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ask this is seen by far its biggest exodus of civilians. left on my oil and i've been in their houses of civilians are living good right now by the humanitarian care dairy can see behind me and the passage has been recently opened by syrian forces it's allowing crowds of civilians may of them are children to leave them battle area. let me. tell wrists use people's human shields that they wouldn't let us fully they hid behind our backs we wanted to leave a year in the house think ill of they wouldn't let us.
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if we did receive aid they would see that aid had arrived and that they would distribute it in a few days but then they would say they had to keep it for our times when they gave us twenty percent of it and the rest was for the hard times i mean she got out about these oranges for seven years we couldn't buy them going on and on. like impressive. also to see that at the end of the day what is lacking is. trust between the parties to the conflict also the consideration of the needs of the civilian population. the top. for the food fight holds because there's been a plea for. one good news i'm all very you.
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know it. meanwhile militants are preparing to stage chemical attacks in the country to give the u.s. a pretext to attack the government that's according to russia's defense ministry with details on this his murder against the. representatives of the russian forces have said they have inflammation and reason to believe that the united states it's as a talent base in syria has been preparing squads of rebels fighters to stage a chemical provocation a chemical weapons attack in the south of syria in doubt which borders jordan and israel they've been provided allegedly as when used twenty tons of nori this one is dead today does defense officials have said that this is attack will be blamed on the syrian government and will be used as the excuse by the united states and its
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allies to strike at bush al assad his government did his military directly let me put a look at the provocations mentioned will be used as a pretext to stop the united states and its allies to conduct airstrikes against military and state infrastructure in syria we're seeing that such strikes are being prepared by warships in the mediterranean the red sea and in the persian gulf at the same time speaking in past a nice segue a lover of the russian foreign minister said that the syrian conflict is beginning to look less like a proxy war than a direct confrontation on the hornets spetznaz of there are u.s. special forces on the ground they are no longer denying this they are accompanied by the british french and special forces from other countries it's not a proxy war anymore historical put rather a direct involvement in the war it will slow we condemn their illegal presence on syria's territory the u.s. led coalition is not legitimate from the u.n.
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point of view either we are pragmatic people systems and we understand that we should not engage in armed conflict with them. elsewhere in syria the turkish president has announced that the free syrian army backed by iran korea has taken control of the center of the strategic northern city of afferent poorest live reports the turkish military and allied forces have taken control of the northern syrian city of afrin and now they took control at eight thirty this morning local time sunday this is after they entered the city before dawn and warning to reports they made with no resistance from the kurdish fighters who have been holed up there and carrying out an intensive battle for the past two months however we are receiving reports that there were a number of these improvised explosive devices and these they had to deal with we have seen a tweet by the turkish defense minister who has tweeted calling his army
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a hero and saying that it will guarantee peace and security for both turkey and the region turkish president other one has also confirmed his army successes he's also promised that all measures will be taken to protect the civilians of afrin. i want to share good news with you as of eight thirty this morning free syrian army members supported by the turkish forces have established total control of our freedom city center most of the terrorists will return and run away. the fighting dates back to january the twentieth when the turkish government launched a cross border offensive into northern syria now the aim of this operation which they call the olive branch was to quote the turks dislodge kurdish terrorists that the very people that the turks see as terrorists are people that the united states has been helping which is why for the better part of two months the relationship between washington and quest has been extremely tense. so to come on the weekly
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here u.k. russia relations have had a new low after the poisoning scandal we'll have a look at the details on that in a couple of minutes. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the lawn they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to press . that's right to be press that's what before three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my call. american type of human rights is a corrupt notion day the example of yemen you see this is our genocide there were going on then just look who is supporting whom american and british and
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a number of other european countries they are very generous to lend their support to the actress so what kind of human rights is sad in which to live a million children a woman does not count. hello and welcome back now britain's foreign secretary as an i was transferred to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons of nerve agent samples she used in the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter after a week of rising tensions with moscow jocking viggo reports in a span of less than a week u.k. russia relations have been pushed to the point of an all out diplomatic war but no one looking ready to back down the screwball poisoning has created this massive
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divide between the two countries and despite the fact that the investigation is ongoing and scotland yard themselves have said that it may take weeks if not months to complete the politicians were much quicker is highly likely that russia was responsible we do hold russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted. escape is culpable all quarrel is with putin's kremlin and we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision moscow was quick to bite back slamming the ultimatum put forward by theresa may and calling the claims shocking and unforgettable meanwhile one is voice has been echoed across the world but he said situation it certainly looks like the russians with the idea that with high probability the traces lead to russia everything leads us to believe that it's indeed russia that was behind this attempted. nation leads us to believe high probability traces those terms are wearing thin on moscow because requests for evidence have been ignored when it comes to russia the proof doesn't have to be in the putting it seems. something by the
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way in the kind of smug sarcastic response that we've heard from the russians that to me that indicates their fundamental guilt. we've received very detailed information about this case which suggests that there is no other plausible alternative explanation. the attack console spree has taken place against the backdrop of a reckless pattern of russian behavior much of the case against russia seems to hinge on the nerve agent in question called now the chalk but everyone seems to have forgotten that a former russian chemist who's accusing moscow of the attack himself published the formula in full in a book back in two thousand and eight which is surely one of the reasons moscow has demanded to be provided samples of the agent used to poison screwball and his daughter poisoned with a navi shop a military grade nerve agent of
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a type developed by russia. if britain so confident that it was know of each other then that means they have the chemical formula so imports and the ability to produce it we requested the russian government to provide an explanation by the end of g.'s day the thirteenth of march on how this russian produced nerve agent could have been deployed in salisbury. they provided no credible explanation we are ready for open and constructive cooperation we don't speak the language of ultimatums and we won't allow anyone to speak with us this way and similar queries coming from jeremy corbyn in parliament were ruthlessly jeered and shot down by his fellow politicians as the prime minister taken the necessary steps under the chemical weapons convention. how has she responded to the russian government's request for a sample has a high resolution trace analysis been run and has that revealed any evidence as to the location of its production all the identity of its perpetrators is
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a consensus across the butt benches of this house yeah i am really sorry that the consensus does not go as far as the right honorable gentleman. you. could have taken the opportunity as the u.k. government has done to condemn the culture russia. at this point london has ordered twenty three russian diplomats and their families to leave the u.k. suspended all high level contacts between the two countries and announced a partial boycott of the upcoming world cup for their part moscow answered in kind when it comes to expelling diplomats shut down the british council and plans to close the british consulate in st petersburg and then of course we have more nations ready to impose sanctions in solidarity with the u.k. against russia between flying accusations threats and diplomats being declared persona non grata the question becomes when all this tit for tat and and who will be last standing this is
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a carefully constructed drama that's part of the propaganda campaign that is building building now for several years in order to justify the actions of nato the united states towards russia why on earth would russia on the eve of the lexer and all the staging the world cup want to destroy if you like it's international low with such a crime but there's plenty of motive on the other side russia being a stick to really push the indoor corner with these accusations is part of the propaganda camp and i can tell you that i'm a journalist who spent almost all my career working in the mainstream. this is a problem. promoters certainly in the media. while the russian ambassador to the u.k. has called for restraint in this standoff but while britain's allies have thrown
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their weight behind its claims some european politicians do remain puzzled by the deepening rift between moscow and london that's. it's almost like a spiral of mutual accusations and self-fulfilling insinuations it all reminds me of a bad james bond movie each side is paranoid enough side pursues its own conspiracy theories. earlier britain's foreign secretary boris johnson claimed the poisoning is evidently russian in its very nature artes you could have done of takes a closer look. novi chalk the new noxious scare a nerve agent with obvious russianness the chemicals even being featured in a t.v. spy thriller in a standoff between the u.k. agents and russians the show is marketed using the slogan diplomacy is overrated here it's little about some course that it's not because it was undetectable like it's all true is that. it is
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a coincidence. to see. yourself as a thank you for finding dr markel force again we're off to be taking another tour for ourselves t.v. and cinema have made the secret service's poisoning people plot an international feature after all even the most british of all agents james bond has also found himself amid some talks and driven storylines. so are we having a case of blatant bone business here but this is of course all fiction it didn't happen in reality you avoid the culprits with the tainted record the one that stands out is the cia one of the key targets cuba's late come undone t.
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fidel castro among the hundreds of alleged assassination attempts were cigars laced with poison and a contaminated pen so could these cells prove poisoning be blatant american this one could stretch this logic beyond any reason and say for example the u.k. has been holding its skills in the death by chemicals business since shakespeare's macbeth busted blatant englishness the cia james bond shakespeare one thing all of my theories have in common is an insane. edge of conspiracy we're not taking them seriously neither should anyone but when it comes to russia and proof well we've already heard the d.n.a. arguments in the election meddling scandal the story corps practices of the russians who typically almost genetically driven to co-opt. perpetrate international law is being substituted for hashtags our
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stag russia did it our stag highly likely. here with our t.v. much of the week he thanks me company tonight will be back with more news on the latest on the russian presidential election and half an. american mess one is the melting. of the second is the radiologist of the bootstrapping of anyone can see that america works hard so this is a whole group of people all generation in america is saying that there is no melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities we can't live up so their response essentially is to go into conflict this is a major. nor make this manufactured sentenced to the public will. when the ruling
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classes protect themselves. with the final merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. billion. but i live. i miss all my you know you know you know. for them but to be trying
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to to to. pay them you know. and then yesterday when you know that when then and your leaving us to you guys have. done. with the schools that have been students in the video. most of them were being briefed. by this morning boys so this is when they deal with.
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you. must not really know how much they are you know why you haven't yet i want to. let you know that you. didn't. even have to this is what we see you know that this money was. not a good idea. and this is what is that it. wasn't until after you met that yes that was the next. to last and that there were no one's out to kill enough ones are not done one might have tonight up the definitions and up and back and me. when seeking out a new south south. i want to go when i meet.
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my god i know i think. i do want to buy some of what i didn't know any of you tell me as it went in for my fun for right now yeah we've heard quite a number of leads and believe that one of them may have played means that when a young man is infected by it's a very hate his sleep sleep. you feel flaky is clint's. you field of view. that missiles are not the young ladies who are lake the house for many partners in their lives so they tend to think about this was a practicing secondary infertility so best deal intoxicate when you snipped with actual sure according to the young men it feels like just to give people the fight should the local be communities or some of the people who believe that when a stickler does for sure and your costs maybe you want passed by yes for sure if
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you go and sleep with another. label the cost is gone. and what. they get can get you a good surgeon get. you they needed to get. past that problem. and that's just really new for me because i love this that you know. the fish i'm talking to find it he's going to help keep going to. be going to eat you out by michelle moved so you could go to one and i. know.
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i can be up. there. between fifty to eighty eighty five on five yes she can only do the job on skills that i'm afraid for me but you know the physical skills and it can't be too careful. what. yes out. i did i did. i did. when you took a boat will you still have blocks once we have young women or ordered ladies or did
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all of the get on the skin much to go because of insecurity and she can believe about point. south that is so many cases hopefully it will be asked to do with what god may do to you some people. i was i was i have been betrayed by six people by the people. are still. around today that there's a very very distant. if they didn't it. was difficult to prove. in the sense they were always there yes it's true that it. was a little. bit insidiously to me into a character. to play around with the generals to get into the war and all of this
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there should be a picture of the. stone coming. mostly not they plant their stuff with their fat suit was there so it's just i don't remember she says. he was the first female is really a creepy just because it's a trip through the. mail today people think it was very blunt of missouri water for the. day this is dental work which of the law i don't like. most will been comes from this one skin business that they do and most of them depend on the dental plates and also most will be made using part of. the found himself to be in good sing in crime or even other. places that are not.
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and are so corny. tough it out with a bad movie. where jack trouble when i do you are yeah i mean. your name and then why you are you know what i mean by that lisa. leslie to put down and i think. i share today and i'm. you know i will finger as a single was a good idea for a second last. will say money raping sez i it at the idiot running now one year. puzzling a very. luck or a miracle my data. is not nearly.
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good. it did. not. last. long enough. or fast and i'm not a mere woman could all go when you're naked on the going to what's. known. as a human. use your in. your sas how to prove what was about when you made your friends on the corner experience how to nikki well or not since it was it's a grueling back to go in for bad conduct. and. it's a good villain tong alicia.
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made. mainly in i think you. know my. every genuine and of course she was sure so no one on our show among the black lumina among movie you and i do i talk a man and i am happy in my early and. often through this one one courtroom or not a few one. of my friends or so maybe me call me. nothing. not you. can only do investors and give a soft. and
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. equal. division by. some i wouldn't. burn to him and i know.


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