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in the seventy's and eighty's it struck terror in black and asian communities anyone whose skin was no white. and at. day symbolism had a reputation that really struck fear into the hearts of many in our black communities to take a beating from national from the skin it was to face the most horrendous violence this is why lance richard reid the violence that black people could face and you could literally lose your life all written kelson call crane did just that the end there was a coalition of small extreme right wing groups on the fringes of british politics it specialized in provocative marches in immigrant areas only whites were allowed to join britain is know whether you like it or not i happen to like it. a multi-racial country. but even if
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you don't like it it's too late to do anything about that as well first i don't agree that it's a multi-racial country integration hasn't taken place to a significant extent and it's for this reason i don't really have noticed but on television advertisement over the last year or so every single advertisement involving people has got black people in it and asian people in it as well as whites and particularly insidiously in my view they're showing including in furniture and bedding and thirty's mints. black and white couples. in we are insidiously being caught that they're hoping that nature will follow out. and that if they create an illusion of an actuality of integration and race mixing and miseducation that that's how the public will follow it when the bricks has
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indicated that they're not the national front trying to give itself a democratic renew your standing in local and national elections with no success. it's part of the overwhelming rage and an anger felt by many black a muslim communities that they were british citizens in a first class democracy living third class lives being subject to the most horrendous violence. i get the impression that black people are deeply unhappy here and that kids a murder each other at a frightful right here they're not settling in they're not happy and i think people are unhappy outside their own culture their own society it's not making happiness for either. for. example or the theory is
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a hypothesis to the birds about do you suppose it's all good that's association a ninety five to ninety eight percent iceland incredible it's almost two approaches a very seriously if one wants to listen to mechanisms that all of a favorable through the chemical weapon circumstantial played a role in conflict mediation then i think we have to look at the facts and let the procedures work out to sort of plea to mature women of the most will still be here right now. well you know the cars they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean they're in the smaller boats next a hard pull of ships and it's just. not. the little self to talk fish already ninety percent of the dark on any loan that
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connor. khan's pitching scoops seventy five tons when they do it several times a day with a big leap no you get an idea on why. we have to understand we can all stay still and just. be with them this deed is the only going is ours. i'm. doing this because i want the future world to. generations to have and enjoy the ocean how we. i. the n.f. had a clear message about how to solve what it saw as the race question. if
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there were a sensible government all illegal immigrants all of them would be sent back to their countries of origin they're here illegally they're committing criminal acts taking our money using our health this leaving us they would be sent back straight away we're still talking about illegals or you having no no i'm not a noun patri i'm now i'm now saying that we would in the your words. was the godfather we would make these people here who are not happy and offer they can't refuse but you wouldn't rule out forcible repack tradition if push comes to shove at the end very end of the day no but i don't think you need come to that you see i have four mixed race children so you can understand them to which i got the stuff. they've never seen the place that you would first encourage
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but not rule out forcibly sending them back maybe maybe maybe you'd like maybe i take it i don't know what ethnic background your have to our children to individual children blimey of your own procreation i didn't know that well i still have to say it without wishing to be rude to you or your children or your wife or wife so i don't know anything about your background but. i still put the survival of the british people first. that's what being a nationalist is i put that first and i'm not going to be morally intimidated or morally blackmailed by exceptional hard cases we saw their affinity with. genuine classism in terms of their idealization of hitler.
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salutes and they were terrifying for me at least the where we lived we were terrified about c. being getting caught out by the national front which was a part how do you view hitler. i think he was a great man for his people i think that a lot of the things he did for his people picking germany out of the dump that it had been thrown firstly by the verse i treaty and secondly by financial corruption. and political decadence within his country. i think the hitler that led to him taking power and cleaning up his country and raising german self-respect that was an era which i would have
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supported him in but what about for example the holocaust. i'm not in the company of the holocaust revisionists. i do think the promulgated of the holocaust narrative have got a lot of very serious questions to answer engineers scientists of various disciplines have subjected many of the stories. associated with the holocaust to critical examination and hove compiled a list of questions about how this could have happened in that could have happened . and these questions are not allowed to be asked in polite society in this country and in germany you go to prison for just asking these questions. but
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i don't say that they were brutal acts perpetrated against poles against jews against russians and others but i have yet to be persuaded that germany had set up the machinery for the factory like mass production and destruction of an entire race. the n.f. like far right groups before them fell apart out of the wreckage of which emerged the b.n.p. led by former n.f. head man nick griffin the b.n.p. devoted their resources to persuading the british public to back them at the ballot box all vote increased eight hundred and eight thousand to nine hundred forty three thousand. they had some success but the public eventually saw through them and rejected them just as they had mostly fascists cable street in the one nine
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hundred thirty s. and in similar fashion. football crowds out on obvious breeding ground in which the far right can recruit they are the only regular convocations of white working class youth who gather in the tens of thousands every other saturday the first attempt to hound us the energy of those crowds to britain's far right ideas was mounted by a man called stephen lennon though you probably know him better as tommy robinson every single city in the has an islamic community high on white he knew he'd seen other peers you know you're a bit of a hoax are a bit of a huckster lennon started the english defense league and for
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a brief period there were alive and kicking. some other slumps dog. is coming to get yet it's going to tell as many people as it can it will slip like you out a cow on the street and it looks on you like that yes poor kid from always reading what these goes have gone through. reason why do you spend right these children it could be because i hope of burchett criminals but i could be present no pollution is my new. big so when mood i place my mood a politicians realize the link between this and then men a right pain or kids from the. us. the english defense league were challenged would have of their be a vote and it was the british police who absorb the brunt of the eye glass.
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on my yard laser next army man and it shows he's a security and intelligence expert what is their agenda their racist their islamophobia their homophobic their anti semitic. the earth. the earth the earth one. of those idiots. i think there is a very significant threat i think it's a growing threat i see these organizations which are usually splintered which reform which take different names and s. one three one for example scottish dorn.
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when the organizations are beginning to develop the potential which you see is you know terroristic but seriously dangerous then i think you don't have any choice you have to take that sort of action even though you know that the the groups will then disperse the people in the groups will disperse they'll probably create new organizations nevertheless you're disrupting them and so that there is a benefit there's an immediate benefit. to that disruption. in the wake of the mother daughter of george cos the u.k. government refused and our laws to crack down and ban these fascist groups. national option will become the first ever extreme rightwing quake in the country to be for school actually action is a violent group they promote to the phobia they promote violence terrorism and they have no place in this country a number of alleged members of national action are now facing trial on serious job
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just two of them are soldiers in the british army. for legal reasons we can't go farther into their case at this point in time but one thing is obvious that the british government fears danger from britain's far right what is interesting though is the media attention the islamic radicals have had but to date they haven't really devoted anything like the same media resource to exploring this phenomena. there's a new outfit in town the football lads alliance funded by a convicted football hooligan banned from every football ground in the country and regularly courting right wing extremists i speak us. loose on
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the f l e a has mounted to huge demonstrations in london thousands took to the streets to back them others tom dart to protest the f l e when all that they claim to be. on that demonstration as we were trying to lay for us all we were trying to play for the march people were racially abused people were friends nurses were told quotes i hope i f. ing bomb you right this is not a nonviolent court. we were going to free movement no word from point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero point zero one people will. find it just for the lads well come on that they form by forward again what you'll
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hear either in the next phase thank god for the strong ones who from the government's motley crew from the living aboard the freedom fight was taking more you didn't hear her like the one that's taking great pains to say we're anti rices and so on but how come there wasn't a muslim speaker on the platform. the true face a lot of people following the afa like islam not just islam is terror as i call it a high islam for supposedly an extreme a group against tara. people who are linked to terror acts you've got people who are not nice and fascists there's a man called putin already who is a former london u.t.i. commander and a convicted gun runner for the a.g.i. who is a member of the afterlife. one of orion's was. not my flights on march we vary from the known price is an approach to nonviolent approach it's all about peaceful protest. for more hooligan join me going tries to say he's
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against all extremism that he and tommy robinson seen here in bristol on an e.d.m. jaunt just the latest. to mosley's blackshirts. i.
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it would appear the more the political left and their allies in the corporate media attack donald trump the more we learn about the corrupt behavior of the deep state the firing of andrew mackay but the f.b.i. is a case in point is this the beginning of a purge. same wrong. well we just don't call. me. to say power does they come out ahead and in the game equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground.
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russia says it regards the poisoning of former spy said it is going to fall in the u.k. as an act of terror and the british government must provide more information. a rocket kills at least forty four people in a damascus shopping district and one of the deadliest rebel attacks on the syrian capital. and he documents reveal the extent of the u.s. national security agency's efforts to track down and identify each coin uses. with the latest on these stories head to call at the top of the hour or so she will be here with a full news post and meanwhile coming up here on our national it's possible.
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to low and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle it would appear the more the political left and their allies in the corporate media task donald trump the more we learn about the corrupt behavior of the deep state the firing of andrew mackay but the f.b.i. . it's a case in point is this the beginning of a perch. prost talking exposing the deep state i'm joined by my guest philip giraldi in leesburg he is a former cia counterterrorism specialist who is now executive director of the counsel for the national interest in new york we have steve malzberg he is a conservative political commentator and in washington we have bruce fein he is
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a constitutional lawyer and a former associate deputy attorney general under president ronald reagan all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate philip let me go to you first here. as i'm mentioned at the beginning of the program we have of this law of unintended consequences the more that the the political left in the backed up by the media go after trump and the so-called. rush of delusion collusion story the more we're finding out really what the other side was doing the and the amount of corruption that seems to be enormous here if we get a second council don't we face the prospect that we're going to have a divided population politically and they're going to choose whatever findings each council ends up providing which really it will show a kind of a parallel universe like we have now go ahead philip. well peter i have to agree
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with you i think what essentially we're seeing is is that a the political divisions that are prevailing in congress are essentially playing out in what we're calling russia gate and i think russia gate is actually an expression that we can discard now i think what we're what we're seeing is the. complete corruption of the national security process whereby the senior people in the national security agencies have been politicized and essentially are are instead of being interested in the security of the country are basically looking to support their political bosses you know steve you know the in the mainstream media likes to say that there is a war against the f.b.i. it seems like there's a civil war within the f.b.i. because the mainstream media doesn't like to talk about how mccabe was exited from the f.b.i. he was it was the f.b.i. they got rid of him ok but you wouldn't get that i think it was like a new york to
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a new york times article is like the forty first out of forty four paragraphs that they actually said that i mean they really put it down deep you know like a footnote here because i think there is something going on in the f.b.i. go ahead steve. well first of all the office of personal responsibility recommended that mckay go according to all reports or if you if you could find it in a report and who is the head of the office of personal responsibility someone who is a poor woman who was appointed in two thousand and four by robert muller then head of the f.b.i. so the media presents that this is because of trump's tweets of pressure on sessions when in fact the f.b.i. recommended he go the inspector general report that session's has been privy to from the d.o.j. also apparently is recommending that he go and don't forget that the head of the f.b.i. a couple of months ago demoted him a cave based on what he knew mccabe had done and all you hear from the left and
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from the media is they treated this poor guy like a black junk and they took his pension away and now you've got democratic congressman stepping up and saying oh he can come work for me so he could get his pension it is a world god mad well you know steve i have to wonder and this is a real question can you draw a federal pension if you're in jail because that's where he belongs. let me let me go let me go to bruce here let me go to bruce here i actually i stole that line from ray mcgovern and wonderful piece that he wrote yesterday. bruce you know what we have now is you know we had mccabe fired for lack of candor don't you love that phrase you're a lawyer it means he's a liar ok it seems to me there's a lot of lack of candor all over this here particularly jim comi i think you know i wonder what his level of candor is and he should be put under pressure under oath
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and i think mccabe should be put under oath and i could list about fifteen other people that should be put under oath go ahead bruce. well certainly if there's credible evidence of crime that you investigate although there is a fifth amendment privilege against self incrimination but i think that the idea that there's a deep state is contradicted by the way in which mccabe ultimately was fired he was going to resign in any event to be effective about twenty four hours after the firing and that is you had nonpolitical people michael horowitz people who are not part of the deep state making the findings that precipitated the discharge which is how the system supposed to work its process that counts more than results so i think it's an exaggeration to suggest that the mccabe firing you know it did it all have anything to do with trump he was leaving anyway within twenty four hours i think it's vastly exaggerated as to its implications. but i also think that i
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don't recall is that there are going to steve jump in go ahead i just didn't sleep ok how does it add that i don't it is with all due respect to yeah. go ahead steve . well i was going to say with all due respect to bruce i don't think it's mutually exclusive i think is right i think it did work actually the system in getting rid of the cave but that doesn't mean there's not a deep state i mean john brennan the a few days ago i believe it was on monday said you have to put out a tweet really showing his i mean pouring his guts out in it with his hatred towards donald trump if you saw that one and you got to only go through peta strock and his recent revelations of his most recent text with the judge in the flynn case who he knew and he also was on the fights of court and he was going to have a dinner party with i mean this goes on and on and on there is
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a deep state of can an effort to get frank i saw. john john brennan go out brands a private individual john brett is not serving in the cia. that deep state is within the government itself and remember mr trump has the authority under the constitution to fire anybody that he believes is part of the deep state it's his own executive branch and he had at least a kind of friendly house intelligence committee that made a report hundred fifty pages that said well we don't find any actual collusion with a campaign although the russians intended to influence in some other way the outcome so here we have a president endowed in your article two of the constitution he can fire them if he believes they're undercutting himself he can fire mr rosenstein he doesn't have to wait well for misrule sessions brucey hand if he doesn't do that it's because he doesn't want to bruce you need to appear on the on the liberal cable stations to
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tell people that because they're american people aren't told that very often philip john brennan's name was mentioned here i think i know why he had such a furious and i think even childish tweet about the mccabe firing is that we go back to the lack of candor again i think john brennan is probably has the least amount of candor and all the cast of characters here i mean i would really like to know how many times he leaked to the media because that's at least one reason why mccabe was let go because he leaked to the media go ahead philip. you know i agree i mean you know we keep looking at the f.b.i. and this and unfortunately the cia or at least the leadership of the cia was much more guilty of of this kind of lying in sneaking around for political reasons brennan it is known approached a number of european intelligence services to obtain dirt on the donald trump campaign with which information then was leaked. to the to the media so
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brennan was the political boy working for the expected hillary clinton. presidency so let's let's expand this investigation let's forget about the russians because this was in what the russians did and let's look at what john brown did it ok steve what we have i agree with that i think feel is absolutely right let me and sit here on this because mr brennan was there with the torture the enhanced interrogation programs the destruction of video interrogation tapes. all under his watch and he should be also investigated for authorizing a participating in a virtual assassination program that is endowing the president authorizing the president to kill american citizens that he unilaterally decides who are implicated in national security danger based upon unsubstantiated evidence.


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