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imo. well one of the darkest pages in the iraq war was the exposure of the top two iraqi detainees at abu ghraib prison or the jail was originally used by saddam hussein for political prisoners but after the u.s. invasion in two thousand and three it became a military prison for thousands of captured iraqis there many of the iraqis suffered torture sexual abuse rape and also humiliation the horrific images of soldiers posing next to tormented prisoners shocked the world when they were released leading to the convictions of american eleven american soldiers the story received a massive public outcry to even the u.s. r.c. has spoken to former abu ghraib prisoners who describe their ordeal a word of warning there you might find the following images disturbing. we'll know more when their americans arrived with their tanks we thought they would readers of
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the harsh regime everyone would have their own house and car just like in the wealthy arab countries or in the west but it turns out to be the opposite. of shyness they would hang a prisoner on the metal door of the cell and subject them to electrocution or urination they would stick a rifle into sensitive areas or they would use a broken broomstick causing internal bleeding prisoners would need surgery. after i was released whenever i saw americans on the street i would be terrified they would send me back to that place and torture me again it still keeps me up at night remembering the torture they hear the screams and yet i still have nightmares and suffer physical and mental pain as if it all happened yesterday i worked night and day to try to forget it what we went through and what happened to iraq was a terrible crime it broke us even now i can't get inside
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a bafta because it makes me think of waterboarding. the time i spend in the prison felt like a lifetime an hour or that pain humiliation and unjust is stays with you forever and iraqi and painted tell us that at first they welcomed the toppling of saddam hussein but then the invasion brought one catastrophe after another. it's a mixture of feeling. a feeling of happiness and joy. because of that invasion to remove saddam hussein from power. and free
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people. but on the other hand what followed after the removal of the regime is a disaster after disaster because the american invasion immediately created an absolute vacuum. and the security in the economy and in politics in iraq. and. and move transformed the country from absolute dictatorship. to. freedom without limits. freedom without responsibilities. now uses of facebook are questioning the credibility of the following revelations over personal data harvesting. the has
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details on the tech giant. and it should tell us then what search give us the details here what's been happening well delete facebook missed the hash tag that's been trending on twitter the social network users are your ears facebook played a part in getting donald trump into the white house data from fifty million facebook users was harvested by tramplings analytic company in what appears to be the largest leak in the social networks history. in two thousand and fifteen we learned that a psychology professor at the university of cambridge named dr alexander kogan lying to us violated our platform policies by passing data from an app that was using facebook logon to s e o king which analytical firm that does political government and military work around the globe it all began with the cambridge university professor creating a personality up and passing the information acquired on to a third party cambridge analytic a once facebook realised it violated their terms they wanted all data to be
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destroyed there has the potential to be a lengthy legal battle and the fuel to the fire is the fact cambridge analysts say they were conducting separate work for the trump's presidential campaign surely the double trump campaign was the first opportunist in data gathering think back to a bomb is reelection campaign in two thousand and twelve is former media analytics director claims they managed to get a lot more personal information than their rivals if they spoke users clicked on the democratic side it enabled campaigners to access a wealth of information all thanks to the loopholes and facebook's privacy terms facebook twenty five election we got people to opt in the privacy policies of that time on facebook were that if they opted in they could tell us who all their friends were where this gets complicated is that free to facebook out. so they shut off the feature so that is out there you can't take it back to the democrats have
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this information. and with this information gathers they would know which one of your friends would implement the most in making a favorable voting decision davidson also says facebook allowed the obama campaign to do things they wouldn't have allowed others to do simply because they were on their size and whatever information passed to the campaigns of trump and obama they have one thing in common victory another common thread was the involvement of facebook status both of victories whether in directly or directly and according to n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden facebook is really a surveillance company in sheep's clothing. businesses that make money by collecting and selling detail records of private lives but once plainly described our surveillance companies rebranding us social media is the most successful deception since the bombing of war became the barman of defense. and while you're reading articles on how to slate your data or facebook remember this
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a simple facebook mean claim to be posted by russia and thought to have caused chaos in the us elections perhaps trivial in the grand scheme of things as facebook looks into the nuts and bolts needed to prevent data leaking political campaign isn't their party's better tighten their belts. this is healthy reporting there now in other news today multiple injuries have been reported in a school shooting in maryland in the us police say the shooter is a student of the great middle school where the incident took place the attacker has been taken to hospital the school is still in lockdown there and we are told reports also say that several people were shot however their condition isn't clear at the moment of course any more details we'll bring them straight to you. you are going to take a quick break we'll be back in two minutes. american
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lives one is the melting. of the second the. trap of anyone can see that america works hard so this is a whole group of people all generation in america. there is the melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities we can't lose so their response essentially is to go into conflict this is a major. again
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the future of the iranian nuclear deal is expected to be a key point of discussion at a meeting between the saudi crown prince and donald trump in washington both are expected to take a tough line protest over to visit are expected to bit later on on tuesday as is a senate vote on u.s. support for the saudi led intervention in yemen a rally against the bombing campaign was held in front of the congress building earlier on monday meanwhile russia is also reportedly going to be on the agenda. senior u.s. officials say president trump and mohamed bin salman will look for ways to make russia pay a price for its aggressions kremlin has commented on these reports expressing its
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regret over quote this maniac will desire to make russia pay something more secure also says the u.s. saudi relations are a matter for those two states alone however their stance on the around deal could have consequences for russia we discussed the chances of washington pulling out of the dream with side mohammed marandi he's a politics professor at the university of tehran while it is possible that the united states will pull out of the deal we're not still sure because trump is so unpredictable i think it's quite obvious that the united states is discrediting itself the nuclear deal came after was that the result of the years of negotiations the united states by signing up to an agreement that the russians and the europeans and u.s. allies have been a part of the chinese as well by pulling out the americans are showing that they have no credibility whatsoever in the future no country in the world should take
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the negotiations with the united states seriously because they may come to some sort of an agreement with the americans and then ultimately the americans there will be the being new concessions and then we'll pull out of the such an agreement . our government raid on the austrian secret services headquarters and the suspension of its head have caused a political uproar in the country austria's new right wing government suspects the country's intelligence agency that b.v.t. of holding data are illegally it also accuses the agency's chief of corruption he's now been suspended a move the interior minister describes is unavoidable. as you know we have taken legal action against several officials from the b.b.c. intelligence agents and accused by the prosecutor in this case i can tell you that effective immediately pizza grid ling is suspended is b.v.t. director until further notice. however the opposition claims the probe is
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politically motivated and social democrats insist the government just wanted to seize compromising data on right wing extremists and they are now threatening an inquiry into the actions of the reeling party if you listened a hundred days to cause doubts among the austrian people over the security forces your actions intimidated those officials who were supposed to foot the extreme right is the signal that wimbledon right. where we put the opposition's concerns that in your hands who know he's an m.p. the main party in austria is ruling coalition. prosecution asked for this raid which was not actually a raid but it was there was a pending criminal investigation against some members of the b b t the b.b.c. is a very sensible institution in our police because it is the so-called bureau for to protect and of the constitution and to fight against terrorism and that's what the abbreviations that stands for if the head of this group of this bureau is under
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investigation it's clear that the minister has no other choice but to suspend him for the time being because such. was such a sensible task can't be run by someone who is under criminal investigation himself . this search was done and as it was a sensible subject to sort of ask for a unit which has absolutely nothing to do with crime against the state this was yes that is the group for the fight against street crime. and this group is headed by a man close to the freedom party which makes the thing now. easily to sell is a big thing only to help the prosecution in case they met resistance or the people did not cooperate so they actually didn't do the rape they were just asked by the
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investigators by the criminal investigators to assist. all information i got it is absolutely true and i'm from it so it was no raid to seize that have to do with extremist investigation all the data remained in place if they took copies of the start as i am not aware of either not but the fact is that no file was removed and in the way we investigate against certain persons was in a bit or stop or something like that so this is all the rumor that made around it to construct a big story as you have seen today in the parliament even had a special session dedicated to this matter this is of course something the social democratic party the main opposition parties tries to exploit now. ok let's return to our top story now because the russian diplomat expelled by the u.k. over the script left london on tuesday and the russian ambassador to the u.k.
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alexander. spoke to. play about the expulsions. so we are just seeing our colleagues there leaving. today the. twenty three diplomats with the families all together he did people. would be mixed feelings on one hand for them this is the end of the one period of their life especially their work in london and then of course they're coming back to most of the world is open for them and the world is knowledge. limited to this place to this country all the historic west that's why they have a lot of perspectives and i'm quite sure that with their talents with experience so they will be on demand in many embassies. but as far as the activity of the of the embassy will be there will be much less people than we had before so the
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twenty three people twenty three diplomats means forty percent reduction. and that's a lot for any embassy that's why there will be do is in the issue of the visas will have some delays you know on the make in the papers for the russian citizen so it's becoming a little bit more complicated these days you know to work here in the u.k. but this is the new reality is this is the different level of nations we have but unfortunately it's very sad that the british government decided to behave like that to treat us like they're the major problem for us you know all this. is a shame is that we don't have any evidence no evidence were presented to us. first of all we don't have any consular access to these people i mean the this group or the family and also the other guy who died here mr bush called this is for
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us so this is the direct violation of the international law in the council convention because you know they are the russian citizens and we have to give the access this is first and second we don't have any information about the investigation in both cases zero what we know officially from the british government is that me give this. so we the big they consider this. as the. part of their investigation and it's this investigation supposed to be shared with the. under the vienna convention so that's another word lucian of the international law in the vienna convention and for the time being you know we don't have any relation about the poison. so we were just told this is so called noble chocolate where is johnson told me that the that was a two three four. we don't know you know what was going on there on there that's all and that's another problem for us and so basically
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a lot of considerations. with anything from this to this really this is a really unacceptable situation for social control like britain which is the problem member of the security council but this is the new reality is the diplomatic. well that was the russian ambassador to the u.k. speaking to us exclusively just a few moments ago but she will be back with more feet in a back to its. local blogs telling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battle. for new socks for the tell you to separate gossip the tabloids by files. i can tell you on the cool and. the hawks that
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we along with all good fun. when the make this manufacture can be sentenced to the public well. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. with the final merry go round if suddenly the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room the real need for. the far right in britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent my daughter's action i don't like cleaning. i see these organizations which are usually
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split into which we feel different names how do you view the. complex web of british fashion. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world from washington d c i'm bart chilton and coming up the pentagon wants to tap silicon valley to assist with artificial intelligence ai will discuss with todd shipley a virus software plus today just recently u.s.
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president donald trump announced that there are new sanctions against venezuela's pledging petro cryptocurrency which was envisioned to assist and stabilize the economy of the latin american nation we have a future. and currency experts raihan are what it means as we look at global oil and before we go the german delivery service d.h.l. is set to make a major move and same day delivery in the united states will they do delivery right all that coming up but first let's get some headlines. russian president vladimir putin has won an impressive reelection victory to his fourth six year term with over seventy percent of the vote while the russian economy has not been as strong as in previous years mr putin is credited with increasing living standards for russians during his eighteen years in office the victory comes as mr putin is facing increased tensions with western leaders. and bracks at news the european union and the u.k.
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have reached a conditional agreement on a twenty one month transition period after great britain and britain officially withdraws from the process during that phase the u.k. will have to follow all e.u. laws but will lose any role in policy and legislation negotiators also reach terms on the rights of four million e.u. citizens currently living in the group in great britain but resolution has not been reached on some of the toughest issues including the status of the border with northern ireland negotiators are anxious to find a solution to brics it does not require the creation of a hard border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland which still officially is part of the u.k. removal of checkpoints on that border were a important part of the good friday peace agreement from one nine hundred ninety eight. and last time we met here at the headlines we reported on the proposed european union digital tax on technology firms like google facebook apple yahoo and some others well the u.s. . treasury steve i'm a new chin says the tax which would prominently punish u.s.
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companies is in retaliation to the trumpet ministrations plan to impose a twenty five percent tariff on steel and a ten percent tariff on aluminum the e.u. is also listed nearly two hundred u.s. products representing roughly two point eight billion dollars of u.s. exports that would be candidates for increased e.u. duties should the e.u. fail to secure an exemption from those u.s. steel and aluminum tariffs for those who contend that there is no trade war this news proves otherwise. finance ministers and central bankers from the g. twenty group of nations kicked off a meeting today in buenos aires argentina the leaders will race through an agenda full of tough issues including those issues related to those terrorists we just spoke about german chancellor angela merkel and chinese president xi jinping reportedly planned to use this summit to push a multilateral response to level out global overproduction of steel germany is also
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working with host nation argentina on a resolution that reaffirms the importance of quote the rules based international trading system while not directly criticizing mr trump the issue of crypto currency is also be discussed by the policymakers ahead of the meeting the brazilian central bank told forbes that quote all of us are in favor of the technologies however as in the past the g twenty is expected to take a leadership role in establishing general parameters for financial reforms and may do so with regard to crypto currency. the former south african president jacob zuma is now facing some seven hundred eighty counts of corruption fraud racketeering and money laundering just weeks after he's resigned some of the charges date back to as long as two thousand and five the arms deal involving b.a. systems based in the u.k. and sub based in switzerland mr zuma has denied any wrongdoing.
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and here discussed sanctions that the president has placed on argentina and he's what he's done is he has actually put a ban on the petro the petro is the crypto currency used for several things it's including gold oil and diamonds and it's based it was supposedly going to help the argentinean economy grow out of the sanctions of the u.k. u.s. placed on earlier and away to join us now the currency and futures expert from simpler trading is rajeev horner well she thanks for joining us what do you make of the late breaking news on the sanctions thanks for having it's an honor to be here the these very well then as well and petros cryptocurrency story is an interesting one because it was it it's a fascinating way that madeira is trying to backdoor the cross border transactions that he knows would not be allowed under the current sanctions but it opens the
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door up to what russia and iran might do in response right now you know they've also talked about doing crypto currency but does this say something about crypto currencies i guess i know you're really an oil person so i don't want to get too far afield but i mean the president has not done anything else with regard to cryptocurrency is but this twenty felt like he needed to do does that mean that he thinks that perhaps the existing u.s. sanctions that this cryptocurrency was going to be a way around them. this is the first time these acts to band a crypt so i think in that regard it's probably more interesting than other crypto news at the moment especially because i'm sitting down underneath you know eighty five hundred so i believe this is really an attempt to do a couple things a lot of people are already expecting venezuelan oil to be off production anywhere and in iran for that matter to which is going to impact the monthly supply of about
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one to one half million barrels per day so the impact is pretty significant and the crypto story works into this because you know as well it was actually able to raise approximately seven hundred fifty million dollars and their ambitions were for a full six billion and this is going to derail that completely if the u.s. isn't on board it's really going to tweak the legs out from under my door and with this move great response and i'm and i'm told i said argentina earlier but you help correct me you know one thing that strikes me is the script those left crypto questions promise the script those really do seem to be looking for something that the based upon something real you can touch and feel whether or not it's the petrol whether or not it's with regard to gold and diamonds or oil or or anything else wheat or sugar generally seen as a move that way but let's stick with your forte and my super interest and many around the people run the world who pay for gas and oil and that oil so what do you
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make of the recent circumstance i wrote an opinion editorial not too long ago that i said there is a lot of optimism about oil and i cited the international energy agency figures and some of the u.s. energy information agency figures which talk about supply and demand perhaps being rebalance what do you make of that and do we see prices you see prices going higher given the data. absolutely you're one hundred percent on track i mean if you look at the seasonal tendencies where between mid february to june or july we have the typical climate for the driving season that's already well underway with another sixty to ninety days behind that but i always look at new news versus old news true news so if you have true and new news and that is right now what we're getting with the demand story and the reduction in supply so the venezuelan story's absolutely part of the narrative you're out you know to tie that in is so a political because at the moment we have
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a lot of potential you know millions of barrels per month coming off line you look at the way they're the opec markets between iran and saudis the opec cartel is going to be duking it out as to where the fairway for crude should be all of this injects a lot of uncertainty that's going to be the volatility that's going to be the higher prices and i absolutely agree where we're looking at the i think what will be a next leg up in crude oil the trick will be who's going to want to limit prices below seventy and that's likely to be iran. i want to get into that but you said something that made me curious we talked about the volatility some of the uncertainty and there's a graph i don't know if you can see it if you've looked at it earlier but it was released with the opec monthly oil report and what it what it shows that in the last two quarters of twenty seventeen they really missed the mark the production estimates were off by a decent amount predicting pretty low numbers for the first two quarters of twenty
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eight to eighteen also and then jumping up at the end of the year based on the current cuts that are in place these are the production cuts that opec and and russian a few other nations have put into place do you think that they're going to meet the estimated projections for the fall. i think this is where and i like to use i.p.o. shenanigans for this particular description because who does it serve to have these cuts in place and that's going to be the saudis they push that aramco i.p.o. out to twenty nineteen and i think they need to see crude oil stay above sixty five dollars a barrel they just finish their tour of their round go i.p.o. to frigid response so they're pushing out a year and i think when we start to see these production drops it's going to serve the saudis and i think that's really a lot of what's behind that right now but if you think a bit what would be a great strategy for them is to have prices stay you know around seventy bucks a.


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