that a block in member wimble only really has one transaction and it regardless of how many people are transacting with each other these are all second layer apps member wimble will be its own separate watching ok at them. and it's just
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a test network so the name of the company is going to be a casa hoddle or is that the formal name of the company just cos this is casa because consomme ok your comment to this from what you perceive to be the number one issue for adoption i think are a big issue for adoption and talking about adoption now people are starting to get a bit nervous about all the regulatory heat that's coming on and we've said for many years that bitcoin the regulators drop dead that's been our message itself regulating in a sense and we're going to another attack vector that needs to be overcome because the regulators after all regulating all the banks in two thousand and eight and then the genesis block it there's a note right there chancellor on the brink of a second bailout for banks so big in the regulators are essentially oil and water in a lot of ways. where do you think we are and this is now the regulators going to burn
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themselves out trying to regulate because because they don't know if they still don't understand they don't the some call a commodity some a currency some of the currency some a security they can't even decide what it is. are they going to burn themselves out and we're going to overcome this hurdle james well they can't i don't know if it's that they can't decide what it is i see it more as you know every regulatory agency is going to define these crypto assets in whatever way behooves them to have the most control over you know deciding how certain entities interact with them so we're going to see a lot of regulation that is going to you know put some pressure on the custodians of these assets so especially like the exchanges or in the case of i.c.'s and tokens whoever is issuing these new possible securities and so we haven't really seen i think any governments try to regulate these protocols themselves. that would
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be interesting to see if they actually go that far but i think the at least understand that you can't regulate you know data or protocol they have to focus on regulating specific people that are in their jurisdiction right and so should not come out it is anonymous and also we've often said on many times that the exchange is a kind of the vulnerability the weak point the thought process and so that clearly this is where they're starting to to to attack and i think trans like polonia ex and which is now been bought out by circle which is a huge back backed up by goldman sachs in my portend a trend aware the big banks decide to get into this business by dominating those exchanges and then they can go to work picking off coins that they don't like they say for us i want you bet all right well that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report of three x. kaiser and stacey everett like to thank our guest jamieson all up he is with costs
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or consol depending if you want to catch us on twitter at kaiser report intellect on.
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welcome to the party u.s. president donald trump has until may twelfth to decide whether to make good on his threat to exit the rand deal potentially a pending hears of international diplomacy and setting the ground for yet another conflict how seriously is that threat taken intact and should the american bulling be accommodated if peace is at stake while to discuss that i'm now joined by mohamad job later jonny had of iran's high council for human rights and deputy off international affairs in the area mr larijani adds great pleasure great honor talking to you thank you very much for your time thank you but let me start with the news of the day and this is a concern in many corners of the world that the united states is going to read meat on its obligations on that iran nuclear deal concerned grew even more acute
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following the appointment of the new secretary of state in the united states doesn't make any difference as far as iran is concerned in who has the state department whether it is john kerry rex tillerson or mike compound for that matter . view this right there is you have you know this is the verses it doesn't matter to march the tactics or the articulation movie different the. impact on the. nuclear deal was done and we are accepted that because he wanted to prove the american claim is false rule of not following nuclear weapons at all but we have used capability on the nuclear technology for peaceful purposes but no it is a perv and the americans want to use capability nuclear technologies as a pretext to exert pressure of
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a mouse it doesn't matter that we are barred by the private market i think it will definitely be not in the interest of united states even america gets out of this part then the fact is that because it is five plus one parked now the current american president expressed he's dissatisfaction of j.c.b. oil a long before he took office and yet in more than a year since his inauguration there's been a lot of bellicose rhetoric but the very little in the way off action in your own calculus why do you think donald trump hasn't walked out of this deal already if he indeed intends to do that well there are two fires number one. don't know trauma's amount of bluffing not a man of realize actions so we know we are accustomed with american bluffing for over forty years and this is an extreme one secondly united decision is to
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extract more concession from the wrong on the regional issues he is absolutely wrong it doesn't help and it was successful and now the american president doesn't exhibit their very reach for a cabbie larry in describing this deal he simply calls a very bad i wonder what words would iran use in characterizing the two thousand and fourteen agreement you spend a lot of man hours negotiating it did it come out as good or good enough for you while definitely we do not. this pericope. a magazine more optimal position or deal but definitely is now than i did the whole logic that we accept that these limitations on our own capability and development is to prove to the world or the american or their western allies claims an allegation against iran is wrong know that it has been proved that they are wrong and the atomic
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agency in more than ten reports endures the arraigning compliance you see that what the american are saying so this is a blasphemy this is corruption and the hypocrisy of the of the american foreign policy but on i want to say that. you know under this theory should not enter the will if they enter the will they would be the loser they would see that very soon as well as speaking about the potential loss perhaps for all of us president trump specifically mentioned that he and his soon to be secretary of state mike compare tend to see eye to eye on many issues particularly the iranian policy and back in two thousand and fourteen mr peo advocated military action to fully destroy the iranian nuclear capacity do you see it as a credible threat well i don't think the american are in the position to another
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military engagement in their area already those who have a started before they are honorable to manage to get out but to start an attack on iran may not be very difficult task but they won't be the one who will dictate the end of that they will receive a very harsh lesson which may be good for them for the historical. so indulging in a military duty against iran is not an easy thing for united states while they are facing grand failures in the region enough on the song in the persian gulf area another us now president trump employed a similar strategy all threats of blackmail about north korea only to announce last week that he is willing to.


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