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global bolshevism and if they've compared the two they're really it's negative where you would expect it to be negative the coverage of lot of media putin's reelection we're still waiting for reaction from the big here in europe no word from the elites a piracy in france as i say no word from the chancellor here in germany either but we're keeping an eye on that and assume is anything does come out of course i'll bring it to you right here. thanks very much for the view on what's happening over. the course very early for the. clock in central and western europe . talking about it you'll hear about it right here across the atlantic coast on american politicians a bit far more outspoken about. his longtime critic republican senator john mccain accusing him of trying to artificially inflate the turnout top democratic congressman adam schiff so i mean putin for eliminating his opponents there's also been reaction from an essay whistleblower edward snowden who's living in exile in
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russia peter attention to the lead in voter fraud cases. joining us live. to ski jenison media communications expert thanks very much for coming on to the program here. now. do you think. triggered by the poisoning that we've seen play out hugely in the international media impacted on. either home or abroad in the way that they were going to. speak about script or story. no one can be of such great suspension it's a serious question i think that unfortunately. became part of the general campaign against russia we see a lot of projection. it's
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a problem for the. little bald political environment it's a problem. russian relations it's a general problem not only a problem with. between russia and the west or in the united states it's a problem with a relationship between. china. but it. may be too hostile and political. of course we need. to change the station and it's probably as a means for. leading politicians to be able it sounds like a big task what do you make of the reaction from the u.s. senators because the american political reaction in any russian election is always one sided dismissive of how it's gone about the results right away food you get any sense that the twenty eighteen presidential election has had a better or worse reaction and they've had. a problem is that it's typical and.
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action on the russian. unfortunately it's a sort of political myopia if you want because it's a problem. to. do it. with real political situation in russia. you know everybody knows it's a particularly. russian election. no serious doubts in the result is a problem is that. the u.s. british and. don't see a real political process and. it's very important. we see how new politics you know we can see russia creation of a new political nations. it's pretty interesting. that the attacks then against.
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the way elections are held in russia are so vicious we've just been through the numbers with the central election commission hundreds of thousands of observers seven to eight observers per polling station and webcam so people at home can see what's going on so why do you think the attacks remain so vitriolic against how america how russia conducts its elections. i don't. i could if he does that this is it's a ploy. to know what the russian election was excellent and after we see a lot of enthusiasm in russian society you are russian we can see it but it's a process of consolidation of russian russian society russian citizens and. no. this is a. position. to try to restore our relations with to find new solutions for future.
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but future. mr putin for the next six years. i care. very much for joining us. this year the vast majority of polling stations were equipped with a web camera streaming everything that happened at any one anyone could be an observer without even leaving the comfort of their own first came at a cost of the twenty twelve presidential election this time around though that network was expanded and their keepers well because this time they've helped expose a number of electoral fraud cases.
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this year's presidential election was being monitored by a record number of foreign observers fifteen hundred had registered before the vote and as we were hearing earlier from the central election commission as well they came from all over from france from poland and the u.k. and their overall assessment of how it was conducted a mainly positive response. we have some team in moscow in cologne. sent stop or stuff and the return is everything was normal everything is neat
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little bit like in france for example even maybe more because for example i saw in many places some care out to control we don't have that in france but the reports. stopped in the somewhere because you push to get it but i guess emotions were if you would look at i could say that they didn't see integration maybe i was too short a time there but i don't i don't think that in any by the asians. who wanted to to see how it works we were we are particularly interested very much in the transmission lines which you so i see here on the very high level we. introduced the of a system this very different to the u.k. for start the electronic voting and you had the cameras in the cameras because that's all the work a big argument and you can at the moment is that you shouldn't have i.d. because there's a little awful lot of electoral fraud in the u.k. so it's all right if they don't criticize russia because we have got a whole self in the u.k. for. various reasons. wealthy businessman turned communist party candidate valid
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good and then came second in this race for the and then head of bolton listen at his headquarters in last month and then joining us live now is twelve percent when does that leave the communist party now while that's record low numbers for the communist party now we heard from both the leader of the communist parties uganda as well as the candidate have done and we heard from them at the office as the preliminary results were being announced and they did not seem happy you. just heard which. one of the jewish people looking at what he. did. with the words of the killers if you were your teacher is going to be going to. which it was. now good done in is not actually
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a member of the communist party he is just the candidate that they endorse and he's interesting really the director of the farm cooperative the lead in farms. provides a lot of services to those who work in them they produce strawberries and such and furthermore he is himself quite wealthy now it's also interesting to note he did make a promise on the campaign trail that if he were to get anything less than fifteen percent he would shave off his iconic mustache so now folks are waiting to see if he fulfills his promise and actually shaves off that iconic mustache as he promised to do on the campaign trail so a lot of anticipation the results may be and they got second place but people are still wondering if there's going to be some shaving of from the candidate and i know that the nation's waiting with bated breath to see what happens that kind of open plank you say much becoming it will be called the way things are just going from the east coast on. new yorkers have been used to this kind of chilliness oh
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well you know you gotta love the weather you know wherever you go axelrod kind of thanks very much for updating us to you. because it was also the first presidential election for the only woman in the race for the crime and senior subject a reality star politician was running as part of a liberal opposition platform i'm presented herself as a candidate against now although she got a little more than one point five percent of the vote she has not lost hot in politics trying to win her campaign headquarters when the results began to roll in . liberal opposition candidate thirty six year old sandy assumption showed up at her own h.q. just minutes after the last polling station in russia closed but really there was nothing to celebrate back then it was already clear that she was going to come forth but with less than two percent well regardless of that. as we've heard many times today likes to portray herself as the new prominent opposition figure in
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this country and perhaps that explains the heat and the debate she had a little earlier with like saying of ali who is one of the most fiercest critics of a lot of our putin in russia but as we remember he hadn't been allowed to take part in this election under a law that bans people who were charged criminally from running for president people. zealots. so if i look on the board leave since i'm a yes they can see that but if. they mean me to spar with zealots he wasn't. who does not win you might store we could see you. in the over the top of the u.s. but when you look at the bill i'm going to place my sense on the floor but not for the room. was a small one layer what you would assume that if you ask any paul. any presidential
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candidate around the world if he or she would be happy with that kind of disappointing result you'd expect the end certainly no in a vast majority of cases but. jack told me in an exclusive live interview she doesn't see it that way course it's not the result i would dream about but my campaign was not a result my campaign was involved talking truth on the propagandistic channels a federal t.v. in russia this result is higher than of any other liberal candidate and that makes the platform for rhenish and if we take your result the result of the gore you beats and mr t. top as well and add them together still i think that's just under five percent so is there much room for improvement here and are you hoping to improve in the near future education is the most important value of my program education of russian
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people telling them truth about the situation they leave in trying to make them interest on the collection between their level of life and corruption that is there in the contrary the only real way to make this five percent growing to fifty one percent is to make people understand this connections after the debates with alexy nobody but you confident and that kind of future for a so called united opposition bloc i'm very disappointed by the discussion because i came there to discuss all future six years with putin and how we will fight with me but in stand we were discussing k.v. in my instant prompt which is ridiculous to my wage what is your maybe adjective or a few adjectives that you can use or some other words to describe this it's a success of freedom of speech and this is our most important success during this campaign was the vote itself clean. we should be realistic about this huge amount
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of support of putting this result well maybe it would be not seventy five percent but sixty eight or whatever the steel we should meet that the majority people now really want this president. a little better and i'm glad to hear enough to ski the boy leader of the liberal democratic party ran for president i think time that's more than any other contender but this year's campaigning was a far cry from his heyday hawkins was at his election h.q. . all quiet in the campaign hage q. tonight as the media drift out and equipment is packed away the man himself didn't make it here tonight he made his post-election speech at a different location making his views on this election abundantly clear yeah that's a new word is that i estimate the result of the elections negatively the conditions are not equal there were no debates the scandals were fake aim to attract attention
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the elections are under way they see third place firmly sealed for sure enough ski a position he's of course one before he's been on russia's political stage for nearly thirty years this is a campaign poster although back from nine hundred ninety one he's fought six presidential campaigns in total mixing of fiery nationalist rhetoric with populism socially conservative more radical on the economy and other questions he's never been shy of controversy he's had verbal spats even physical conflicts with his opponents this election that has been no exception and he's been roundly criticized before for his more outlandish views. the stage was all set perhaps hoping for a slightly better result very bold slogans here this banner reading is written off ski a powerful leap forward ironic for a man who turns seventy two this year i will be nearly eighty at the next election cycle at his post. press conference of course he brushed off any speculation about
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his future in truth a lot of music style you know this but don't ask me about it it's inappropriate let's ask a fifteen year old boy if he is ready for marriage or not let him grow so are you ready to marry it doesn't work like that in six years do you know that there will be no elections in six years prosperity for all it's no more homelessness hunger and unemployment it seems these slogans once enough to give the liberal democratic party leader a bigger share of the vote this fall stands empty this may be the last election cycle we see zhirinovsky as a candidate although with his volatile unpredictability we just never know. we got more of the election numbers about forty five minutes or so ago now the voter turnout currently stands at almost sixty eight percent that's a little more than who turned out in twenty twelve i should expect so yesterday people from all walks of life and i've asked them.
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i'm i. cut. it up. in my. little me. on this beautiful sunny day right in the heart of moscow you've been watching our special election coverage here on r.g.p. in stossel it mean india and all. and great i'm plenty more to come for the rest of
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monday as well they are all to international legal guests lined up i will be getting reaction is the best policy will wake up this monday morning in order to digest the results of the russian presidential election twenty eighty we'll leave you with some shots of the red square this monday for us but now it's bye bye. well you know the fires that we've kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean they're in this small ball of sticks you don't harp on ships and you stand. up in. the limo
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selves to be told fish already ninety percent of the guard on any paula connor. concert fifteen scoops seventy five tons they do it several times a day with the cleats know you get an idea on why. we have to understand we could not stay still and just. be with them this will be used for you because you are. doing this because i want the future world to future generations to have out and enjoy the ocean we have. a. clue.
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hello and welcome to crossfire for all things are considered i'm peter lavelle when he was fourth and most probably last term is russia's president vladimir putin has six more years to fashion his legacy how his putin changed russia how will he
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continue to change. cross talking russia's presidential election i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have big he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and of course we have. he is a political analyst with sputnik international rules in effect that means you can jump anytime you want and i always appreciated. your take away from this election and his reelection was obviously expected he got more percentage points and i think a lot of people were predicting this but not only that i just took more than i predicted just a few facts that i think are important for all of us to understand first. more than in two thousand and twelve. we're going to go up this. sixty three percent of the
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vote forty five million russians vote if we came this time he got seventy six percent of the vote fifty five million russian voters voted for him why did it happen well between these two elections with the queen ukraine. crame year we had syria we had the master western campaign against russia and russia gate to russia gate. this breach scandal now with screwball it all the olympics absolutely that's what i said the olympics it all helped put in i mean i think. from of all day yesterday he says it all he said i didn't plan to bald so he's a mate. then it's big. mean for outsiders looking in there are only two figures in the selection there was a lot of your putin obviously and then your subject socialite she got what one point six seven percent of the vote i mean she actually went to washington to campaign in washington d.c.
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and nobody accused of. meddling in she went to live in d.c. and the commission on the disagreement imagine. an american came to that openly going to moscow and meeting. russian officials in the kremlin and having lunch with them and discussing the presidential election in the united states what would this person see he was doing when she got a lot of criticism here also she got out of cynicism but not nowhere near what an american kid would get over there and she would still love to take part in the debates she was all that everywhere she went and if you were shown on television on cental didn't she given fair coverage it sure was a new leadership was given fair coverage and in fact after the election was over she recognized that he's old she said the country voted for bush and you know when when when a president gets seventy six percent he. as political capital let's call it by
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any term that is that it's a landslide you know what it's saying about the opposition because earlier you were talking about the spectrum of political thought in the selection go ahead first of all i think the communists running a new candidate a strawberry farm businessman he runs a strawberry farm commune with. yeah. he he did much better than the communists were expected to do even with putin's turnout he finished with twelve percent and i think that this shows that this was the real protest vote in russia. as it were and it's maybe a vote to be even harder on foreign policy but more for social benefit because we'll talk about foreign policy and what was the election result for crimea was it ninety three percent voted for putin that's over that that is a very significant not so surprising is responsible for crimea for me as being able
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to vote in the russian elections there with the same time russia the russian citizens living in ukraine were not allowed to vote they were blockaded from entering their own embassies by ukrainian police. there as you know there's a real commitment to democracy there go ahead well i think it's very interesting you know the west reaction it's very important the context for the west the fact that russians in crimea voted for the president isn't except it's a breach of international war they say that the fact that russian citizens in ukraine could not vote because of the ukrainian police. the russian ambitious and why did the ukrainian police do it they said they were afraid. in two thousand and two thousand and fourteen well several dozen people were which was which was never . fully investigated and no one was held to account it no there is
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a national who did of course because there videotapes are videotapes on you tube it gets even worse because they put the people that were the victims and. some of them who are going to who would appreciate it but the judge in jail again one concocted charges so if they win the election mark what would it be. americans always say they vote for bread and butter issues with their pocketbook here or russians any different. someone but i think there's an element of that too and i think that would not have had as high turnout as he did if the economy had turned in the last year. a little over a year ago he reached a deal with the saudis to end the oil price war and that helped raise the macro economy starting about eight months ago and only in the last three or four months did we see that start to trickle into the real economy and we saw some growth and
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some movement on salaries in russia and if that had happened i don't think it would have gotten quite as dramatic a show of support as he did how much how much is foreign policy playing into the minds of the electorate here because i mean russia is in the news in a big way i mean they're told about it one of the things that's really quite remarkable is the. russian federal stations they take. a tim lindsey graham's in the john mccain and everybody else that has something to say and they just let the russian viewer. themselves right there and it's not just instagram when you look out of the british prime minister he was in russia taking the audience told soil or wage an came and go at that was something you know of course people react because these are some of the most powerful people in the world ted and you know that you are waging a war with no evidence. you know when they're then america you know the most
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powerful americans say that they're sure russia meddled in the reactions when they see russia will pay a price when the british parliament openly discuss a cyber attack against russia or of course for important she plays a role here but it's really going to be with mark with one think you know i think it was an interesting complain because economic issues played a role but not in the way the west would like them to a lot of people consider the board or the russian cabinet of ministers as to really to live to pro west and to mourn interest and these people voted for gore didn't vote of confidence needed slogans was that. if my if mike form you know he is. this your were successful for me and most if my farm had been run by cauldrons we would be bankrupt in two or three days a lot of russians agree with that because they consider a lot of policies of the central bank or the finance minister you know when these
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to keep the russian economy open well i mean when you have costello states such as i'm sorry i'm quoting. me you know when she called russia course that was state then i think we have the right to call a lot of the western. international organizations and it got very hostile and you know give yourself open to that that's a risk you put your actions in the standard to do things obviously there's a lot of criticism leveled at the economic section of the given it but of the sea into it is these people. like them or not it is these people they are guaranteed russia's economy going through in a stable fashion through the period when massive massive sectoral section sanctions were introduced against russia by the united states of the russian by isn't by the e.u. but by other nations so the russian central bank and the russian economy minister and other ministers that deal. with this the proved themselves successful in
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keeping the russian economy stable in this effort but another thing also that western leaders like to see in including boris johnson recently they come nothing against russian people the only against the russian government against bush you know who does all these different things fifty five but you know i don't know but what does this have or what do they dissolve of these hold say that the russian people were aware only support fortune's policies so being against these against being is being against the russian people equals russia they must be certain for they must be so disappointed with the people those much gnashing of teeth and wailing and the pulling out of the hair in the western circles i'd like to point out that however i agree with victor about the national reserve was that was built up that helped whether the sanctions and the oil price our girls.


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