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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  March 18, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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this is seen by far its biggest exodus of civilians. left on my oil and i know they need in their houses of civilians are living good right now by the humanitarian care dairy can see behind me and the passage has been recently opened by syrian forces it's allowing crowds of civilians many of them are children to leave them battle area. that's not. the. terrorists use people as human shields they wouldn't let us fully they hid behind our backs we wanted to leave a year and a half ago of they wouldn't let us.
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that we did receive aid he would say that aid had arrived and that it would distribute it in a few days but then they would say they had to keep it for our times when they gave us twenty percent of it and the rest was for the hard times i mean that but i did not come in these oranges for seven years we couldn't buy them. up the. fight in prices. also to see that at the end of the day what is lacking is. the trust between the parties to the conflict also the consideration of the needs of the civilian population. the top of that for the food fight holds because there's been a plea for one good news i'm all very bad.
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meanwhile militants are preparing to stage chemical attacks in the country to give the u.s. a pretext to attack the government that's according to russia's defense ministry were aghast has the details. representatives of the russian armed forces have said they have information and reason to believe that the united states it is as a talent base in syria has been preparing squads of rebels fighters to stage a chemical provocation a chemical weapons attack in the south of syria in doubt which borders jordan and israel they've been provided allegedly as rain years twenty tons of norene israel is dead today does defense officials have said that this attack will be blamed on the syrian government and will be used as the excuse by the united states and its
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allies to strike at bush al assad to his government did his military directly let me put a look at the provocations mentioned will be used as a pretext for the united states and its allies to conduct airstrikes against military and state infrastructure in syria we're seeing that such strikes are being prepared by warships in the mediterranean the red sea and in the persian gulf at the same time speaking in past a nice segue a lover of the russian foreign minister said that the syrian conflict is beginning to look less like a proxy war than a direct confrontation on the hornets spetznaz of there are u.s. special forces on the ground they are no longer denying this they are accompanied by the british french and special forces from other countries it's not a proxy war anymore historical put rather a direct involvement in the war it was a slow we condemn their illegal presence on syria's territory the u.s.
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led coalition is not legitimate from the u.n. point of view either we are pragmatic people and we understand that we should not engage in armed conflict with them well i'll swear in syria the turkish president has announced that the free syrian army backed by ankara has taken control of the center of the strategic northern city of after. porus live reports the turkish military and allied forces have taken control of the northern syrian city of afrin and now they took control at eight thirty this morning local time sunday this is off to they entered the city before dawn and warning to reports they made with no resistance from the kurdish fighters who have been holed up there and carrying out an intensive battle for the past two months however we are receiving reports that there were a number of these improvised explosive devices and these they had to deal with we have seen a tweet by the turkish defense minister who has tweeted calling his army
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a hero and saying that it will guarantee peace and security for both turkey and the region turkish president other one has also confirmed his army successes he's also promised that all measures will be taken to protect the civilians of afrin. i want to share good news with you as of eight thirty this morning free syrian army members supported by the turkish forces have established total control of our free city center most of the terrorists will return and run away. the fighting dates back to january the twentieth when the turkish government wants to cross border offensive into northern syria now the aim of this operation which they call the other raunch was to quote the turks dislodge kurdish terrorists but the very people that the turks these terrorists are people that the united states has been helping which is why for the better part of two months the relationship between washington and quest has been extremely tense. for the slayer and i were still to come for you
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on the weekly u.k. russia relations with a new low this week amid the poisoning scandal we've got the latest on matter just after the break. an american viable human dry. notion. of yemen. genocide they were gone then just look who is some porting who american them british and a number of. european countries they are a very generous knew then their support to their aggressors so what kind of human rights in which to live a million children a woman does not count. the
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american minutes one is the melting pot and the second is the radio alger myth of the bush strapping like it to see that america works hard so this is a whole group of people all generation in america is saying that there is no melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities we can't live up so their response especially is to go into conflict and this is a major. again you're watching weekly now britain's foreign secretary has announced the transfer to the organization of the prohibition of chemical weapons of nerve agents. in the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter after a week of rising tensions with moscow. as more in a span of less than a week u.k. russia relations have been pushed to the point of an all out diplomatic war with no one looking ready to back down the screwball poisoning has created this massive
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divide between the two countries and despite the fact that the investigation is ongoing and scotland yard themselves have said that it may take weeks if not months to complete the politicians were much quicker it's highly likely that russia was responsible for the juveniles russia culpable culpable culpable for the attempted. escape is culpable all quarrel. if we putin's credit and we think it overwhelmingly likely that it was his decision moscow was quick to bite back slamming the ultimatum put forward by theresa may and calling the claims shocking and unforgettable meanwhile london's voice has been echoed across the world very sad situation certainly looks like the russians were here with high probability the traces lead to russia everything leads us to believe that indeed russia that was behind this attempted assassination leads us to believe high probability traces those terms are wearing thin on moscow because requests for evidence have been ignored when it comes to russia the proof doesn't have to be in the putting it
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seems. something by the way in the kind of smug sarcastic response that we've heard from the russians that to me that indicates their fundamental guilt. we've received very detailed information about this case which suggests that there is no other plausible alternative explanation. the attack console spree has taken place against the backdrop of a reckless pattern of russian behavior much of the case against russia seems to hinge on the nerve agent in question called no we check but everyone seems to have forgotten that a former russian chemist who's accusing moscow of the attack himself published the formula in full in a book back in two thousand and eight which is surely one of the reasons moscow has demanded to be provided samples of the agent used to poison screwball and his daughter poisoned with a navi shop a military grade nerve agent of
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a type developed by russia. if britain so confident that it was know of each other then that means they have the chemical formula so imports and the ability to produce it we requested the russian government to provide an explanation by the end of tuesday the thirteenth of march on how this russian produced nerve agent. could have been deployed in salisbury. they provided no credible explanation we're ready for open and constructive corporation we don't speak the language of ultimatums and we won't allow anyone to speak with us this way and similar queries coming from jeremy corbyn in parliament where ruthlessly jeered and shot down by his fellow politicians as the prime minister taken the necessary steps under the chemical weapons convention how has she responded to the russian government's request for a sample has high resolution trace analysis been run and has that revealed any evidence as to the location of its production all the identity of its perpetrators
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is a consensus across the butt benches of this house yeah i am only sorry that the consensus does not go as far as the right honorable gentle way you. could have taken the opportunity as the u.k. government has done to condemn the culpability here which. at this point london has ordered twenty three russian diplomats and their families to leave the u.k. suspended all high level contacts between the two countries and announced a partial boycott of the upcoming world cup for their part moscow answered in kind when it comes to expelling diplomats shut down the british council and plans to close the british consulate in st petersburg and then of course we have more nations ready to impose sanctions in solidarity with the u.k. against russia between flying accusations threats and diplomats being declared persona non grata the question becomes when all this tit for tat and and who will
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be left standing this is a carefully constructed drama that's part of the propaganda campaign that is building building now for several years in order to justify the actions of nato the united states towards russia while nurse with russia on the. even alexis and all of the staging in the world cup want to destroy if you like it's international know with such a crime but there's plenty of motive on russia being effectively pushed in dog corner with these actors h s is part of. i can tell you that i'm a journalist who spent almost all my career working in the mainstream and this is a propaganda campaign promoters and certainly in the media and make up much. meanwhile the russian ambassador to the u.k. has called for restraint in this standoff but while britain's allies have thrown
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their weight behind its claims some european politicians do remain puzzled by the deepening rift between moscow and london that's. it's almost like a spiral of mutual accusations and self-fulfilling insinuation that it all reminds me of a bad james bond movie each side is paranoid each side pursues its own conspiracy theories barely a britain's foreign secretary boris johnson claimed the poisoning is evidently russian in its very nature. takes a closer look. novi chalk the new noxious scare a nerve agent with obvious russianness the chemicals even being featured in a t.v. spy thriller in a standoff between the u.k. agents and russians the show is marketed using the slogan diplomacy is overrated but here it's little about so-called. gas that was undetectable look it's all true
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is that. it is a coincidence. to see. yourself as a if your friend in dr market force again we're off to be taking the big show for ourselves t.v. and cinema have made the secret service's poisoning people plot an international feature after all even the most british of all agents james bond has also found himself amid some talks and driven storylines. so are we having a case of blatant bone dinners here but this is of course all fiction it didn't happen in reality you avoid all the culprits with the tainted record the one that stands out is the cia one of the key targets cuba has of late come undone t.
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fidel castro among the hundreds of alleged assassination attempts were cigars laced with poison and a contaminated pen so could these cells prove poisoning be blatant american this one could stretch this logic beyond any reason and say for example the u.k. has been honing his skills in the death by chemicals business since shakespeare's macbeth busted blatant englishness the cia james bond shakespeare one thing all of my theories have in common is an insane. age of conspiracy we're not taking them seriously neither should anyone but when it comes to russia and proof well we've already heard the d.n.a. arguments in the election meddling scandal the story corps practices of the russians who typically almost genetically driven to co-opt. perpetrate international law is being substituted for hashtags our
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stagg russia did it as tag highly likely. watching our international there is just about three and a half hours left of voting the russian presidential election will be back with the latest on math in about thirty five minutes time. this baby and. this is on march eighteenth through vote with your remote to zante for special coverage of the russian presidential election exit polls opinions real time results monitoring and much more. when lawmakers manufacture consensus instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous
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merry go round lives only the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million real news is. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to listen. what's it like to beatrice with what before scribbling can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of our. first sit. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last to turn. your act caught up to you as we all knew it
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would i tell you i'm sorry if i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one height difference i speak to because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. in the heart of the swiss alps on the shores of lake geneva. in the land of the
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banks and discretion you will discover the most secretive place in switzerland. in the middle of a warehouse complex a stone's throw from the border with france is the geneva freeport. watched by surveillance cameras and surrounded by barbed wire fences in this complex is traditionally a custom zone where merchandise is stored before being exported abroad. but today it has become a permanent storage site with sixty thousand square meters of space rented by the city of geneva to transporters or to private individuals to safeguard their assets . behind these anonymous double locked doors there is gold and diamonds.
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and. it is also the largest wine cellar in the world with three million bottles laid to rest in. bottles worth five hundred thousand two thousand dollars quietly maturing and gaining in value at a constant temperature and humidity. these buildings are anti earthquake and the doors resistant to explosives. and to protect these treasures from fire a special room houses hundreds of extinguishers that can be activated at any moment . another reason the freeport take so many precautions is because behind its gates rest priceless works of art thought to be worth tens of billions of dollars it's perhaps the world's largest museum but a museum no one can visit. the geneva freeport
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is one of europe's best kept secrets. rembrandt leonardo da vinci and thousands of antiquities a treasure the size of which nobody knows the scale or the value. another secret is the name of the owners of the works. i guess. recently a number of cases have tainted the institution's name the looting of jewish assets money laundering tax fraud it's hard to say if it was hidden or not but it was kept very discreetly in the freeport. the geneva freeport is an eldorado for art dealers who. wealthy heirs and fraudsters it's where they do their business hidden from view.
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one man agreed to open the doors of the freeport to us eve movie with his managing director a moan tests ice he runs the world's biggest company in the transport and storage of artworks that will see it was see a little later on streets just fall out and also if the dr are large. trees they did so if you have two opposite you opposite decks and they all don't this is a if they do once he's called for all dominoes the possibilities from his own press reporter to a new study perceval go up. every day dozens of priceless artworks enter or leave the store rooms managed by eve bouvier's company . there's even a special workshop to pack and prepare the works for shipment. said lost it on time look at some of them he. doesn't expose his tone and greet us
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and then agree. that to kill enough for him to sell mazumdar because he said to me . well why do you appear. on the. estate with a sequence of. what degree and that the. foreman no question the company don't want to and if. he does if. he's assumed opiate they're full of milk they got a sample pages of action for puppetry. then look i'm using. jennifer by wood in the sun for the sake of you know sets a coffee don't skip think of it to do the nickel for don't see it. either the watchword is secrecy. eat. bouvier was originally a shipper but he transformed his old shipping company. look cute founded in one thousand fifty nine into an art market multinational. it is now present in geneva
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luxembourg and singapore. the man nicknamed the freeport king had a great idea to earn client loyalty his company would not only pack and ship artworks it would provide in geneva twenty thousand square meters of storage space along with framing and restoration workshops. it also offers its clients special rooms in which to admire their assets or negotiate sales dealers gallery owners and buyers can thus meet in total discretion . today the former shipper has become a multimillionaire. we meet him again in paris in the high class eighth district a stone's throw from the palace. eve movie the shipper of the geneva
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freeport welcomes us to his paris home a richly decorated and furnished apartment. dog set on several. very devoted. to. the toy just because the force here dave is that what i want to hear that moment get the best unable to do and you will still. keep as it is keeping it is said design is any more it gives. it to likeability almost as it does to fit us though it's what i've told you of course to keep your more. pretty they're loaded when i. said to stop is that. by storing and shipping his clients artworks. if bouvier gradually learned another much more lucrative trade as an art dealer.
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just because he felt hot all of. them demanded alba job quick wit is yeah pretty quick to leave office in a little shit quick wit economy functioning quick wit it is a restaurant though and it limited he. did it guess who got his eye. get to have almost without a store us your way given the us to all who care the the the you know what that they get they get it. for thirty years eve movie has been in the ideal place to learn the secrets of the market. love almost a little bit the shock. on them into. the it is awful mr wood is awful miss you so walk at the root of all. the. geese on a cute since you yeah so our quote of the day on the divorce rate in the two months
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just look at the. said. interest rates or less are sort of ought to more good enough. thanks to the network he's built up the businessman has even opened a gallery on the cable ten the antique dealers district one of paris's most prestigious addresses he takes us there. he wants to show us how well established he is and how he buys and sells some of the most renowned names in painting and sculpture. in it. and i have to tell you we. physically but i try to do. the gallery director greets us. the gallery houses significant and very expensive works this marble sculpture of eve is by. it's already been reserved by an asian
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client. because as you know. the one you have preserving is on play it. did go toward the album that was you know what it. was just this. your diet is good because in what about a lot of shit to me is that the question. how to kill street taking you want to because then most of it is the nominal father on more famous signatures and in drawing by salvador dali. i should go. he did it because you need to sit and listen to him he. didn't go through. the region again domus cases three to six inches to get a. simple filling in the city's only crime and discuss forcefully and
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discuss show can discuss some of the scale saying this question apo or fit of above the rules that they were. looked at this and both committed us to have only see a feeling of prophetic but people skip the truly peace issues key piece of. this gets us to go see. it if you see the fish out of a clear is almost by the knee deep in the community bus weekly. according to inside information these works are worth several million dollars. an art gallery with a view of the louvre quite a showcase. at it. but yves bouvier's good fortune is today soured by a series of lawsuits. in
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may two thousand and fifteen an article about him appeared in loop entitled. the billionaire and the cursed because. it was a look into some of the darker practices of the art market. the allegations made by low point were such that the magazine was found guilty of infringement of privacy. the hard hitting article tells of a violent clash between movie and one of the richest men on the planet a russian dimitri ribble of live seen here in this photo taken in his living room in monaco. for all world cup twenty eight team coverage and we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach it's just.


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