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and before such important event global event as. for the temperature. i think i really understand that the russian ambassador to the u.k. is commenting on this creep out case less listening. and stronger protested against evidence free accusations and provocations by the british authorities. it was emphasized the russia is not to be talked to to martin's and that in any case we can only properly consider the matter after we receive samples of the chemical substance to which you can use or assuring to enough to the uki complies with the chemical weapons convention that stupidly to quote your region between state borders which was cool israeli.
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will doubt that there is no sense in the british statements on fourteenth of march the prime minister gave another statement on the incidence elsberry in the house of commons where she announced an expulsion of russian diplomats and other whole style and provocative measures against russia. she provided no proof. of russia's elysia involvement in the incident and made the conclusion that as you put it it was highly likely that russia was responsible for it. that's the british government again built in official position and i want to stress that official position won't you or assumptions the embassy given the request of the british authorities to cooperate under the chemical weapons convention on by
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liberal basis or through the old p.c. w. executive council and share information and the samples of the toxic substance due to the pressure of the russian side the prime minister had last send a letter to the director general of the old p.c. w. technical secretary and on the fourteenth of march and requested assistance in verifying british analysis. as i understand the whole b.c.w.s. where is your arrives to the u.k. this monday. we don't know their mandate but i hope they will follow all the necessary procedures and principles all the c w c chemical weapons convention including ensuring proper chain of custody of the samples if they're any. they would also need to check
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how that was possible that the british authorities managed to deceive need the nerve agent use is so called nervy choke is its origin so quickly. could it mean that it's highly likely that the british authorities already ahead this nerve agent in their chemical laboratory in port down which is the largest secret military facility in the u.k. that has been dealing with a chemical weapons is it a coincidence that this chemical weapons facility is only eight miles away from the site of the incident how did doctors decide what and to dogs to administer to the victims. russian experts puzzle how quickly the british
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authorities managed to does it need the nerve agent illegitimately used in seoul's buri and how these currently it's with scotland yard official statements that and i'm quoting investigation is highly likely to take weeks or even months to be arrive at conclusions. we are sure that the results of the technical secretary the system missions should be reported to the p.c. w. executive council. if you words about lack of cooperation from the british side. instead of imposing twenty four hour deadline the uki could and should have referred to paragraph two over article nine of the chemical weapons convention which requires this state pussies to make every effort to clear a fly in resolve through exchange of information and consultations any minute
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or which they course dark about compliance with the convention a state party which receives the requests from another state party show provide as soon as possible but in any case not live later than ten days after their request information sufficient to answer the dogs or concert either requested information from russia on the twelfth of march they would have received it by twenty second march that means today. the bridges said i side didn't send a request to russia and is not willing to talk to the russian representatives in the hug with the old peace u.w. technical secretary is located instead and until russian campaign has been launched in the u.k. . to make the story short britain has without any
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evidence blamed russia or boys in ingle three people and continues to refuse to cooperate we can accept that there is another case which worries us very much. from the british media and again not from the british authorities we have learnt about the death of the russian citizens newco i do school. the embassy has also learned from the press that the police investigating mr good schools there it's humans that he could have died from compression of the neck i'm quoting suggesting he was strangled. in the full compliance with the nineteen six this really convention on consular relations the embassy media here requested by know to provide full information
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of the on the circumstances of the death of the russian national and on the investigation but has not received any meaningful response from the foreign office so far. moreover it seems that the british side is deliberately ignoring our requests and continues to we would any contact with the embassy on that matter. to sume arise what i've said before the q. and a session i would like to say that the burden of proof lies within the british authorities by now no facts have been officially presented either to the p c w or to us or to the u.k. partners or to the public. ladies and gentlemen we cannot take british words for granted. the u.k.
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had their record bad record while aiding international war and misleading the international community which include invading yugoslavia seventy eight days of bombing europe and libya under the false pretexts. and supporting because you create. and then i would like to quote president ronald reagan's who frequently referred to the russian prover trust but verify. history shows that britain's statements must be verified. we demand full transparency of the investigation and full cooperation with russia and we. all c w. so this is the end of my remarks and i'll be happy to answer your questions. please
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. ok i was not wrong or it sounds like you may only was i was. right. i was actually i knew i was mad as well thank you. i am authorized to see that moscow considers this kind of statements made under the level of the foreign secretary in any way unacceptable and totally irresponsible. the bridges go on with this free to make a decision about its dissipation in the world cup but nobody has the right to insult the russian people who defeated nazis and and lost more than twenty five million people by comparing our country to nazi germany.
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did beat goes beyond the common sense and we do not think british war veterans including those of the arctic cold warriors would share this opinion. starting from the front line. in the us today mr johnson is what. would. you do you go. well i'm going first of all i'm i'll be happy to invite the all defense they will be safe in russia all the necessary measures being taken and the british special authorities in a contact with the russian special authority is to provide the security of the
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fence and all the british war will be in the territory of russia it's not about the briton it's just the regular precautions that we're doing with every single country and every single figuration who are going to do put dissipate in this world cup games so i'm sure that there will be security and by the way there will be a visa free regime for those who are going to come to moscow. if they have a ticket and they are not entitle to just to the visa let's see it blind so the there will be the guests of russian. arms. so you are not going to take the microphone because you know it's a some people will behave you do enjoy you know the be the loudest voice it will be so i'm quite sure nic robertson from c.n.n. so when you anticipate the russian government will respond to that british question
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of was this state after all was somehow this knowledge but how in the hands of state institutions this is of course been i who know with members of the european union united states as well when will russia answer that question we answer to this question the next day as soon as it would give the note. as i said i was summoned to the foreign secretary by the foreign secretary and the next day it was said the official not from the embassy that russia has nothing to do with this incident that was clearly stated in official level then it was repeated. for the public by this statement the same day by the statement of the minister of foreign affairs and i am just just putting the question you know what kind of other answers. we need once it was officially statement stated there is another question that is really about this me is that we don't have any access to the investigation we were
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gleaned that the russia did it and we want to know what was behind that and we're between this to get together because this is the russian citizens but so far we don't have any cooperation with the u.k. on that matter and it really puzzles us why. it will just go like that you know alice all the questions please. write a caption for them i see. on sunday the embassy tweeted we definitely are oh so sweet expression mock did you like it well my question is for the easy subject. how you treat treating this seriously well of course it's. the message was very simple we don't have any information the investigation is question five and we don't know the motivation of the british government and that's why since this case is so complicated we need you know let's
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see some wisdom. from the person like we're all to investigate the matter then was the message that said nothing nothing special behind them surely that's not right you have to do is. listen when i go into to talk about the tone because you know that twitter has so many even the british humor and if you can see that we're putting something from the british newspapers you can ask me you know whether it's a right to i mean it's not just a political statement this is also for the public. and the like of. which i'm sorry i'm sort of too much stuff you know we have please. please please delete a video from. and that means many times and to me the name is going to be edging head telling me you can't and when i seen a tweet that british explosion of change we can at text ballot question don't
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connect in south what we're trying to do and that happens and the second question if i may and i find you and your indignation about us and which is violations of the geneva conventions i think strange when your president has publicly saying any change with russia that i don't think. as far as tourism a. good sea activity in the in the in the e.u. . i spoke to several. of the c.e.u. embassadors yesterday and i asked them. whether they received the any evidence from britain and they said no. so basically. i think all the countries of the e.u. will be happy to see something before the wake of conclusions and. what i
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was told by one of us today yesterday he said first we want to see the evidence then to make conclusions so this is the answer as far as the statement of my president that was set in the absolute two different context and this has nothing to do with britain. second row. so you very much john sweeney last week the b.b.c. put on this week the b.b.c. news knows. who said you're dealing. with. the disabled lower. case for. the. ones.
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on my. good old times one on the. crew. i don't know are we going to. hold out for a good cause. i don't. really. want to go to. the right. on my word. i think they were just very reliable because you know let me just point out to one simple fact you mentioned it when young but you didn't mention berezovsky who died here if you didn't mean it mention period bill each me who died here in london recently and of course i mentioned. who
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does it what is the come on let's see facts around it. and this and this and all the investigations where clisson fight we didn't have access to any investigation any papers and all the materials so why. question. in this country. the people who will wear elite linked to the secret services and we know that leading him to work for the secret services there is also a rated secret services the police the i don't know whether he was an agent or not and the other guy you know we sit with was to have to understand that all of them died and all of them lead always to geisha information and all the papers where glisten fighting still classified were not names of the by the way compared with in the end so the investigation was done and the people were punished same stories put
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it cost the the journalists if you read the list see the decisions of the court all the people were punished and this is a big difference and in our case the investigation and the court was open in the case of britain everything diskless a fight we still don't have any access to these papers and my question is why because the risks are disarmed think there'd be somebody here is trying to hide from us and not just from us but also from the british public opinion. of. what is going to go. i'm not going to talk about this is this is the internal matter of the britain or the what i want to see not out of but what i want to see is that. there are forty three russian criminals. are on demand they we're asking to to extradite them to russia because they made
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a crime in russia so in the they involved in the money laundering in the in a different you know financial affairs in some of the some of them are serial killers and all those people got the residence community. in the u.k. and we and the bridges really refusing to extradite them to russia why question these why these people threatening the public in this country because they are criminals and what is the policy of this government even trying to keep these people here in this country so we don't accept the explanation symbol of the human rights and the bad conditions in the russian in the russian they see. blue jays that's right. john i'm sorry we have so many people you know you you you
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ask your question you know i'm sorry i'm sorry we can talk later as soon as we finish without this i'll give you the floor. please. let me sit down from the daily mail and do you think platini peaching to say it's their prestigious hosting the wellcome pinochet given me a legal onyx ation and climbin the bombing of innocent civilians in syria and i'm a silence and this crossing and frankie and all say and the is going to be a propaganda victory little admission later in the cup and like when you. when you're trying to quote doris johnson as i understand but when the different then go you know the second question and i right now you're not supporting bush. no no. you didn't read that right. ok. so different the first question the decision. to. to host the world cup is knowledge of the decision of russia this is the decision of the world
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community so this is the way how the world community thinks about russia not just britain but the world community which is much bigger than one country so this is the answer to your question and whether it will be advertising of course it will be a good size and because. the become petition will take police in eleven cities we build absolutely fascinating infrastructure we're going to host how many people we're going to post from britain something along. twenty thousand or maybe thirty thousand people are buying tickets they're going you know the big we will go to russia and if you take the other countries you know that would you want more of them. either for regime new facilities fascinating hotels so we're whole single these people and so this will be of course this will be the advertising boldly russian standards of leaving the country is growing very fast
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and. we're growing two and a half percent a year and. before the elections in my present putin said. russia is going to grow even further he wants to grow faster than the average group the world economic growth so it's about four percent so basically we're confident and we will behave you to welcome everybody and as i said it's it's a decision not of one country but this is this edition of the world. ok. yeah i was lazy ass every day and so. i don't cry. my boss told. what a great reason i believe because right now i'm going on ask the. variable.
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x. . well and the only thing we want to have is the evidence i mean the if you're a serious country you have to. support back up your let's say a legation was so. percs so far we didn't have any proof of that no one is the only thing that we see absolutely hysterical media come pain and a very strong statement on the side of the prime minister but we will be able to see the facts. and i'll tell you frankly that i'm surprised why the british is not going to cooperate was with us why britain is refusing to cooperate with us for me it's a big question maybe you know the answer to that i don't have it i think so i. cry about. cry. that's exactly what my president said because we
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consider this is a terrible story terrible act this is the poisoning of the people by the russian people you have to know that and we have we have to investigate this case because you know we want to know the truth and so far we didn't give any information or at least you wish to do something together so for us this is a big question. thank. you and you cannot the. international response and see. much more coverage. let us know but the break.
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we were in a very so let's see context you know with the with all the countries so the world and. which really worries us is that the way how the international law is applied because this is in order to keep the world stable we view. that all the countries should be international and that's exactly what the india is doing chinese doing russia's doing you know we're the leaders of that and if you look at the deeds in the international arena so we are trying to do that so basically in this case. let's see the brics countries they have the same vision of the world the see the same trends and this is the new reality. and your excellency one of our strengths and saying that he doesn't want any kind of was that russia is not the next night to head back how do you deal with the
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context of major staining and also what he thinks that state your passion. and jack and i mean. well in general are chosen very difficult because. we believe that. i mean the at the top diplomats should be very cautious with the language because there are certain to say let's see political menace in this world and it's very difficult for us because we're facing the new realities of the new diplomacy and here in the u.k. . but what wonderstone how it works under stand with the people of thinking i do going to understand this see that i understand the ball is still britain which really worries us is that the way how the all these complain is being presented is very entourage and. it's really creates the serious if serious problems
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problems for the u.k. self. because you know after two weeks of this kind of a really wild statements. how are you going you know just. to talk to the russians because as i said to d. . that was really very insulting to the russian people support the government says we're talking about. so this is but this is your religious hearing you and i think this. do we. do do you. good british for this. is difficult. he's. ok we were listening there to a press conference being held by the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander it was on the case of the poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter in the u.k.
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just a quick summary of what he said he said look again we're hearing evidence free accusations he went out went on to say we can only respond to accusations after receiving a sample of the alleged chemical used against gray powell the former russian spy that was poisoned he also said that new k. prime minister provided no proof of russia's involvement and that the u.k. is that is is building an official position on assumption so that was a hint speaking to the press in the u.k. over the last few minutes you're watching r.t. we're going to take a quick break we'll have more news in a couple of. the most expensive fish in a will each one selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its
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entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only a much larger fish. we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes. the theory hypothesis to heard about do you suppose. five to ninety eight percent i find incredible it approaches a very seriously if we. did mechanisms to a figure who through the chemical weapons is concerned she played a role in constant mediation then i think we have to do.


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