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tv   Boom Bust  RT  March 20, 2018 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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from absolute dictatorship to. freedom without limits. freedom without this false abilities and one of the darkest pages in the war has been the exposure of torture of iraqi prisoners by u.s. personnel at the abu ghraib prison and warning you may find the following images disturbing.
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the. former abu ghraib detainees say that their detention and torture cost permanent damage. when there americans arrived with their tanks we thought they would read us of the harsh regime everyone would have their own house in a car just like in the wealthy arab countries or in the west but it turns out to be the opposite of what. they would hang a prisoner on the metal door of the cell and subject them to electrocution or your elation they would stick a rifle into sensitive areas where they would use a broken broomstick causing internal bleeding the prisoners would need surgery and . after i was released whenever i saw americans on the street i would be terrified
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they would send me back to that place and torture me again it still keeps me up at night remembering the torture and they hear the screams. and i got a job to be a look at the time i spend in the prison felt like a lifetime an hour or that pain humiliation and. stays with you forever. see i still have nightmares and suffer physical and mental pain as if it all happened yesterday i work night and day to try to forget it what we went through and what happened to iraq was a terrible crime it broke us even now i can't get inside of barfed up because it makes me think of waterboarding. the u.k. is seeking a warrant to search the servers of cambridge and a little accused of helping donald trump to win the presidency the data of some fifty nine million facebook users was allegedly used to predict the choices of american voters facebook claims its information was used illegally and what some
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are already calling the largest data leak in the social media giants history. think back to the last personality quiz you completed on facebook what if i told you that its data was allegedly sold to help trump win the presidential election it may seem a bit far fetched but that's exactly why u.k. data analytics company is in trouble with facebook in two thousand and fifteen we learned that a psychology professor at the university of cambridge named dr alexander kogan lied to us violated our platform policies by passing data from an app that was using facebook logon to s e o claim which analytical the firm that does political government and military work around the globe facebook is now under scrutiny trying to explain how the data fifty million of its users was harvested by a trumped legs and let x. company and what appears to be the largest data leak in the social networks history that everyone say the russian i think it works in russia or the whole russian of
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these organizations we've never worked in russia as far as i'm aware we've never worked for a russian complete have never worked with a russian organization in russia or any other. country now if they in fact one cambridge university professor created a facebook personality app and then simply passed all the info quide from its users to the third party the third party is the cambridge analyst company which many of the media suspects played at least a part in trouble success once facebook realized it violated their terms they wanted all the data to be destroyed it led both companies to a data feud which of course has the potential to become a lengthy legal battle but according to n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden facebook is really a surveillance company in sheep's clothing. businesses that make money by collecting and selling detail records of private lives but once plainly described as surveillance companies branding us social media is the most successful deception
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since the bombing of war became the barman of defense according to twitter more and more users seem to be cleared up on data terms and conditions found on social media platforms for the love of god everyone talking about facebook can bridge before you come in please learn how targeting works and that it's commonplace it looks like data might have been leaked but it looks a billion times worse if you don't understand how data targeting works i don't know about everyone else but the people i know don't blindly trust facebook with information their data was leaked and used against the whole nation you know they continue to refuse to protect the data their time is limited. if i understood this correctly facebook has access to loads of personal data gives third parties access to the states and when the states use abuse the major problem is that these facts were leaked shooting the messenger does not solve the problem so it should be no
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surprise to learn that when you next complete a quiz or column facebook there might be an all terry motive behind it. a chef in the u.s. city of new orleans has made white customers pay more for food in a bid to educate people about the wage gap minorities that is nigerian food stand to pay twelve dollars while white people could spend either the same or two and a half times more that's reportedly the way to aspire to between white and black people in this city and the chef says social pressure made eighty percent choose to pay more while those who didn't apologized if i created the framework where i outline a problem that is indisputable and i position you as an antagonist and i give you a way to solve the problem tidally and be the hero in the moment anything other than the thirty dollars choice becomes anti social behavior that explained to me why the folks who refused to pay the thirty dollars were equivocating because they
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understood that they were participating in anti social behavior the experiment has triggered a mixed reaction while some supported the idea others were also offended by the move who put the issue up for debate. there have always been a significant decisive number not the majority but a good number of people who understood the horrible legacy the triple the sea of suffering that african-americans and i think it's very interesting that this issue is being raised by an african who moved here and started the thriving business so he apparently didn't have any problem based on the color of his skin this restaurant owners perpetuating a myth and a myth that somehow white people are in the business of keeping black people down and i think that restaurants perpetuating that most white people get up in the day just like most black people get up in a day they want to get they want to do the best by their family and are really not worried about keeping anybody else down most of the money that's gone in the social
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programs has gone to the professionals for the upkeep of the buildings the energy it has not gone into the hands of the people if we don't do right by this this country would suffer your guest randy here wants government taking from white people based on the color of their skin and giving it to black people based on the color of their skin and that's just evil we have many historic reasons for poverty in america we hear that more white people in our in poverty than blacks donald trump has shown the best way to raise everybody's plate is to lower corporate taxes and create jobs black homeownership is at an all time high under donald trump and it was at an all time low under barack obama i voted for donald trump but you look at my skin color and assume i didn't to try to put me in this liberal basket without knowing who you're talking to you assume based on my ethnicity that you
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know how i thought and how i would argue so you're a good example imagine if i were going in for a job interview i can already assume you think how i am i conduct myself i probably how i live. with what my family's like without knowing we do need to correct this problem in the country. an unflattering caricature of an obese donald trump is said to be published on the front page of the new yorker magazine and while there is no shortage of trump satire in american media some saying insulting his physical appearance crosses the line our this new donda crossed legged portrayal of trump has drawn severe criticism from both sides of the political spectrum trump supporters are claiming it's just not the day's work for the liberal media but even critics of the president and mitt the movie is inappropriate now the couple's creator says his intention was not only to question trump's physique but also draw attention to his stormy relationship with the press but he apparently
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even edited the image to make it look less appealing and the incident comes just months after the new yorker published an article stating that it is not on herbal to fat shame a fat shame a well some people in the city have mixed reaction i don't think i like. i think the country has gone too far in making fun of everything in it actually distract from the issues he doesn't like a president he acts like a child who would look like that if you're willing to go to the public sphere i think you are going to be tired i think you are opening yourself up to that exposure trump compounds it by his behavior and. how you feel. for one i think it's pretty the fact that usually belittles other people and you know tease other people. i feel like the new yorker has the right to put any cartoon that they like and you know the one that they chose is very. the freedom of
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speech is very important in the united states and. the new yorker has the right to publish what the we spoke to called in as ted rall who says people won't understand the new yorker's old fashioned approach. what's going on here is sort of a clash between the way most people look at editorial illustrations and cartoons and the sort of old fashioned approach of the new yorker which is kind of using old chesnuts and cliches that most readers might not be able to relate to anymore in this case the cover illustration has to be very should be very simple easy to understand i think the way he drew. a sort of overweight and bloated is not probably a comment an intentional comment on trump's disease or his physicality or the fact that he's overweight or trying to body shame him and i think probably what they
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were just trying to go for is something very simple which is just the emperor has no clothes trump is the emperor look at him it's kind of different when it's the president of the united states you know they say that satirist should only punch up not down the well when you punch the president of the united states you're punching you're punching out no matter who you are so i think he's certainly fair game there's no question about that in his out international special coverage of lot of my putin's presidential victory continues off to the brink. of war selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings things to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. to stop by to tell you that the gossip the tabloids myself. i sometimes think i'm pulling out.
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all the hawks that we. will watch. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each of killian erroneous and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. so it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great one more chance for. the base this minute.
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it is a tuesday morning here in moscow thanks for joining us on r t on sunday russia elected its president for the next six years at the turnout was almost sixty eight percent with an overwhelming majority voting to return of law to me putin for a fourth term in the kremlin he was on red square with the historic event. from a red square it's given i would like you are with you as we digest some of the final results that come through and get some final reaction to it from a number of guests especially because. yes the russian presidential election has been for it and it's been we'll be bringing you all the latest developments and yes . that in a putin then pulls off a huge win on sunday getting over three quarters of the vote it means he'll stay on as president and could remain in the kremlin for up to another six years this year the vast majority of polling stations were equipped with web cameras streaming
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everything that happened then meant that anyone could be the observer if they wanted to write the code to get back out to the most you know it's paid off as well the practice was first introduced to twenty twelve presidential election and indeed this time which helps to expose multiple electoral fraud cases in this focus his time as well.
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the election result comes with increased tension with the west something that's been reflected in some of the reaction coming in there are teas peter all over your correspondents got the latest from berlin took a long time to get any reaction out of germany we're talking to you from when it eventually did come it actually came from brussels in the form of heiko mass the new german foreign minister speaking on his way into a meeting of european union foreign ministers there in the belgian capital city give mr. the results of the election in russia which was as unsurprising to us as the circumstances of the election russia will remain a difficult but russia will also be needed for solutions to the international conflicts and so we want to remain in dialogue so that was followed by congratulations from the german president frank. before angela merkel added congratulations to that list the german chancellor stressing the importance of
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dialogue in the future is very me appeared takes over a fourth term as russian president and she wished him luck with the challenges that he would face during that messages of congratulations coming from elsewhere from china from venezuela ron and japan however less congratulatory messages coming out of poland where the deputy foreign minister said that the north stream to pipeline should be sanctioned that nine billion euro project should actually be stopped elsewhere in the european union a group of member states headed up by the high representative for foreign affairs federica maka really said that they would not acknowledge the results of the vote that took place now in crimea they were also joined by. norway in saying that still when it comes to more congress tauriel messages they certainly came from the italian press. that and. expressing his. lie to me at burton and finally from
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fronts we heard from mr mcclellan he said that he wished that i mean every success is going to be from george galloway joining us live political commentator a full member of u.k. parliament doj looking to. your immediate thoughts on this win for the let me approach in he says he doesn't want to start an arms race for a start which is good news for all of us around the world he wants to engage in dialogue it's a new message surely not. well it does take two to tango the potential dance partners are currently storming out of the dance hall and threatening to leave the siege to those inside the ballroom saw i'm not sure how that's going to work out any time soon but it's good that the president signaled that is his wish this is an extraordinary mandate the german in france reaction is that they don't recognize the votes of the people who cast them in crimea that went along to those probably
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those that made the choice nonetheless france germany says we don't know about that is that in any way to legitimize the overalls although not as you say. well i think the people in crimea will tell them to go and whistle ninety two percent of the voters in crimea voted for president putin and the quicker they get that bridge up relinquishing crimea with the motherland russia the better and i think the crimean people have voted with their feet for russia and more than once. just turning half past the hour here in moscow we are back with.
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i'm pissed my dream. probably. intended to be. a fairy no over the shock when i was three years old so it's a long story of shots for me the most difficult in the pursuit was when i did so my
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first bitch up for the post but ordered to only vote because i didn't see shot dead before so it was a fluke a miss which was only going to make my motivation was stronger off to the because i knew that i wanted to be there i didn't and continue to go to the most with. our career and just leave him there. to see. what i wanted to do with how do you know that you're helping the world be a bit better so i would say that that would mean to me one of the things that i was impressed with the most is how you get the editor from where we need to get to but . i wanted to know something more earth when i came on board it was my first time at sea it was my first time in the galley was allowed so i had a lot to learn. this is the seventh. i just love it and i just love it i hate it that. i don't bang on the shit i love. it.
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i do. i love the whole thing and being at sea i feel more time. on a ship at sea than i do on live show. last year i spent forty five years in the navy i retired in summer two thousand and sixteen so one year ago announced that oh i left that mystery going at sea but i didn't want to just board sue for fun because i do have a sailing boat but i needed a mission just go. oh boy. i don't see anything like this in my life to where you. indeed are completely and go away. oh. yeah.
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just not. even. know. how. you keep trying to. keep your house.
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itself letting out a bully it's called. if they do you know. normally. to platforms to float in the water of the end if they need trade something needs water a. lot have a boat they need so it's just floating freely descending memories are a way that all those leave for ships because now it's time well machine and of course it's rubbish at least that's the kind of leave it in the ocean was. sharp and i don't think that tangled there at all right on the base old it will go into a lot of. criticism let me pose for their own no. getting one so
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scuba. gear lotusphere. i think these two are two different devices that these get thrown base for a local fisherman snapped some say of these before he was. in the coast of africa usually they would have. attached to that but now we're sitting. on stand underneath this fire so it's probably being torn out by a storm or strong means for that since. they've stayed far out of this if
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a decent if you for a are say they're sent out. i am lucky that you don't get stuck in that one propeller or any other but i don't want something to shoot for it wasn't a shark or a going or a way of getting started immediately and show me exactly. how . most of all the people i want to hear this and. you'll see everybody. then they can take steps taken to a place. where. on the floor of the willing to take. the sharks the thinnest of fish you don't want
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them to be killed while you will be. here all of the whole fleet you now have ten ships all of them are big guns and also anything that goes into the water with always shower water has to be marines say so all the soldiers shampoo with laundry detergent everything has been very wise for this so they are married say an old soul and not tested on animals the teeth leak. and you. can tell you i believe. i did some of that.
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lally that's the way to film festivals trying to nabi easier now that on one face old. face old bob barker was going to try to. might be all that's not my business to stop. me right off when we don can't use one in five times almost. six months nothing really. impossible to. visit to the top of some of. the others i don't. know so many listen i know you want to let me. know. but it's
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a tough go but to come up do well in the world listen. to stuff like this also wasn't. such a bug in my view but closer to party there are a lot of this who don't you guys really do it. because if it will just go away from the full truth. about it we're going to walk we're going to go all with from you for i know you will. just run yeah. just who from going war and just one point zero zero or no it's a long way to be a. member of a goofy. insult let's hear.
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the mission permits. of these. but right now we are a governing supporters and the tournaments for these right last year will be something and not just visioning going on what we were. last year is not a bad one. you need to call the end of it so. that. it's not. the. call call or the i don't want the job was what you call. one that nobody. was.


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