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paris archives that we found a document that referred to the quest of mr oscar stener for his stolen pate. the information that we found was that oscar stettner had been despoiled of a number of personal items carpet for example a portrait of him as a young man and also a painting by mostly any. and important painting that was looted from mr stener during the war. the canadian detective began his investigation he discovered that the antiques dealer staton or had made his claim for restitution in one thousand nine hundred six but well before the liberation the painting had already been sold by the authorities. for the sum of sixteen thousand francs since then it disappeared. particularly because its description is so vague.
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the document only indicated that it was a painting signed by jani portrait of a man. the detective had no idea what the painting looked like. he had to find a photo of it at all costs. by consulting peepers kept in the paris archives james palmer came across a clue this telegram. it states that staten or had sent the model jani to the venice biennale of one nine hundred thirty. i travelled to venice personally and went into the archives there and to the venice be an alley archives i saw mr stettner spray painting. in a photograph. james palmer was delighted he'd found it. this photo taken at the one nine hundred thirty venice biennale shows twelve paintings on the wall of the room dedicated to. ten portraits of women and two
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of men. the one on the right was already identified and well known. the painting in the middle however the one of a seated man is more mysterious. so now you've got reference to mr stener owning the painting you've got reference to portrait of a man. and you have a photograph that's the exact same painting that is now illustrated or described as the seated man. finally james palmer knew what the painting looked like. but where had it gone he searched everywhere activated his contacts toward the auction rooms archives and museums. and after a few weeks ago. he found a trace of the painting here in london in the catalogue of an auction held at christie's in one thousand nine hundred six. the painting was
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intitled seated man with a cane. but who owned it. it was acquired by a shell company based in panama international arts center whose registration document is seen here. its rightful owner is a name. and yet palmer refused to give up and finally discovered another lead to finding the true owners. over the years the work appeared in a number of catalogs. and every time alongside the name of one of the most prestigious galleries in the world the helena mod gallery in new york run by the daughter of the family patriarch we ran into at art basel. james palmer decided to write tour.
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the far right and britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent mother's action i know i'm quite neat and clean against the dog and i see those organizations which are all usually split into which we for different names how do you view that looks. odd and. complex web of which are fashionable. and make them five folks human rights music notion the example of young men who see. the genocide who are there going on then just look who is some porting who
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american them british and a number of all the european countries they are a very generous need and then their support to the aggressor so what kind of human blood so in which to live a million children a woman does not come. but politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to. have to go right to be close to see what the before treat them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of how. this should.
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well the lawyers for our client contacted. the hellyeah mag gallery and helen him out of new york. and they were ignored. which is not right it's not proper so i think after about a month or so they wrote him again and again they were ignored and eventually there was a response and the response was essentially you are suing the wrong people you should be suing the international art center and we have nothing to do with that. james palmer was not taken in by her response. he filed a lawsuit against the health gallery in new york. but once again the lawyers denied the family were the owners of the painting. here is their statement to the court in new york. international art center and
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nobody else not the head gallery nor david no model that bought the painting at an auction held at christie's. things stopped dead there until two thousand and fifteen and the leaking of the panama papers extraordinary. a document published by the journalists revealed that behind the panamanian company international art center was the renowned art dealer david. so he was a shareholder of the company that owns the painting despite his constant denials. the detective had scored a point. and now he just had to find out where seated man was in storage he had a bright idea maybe it was in the geneva freeport where the number of family kept the major part of its collection. the swiss judiciary issued
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a search warrant for the storerooms in april two thousand and sixteen and discovered the holy grail the much sought after painting. it's hard to say if it was hidden or not but it was kept very discreetly in the freeport where there are no mad family are estimated to have a vote three to four billion dollars worth of art or about four and a half thousand works of art in their little room in a freeport. painting claimed to have been looted was well and truly in the storeroom in the freeport a revelation that caused an uproar. the heirs of the antique dealer stettner have now filed a claim for the restitution of the painting we contacted the no months after several attempts they finally agreed to open up their store room at the geneva freeport and to show us the painting in an exhibition room. we would never meet the art dealers themselves but they did accord us an exclusive uing of the painting
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a very solemn moment. the work was handled with great precaution it is estimated at about twenty million dollars today. the families with smaller would tell us their version of the story. is about their money. make a set that blew up a laugh i mean i'm at the end on a. direct. international. torne is a on the economy going to action ask me that mad. laugh . to clear his client's even further lawyer even read. has doubts that the painting ever belonged to the jewish antiques dealer stetson or. mr states
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and yet they. don't seem to be. given these. forty is extinct. what. the. in physically explicit. let us down and you see i mean by. this. we had only a few minutes to film the painting. but as the handlers turned the work around we happened to film something on the back that we only noticed later this label from the one nine hundred thirty venice biennale. the owner's name had been crudely erased. and it looks like that of staten or.
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a clue to which the detective never had access and which could be crucial for the next stage of his investigation. the canadian detective is convinced the geneva freeport could be housing other works of dubious origin. well i think there's a high probability that many other paintings in the freeport were probably looted and probably rest there today that have not seen the light of day for many decades and i believe they're there and i think that it would be very interesting if the public were made aware or at least the art industry were made aware of what those paintings are so so that you know if the prosecutor's office was on for example were to bring. us with information on all those paintings we could pretty
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quickly tell them which ones restore pretty quickly. for the swiss art dealers lawyer there's no point in dreaming no one will know for years what's really stored in the freeport. best. of me is the shuttle's i'm not happy that he's all. i mean. so. are french customs investigator is of the same opinion even if he is on the other side of the fence. people following a dumb also region if you could bob your company know that i don't feel says we should know i'm on the beyond a softer you before all is so i. don't use aside the more boffo i can. reproduce it don't.
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give us the whole supper related or the actual southend diskette because in the discussion. in geneva the mood yani case hit the headlines. the freeport authorities quickly became concerned about bad publicity. so in june two thousand and sixteen they called an emergency press conference. all representatives of the main swiss media as were invited. in a little. cameo started. on the floor where the president of the geneva freeport and his general secretary. both men seemed self-conscious rejecting all responsibility regarding the supposed owner of the painting david no money. she said you're always doing. the exact. a little.
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more than which shows a large group of us to this little blue book or a little bit over it or this luckily it didn't see this guy who doesn't even go. to the us is. also got all a slew of also where that these values are not there is they were that all. of us also. read up with it is this is us at risk of. the fifty most yahoo. they all took was a also the more the this is the more as far as jr soldiers go the distance or to the store. but what other secrets are really hidden in the report. in switzerland some official authorities have become extremely concerned we managed to obtain this report from the swiss federal audit office. it unequivocally
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denounces the opaqueness of the geneva freeport. irregularities regarding inventories and absence of traceability of merchandise. errors in stock accountancy and recurrent problems which occur during controls. our french customs officer includes laxity on the part of the swiss administrators that oversee business conducted in the freeport. zero point six horses. is a nice horse from purview of the order to muck in all. of us from our lost out on to the knesset. just took is risky saw the guns are in your memory called. lonely but you don't remember. or. need mum wash your skin so was she a don't see but don't i mean complete. leboeuf why.
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they don't play for money to. make. in response to widespread criticism the recently appointed president of the geneva freeport a magistrate known for his integrity is supposedly fighting the good fight calling for much stricter regulations. for the. new. city does the prison formula one moment the old why couldn't it. these two. men feel more. cautious with.
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this man is aware that they are still a long way to go. but having agreed to make concessions on its banking secrecy will switzerland also finally agree to open the doors of the world's biggest safe. america minutes one is the melting pot and the second is the ratio alger myth of the bootstrapping of anyone can see that america works hard so this is a whole group of people all generation in america is saying that there is no melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities we can't live up so their response essentially is to go into conflict this is
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a measure of. closure. when you don't see. what they did equipped to do. what they need most through only ten space. may be. left alone kelly said. semana claiming to know terminated especially that. alex you speak french. most of you who want to be the new then send them continue. this busy signal to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be
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president. want. to go on to be pros to see what before three of them or people. might be interested in the waters of. the most expensive fish in the world each one is selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only women themselves a much larger mission was once there and that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes oh you know.
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how long would you join this probably because they're just jamming out to the polls in the morning most of the money is going on right that day for mob boss judy is here right next to the kremlin really chilling on the sea of russian power such a big election night tonight police stations are now long closed across russia it must be deemed as you said a super sized election it's beyond the eleven time zones and across seventeen million square kilometers of territory absolutely and ninety percent of the votes already been counted in the preliminary results of the first places is that
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vladimir putin with a seventy six point three percent powerful good in from the communist party is second in the votes going down the top in fact it's was around the fourteen percent mark down the twelve on thought of the moment blood sugar navasky from the liberal democratic party. five point eight percent. of people heading over to his h.q. to address the crowd of supporters that last a minute pretend he gave a speech at home said and out comes that was monkey boy years ago to describe me as we have a case today with russia correspondent just live it was back. march eighteenth of course is important day for a number of reasons here in russia say of course is the presidential election but it's also the anniversary of the reunification with premier it was four years ago today that the treaty was signed green crimea back under the umbrella of the russian federation and this concert was organized in commemoration of that just a stone's throw from red square star after star came on stage and sing
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a famous songs with everyone singing along and dancing but of course the main event was president putin himself he came out just after it was announced that he had officially one and this is the first time he spoke after that announcement the crowd was extremely excited to see him and he of course came out on surprising with a huge smile on his face but he had a very good message for those who are here talking about unifying russia even coming together with those who may have voted for other candidates he also talked about the the work that needs to be done going forward for now and he also then to everyone for coming out despite the cult's night but nobody really seems to mind among the dancing the singing and drinking hot tea that's being sold around the kid square and the square has been packed tonight i can't see you both as but there are thousands of people packed in the square enjoying the concert. yes huge turnout for this is not slowly but surely but the weather's been all. voting
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today in the center of moscow following those celebrations putin headed over to his h.q. then again to central moscow which is a mystery good also come of course about the challenges he's now going to face in his next six years as all t.v. goes down off explain. blood in her putin has just made an appearance here at he's headquarters and going. held a short press conference and the first question he was asked was about the screwball case about the poisoning of a former russian double agent in great britain and the blame for the poisoning is being widely pinned on russia and even on putin personally his power of lattimer putin responded to those allegations if you wish to put who would rule the first thing that comes to my mind is that had this been a military poison the people affected would have died immediately this is obvious the second thing is that there are no such substances in russia we destroyed all our chemical weapons as monitored by international inspectors and we did this first
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unlike some of our partners who promised to do the same but didn't fulfill their promise we are ready for cooperation and general i think anyone with common sense understands that it's nonsensical for russia to do such a thing before the election and the world cup it's just crazy another announcement that came rather unexpected from vladimir putin was so when he was asking a question whether or not he will be planning to run six years from now when the next presidential election what lattimer putin did he hinted that this could be his final term as the leader of russia but yanukovych at the moment i'm not planning any constitutional changes with this case because i was more than just do you think you will be in the presidential seeds until twenty thirty of course if you change the constitution because it will have to studiousness missional which i think what you're saying is laughable i'm not going to stay there until i turn one hundred he also talked about he's cabinet appointments about the potential shifts in the
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russian government he said that all of those will be announced after the inauguration in terms of voter turnout these elections have been spectacular not only the whole of russia voted for the cross all eleven time zones. but also we've seen huge cubes of people abroad because their abode which the grow up discourse so big turn out not the largest in russia's history but certainly closer to the top mark and right now we doesn't look like there is a force the town scope lattimer putin from spending the next six years as russia's president. all of the presidential candidates have cast that ballot today here are some of the highlights from that i'm saying.
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look. for. thank you thank you. thank. you. because. in one hundred forty five countries all around the globe russians were able to vote in local embassies and consulates but one long queue spent some people who patiently waited to have their say and since actual votes were just on terra firma they came from above our heads as well one russian cosmonaut in all but didn't want to miss out either opting to select the person back on earth there is to cost this ballot so to say that a hundred percent turnout all the international space station yesterday as it was
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now there's been a few unexpected votes is aside from our calls were not to check this out. jiro deep in contemplation if we're going to do the same now if we want to talk to another we'll certainly err on russian television screens and send you
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a politician the russian girl turned opposition candidate was looking to shake things up a bit didn't quite go away as it turned out she said a vote for her would be a vote against everyone else not so far with most of the ballots counted it's only money to get one point five percent of the vote but worth a predicted two percent for it could change a bit when everything's in but probably not likely to change that much and you put trying at her age you were charming him actually her own very charming very capable but i didn't see to hit it with the public why. seven thirty six year old opposition candidate saying the shock showed up at h.q. just minutes after the last polling station in russia closed but you could see it on her face there wasn't really anything to celebrate because back then it was already clear that she was going to come forth but still less than six percent were
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guard less of that though same use of chalk as we've heard many times today likes to portray herself as the new prominent opposition candidate and perhaps that explains the heat and the debates that she had a little early. we're with another fierce critic of lot of our putin alike saying the volley who was not able to take part and this election under a law that bans citizens with criminal charges from competing in the presidential race take a listen. people there's a goodbye to deal with. when you buy milk in the morning. but he didn't need me sparrow with the music. does not mean you might say school. musical because infections from memphis mean if you want to move i'm going to go to
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. the moon with. so saying yes of shock results frankly the numbers that perhaps no politician in the world would call successful but still she tries to find the positive things in it and when and an exclusive interview with a presidential candidate the only female candidate in this race i asked her still what is the word you're going to use to describe this campaign sandy said success so i just want you to have a look at some of the parts of the interview that somebody to show you right now. of course it's not the result i would dream about but my campaign was not a biologist solve my complaint was about talking truths on the propagandistic channel so federal t.v. in raw.


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