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isabeau alternative explanation. the attack console spree has taken place against the backdrop of a reckless pattern of russian behavior much of the case against russia seems to hinge on the nerve agent in question called no we check but everyone seems to have forgotten that a former russian chemist who's accusing moscow of the attack himself published the formula in full in a book back in two thousand and eight which is surely one of the reasons moscow has demanded to be provided samples of the agent used to poison screwball and his daughter poisoned with a navi shock a military grade nerve agent of a type developed by russia if britain is so confident that it was not a choke gas then that means they have the chemical formula samples and the ability to produce it we requested the russian government to provide an explanation by the end of g.'s day the thirteenth of march on how this russian produced nerve agent could have been deployed in salisbury. they provided no credible explanation.
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we are ready for open and constructive cooperation we don't speak the language of ultimatums and we won't allow anyone to speak to us this way and similar queries coming from jeremy corbyn in parliament were ruthlessly jeered and shot down by his fellow politicians as the prime minister taken the necessary steps under the chemical weapons convention how has she responded to the russian government's request for a sample has high resolution trace analysis been run and has that revealed any evidence as to the location of its production all the identity of its perpetrators is a consensus across the butt benches of this house yeah i am only sorry that the consensus does not go as far as the right honorable gentleman. could have taken the opportunity as the u.k. government has done to condemn the culture ministry russia.
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at this point london has ordered twenty three russian diplomats and their families to leave the u.k. suspended all high level contacts between the two countries and announced a partial boycott of the upcoming world cup for their part moscow answered in kind when it comes to expelling diplomats shut down the british council and plans to close the british consulate in st petersburg and then of course we have more nations ready to impose sanctions in solidarity with the u.k. against russia between flying accusations threats and diplomats being declared persona non grata the question becomes when all this tit for tat and and who will be last standing this is a carefully constructed drama that's part of the propaganda campaign that is building building now for several years in order to justify. the actions of nato the united states towards russia this is extraordinary you so you have an attempted murder. you have a crime scene and you have no evidence but you. but you have not and neither do you
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have a motive why on earth would russia on the eve of the lakes and all the staging in the world the world cup want to destroy if you like it's international law with such a crime it makes sense but there's plenty of motive on the outside russia being effectively pushed into a corner with these actors a few this is part of the propaganda campaign i can tell you that i'm a journalist who spent almost all my career working in the mainstream in britain. and this this is a propaganda campaign promoters and certainly in the media and we got. the russian ambassador to the u.k. has called for restraint in the stand off but while britain's allies are throwing their weight behind its claims some european politicians are puzzled by the deepening rift now between moscow and london steve i know it's almost like
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a spiral of mutual accusations and self-fulfilling insinuation that i see it all reminds me of a bad james bond may decide each side is paranoid school each side pursues its own conspiracy theories meanwhile britain's foreign secretary boris johnson claims the poisoning is self evidently russian in its very nature. even to stand off takes a closer look. novi chalk the new noxious scare a nerve agent with obvious russianness the chemicals even being featured in a t.v. spy thriller in a standoff between the u.k. agents and russians the show is marketed using the slogan diplomacy is overrated the years slip about some course that it's not because it was undetectable like it's all true is that. it is a coincidence. to see.
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yourself as a thank you for finding dr markel force again we're off to be taking the big show for ourselves t.v. and cinema have made the secret service's poisoning people plot an international feature after all even the most british of all agents james bond has also found himself amid some talks and driven storylines. so are we having a case of blatant bone business here but this is of course all fiction it didn't happen in reality you avoid all the culprits with the tainted record the one that stands out is the cia one of the key targets cuba has of late come undone t. fidel castro among the hundreds of alleged assassination attempts were cigars laced with poison and a contaminated pen so could these cells prove poisoning be blatant american this
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one could stretch this logic beyond any reason and say for example the u.k. has been honing it skills in the death by chemicals business since shakespeare's macbeth busted blatant englishness the cia james bond shakespeare one thing all of my theories have in common is an insane. conspiracy we're not taking them seriously neither should anyone but when it comes to russia and proof well we've already heard the d.n.a. arguments in the election meddling scandal but the historical practices of the russians who typically almost genetically driven to co-opt. penetrate international law is being substituted for a house tax house tag russia did it as tag highly likely.
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next on the program went out international just a moment we had down the street downtown to a red square and call them braided they were giving us coverage of russia's presidential elections from all over the country we are joining them in just a moment. but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they did accept the reject. so when you want to be president. some wanted. to go on to be for us this is what the three of them will be good. interested always in the waters in that. city. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball
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isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money. and spending to get to twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else not to be true so i want to share what i think i know about the beautiful game a great chance for. the geeks. this is aussie international thanks for joining us on this sunday of voting is underway across russia with the country heading to the polls to choose its next president and with the territory spanning eleven time zones some polling stations in russia's far east are already closing let's go live now. at our central moscow
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studio. good morning to you this sunday march the eighteenth it's election day here in russia for some voters it's already over for others they've only had the chance to cast their ballot in the past few hours welcome to r.t. international special coverage of the russian presidential election live from red square tell you what a gorgeous day it's been the sun is said we've got front row seats as you bring you all the latest from the voting and election silence has been in effect all weekend
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that means campaigning as well as news coverage of the candidates from that manifests is now over so until the polls close on sunday evening we won't be able to give you much information about those vying for the russian leadership but there are some things we can tell you about and that is the organization of progress of the vote across all russian regions of this huge country seventeen point one million square kilometers to cover for this on top of that there's also a record number of forward observers who are at this year's election over fifteen hundred of them have registered on top of that as well as more than one hundred forty thousand observers from within russia for you you don't need to be at the polls to see what's happening now you. deeds can watch the voting process from the comfort of your own homes as the vast majority of polling stations are equipped with cameras streaming everything online some of the presidential hopefuls as well as casting their vote three of the candidates chose to turn about polling stations
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pretty early on let me tell you it's pretty nippy here in moscow. so look at some of the polling stations across. here we go political veteran from the liberal democrats. while both the liberal parties comment on the communist parties seemed somewhat deep in thought. a couple of hours ago now in moscow in previous elections he went to the polling station to the capital's russian academy of sciences asked what result he would consider a success responded any result to take office the journalist though didn't have the chance to fire too many questions at him as putin left soon after a couple of appointments. with much of the size of his country so what a difficult task it is in order to be able to get these votes counted for more than one hundred million people eligible to vote this year for seven million of them
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it's going to be the first time voting as well as they turn out before the election we spoke with workers and voters from all walks of life. ahead of election day. you know.
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watching what he thinks and that's what would be cosmic which to. when i was moving out of the falls what do. you know. if this continues from coming because you will feel it instantly but it's a new someone to keep someone from because. we're going to be more in the coming hours as well but not all of how to chance to cast ballots today. blocking russians from voting at the embassy and also diplomatic compounds across ukraine. on a saturday that such measures would be taken in protest over russians voting in crimea ukraine has election illegal over what it describes as the annexation of the peninsula citizens already for russia's next leader. voting actually early as february for those living in russia's hard to reach areas you need to tell
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you quite a few of those particularly siberia and in the very north of russia at this time of year a lot of settlements and villages are pretty inaccessible to cars so the postal votes the ballots about to be delivered by so many by helicopter to get those votes in very innovative even military personnel stationed abroad also voted early for instance at russia's base in syria and of course we keeping a close eye on the voting throughout the day bringing you the very latest from here on the red square.
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this is international we'll check in with colin. throughout the day here on the program for the meantime though there is a new power struggle in this time not over. to form a new government authorities in the capital. crime clans are in full trading the police and undermining their reputation in europe our correspondent peter all of our reports. a parallel society with power justice being meted out by a mafia don the. underworld apparently gained much influence that they're challenging the power of the state and that it's got alarm bells ringing in the city prosecutor's office the damage is already done now the clans are making sure that confidence in state power is dwindling the latest method being used to. the police. there is to use their power base against the police the strength lies in drug trafficking protection rackets and prostitution
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and it's the latter it's being used to attack the reputation of police officers. rumors have been spreading about police and prostitutes aiming to show police officers in a bad light for example that they have given drugs to prostitutes for information once it's out there it is very difficult to dispel it people see corrupt cops in hollywood and think yes that could happen even if we have very clear evidence to prove it's not true. the arab clans have become such a part of the tapestry of the german capital that they were recently featured in the hit t.v. show. and believe. the police point out that real life is
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far. violence than any action. plans main weapon is intimidation but just recently we saw a passer by shots and injured in a shootout between gangs if you hear shots being fired in berlin eighty percent of the time it's clans we've seen police officers testifying against klan members being threatened right in the courtroom. if you stand against them expect to be visited by them and for threats to be made against you and your family the clans have become emboldened over the last few years being linked to or investigated in more and more ambitious crimes like the daring heist on an upscale jewelers and the theft of a one hundred kilo gold coin from the boat a museum but how to open up a group that uses violence to guarantee silence and. we need to track the money
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like they did with the math here in italy device that we should make it so people have to prove where the cash comes from now a person can claim or the unemployment benefits available will be driving a lamborghini it here and say it was a gift from his brother even though the real money is coming from criminal enterprises are. with the police feeling strong by allegations against offices and the crime groups. we have to ask who is in the increasingly called battle for the streets of berlin peter all over. and the program returns at the top of the hour.
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in the heart of the swiss on the shores of lake geneva. in the land of banks and discretion you will discover the most secretive place in switzerland. in the middle of a warehouse complex a stone's throw from the border with france the geneva freeport. watched by surveillance cameras and surrounded by barbed wire fences in this complex is traditionally a custom zone where merchandise is stored before being exported abroad. but today it has become a permanent storage site with sixty thousand square meters of space rented by the city of geneva to transporters or to private individuals to safeguard their assets . behind these anonymous double locked doors
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there is gold and diamonds. it is also the largest wine cellar in the world with three million bottles laid to rest. kong cleared bottles worth five hundred thousand two thousand dollars quietly maturing and gaining in value at a constant temperature and humidity. these buildings are anti earthquake and the doors are resistant to explosives. and to protect these treasures from fire a special room houses hundreds. extinguishers that can be activated at any moment. another reason the free for take so many precautions is because behind its gates rest priceless works of art thought to be worth tens of billions of dollars it's perhaps the world's largest museum but
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a museum no one can visit. the geneva freeport is one of europe's best kept secrets stores works by picasso rembrandt leonardo da vinci and thousands of antiquities a treasure the size of which nobody knows the scale or the value. of fall say. another secret is the name of the owners of the works. don't keep. he said. recently a number of cases have tainted the institution's name the looting of jewish assets money laundering tax fraud it's hard to say if it was hidden or not but it was kept very discreetly in the freeport. the geneva freeport is an eldorado for art dealers wealthy heirs and fraudsters it's where they do their business hidden from view.
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one man agreed to open the doors of the freeport to us eve movie with his managing director. he runs the world's biggest company in the transport and storage of art works doesn't see it was see a look. at the. streets they did. this is a it. is from his own press report your daughter for the percivale though it. every day dozens of priceless artworks enter or leave the store rooms managed by eve bouvier's company. there's even a special workshop to pack and prepare the works for shipment.
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last on time look for something else on the. bus from exposes to and greet us and then i'm getting. the ticket enough for me to so i'm assuming because he said to me . why do you appear. on the. stage would it be a sequel. to what degree and. just get out of the if. you know if it form and you get no question the company don't want to go and if. she does if i. look at the olympic example feature. in a porpoise. then look losing. china put out within the sun for the sake of you don't say it's a coffee don't see it think of it to do the nickel for don't see it. either the watchword is secrecy. eve bouvier was originally a shipper but he transformed his old shipping company not to look cool founded in
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one thousand fifty nine into an art market multinational. it is now present in geneva luxembourg and singapore. the man nicknamed the freeport king had a great idea to earn client loyalty his company would not only pack and ship artworks it would provide in geneva twenty thousand square meters of storage space along with framing and restoration workshops. it also offers its clients special rooms in which to admire their assets or to go. sales dealers gallery owners and buyers can thus meet in total discretion. today the former shipper has become a multimillionaire. we meet him again in paris in the high class eighth district
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a stone's throw from the palace. eve movie the shipper of the geneva freeport welcomes us to his paris home a richly decorated and furnished apartment. so i don't. want to. to. the toilet just because you foresee a day visit but i want to hear that moment get up unable to do and you will still get out bob keefe is it the keepin it is said designing is any more it gives. you billy always it doesn't feel as though it's one of the you of course to keep your more. to sup is that. by storing and shipping his clients artworks each bouvier gradually learned another much more lucrative trade as an art dealer.
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just because you felt. them demanded album quick witted pretty quick to leave office in the low share quake would take away from quick wit it is a restaurant though. he's right that it is just too good is a vehicle. good to have almost without us dos your way given the us the whole of the the deep i just be you know what that they get they get it is just. a pawn. for thirty years eve movie has been in the ideal place to learn the secrets of the market. and the brute the shark. and the book of goodness all the it is awful must we put it awful miss you so walk at the root of all it. gets on
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a cute since you yeah so why did they give up on the divorce rate in the. us look what they. said. interest rates are lesser sort of all to do more good enough. thanks to the network he's built up the businessman has even opened a gallery on the cable ten the antique dealers district one of paris's most prestigious addresses he takes us there. he wants to show us how well established he is and how he buys and sells some of the most renowned names in painting and sculpture. and i have to tell you we think. to zip about it to do all. the gallery director greets us. the gallery houses significant and very expensive
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works this marble sculpture of eve is by or done it's already been reserved by an asian client. because always you know on that bomb the it is when you have preserving zone. it's. australia did a scapegoat or dealt with you well it. was just as good there yes you see them your diet is good your piece of prison what about a lot of shit to me that this question isn't one. i look all straight dickie you want to because then most of it is nominally father on more famous signatures and in drawing by salvador dali. i should go. he didn't. shoot me just sit and listen to him.


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