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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 19, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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alleged cases of awards meanwhile it's been reported that ninety eight percent of registered voters approved cost their ballots in this election some of them outside the consulate in new york by singing the russian classic that you should. be. joining if you know the words the voters keeping up their spirits in the cold by cheerfully singing along while waiting in line in the chilly spring. at a certain chief of russia's independent online slave a newspaper joins us here in the studio welcome to the studio now. what's your opinion on the western coverage of this election well so far i've seen pretty much reserved coverage they're not particularly happy but they're not either neither are they are particularly hostile to what was happening in russia these days so i
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think pretty much considering the general picture. scandal the scandal in western media for the most part i think what we have today is much much nicer i mean it has been quite quiet in europe in terms of reaction but the u.s. is a little bit of a different approach to this the politicians on the kind of not in chief they've immediately attacked them in. what they see is unfair election and why do you think they've come out and said what would you expect from mccain you know i think. artificially inflated. turnout. did the same for for the drop was elected. a couple years ago why didn't we wouldn't object to that so i think nobody really expected this much in terms of turnout in russia because there were you know those doubts about it but what would happen. it was really i
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think the reaction of the russian voter to the have walk and turmoil in the west and what about the poisoning case of segue a script l. and his daughter in the news it's talked about a lot of politicians talk about it a lot was it enough do you think to sway voters at home and abroad i think that since the voters the russian voters are not presented with a beef in that case where's the hard evidence a lot of talk a lot of hostility but nothing nothing specific nothing concrete to to to show that to the voters so basically the people reacted. to the plague on both your houses so to speak see that in terms of the turnout it was predicted at home and abroad that it might be slightly lower but that didn't turn out to be the case what do you think brought voters out yesterday i think the. very various candidates that we have you know a claimant's truly presidency i think they had the number of them eight people and
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they certainly worked to provide every candidate for every section of this is within the society and that was i think particularly helpful in meant providing the outcome as we saw it and as far as the. you know general reaction to the russian to the left poisoning. conflict is concerned i think the west always wants to go the russia to be like like them like the west and that reports me in mind i don't know all the worse by an american poet one thousand century poet for not who wrote can we never be thought to have learning a race unless it be brought from that demo ball place namely eagle and he said. well whatever they think abroad they've got another six years of working with mr putin in the building right now i do think to link from the seventies piper thanks very much for joining us here at square one with the. this year the vast majority
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of polling stations were equipped with web cameras streaming everything that happened and that meant that anyone could be an observer without even leaving the comfort of their own and just log on and watch it was first introduced during the twenty twelve presidential election but it was expanded this time around i did send this money as well because it helped expose a number of electoral fraud cases this year.
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and this year's presidential election was being monitored by a record number of foreign observers over fifteen hundred had registered before the vote and among the people from france poland and the u.k. with their overall assessment being mainly positive. to say that they didn't see anybody and maybe i was too short a time there but i don't i don't think that. we wanted to see if. we were particularly interested very much in the transmission line which is i sit here and although a very high level really. important thing to do is to have a sister who wished it also in truman you would have the opportunity sure licked or president by direct elections or coop consists of eight different members of. parliament i want to concur too late mr putin and hope that we can improve
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the russian relations have to disallow actions. it would be really important for us because also the chairman's suffer because of sanctions. overall impression was quite positive there was no systematic overall growth up in my group. we were called. in every polling station so what i can say from my observations this was positive and that's also true in the mood among the other election rules here in moscow so a procedure against such a waltz all in all. the every. election observation what was the scene oh yeah i was going to say you were in that they have placed. all the votes disappointed the communist party his candidate wealthy businessman
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publisher dating got less than twelve percent of the result the worst of the politics recent history that seems to have affected routine in so with communist party leader gennady zyuganov from ground several times in previous presidential elections. just just missed it which is. the first group if you're looking for a growing bigger fish for growth. she. looks you've got rid of the killers you have the words with you if you're going to see if you're going to be so sure it's a political way through which you could refuse. to someone in the election the biggest danger was not about who won but rather about how many votes the communist party counted to apply valid within and would secure in a pre-election interview the place to shave off his mistah if we got less than fifteen percent in the polls i mean it's interviewer isn't going to let the matter drop either he posted fish heads on his instagram account and with him getting any
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twelve percent many will be watching to see if he keeps his word so we took the liberty to show you what he might look like if he dead. this was also the first presidential election for the only woman in the race conceding a subject who talked of herself as the candidate against everyone the reality t.v. show and politician came forth with one point seven percent of the five. teens in. pain had qualities on the results beyond zero and he joins us live now you had a very long night. at the best of all the declaration. but that's true well i guess i'm still a bit jealous with you guys i understand it was cold for you but you got quite a work space although i can tell you that it was worth checking out. h.q. it was inside a trendy loft the staff there they looked very young i mean that was quite
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impressive to the thirty six year old liberal opposition candidate who during her campaign focused on things like wiping out corruption in this country and also helping those she calls political prisoners she will get credit for spending some decent time with her supporters and all kinds of journalists at the headquarters and i can tell you that she showed up there twice the first time when she got in that was just a few minutes after the last polling station close in russia and you could see it on her face there was really not much to celebrate and at that time it was nine pm just a few minutes past nine pm moscow time it was already clear that she was going to come forth but with two percent regardless of that piece of chalk was still competent and she kept her train herself during the night as the new prominent opposition candidate and perhaps that explains the heat and the debate she had with
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alexina volley who was one of the fiercest critics of vladimir putin and this country although as we remember he hadn't been allowed to take part in the election under a law that bans people who have been charged. we know from running for president that. people are sick of the plea deal with. movies with the music. in the is not when you might. mule we're going to miss him questions and i think it's like you're going with him and think that you've made. the move. so that was quite tough for cheney a sub chalk but let's just go back to the numbers i guess everyone would assume if you ask any politician around the world who's
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a presidential candidate whether he or she would be happy with the icon of result just a bit more than one and a half percent perhaps the answer would be no but in an exclusive interview i finally managed to have with seeing a subject at about one twenty am moscow time i was quite late or early so to say she told me she doesn't see it that way and she is still trying to look for positive things from her performance. of course it's not the result i would dream about but my campaign was not about results my campaign was involved in talking truth on the propagandistic channel so federal t.v. in russia education is the most important value of my program education of russian people of telling them truth about the situation believing trying to make them understand the collection between their level of life and corruption that is there in the contrie after the debates with alexey no one but you confident and that kind
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of future for a so-called united opposition bloc i am very disappointed by the discussion because i came there to discuss all future six years with putin and how we will fight with him but in stand we were discussing. having my instant problem which is ridiculous to my way just what is your maybe adjective or a few adjectives that you can use or some other words to describe this it's a success of freedom of speech and this is our most important success during this campaign was the vote itself i mean we should be realistic about this huge amount of support to floating this result well maybe it would be not seventy five percent but sixty eight whatever the steel we should it means that the majority people now really want peace prize. very disappointing results like you mentioned one of. the year i don't know what she's going to do to that career on t.v.
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but by the looks of it will definitely hear about her when it comes to russian politics in the future she's starting a new party with former m.p. dimitri good calls and it looks like when it comes to regional lections in the next few years and also the federal elections in three years' time these are going to be her main goals the things that she will be looking out together with good called next step ok thanks very much for joining us here and i'm sure you'll keep a watch on what she's going to do next is definitely a lesson in political ambition from. you thanks very much for that. but that's it for us for this i will still plenty more to come as the reaction rolls in from across russia and around the world from the. election h.q. and red square so for now we'll see you next hour.
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when you. and most probably last term is russia's president vladimir putin has six more years to fashion his legacy on his food and changed russia where we continue to check. the most expensive fish in the world each one selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only remnants of a much larger mission was once there was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our
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system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes oh yeah. oh oh. oh. oh oh oh oh. oh. right.
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i'm afshin rattansi we're going underground is today saudi crown prince caught on the heels of meeting the queen journeys to trump's white house coming up on the show corruption at the highest levels of government ten years to the day the u.k. financial services authority the. investigation into the city of london of a sham an appeal a should we speak to legendary british will know little about his david versus goliath battle against banking and the liberal governance and the die hard too but you know why are the russians always portrayed as the bad guys we speak to the author of national security cinema about us military intelligence agencies influencing nearly one thousand eight hundred movies and t.v. shows plus was the whole of the seventy's the scandal in the u.k. labor party just a bad because of the ike film from the one nine hundred fifty s. one of the targets former vice chairman to jackie walker performs a scene from a play lynching taking us back a generation to her own mother's fight for free speech all of the more coming up in
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today's going underground but first as all u.k. parties vow to get to grips with corrupt moths ago money flooding into london and as vladimir putin looks set to be elected again in part because of his reputation for attacking i.m.f. world bank created all they got gangsters there is a financial anniversary today ten years ago today the u.k. financial services authority launched an unprecedented investigation into dealings in the shares of major financial companies in the city of london while someone who was directly affected by the claims of corruption is the former host of u.k. television's swap shop and deal or no deal broadcasting legend no that means welcome back to going underground in the studio at the last there's no going police investigation about one of our great banks h. boss you're involved in a in a big case with them i'm going to ask you right at the beginning how is it that you didn't think that there was something old about your finances way back when and it
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was only when your old bank manager was jailed that you suspected that you had been the victim a fraud. when you put it like that i am a bit of a need here but the reality is that even in the early two thousand prior to the crash we still respected bankers and we trusted bankers sure yeah i think we did and. in two thousand and three four when my businesses started to suffer issues with their relationship with h. boss i still thought that it's all your fault yeah yeah and even after the collapse of the business it's when they were forced into administration in two thousand and seven i put it down to one of those things in life that actually i had been a rubbish businessman and so yeah however naive as it sounds when almost a year ago five people went to prison for forty seven years for this crime
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there was a light bulb moment that was the clang hang on a minute mark dobbs and he was my bank manager but this is a bank that before all of this had allegations of money laundering had to settle with the u.s. regulators the three hundred fifty billion dollars accused wager mercy of aggressive tax avoidance. how many other business people were out there who were blaming themselves and not even understanding that there was no you know what i see the frown and i see your point and i'm dangerously close to protecting lloyds banking group here which is not really what i feel very comfortable with but what you've got to remember is that we were trusting our professionals i mean i've really got into this and i now think that it was probably round about the fact is that something quite fundamental happened in the u.k. we used to have professions and we used to have industry and suddenly we
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industrialized our professions. and that is a green light for corruption so we had lawyers who had products we had the local solicitor who had products suddenly we have banks who talked about products it became industrialized and we've even got now education that scott products and this was an open door for corrupt people and i will say because it's really important not all bankers are corrupt i mean lloyds banking group has what seventy thousand employees they're not all bad people but what you would be surprise when you don't into the facts he's how small is the number of bankers in the u.k. that have caused ten years civil sterrett for britain and are still conducting themselves in a way that was recently described in the house of commons as potentially criminal they deny any accusations of corruption and say they tried to reach a consensual resolution with you. and they can't talk because of ongoing litigation
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but then instead of democratic control coming to the rescue would you say that because the taxpayer then ended up bailing out all of these banks it had to be the law and legal companies and class action lawsuits tell me about this white horse in the knight in shining armor theory i'm currently involved volkswagen diesel emissions scandals and they're coming to help you. well yes i mean i don't think people in the u.k. realize that lloyd's bill annual bill for law is both in-house and external is over a billion pounds now when you look at their profits when you look at their turnover when you look at their assets that's a totally disproportionate amount of money to be spending with lawyers and it says a lot about the way they conduct themselves they know they know they're going to get sued by the regulators they know they're going to get fined and they factor it
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into the balance sheet and there's a bigger budgets there will be legal opinions by the regulators such to regulate but don't get me going on we don't have a regulator in this country it's called the f.c.s. in the wonderful andrew bailey who hopefully now scuppered his chances of taking over from carney but you know the f c a's toothless they're frightened of r.b.s. they're frightened of lloyds they've even said publicly we can't afford a legal action with these banks so that's something that's got to be looked at but you mentioned theory i'm so theory i'm a major global fund they looked at my case and they decided on merit they said look we know you're high profile in the u.k. your famous person or wherever we are nervous you might want your day in court a big perry mason moment and i said no i don't i would still like to negotiate a settlement with lloyds they looked at the merits and they said we're funding so for many millions of pounds i don't have to worry and the case is even insured so
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in the i think unlikely event the judge found in lloyd's favor i still cannot lose a penny and that is that is a serious game shifter i mean as i said lloyds banking group deny all these allegations go in there to sue us you're afraid they're going to disturb you mork lloyds banking group regularly or no radio stations in my arbor and yet i have a child i have a radio station one of twenty three row. stations that i have which can be heard around the world under the positivity brant positivity radio world. i dedicated my station positively know that you said light hearted stuff to basically telling the truth about lloyds and yes you're right i think every two weeks my lawyers get threats of defamation it's cetera et cetera oh yea bring it on oh i have to whistleblower sites and herbert smith something they're expensive lawyers said that
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i was breaking the law not providing lloyd's with the information that the whistle blows were providing i think you've got law for the arrogance of these people the whole point of encouraging whistle blows is the truth gets out there and there's lloyd's wanting me to say or by the way fred blogs and you're a dobro office is this my going to do that of course no it's the whistle blows that can change everything in this country in defense of the regulators they say they have and they would have as many resources have been some criticism ever paul more whistleblowers on this show every three years ago is big allegations about all of it is that regulators need the same order to the companies because they knew more about the situation because they worked in those companies what do you make of that argument you've got the four big companies the four big orders the companies that every single time one of these banks is will have an independent review they use their auditor there is no independence so the independent griggs review the law
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it's brought in to look at the victims claims it's an independent they they hired to query they pay grades they tell greig's how much money they think they can get away with and greeks get a rubber stamp out there's nothing independent about it i mean it goes back to gordon brown analysis the darling i mean the people are introduced to the laissez faire attitude the light touch regulation in all of this. in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of s m e s in the u.k. apparently no one has done anything wrong going to set up this one hundred million pound fine fund to compensate good for audience slip for pain the new fine yet. and lloyds is saying lloyds banking group is saying good progress is being made with the apportioning out this hundred million for i presume these are settlements are not admissions of liability or negligence on their part what they say to the
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victims is we will give you money for distress. and yet what you suffered at the time because it must have been horrible for you they are terrified of a machine that admitting guilt about it and certainly having broken so many businesses they're not about to give people their stolen goods back so you won't get an admission of any guilt mediation they said to me your businesses would have failed anyway and we don't believe you're a victim of a crime well fortunately for me thames valley police don't agree and my case is now the subject of a criminal investigation so i'm limited just what i can say about that but i can assure you that having spent seven million pounds pursuing the original crime and operation hornet thames valley police would not be spending more public money if they didn't believe they were going to get important prosecutions polices it is
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investigating is as you say. our lives just good to see of him being abroad. how the media has informed the british public about the ongoing crisis that began in twenty eight because some would say we've been told that this is a vital part of the british economy and we have to at all cost sacrifice everything from libraries of public libraries to social services to save it because without that britain's prosperity is threatened what have you would you characterize the media reporting of what the banks did to the country i only know what i see and that is that millions of people in this country have suffered. and it isn't because of subprime markets in the states it isn't because of lehmann brothers disease and because of these great coal opal thing it's actually because a few bankers in the u.k. got very greedy they introduced strategy to try and boost their balance sheets by
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stripping the assets out of small to meet. jim size businesses where you have to remember is this goes back to the mid one nine hundred ninety s. when the banks suddenly became large with merges with building societies try and they actually became law profitable and they had to boost the bought a cheat so where did they go you can't go to the consumer because that is so tightly regulated so they went to the small to medium sized businesses and contrary to the way it has been reported these weren't failing businesses as we know from the geology the r.b.s. division over ninety percent of those businesses were destroyed they weren't all ailing businesses it was an avatar it was in the hospital georgi the same with lloyds b.s.u. these businesses had assets and the bankers needed the assets and so this was a wholesale culling of british businesses that were the backbone of our economy and
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you use the term prosperity i don't think this country is prosperous and one of the reasons why we have deep economic problems is because we are so dependent upon the multinationals the great big businesses that don't pay the taxes here anyway and we tore out the backbone of the british economy which was the small to medium sized businesses thank you. after the break national securities of over we speak to the star of the writer would know how the film documenting alleged u.s. government collusion with hollywood gold is of all coming up in part two of going on the ground.
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seemed wrong. but all roads just don't hold. me to long to get to shape out these days comes to attitude and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers available to us but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous is a huge star and the huge amount of pressure to come after you have to go to the center of the digital with you and we'll show you all the great game the greatest good you are the rock at the back nobody gets busted.


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