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such important global. temperature. and you can see that interview in full here on friday now facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg has for the first time commented on the scandal surrounding the social network it was revealed that the personal details of its customers were used for political purposes in the lengthy facebook apologies coburg detailed exactly what went wrong with privacy policies and what steps have been taken to solve the problem he added that the company quote will learn from this experience to make the community safer for everybody going forward now to remind you this scandal involves a data gathering firm called cambridge analytical it worked with multiple u.s. presidential campaigns including donald trump some reportedly harvested the details of fifty million facebook profiles for its political operations the company is now under investigation and has even suspended its chief executive however despite the
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fact that the scandal concerns an american tech giant and a data mining company with offices in new york london and also washington the have still been bizarre attempts in the media to somehow tie the story to russia were against the if reports. imagine being a liberal a democrat and being stuck in a trump presidency for a year is it must be horrible waking up every day guessing that what russia is songe bots or hackers have cooked up the day came original that i had powerful connections to candidate trump including one time top adviser steve bannon and billionaire donor robert mercer so presidential son in law jared cushion or and consultant brad parr scale brought in the company which is now accused of utilizing data from fifty million facebook users without permission facebook was how was
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going to win wait a sec something's wrong where's the bad guy who do we blame this on. there it is questions are also swirling about a possible link to russian metal cambridge c.e.o. reached out to julian assange of wiki leaks seeking access to e-mails from hillary clinton's private server there's no evidence ricky leaks had such information but wiki leaks was releasing e-mails from the computers of other democrats which authorities say were hacked by russians and another trump advisor roger stone great innings i actually communicated with what how do you even make the connection what's your logic if someone speaks to a songe their russian agent there is zero connection here other than the word russia being in every other sentence there is only one explanation c.n.n.
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report must have been put together by a random generator literally this explanation makes more sense than cnn's report asaad just the dia and see oil trump the russians cambridge had because we've got the key words just fill this. he says with whatever he also directly message or russian hacker he says he did nothing wrong and despite another claim that cambridge had ties to a russian oil company the campaign insists there were never any links to russia are you comfortable that the trunk campaign through their cameras analytical had a connection to wiki leaks. they did have a connection of wiki leaks let me demonstrate if you are of average height and your birthday is in july you are closely tied to. she how easy it is let's do this again if you like snow and the russians like snow
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you are aligned with russia or if you want lots of money and all of us have lots of money you are susceptible to russian influence it's all nonsense but who cares it's about getting the keywords out there about confusing and confounding not explaining or investigating he words people key words the russians everywhere. but i guess the of there now it's been revealed that much the much praise security of the virtual currency big coin may have been compromised by the us national security agency classified documents provided by n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden to demonstrate the efforts by the agency to track down uses of the currency something previously thought to be practically impossible. as more. question what's in it for bitcoin buyers besides the price boom last year
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when its rate kept go and up people got themselves crypto was to get rich but bitcoins have been luring enthusiastic with something else since long before the twenty seven thing boo no central bank control privacy and transaction anonymity i'm sorry this could have all been an illusion you haven't followed at snowden or have you. the n.s.a. worked urgently to target bitcoin users around the world according to classified documents provided by snowden so let's look into the national security agency files which caught the eye of the intercepts journalists back in the days when the bitcoin was only worth less than one hundred bucks march twenty third teeing the u.s. was already working hard on tracking down crypto while it holders and the n.s.a.'s number one priority among the new currencies was bitcoin they did come up with
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a mysterious tool called monkey rocket and guess what analysts of found value in the monkey rocket access to help track down sanders and receivers of bitcoins how much value is the question here that no one will give you an answer to but come on the n.s.a. is almighty when it comes to getting hold of all kinds of data so no matter how underdeveloped monkey rock it was back then the agency could have filled in the missing puzzle pieces using a stunning array of other spying tools the whistleblower suggest with this sort of information in hand putting a name to a given bitcoin user would be easy monkey rock it is also described in the files as a non-western internet and on them is ation service how many bitcoin owners have so far been tricked by the n.s.a. into using this product that we can only guess there was never trust in the
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institutions like the n.s.a. ever since know it and originally came out with this revelations a lot of the pretense of stopping terrorism but most of the governments want to know what all of their citizens are doing all of the time so nothing really changed a reading of the latest reports over a block chain and what the n.s.a. is trying to do to track it i'm not surprised at all because it was never really doubt anonymous and when people were thinking of it as anonymous. of those who were proven to be wrong time and time again the core properties of bitcoin are on confiscate all our assets if held properly and censorship resistant value transfer hopefully a limited tools will come in the near future but we're not there yet we're in march twenty minutes actually five years since these n.s.a. memos where it said we should do our best to track down bitcoin users were read but
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the guys at the snooping agency haven't really been wasting time that was really pushing can now in your many screens there in the bottom right we have been showing you live pictures from paris where there have been clashes between police and protesters during a nationwide strike over labor reforms will be getting the latest from the french capital just after the break. thank.
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you should. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so you want to express. that you want to be this is what we look for. people. interested in the walk. again the son of former libyan leader moammar gadhafi will run for president if elections manage to go ahead this year it was confirmed by safety in exclusive interview with tape that was driven from power and killed in twenty eleven while
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holding no official position so one of the most recognized persons in the country he was even described as the de facto prime minister during his father's rule saif was then held captive for six years before being released last year amid political unrest we had exclusively from. on the presidential bid. saif al islam has lots of supporters they are ordinary people there are even those who were against moammar gadhafi back in two thousand and eleven and now we support the views of his son the situation we have in libya now is the result of the destruction of all the state institutions not only the toppling of the regime forty countries to against libya back then our country was bombarded and shelled all the military and civilian infrastructure was destroyed many civilians were killed and now saif al islam has put forward a comprehensive overview of the situation in libya that's a reform project which will bring calm back to libya there are many young patriots
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in libya now they are so enthusiastic they're not concerned about political affiliations the main thing they care about is a patriotic spirit and they see it in the reforms by saif al islam they view them as an effective tool to fight corruption. well after the nato led incursion civil war has raged in libya since moammar gadhafi was overthrown the power vacuum to competing governments are vying for control of the country the conflict has led to a massive migrant crisis widespread terrorism as well as violence among tribal militias loyal reveal saves life is still in danger. as about saif al islam whereabouts are kept secret for security reasons as his lawyer i will do everything to protect saif al islam from all anti libyan plots masterminded by the countries interfering in libyan affairs as promised safe out islam will make a speech when the right time comes then everything will be revealed libya will
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return back to its roadmap and become a democratic sovereign state a state where the law will triumph libya will no longer be a country of organized crime illegal migration human trafficking as it is described in the media we will defend the interests of the libyan people and will protect its resources which cannot be squandered that the libyan people must decide their future themselves. protesters are clashing with police in paris at the moment as a nationwide strike paralyzes the country over public sector wages and job cuts. was the way. the. were worth.
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i care let's get the latest now from charlotte bin species in paris forester charlotte good afternoon we saw violence there really what's the situation like at the moment. well as you saw from those pitches there from the east of paris around an area called plus dylan the strike here in france has already turned very very violent with clashes between the protesters and the police from those images it appears that we've seen on the police actually acting out against the protesters it appears that they are a hitting and pushing the protesters away and we have had some reports that some of the protesters have been injured they've also been trying to provoke the police themselves by causing fires and again clashing who the police know this is just one element of the nationwide protests that are taking place in france today protests of not just the students who are out there demonstrating in particular nasty and as i mentioned in the east part of the city but also railway workers we have traffic
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controllers who are on strike today and public servants including teachers and some hospital workers there are unhappy with many of the ideas and proposals being put forward by president macaroons government including his pledge to cut a hundred and twenty thousand jobs in the public service over the next five years now what's happening is these are several separate strikes but they've been brought together to have this one day of a nationwide strikes across france and we understand that up to sixty percent of railway services are not working across the country although i understand that here in paris many of the metro services are working quite well people are unhappy with the conditions they working in the air traffic controllers say that they want better working conditions and the railway strikers who are taking part in the thursday of strike today will actually be holding thirty six more days of strikes over the next few months until the end of june because they're unhappy with the
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proposals to change their service including changing the conditions for doing this to a service but as we've seen already the protests on this you know nationwide dave strikes have turned violent. in paris with clashes on the streets the police appearing to be pushing back these protesters who've been provoking them but it does appear that they are using maximum force to do that and we understand that some of those protesters have been injured in those clashes but the money going to get a shot of just looking at live pictures now from the heavy police presence still on the streets of paris thanks for the update of a shot at the big ski that. you're watching r.t. international will be back in about thirty five minutes with more news.
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the theory of his hypothesis to the kurds about do you suppose he took in association with it to maybe five to ninety eight percent iceland incredible it's almost approaches a very serious that if you. miss the mechanisms that on the face of who through the chemical weapon system cinci plead to whom in constant mediation then i think we have to look at the facts and the procedures for us to sort of plea to mitchell with the infamous mr being here right.
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how does it feel to be a sheriff the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is one business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like is there nobody over the case and i don't no one comes anymore we don't have to serve them anymore is cost effective this would they want to do that knowing they don't give a damn if you do the chores or not there are actually paying us to put it back into the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us and preach what she could is behind such success. around the world there's always a battle going on with the central bankers and the commercial bankers all this time to repress the population in one way or another they call it the global insurrection against banker occupation they've been saying this for years on the shelf so now we're going to look at it from the puerto rican perspective they are similarly being oppressed by the overlords of finance and they are reacting in
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a very specific puerto rican way. on. the far right didn't britain isn't just. stone the march it's taking violent murderous action. and the all nazi group called national action applauded the mother and the mother of a young woman member of the british parliament just before one o'clock today jo cox and painful in spending with a touch knockouts first. i am now very sad because she has died because also for instance. other alleged members are charged with planning the brutal killing of another woman m.p. . and two british soldiers said to be from the same nazi group face serious
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terrorism charges. fascism and far right extremism street violence and confrontation isn't new in britain it dates back to at least the one nine hundred thirty s. when oswald mosley is blackshaw structed through major cities. today's incarnations are no less deadly. this is the story of how began how it developed revealing the major players and exposing the secret past the leader of the latest street movement. last year of the young woman labor m.p. jo cox was cruelly mobbed out in the course of her public duties in burstow west yorkshire the mother of two young children was stabbed and shot to death by
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a man called thomas maier whose name needn't detain us for long. at the time the mainstream media narrative was the mayor was the lone wolf well in a rabid wolf he surely was but he was not alone thomas maier was connected enmeshed in the complex web of. you know we the blood downed horror of the. brought british fascism full circle back to where in a sense it all began. so oswald mosley
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was a middle level british artist who married to the daughter of the viceroy of india log cars a. long moment. he was a conservative m.p. then a labor m.p. a left wing labor m.p. sometimes as a future our labor prime minister but as the skies darkened the wall street crash and widespread poverty oswald mostly turned to fascism. there's been a fifty year disputes over what fascism actually is one of the most influential definitions was by roger griffin who argued that it was a palin genetic form of nationalism and that's a fancy way of saying it's a cross class revolutionary brand of nationalism that believes in the renewal of
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the nation and the new man and in a way that's what people are separated fascism from conservatism the conservatives look back at. status quo whereas fascists were very much about looking forward to creating an ethnically pure all. you can see a sense of victimhood that somehow the nation state which it which they identify has been somehow a victim of of others of evil stabbed in the back undermined in various ways whether it's by the international conspiracy. by liberals who are trying who are responsible for the degeneration in the decadence the one thing that seems to me to bring together fascists is the belief in an absolute leader whose word is law and who cannot be wrong and certainly hitler thought he could not be wrong in this country mostly thought he could not be wrong which is as good
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a definition of madness as i know but also the only definition that i can see of fascism. here in cable street in the east end of london on the fourth of october one thousand nine hundred thirty six britain's first fascist leader came across. as the leader of the british union of fascists he would have been if he could have been britain's. the purpose of his march was to whip up hatred in much the same way as his eye dog did in germany. the people of these ten didn't did people from all over london came on mosque to oppose him. of a million londoners stood in cable street proclaiming.
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they shall not pass and when most of his black shirt that jackbooted. nazis came a marching the people stood far. there was trouble all right but the fascists were running to and had to call off the mark. racial tension was already simmering in the long hot summer of one thousand nine hundred fifty eight here on friday august the twenty ninth outside lots of more road underground station the spark was lit. three days of war infamously became known as the notting hill race riots over the long weekend hundreds of white youth rampaged around this area carrying weapons brandishing racist slogans the daily mail and its an image to build style joined in asking should we
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let them keep coming in. today notting hill is expensive one of britain's most exclusive on cliffs here the rich the famous and the fashionable live eat and shop. at the time of the notting hill race riots it couldn't have been more different this area was one of grimy crumbling tournaments owned by slum lords charging the rents. the young carpenter who was stabbed to death right here in golborne road in notting hill was obviously not britain's first victim of racially motivated murder but he was the first to attract national attention. the first the big boy would never know it a symbol of resistance to race. at
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the time notting hill was a hotbed of white nationalism oswald mosley is union movement and cullen jordan's white defense league had this seeding with a racial tension. we feel that you cannot have colored immigration on the scale in which you're having it today without sooner or later having message breeding that must lead ultimately to a briton we feel that if we have population in the future that must mean the downfall of the civilization and culture of our country which we hold so dear if you look at the early history of fascism it was completely different to what we today associate as being fascist as well mostly was himself from the establishment was from the labor party had connections across the elite if you like he also had fairly developed ideas about what he wanted to do with the state of the economy. to
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say the national front in the seventy's or the british national party in the early two thousand. and two very crude worked. simply out would be. conspiratorial anti semitic but they didn't have. sort of a deeper level of thought about how to reorganize the state and the economy and so really a lot of the far right in britain in the post-war period really became dominated by white supremacists by crew. and really since then hasn't escaped that legacy in fifteen or twenty years' time a black man will have the whip hand over the white. in the late nineteenth six days. grundy made a note notorious speech he said like the roman he could see that forming with much blood it was a prediction of a britain or riven by a race riots even
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a racial war it caused the disparate strands of britain's fod right to rapidly coalesce the vehicle they founded was called the national front the end therefore had a joint leadership the thing and all have to are drawn to end all and the. modern web stuff i don't believe that the british people will allow themselves to be mongrelized out of existence we've got to fight isn't if it's right to save the whale which all of the lift who are otherwise waiting and. if it's right to save the whale why shouldn't the british the five. why have we got to submit to being exterminated by race mixing while we protect the survival of the minke whale the blue whale or whatever the logic of the left just doesn't past scrutiny.
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the national front brought chaos to the streets of britain in the seventy's and eighty's that struck terror in black and asian communities anyone whose skin was no white. and at hyde de symbolism had a reputation that really struck fear into the hearts of many in our black communities to take a beating from national from the skin it was to face the most horrendous violence vicious while it's richard beatty violence that black people could face and you could literally lose your life over him kelson call crane did just that the end there was a coalition of small extreme right wing groups on the fringes of british politics it specialized in provocative marches in immigrant areas only whites were allowed
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to join. britain is no whether you like it or not i happen to like it. a multi-racial country. but even if you don't like it it's too late to do anything about that as well first i don't agree that it's a multi racial country integration hasn't taken place to a significant extent and it's for this reason i don't really have noticed but on television advertisement over the last year or so every single advertisement involving people has got black people in it asian people in it as well as whites and particularly insidiously in my view they're showing including in furniture and bedding advertisement. black and white couples. in we are insidiously being got at they're hoping that nature will follow a.


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