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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 21, 2018 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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it would affect anybody's opinion now she is me i didn't really know what to say so i said my point is my point is my point is that yes i think facebook should be ashamed of itself because the evidence seems to be that it knew exactly what it was what its role in this was and in a sense it was kind of facilitating this in the interest of making a buck and i think that's wrong. the future of the iran nuclear deal remains unclear despite expectations that its fate would be decided in the talks between donald trump and the saudi crown prince. where we're going to see what happens in iran deal is coming up. it's. probably another month or so and you're going to see what i do. where there was talk about got to do. mohamed been salminen the u.s. president actually preferred to talk about a fresh sales however their meeting was met with protests as activists called on washington to stop backing the saudi led bombing of yemen. yemen it is
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a cry only crown prince it's here in the u.s. the news inside the white house right now meeting with president roosevelt he's here to secure and secure more u.s. went things to be used against me i mean and to those in the market himself as a reformer well being responsible for creating the worst humanitarian disaster on earth hands yemen hands out here today are you. saying there's been a whole lot of criticism over washington's role in the kingdom's campaign but first some background ten thousand people have been killed since the start of the intervention back in two thousand and fifteen and a saudi imposed blockade has left the country at the brink of famine which the u.n. has deemed the world's worst humanitarian crisis. look at your work very well there's
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a. lot. now even though the public has condemned washington's role the u.s. has been actively supporting the campaign by arming the saudis amongst many other things last year trump signed a record arms deal with saudi arabia worth about a hundred and ten billion dollars one of the biggest in history and trump hopes to make more deals with the country three billion dollars five hundred thirty three million dollars five hundred forty five million dollars the freeness to you. so here is a very wealthy nation and we're going to give the united states some of them well hopefully some senators have voiced opposition to us and ball. made and they even
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put forth legislation in the senate that would end cooperation with the saudis but that was voted down and they've even grilled us centcom over the use of american weapons but the pentagon didn't seem to have any answers does come track the purpose of the missions that it is refueling what targets it strikes and the results of that mission senator we do know ok. concerns are being raised that a new sexual consent law in sweden increasing the punishment for rape will raise the number of false accusations the proposed bill had a parliament on tuesday revises the list of sexual crimes that's different from current legislation where has to be shown that there was violence and threats force or that the plaintiff was in a particularly vulnerable situation we have not however change the basic principle
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that it's willingness which decides if it's an act of abuse or not. there will be no longer a need to prove intent in a rape for example while sexual consent must not be verbal or via clear actions the punishment for rape will be increased however no changes to evidence standards were proposed earlier we spoke to danish journalist or even tran home she thinks that this law will only increase the number of false accusations i think it is a way to send some political six nice because is nor will it change the definition of what is rape and now a man has to truth that there was a total consent from the woman it can be easier to accuse a man of rape and there are rapes going on that is never reported because there's no evidence so this could actually help a lot of women to come out and make accusations but what could also happen is that there will be a lot of false accusations and you know just having sexual activity could be like
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entering a courtroom. and australian so-called bio named me implanted a chip in his hand to ride the bus more conveniently but he didn't expect though it was a court date and a large fine. a work environment in broad based grimes who technology inside my hoodie on the federal politicians on political candidate with the science party. you can program they suggest things are going your dog you can interact with the variety of technology at the moment this one has the back of my thumb has my be cornwallis so you can tell my. state government is encouraging people to hog the system but when somebody came and acted in
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a way that had been anticipated it caused me to end up in court and. on of the thing that was surprising especially with the amount of interest that the case gone and it was it would have been a really good opportunity to show innovative ways of using the transport system my lawyer basically stated that this is a case where the law hasn't thought up with the technology and i'm maybe six months to a year i had a way things could go. if we see more cases like this how it might affect all the people with implants john a few just how far the rights of companies extends with respect to the rights of the individual that has that implantable technology inside that body is all it international about halfway through the program so far and still to come one muslim policeman in germany is fined for refusing to shake hands with a woman we'll debate it after the break.
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but politicians do something. to put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be preached. to the right to be pro-choice this is what before three of them all the people that i'm interested always in the lawyers in. this.
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good to have you with us today a muslim police officer in germany has been fined a thousand euros after refusing to shake hands with a female coworker citing religious reasons the officer was also made to sign a document acknowledging women as equals while also promising not to discriminate in the future the incident took place at a star party last year after which of disciplinary action was initiated by some islamic expos to not allow any form of physical contact with the opposite sex if the man and woman are not related and my colleague daniel hawkins heard opposing views about the policeman's case this behavior is the first so the ladies who would think the same thing will also not change the hands of the man so it's not
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the sort of not accepting or upsetting the gender of the one it belongs to a tradition in europe as a sort of course greeting each other and shaking the hand there is a difference between different people on the train cultures and some cultures they fit better together and others do not does not fit the perfect when you have a complete different concept of culture in your country we don't try to islam as eyes every problem we see in our life so there is a lot of other cultures that are japanese they don't shake it in some of the orthodox jews and also they don't like to shake hands to similar case in sweden with. a police officer again. believes refused to shake hands. sided with the officer they said we need to embrace diversity. what's the problem
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with embracing diversity muslim immigrants do made a lot of more problems than for instance eastern european immigrants or vietnamese immigrants germany has to decide what it wants to become do we want to accept that islam is part of our every day's life and every day as cultures or do we want to except the wail. on them and heads and faces that we want to accept work or do we want to accept gender inequality the majority of people in germany surveys shows. don't want that freedom of religion is one of the columns of our society and accepting diversity as societies should be so so generous to accept is that versity but there is there is a general. in the general. comment that how to deal respectful with each other accepting each other. rumors are growing of a key reshuffled in donald trump's legal team with american media headlines warning
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that the president plans to fire the head of the rusher investigation of robert muller now are the following two tweets fueled media attention and questions the impartiality of the investigation led by miller he also claims that the program self is based on a quote fake dossier paid for by democratic rivals to remind you robert muller is an investigator leading the probe into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election is team is looking into a possible connections between trump and russia reporters i managed to question his potential firing directly for the president refused to be drawn in on the issue. right the thank you very much. but. let me why now trump didn't tweet about him that whole time even once until this week and see no cause when it comes to mr maule or he needs to be able to do is job independent of any political
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influence donald trump is gearing up to fire robert muller if you're innocent act innocent and right now he's looking like you know i want this over because he's got something to hide and that's a mistake we spoke to gina luden a conservative columnist and news commentator she believes that the molar issue is being driven by mainstream media because they believe it could lead to donald trump's impeachment the media with love to believe that the president would fire moeller and that this would somehow lead to the president's impeachment because that's exactly what the left wants they are constantly desperately clawing and scraping for some way to get this president out be the topic of mole or is one of the votes perfect examples of where trump tweets something the media goes into apoplexy over it gets themselves all in a tailspin about it when in fact there's nothing going on there and there's nothing
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that's going to come of it and the media feeds right into this when the media perceives everything that the president does as sickly a prediction of his next policy move they're making a gross error that they've been making for going on a couple years that al and that's why it's not serving the media so well. despite other russia probe dominating western mainstream media headlines a look at the bestselling politics related books in the us suggest that the public may be more interested in other rather less serious issues.
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wrote a book about mark penn says rap it's all rap it has a boat all you so there's that oh i hop to the garden to look at the flowers that is when i saw him the most beautiful bunny i have ever seen. just twenty five past the hour here in moscow this is aussie international we're back soon with more. of the fight for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the
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ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money billionaire owners and spending to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else not to be true so i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game but great so one more chance with. the base. well you know the cars they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. of being there in the small boats next to the hard pool of ships and it's still. coming down to. the little self to be told based already ninety percent of the dots and it won't recover.
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concept fifteen scoops seventy five tons trying to do it several times a day with the big fleets no you get an idea right ocean. we have to understand we cannot stay still and just. be with him this will be his deal going to the arms. i'm doing this because i want the future world to the future can generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have. the. time about email but of the entire you might even want to get it. but let it get out on a big. pedal gunnedah be my mom come on to me and i knew god. had to be.
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made into to him live the way to undo a debt in full image so you just have images to see so if you want. to say no to both and actually get at the way i've got to go to a city because the. patient is thinking and feeling hopeful and confident capable you. the far right in britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent. action. and the own nazi group called national action plotted the mother and the mother of
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a young woman member of the british parliament last year. just before one o'clock today joe coughs and paid for in spending for the tots and knocking cluster. are now very sad because she has died because also for instance. other alleged members are charged with planning the brutal killing of another woman m.p. . and two british soldiers said to be from the same nazi group face serious terrorism charges. fascism and far right extremism street violence and confrontation isn't new in britain it dates back to at least the one nine hundred thirty s. when oswald mosley is blackshaw structed through major cities today's encounter nations are no less deadly. this is the story of how it began
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how it developed revealing the major players and exposing the secret past the leader of the latest street movement. last year of the young woman labor m.p. joel cox was cruelly mobbed up in the course of her public duties in burstow west the mother of two young children was stabbed and shot to death by a man called thomas maier whose name needn't detain us for long. at the time the mainstream media narrative was the mayor was the lone wolf well in a rabid wolf he surely was but he was not alone thomas maier was
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connected enmeshed in the complex web of. you know we the blood downed horror of the. brought british fascism full circle back to where in a sense it all began. so oswald mosley was a middle level british artist who married to the daughter of the viceroy of india log cars a. long moment. he was a conservative m.p. then a labor m.p. a left wing labor m.p.
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sometimes as a future are labor prime minister but as the skies darkened the walls. and widespread. oswald mosley turned to fascism. there's been a fifty year disputes over what fascism actually is one of the most influential definitions was by roger griffin who argued that it was a palin genetic form of nationalism and that's a fancy way of saying it's a cross class revolutionary brand of nationalism that believes in the renewal of the nation and the new man and in a way that's what people are separated fascism from conservatism the conservatives look back at. status quo whereas fascists were very much about looking forward to creating an ethnically kewl new man. you can see a sense of victimhood that somehow the nation state which it which they identify
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has been somehow a victim of of others of evil forces stabbed in the back undermined in various ways whether it's by international jurist conspiracy. by liberals who are trying who are responsible for the degeneration the decadence the one thing that seems to me to bring together all fascists is the belief in an absolute leader whose word is law and who cannot be wrong and certainly hitler thought he could not be wrong in this country mostly thought he could not be wrong which is as good a definition of madness as i know but also the only definition that i can see of fascism. in cable street in the east end of london on the fourth of october one thousand nine hundred thirty six britain's first fascist leader came across. as the leader of the british union of
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fascists he would have been if he could have been britain's. the purpose of his march was to whip up hatred in much the same way as his i don't did in germany. the people of these tended and did people from all over london came on to oppose him a quarter of a million londoners stood in cable street proclaiming. they shall not pass and when most of his black shirt that jackbooted. nazis came a marching the people stood for. there was trouble all right but the fascists were rotten and had to call off the mark.
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racial tension was already simmering here in the long hot summer of one thousand nine hundred fifty eight here on friday august the twenty ninth outside lots of more road underground station the spark was lit. three days of war infamously became known as the notting hill race riots over the long weekend hundreds of white youths rampaged around this area carrying weapons brandishing racist slogans the daily mail and it's an image of old style joined in asking should we let them keep coming in today notting hill is expensive one of britain's most exclusive on cliffs. the rich the famous and the fashionable live eat and shop. at the time of the notting hill race riots it couldn't have been more
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different this area was one of grimy crumbling tournaments owned by a slum landlord charging the rock rents. council cochrane the young carpenter who was stabbed to death right here in golborne road in notting hill was obviously not britain's first victim of racially motivated murder but he was the force to address national attention. the first the big boy would never know it a symbol of resistance to race. at the time notting hill was a hotbed of white nationalism oswald mosley is union movement and cullen jordan's white defense league had this seeding with a racial tension. we feel that you cannot have colored immigration on the scale in
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which you're having it today without sooner or later having breeding that must lead ultimately to a britain we feel that if we have elected population in the future that must mean the downfall of the civilization and culture of our country which we hold so dear if you look at the early history of fascism it was completely different to what we today associate as being fascist as well mostly was himself from the establishment was from the labor party had connections across the elites if you like he also had fairly developed ideas about what he wanted to do with the states in the economy. to say the national front in the seventy's or the british national party in the early two thousand. and two very crude simply out would be. conspiratorial anti semitic but they didn't have. sort of a deeper level of thought about how to reorganize the state and the economy. and so really a lot of the far right in britain in the post-war period really became dominated by
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white supremacists by crew. and really since then hasn't escaped that legacy in. twenty years time a black man will have the whip hand over the white. in the late one nine hundred sixty s. powell a conservative party grandee made a note notorious speech. like the roman he could see the tiber forming with much blood it was a prediction of a britain or riven by a race riots even a racial war it caused the disparate strands of britain's fod right to rapidly coalesce the vehicle they founded was called the national front the end therefore had a joint leadership the think and all have to are drawn to end all and the iron man of action martin web stuff i don't believe that the british people
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will allow themselves to be mongrelized out of existence we've got to fight. if it's right to save the whale which all of the lift who are otherwise waiting and. if it's right to save the whales why shouldn't the british the five. why have we got to submit to being exterminated by race mixing while we protect the survival of the minke whale the blue whale or whatever the logic of the left just doesn't pass scrutiny. the national front brought chaos to the streets of britain in the seventy's and eighty's that struck terror in the black and asian communities anyone whose skin the snow white. and at hide day symbolism had a reputation that really struck fear into the hearts of many in our black
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communities to take a beating from national from skin it was to face the most horrendous violence vicious while its richer briefly violence that black people could face and you could literally lose your life over in kent some call crane did just that the end there was a coalition of small extreme right wing groups on the fringes of british politics it specialized in provocative marches in immigrant areas only whites were allowed to join. britain is no whether you like it or not i happen to like it. a multi-racial country. but even if you don't like it it's too late to do anything about that as well first i don't agree that it's a multi racial country integration hasn't taken place to a significant extent and it's for this reason i don't really have noticed but on
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television advertisement over the last year or so every single advertisement involving people has got black people in it asian people in it as well as whites and particularly insidiously in my view they're showing including in furniture and bedding advertisement in black and white couples. in we are insidiously being got at they're hoping that nature will follow out and that if they create an illusion of an actuality of integration and race mixing and miseducation that that's how the public will follow it well the mood has indicated that they're not the national front tried to give itself a democratic really standing in local and national elections without success.


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