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and then he came to me talk to us the journalist and some tough questions right off the bat about working tempted this as a nation of the russian agent in britain and he was his response to the first thing that comes to mind is that if it was military grade poison the people would of course have died on the spot russia has no such substances destroyed all a chemical weapons as monitored by international inspectors i think anyone with common sense understands that it is nonsense for russia to do such things before the presidential election in the football world cup. there were cheers you know people couldn't believe first they expected the numbers to go down as the votes were counted but as they went up and up very happy the champagne came out and you know there's a lot of capping shoulders and high fives trying to see you smiling and he said the
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champagne was coming out of course he kept a professional distance from the people you know tried. obviously as you said i was asked many many questions and this is going to be his fourth term when he asked about plans ahead of ahead of the beyond and there was. a lot of questions about you know sort of aspects of what he was going to do in the future but one of them was whether he would attempt to change the constitution to perhaps what again. at the moment i'm not planning any constitutional changes with this case because i was more than this you do think you will be in the presidential seat until twenty thirty or course if you change the constitution because. i think what you see is laughable i'm not going to stay to so i turned one hundred. fifty or the vast majority of polling stations were equipped with web cameras streaming everything that happens but i know that anyone could be an observer right. from the
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comforts of their couches at. high tech to prove its worth again the practice was first introduced to the twenty twelve presidential election held to expose multiple electoral fraud cases this time around. thank. you. thank you.
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this year's presidential election was being monitored by a record number of foreign observers over one thousand five hundred these include that service from france poland and the u.k. and that overall assessment was mainly positive here seems so they always see election observation mission to russia or indeed said there were no electoral law violations they did say the vote somewhat like transparency we spoke to some of those observers say that they didn't see anybody later maybe i was too short a time there but i don't i don't think that the and by the asians were visible. we wanted to see how it works we were we are particularly interested very much in the transmission line which is i sit here and although a very high level really. important thing to do is to have a sister and wish that also in truman the you would have the opportunity sure lect or president by direct elections or coop consists of eight different members of a. parliament i want to comfort you late mr putin into hope that we
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can improve cerm of the russian relations have to disallow actions it would be really important for us because also the chairman's suffer because of sanctions all the pressure was positive there was no. systematic fraud of a thing like this. we were called for election observers in every polling station so what i can say from my observations this was positive and this was a general mood among the other election of soros here in moscow the sort of procedure yesterday was all in all. the average of. general election observations of forcing. the elections to come and meet increased tensions with the west and there's been some official reaction coming in from europe the german president congratulated me at putin on his reelection but i have
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also been some strongly worded statements over the script out poisoning case the french media monument for an also called to wish hooted success but it's time to shed light on what happened in salisbury a correspondent in berlin peter all the personal we have had some reaction from the german government it's being delivered by the new foreign minister heiko mass as he arrived in brussels for a meeting of e.u. foreign ministers to say given a step by the results of the election in russia which was as unsurprising to was as the circumstances of the election russia will remain a difficult partner but russia will also be needed for solutions to the big international conflicts and so we want to remain in dialogue we've also been seeing more and more reaction in the media here in germany if you have a look at what. to say they said that the the weekend for vladimir putin not to splendid as it may well have been they go. i'm to say that the majority of media in
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russia was for the president that the majority of the state operators was for the president and that they would have expected this mr putin would have taken a larger proportion of the vote than it seems that he already has here in the capital the berlin a tongue has said well it's been looking towards the relationship between germany and russia and it's not a positive one if you take their they're reading from this they say that the relationship could it well is frosty and could continue to be more and more frosty but if we go back to saturday the main tabloid the most read tabloid newspaper building here in germany they run their congratulations that let me have putin in a barber to wait on saturday before a vote had even been cast they also said that the ski pole poisoning the attempted murder of the former spice and his daughter a year earlier that actually got people out to the polls to vote really it's negative where you would expect it to be negative the coverage of lot of mir
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putin's reelection. if you from europe further afield the view for the u.s. may be. unexpected really some senior politicians have already criticised putin of the election e.s.p. republican senator john mccain a longtime critic of the russian president accusing him of trying to artificially inflate voter turnout also input to from democratic congressman adam schiff attacking putin for supposedly eliminating opponents and this is also the thursday presidential election for the only woman in the race because then he is thought jack his star has staff as the candidate against all the ad that is a reality show reality star turned politician came forth with one point seven percent of the however the opposition candidate was quite happy with the result as artie's explains. thirty six year old liberal opposition candidate who devoted most of her time during the camp. pain to wipe out corruption in this
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country and also helping those she called political prisoners in russia she will be given credit for spending a decent amount of time at the headquarters speaking to journalists her supporters to tom she showed up there and the first time was only just a few minutes after the last polling station closed in russia and then you could see it on her face she wasn't happy with the result there was nothing really to celebrate were guard lists of that though she kept portraying herself as the new prominent opposition candidate and that explains perhaps the heat in the debate she had with alexei no volley who's one of the fiercest critics of lot of more potent. movies programs the music. school.
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music movement almost infections among. them if you please. let's go back to that result that is just under one point seven percent perhaps if you ask any politician or around the world who's running for president whether he or she would be satisfied with these kind of numbers perhaps the answer you would hear would be no but in hard case when i had an exclusive interview that was later than one am moscow time yet she stayed there that late sending a sob chag told me that she could still find positive things in that result of course it's not the result i would dream about but my campaign was not about to solve my campaign was involved talking truth on the propagandistic channel so federal t.v. in russia. cation is the most important value of my program educational russian
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people of telling them truth about the situation they leave in trying to make them and just send the collection between their level of life and corruption that is there in the contrie after the debates with alexy no i mean are you confident in that kind of future for a so called united opposition bloc i'm very disappointed by the discussion because i came there to discuss all future six years with putin and how we will fight with me but in stand we were discussing heavy in my insta problem which is ridiculous to my wage what is your maybe adjective or a few adjectives that you can use or some other words to describe this it's a success of freedom of speech and this is our most important success during this campaign was the vote itself clean we should be realistic about this huge amount of support of putting this result well maybe it would be not seventy five percent but
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sixty eight or whatever the steel we should have made that the majority people now really want this president. to turn on for the twenty eighteen election currently stands at almost sixty eight percent pass a little more than the election in two thousand and twelve but i should expect spec specs people from all walks of life came to calls to focus. on issues. such. as. you know. how to get money for british fishing.
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slice across this huge country voted yes staying the course we're bringing you continue to call the reaction to it i want to give you a little view of moscow before we say goodbye for now to hand you over to neal for the pollutants. this is our special studio by the way hello. this is the kremlin says it done it before nice to see a few people here tonight it was really qualified for the pope in the morning wasn't. he there is a. safe bustles to feel beautiful. store on this side that beautifully lit up this is such an iconic place was so pleased to be here come back for more from us twenty minutes time forty minutes time so he's got the call right forty minutes time he'll sit next to you with a news. you
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mean you don't. see. what. they call. what these through space. left. said. you know to me to see that. you speak french. those were. the same year
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the. news is going to be still good busy to discuss. international in our coverage has been focused on the russian presidential elections which came amid an ongoing investigation into the poisoning by nerve agent of a former russian spy the u.k.'s prime minister says that russia had the motive the intention to poison the script with more details his auntie's honest. to reason may has now spoken of motive and intention that she believes russia had in the poisoning of sergei screwball and his daughter these comments came following what came of putin's statement saying that it would be nonsense to believe that russia
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would have some kind of interest in this poisoning right ahead of the presidential elections that just happened this weekend and right ahead of the world cup that is going to be seeing place now if you remember it's already been two weeks now since this core paul scandal exploded and it's only now that the u.k. has handed over town halls of the nerve agent that is said to have been used on script all and his daughter and souls very to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and if you remember russia is also a member of this organization and has been asking to see. the a sample of this nerve agent over and over and over again this is not happening but members of this particular organization are in the u.k. to take a look at those sound pulls while that is going on we've heard from the metropolitan police describe the ongoing investigation as quote extremely challenging and complex saying that it would take weeks if not months to finalize the investigation that has not been stopping u.k. officials including u.k.
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foreign secretary boris johnson really at the forefront of some of the language has been using against russia saying that russia is the bad guy and there is no discussion there i think what people can see is that this is a classic russian strategy of trying to conceal the needle of truth in a haystack old law you sound of the station poisoning of surrogates creep is not an isolated case but the latest in a pattern of recluse behavior by the russian state. that behavior goes back many years while boris johnson's language has become his rhetoric has become more and more intensified events on ravel despite the world really still waiting to see evidence of proof of russia's involvement that the u.k. has been talking about words johnson has spoken of what he believes that there's enough evidence that russia over ten years not only was involved in the delivery of nerve agents for assassination but also creating an stockpiling novacek we do know
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that this moscow has said that russia believes that u.k. slovak czech swedish and possibly american labs were closely studying novacek since the ninety's now while russia's guild's is really being pushed to the forefront and russia has to stay behind trying to somehow prove its innocence according to the approach the u.k. has taken we've seen that this is not the same story when it applies to different situations involving russia or for once over the weekend boris johnson was asked about a hefty sum of money one hundred sixty thousand pounds that were donated to the conservative party by a russian woman and a wife of a former russian minister who worked with lodge amir putin for a tennis match with boris johnson and there apparently he seems that was all right listen into evidence is produced begins to individual russians i do not think the
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entire nation should be should be corrupt well today boris johnson is in brussels meeting with foreign ministers of the european union he's been speaking and addressing the press with the nato secretary general who's expressed solidarity of the organization with the u.k. and they have both talked about the disruptive and malign behavior that they continue to accuse russia of however of course we know moscow has been saying this whole time that it has nothing to do with the script all poisoning. we also spoke with craig murray he's a former british ambassador to pakistan and the north and he says british scientists are being very cautious in their wording regarding the origin of the nerve agent the scientists that the u.k. is biology at porton down which handles chemical weapons the fused to save the nerve agent was made in russia the british government put munda heavy pressure to say this nerve agent was made russian they said there's no evidence that it's made
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in russia so in the end the formula was agreed which was that the nerve agent is of a type developed by russia and by optics were developed here in edinburgh first penicillin is all of a type developed by scotland but it doesn't mean all penicillin is made in scotland and the use of language you have to be very very careful with because they've never said this no the agent was made in russia or produced in the shower or manufactured in russia all they say all the time is it is over type developed by russia alleged chemical formula for producing the talks was published you can buy it from amazon it was published twelve years ago in a book. with o.p.c. w. supervision synthesised chocks in twenty sixteen so many people can make this thing saying with the saving here in r.t.
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international going to continue our coverage of the russian presidential elections there are more interviews more reaction coming your way with kevin icke in half an hour. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics score does less i'm show business i'll see you then.
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my soul the jolly roger sighing all have piqued my interest so i went. to ask somebody what is this is somebody just going to stick at it and they tell me all this is to suffer and today i believe in waiting a little fishing oh my god will that kind of interesting. pirate herds well you know partly we've got of adopted because we were called pirates for so long but. really. the world is changing our tactics such endings we are working to look so good that
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we've government needs to tie for them to wake up like i'm sure they've all seen what's happened in europe i'll go fish is gonna be x.-man biggest empty the call to collapse there was just nothing to catch and now the european flew to see the east africa it's already in a very bad state like then they got told us to have been there they still are just emptying the ocean so if you look at the situation in somalia the pirates can be argued that they used to be fishermen and by then foreign told us came from the fish they have no income so i think it's just common sense that the country is so waking up. if.
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you. think. it's just. simply wanting to come to it then you must you see the town hosted future costs in the name of goodness do not do consume come from good news. to men married to god wouldn't it make good on you for. it should be nice to know that mr p.c. not exactly nothing that he didn't give you no matter. how come you did this him. in turn even. if. it's about
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the law. if. emily cuts fall on the same song. yes you. go to the budget but if it's a month. it's still the sole duty probably. file but if the ops. fifty. who think that actually instruments will keep. you off of. a couple months from hell yeah well you know that. it was up almost well up. and i just feel it as it was. you will see what i mean it's an awful lot like minute. please
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even cut. completely please and muslims come to you i'll say it to other. parts because it must be the truth. because just like the folks. going to. live. live. live. live. live in the coming world we change the tempo to make sure there is
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no bullet in the chamber. so when there is told they are safe there in the building and then when we give them which is the temple again and when they come back to check the champus will make sure that when this told there is no will that many and many more and again so i'll still struggling to keep the. heavy lifting that will just let it pass. and that what led police to the place there. is something. that no one. the center of the list also nine hundred fifty of us bailed out say whaling ship the harbor pawning back used to be over here.
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these will be one of them are for. me and so on. and i think that's the sweetest thing it used to kill whales now it's protecting them. see show both referring to worry oh it's in the southern ocean so each of the needs to. go down the tube to where you see sugar was the only one window on there . and. the most impressive story was how the sea shepherd stood up to that and got in the tween you know the harpoons ships and the processing ships and prevented them from being able to transfer the whales onto the process instead. of being there in the
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small boat next to the harbor warships and it's just yeah he's scary isn't a friend but then again throwing paid bones to nurses physically stopping illegal fishing vessel taking them out of the action to save millions hundreds of thousands of lives to. be would be very very close to the wind we've been able to basically block them from transferring that way to be able to physically go to them because they're. putting defensive lines into the water probably nesting bombs to ensure that they can only pay into them to symbolize the bloody dismissed that they are doing i think the walls impressing the campaign called. zero tolerance. all the way back through the. fuel tanker to come together the need to get fuel and this is what we do. here in between.
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first and last to stop this with you an immigration bill seems to kind of have fuel they won't be able to continue a wind chill if you let's see two ships need to come together like the soul of the bride to come alongside the fuel tanker and we have our work sheets for there in between them to stop them from physically touching for five days they were still being you found that situation but really really tense. through the water barges in general barker lost all steering lock all engines he started he. just kept and then extremely brave. child being a mayday mayday mayday partner stalled stalled by have no engines and all knew then the nisshin maru pulled away and before that they had already crossed the main masts of the bull barker crush the holy day.
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so one of the. very very close. now after these we had the injunction come against that we cannot go five hundred meters close to this is an injunction from us court and that's the weird thing how the u.s. courts have jurisdiction in international waters to accrue that it's international to a ship like the netherlands but still we are respecting. the do not engage in illegal activities this flag. at the moment we don't use it in africa. there is a piracy situation and it's very tactful unpolitically correct to fly a pirate flag of course part of me oh.


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