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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  March 23, 2018 2:30pm-3:01pm EDT

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sibly if one truly crunched the numbers it is one of the biggest businesses in the whole wide world today and that is without a shadow of a doubt the sale of weapons around the globe in twenty sixteen alone just two years ago was three hundred seventy four billion dollars according to the stockholm international peace richard research institute so when the pentagon limps the bail on its latest a new toy is one should always pay attention which is why today we kick off the show with the war department's latest new toys and development directed energy weapons i want you to take a look this is. video released by the of the joint. of the. that hark watchers is not an audio recording or playback of that was the sound created by military scientists manipulating the air with lasers yes laser and its apparent parent leave the war department's latest experiment in
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finding ways to scare or stop people dead in their tracks defense one reports that the joint non-lethal weapons program is inching closer to a weapon that alters adams to literally create words from thin air it's called the laser induced plasma effect and fingers crossed they hope to be able to say intelligible words within the next three years yes the u.s. military is playing with the atoms and plasma the state of matter to find really expensive ways to throw voices. or you know terrible horrible awful low good sounds like you heard around the battlefield all for the low low cost of just three hundred twenty eight million taxpayer dollars a year drop in the bucket so welcome to the loud dark world in sales receipts of directed energy weapons as we start watching the hawks. you.
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know what if you look like real that this would. actually lead to the bottom. like you that i got. this. week so. well the one the watching the harks i am to roll with her and on top of the island. directed energy weapons. i magine terrible that i believe the you would many people were ridiculed what five years ago for even bringing up the fact that the military even begins to research director there are actually technology or weapons they usually think the words conspiracy theorist and cool off in a company any time one would bring those yeah real movement called those and many
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other names for even having a conversation about it you know it's as if oh you're talking about these things and this isn't real science and that's. i mean i think is there was right but no i don't i was totally right i know that we will go me crazy were wrong this is a pick i find that video is just that tells you everything you know further cost of you know the weather channel they send out because they were out of money. to make squeaky noises that are still going to take three years. what it is doing is that that later in the video you see there's these like pops and bangs to the beach like a hundred fifty hundred forty decibels snow which is incredibly dangerous yes i mean there's a very i mean that thing is a mess lasers that's not a sound playing through a speaker that's like lasers hitting this plasma. that makes this horrible roar
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things that really have. a sound kind of technology or we can something and there's been people have developed ways of ascending communications to and from people without other people hearing it yes which is sort of what this idea is that it's it won't just had a whole bunch of people it could be directed and that the area between the person shooting this laser and the person getting hurt like the people in between will not be a virtue it's very specifically bloomberg so this is going to be a growing industry apparently i mean i'm hearing rumors of ringworld of forty one billion dollars worth of director there are ten weapons industry by like twenty twenty one twenty twenty three on directed energy weapons mark gun singer a senior fellow at the center for strategic and budgetary assessments great job and former deputy assistant secretary of defense under president george w. bush he stated there is a growing realization on capitol hill and the department of the bugs that it's time to transition these technologies there are some technological challenges but it's
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apparent to us that it's a case of an adequate funding we do believe there are directed energy technologies that are ready to transform now yes give us more money let's come up with new creative ways to hurt people inflict damage on people let's spend ten times more money than they ever would to help people or comfort people are sort of people gosh now that would be silly but it would be just silly to spend money on giving people food magic asia and transcendent is that life though will let you know lasers into their brain so the. go completely exactly. so that when you talk void when you hear what the started to sort develop and you are what the purpose it was like i said the purpose was to find a non-lethal way to use this in a way that wouldn't have been hurt people they want to have one elderly build one system that can create a noise and all sorts of other sort of things that can you know heat. and the idea being that it would replace
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a bunch of other what they want to do with your star trek fan is created tricorder that your life is a record and put isn't only a fool but it's a lethal make this noise make this so that's sort of the idea and there needs to be a mirror set and to give you an idea of how big of an area where powerful it is a five inch mirror can create an effect that's. at least one kilometer well. an eight inch mirror is eight kilometers away or five kilometers away so with these just an eight inch mirror you can shoot this laser at something eight kilometers away no one in between medical hours will hear those lawyers except for the. estimation i was you had a very just like her you know but let's remember drones were supposed to have like technology and needle in a haystack so there's that. yeah at the end of the directed energy weapons we've been talking about it for a long time but only looks like the rest of the world but because you go through.
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and why seventeen major league baseball's just about one point three million dollars lobbying capitol hill for a little help with what you ask no it's not some shiny new stadium or even more monopoly and antitrust protections no less ones about greed if you flip through to page one thousand nine hundred sixty seven of the latest congressional omnibus spending package you'll find the quote save america's pastime act it seeks to solidify minor league baseball players roles as seasonal and thus not protected by federal labor laws this means that the doesn't have to pay any of its seventy five hundred minor league players a basic minimum wage or overtime now you're probably yelling at your screen who cares savva though why should i care about some rich ballplayers or who just aren't going to get rich or well i think most things in life are only a few get to be rich while those fighting for the dream of the big show are struggling to make ends meet the starting wage from minor league baseball player is
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levon hundred dollars a month which comes out to about four dollars an hour for a forty hour week the very most they can be expected to be paid is twenty one hundred fifty dollars a month which calculates to just barely minimum wage on a forty hour week just how horrid with the financial burden be for minor league teams that this bill claims to protect now. wouldn't help them at all actually fence the major league teams pay the salaries and it would barely cost a few million dollars a year for each team to give their players a ten dollars an hour raise and over time it seems like a baseball is america's pastime the least the imo be could do is pay their players a wage that is above poverty level but. america's pastime is to pay people way to the stuff around the poverty level if not go against the entire idea of modern america today. i'm sorry none first started right here own team we have all the strings and decide who gets to be successful and who does it and everybody else
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is crushed down the poverty level of horrible wages and if you work hard enough you get to join us up here if you work really hard but really not really now when it blows my mind i always love to have a case these things have been like saving america's promise and what if you don't pass this part of the omnibus bill is just going to shut down it's going to go away that's it no more baseball i mean it's so ludicrous they do this with everything you see these big corporate conglomerates and these big billionaire owners they do this with everything you see them do with sports stadiums hey you got to build up that new football soccer stadium otherwise guess what no money no taxes no and the interesting thing to have as many players you know they leave the minor leagues because they can't afford to support their families or people that might eventually be able to make it to the show right you know i have very talented athletes who really have a passion for the game who come out there for five months out of the year for the money or six seven months of the summer months of the year they have to have other
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jobs there's people who work at factories who have regular you know work construction but it's you know if they can't support a family they can't support of that not how many times do you go back waiting for that moment to get that one chance that you might do one night in the major leagues insurance for the rest or a life for these little things and let's not let's keep in mind let's not let major league baseball. you either i mean even though they might not be sold out stadiums every year they made ten billion dollars in revenue in two thousand and seventeen and have shown increase in revenue every year for the last big they cannot claim your despite the fact that attendance is down the last two or three years their attendance has been down around eight to ten percent so there there are tens goes sounds are making more money but they say well we would have to pass that on to the minor league team some of these minor league teams that have and then organizations that but around since of fifty years and have been doing and why bring up sports
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why talk baseball because look a lot of these multibillion stadiums and these little players working for aaa teams and things like that we're talking about maybe there are neighborhoods that need their money more so than someone home and you know you look at these huge stadiums a minor league baseball team to an area can be massive it can bring a lot of money and a lot of stuff and i say why this is a labor issue whether you know it's your entertainment and that's the same thing we talk about hollywood it is a fact a labor that you just get something from and you should support these people because it gives cause for everyone else to look at a minor league hockey you know it is they have a union and let's look at some of the numbers back and forth so in baseball so how can a seventy six games in your aaa minor league baseball has forty feel for the hockey players get paid about forty five thousand is their minimum salary for the time one minor league baseball players minimum salaries about ten thousand dollars for five months maybe six months worth of work they're traveling for idioms or seventy two
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dollars and hockey where minor league baseball players on the road are getting twenty five dollars a day which is fast food whether you like it or not the hockey players get a proceed but postseason bonus no no bonus for minor league baseball players i think what you're looking at is millions and millions of dollars spent by the by the m l b to lobby to keep. i'm from having to pay what is about the cost of a halfway decent outfielder on a major league to go about five six million dollars a year so i know what they're going to do is there they're going to pass on anybody but the fail the teachers are going to cost more than the how they're going to cost more and they're going to complain the bigger basically the money they spent lobbying they could have actually paid for this yeah all right as we go to break card watchers and hope for it to let us know where your group of it's recovered facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are coming up with both the journalist author max blumenthal and of the hawk's nest to discuss the curious battle. over.
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his years of fascism and journalist some people call you to other fascists and all that's going to do really interesting stay tuned to watch. fifteen years ago this month the united states in its so-called coalition of the willing to illegally invaded in occupied iraq and iraq continues to grapple with that fateful decision many call the invasion of iraq a blunder should we call it what it really is a crime. the most expensive fish in the world each one is selling for the tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at it. it's only whims of a much larger population was once there that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to do real work to everything is very very short term our
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system is not suited and is not geared toward long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes. of the height of joe mccarthy's anti-communist inquisition then president dwight d. eisenhower delivered a powerful rebuke to the politics of fear reminding us that quote here in america we are descended in blood and spirit from revolutionists and rebels men and women who dare dissent from accepted doctrine as their errors may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion and never since one thousand nine hundred fifty four speech have those words wrong truer than today as any form of dissent whether
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it be a concern for our environment a passion for defending civil rights and fighting police brutality or even the slightest aberration from the establishment approved doctrine of foreign policy and global thinking our cause enough to be blacklisted by the mainstream media and dragged forth before chief inquisitors inquisition or as robert muller and adam schiff and for those of the eye of the storm this new age of paranoia and censure isn't just a matter of political theory and philosophy it's an all too real fight for their basic freedoms joining us today to discuss this struggle is journalist and author. women give so joining us thank you for coming and we brought you on because you went through a very interesting kind of battle of somebody you know kind of stepping forward to disparage you were some truly you know for what you write about as a journalist and what you call you know put aside a spotlight on and disparaging you and claiming you're in bed with like these horrible you know terrible people and all this could you tell us a little bit more about what exactly kind of went down and what happened to you
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yeah i mean first of all. there was a piece that went up on the southern poverty law center's blog hate watch which is supposed to be dedicated to fighting hate or the far right extremist a southern poverty law center took down the ku klux klan through legal measures and that's how we know them i've actually done work for the southern poverty law center over the years i've done actual work exposing holocaust deniers in the u.s. for them i've consulted for them on investigations going up to twenty seventeen and so i know their director i know people who work at his watch it was bizarre to see myself get attacked there but i knew the attack was coming and the attack was not just on me it was on several other principled leftwing journalists and activists including people who have decades of done decades of work opposing racism in fascism in the united states like brian becker from the international answer coalition and this attack was a collection of talking points cobbled together and smuggled into the southern
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poverty poverty law center under the cover of night without the director's knowledge to exploit russia gate in order to connect me and these left wing anti racist journalists and activists to fascists connect us to fascists we have no connection with that i have never met that i had never communicated with. all of the guys of what that you're working together that we are working together to. promote the government of syria bashar al assad because i have. gone out and produced factual journalism challenging the push for regime change in the united states and the various psyops that have been thrown at the american and western public to try to cultivate their support for war and no one has ever taken down my journalism no one has disproven a single substantial fact that i published for example about the u.s. u.k. and qatari funded white helmets organisation what they are trying to do is say that this is actually part of a fascist. communist plot
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a brown red plot in the words of this obscure geography professor who published this article called it a brown red plot in other words brown is fascist red is communist. directed by the kremlin and because i go on r t that means in this article according to this article because i'm a guest on your program you know flattery or putin and the f.s.b. are controlling my brain with gamma waves from moscow. it all makes sense now we spoke of the laser weapons to control our mile tires to go it was a it's insane because opposing regime change in syria which is the net was the next phase of the neo conservative agenda for the middle east and should have been done by everyone who's out there touting how they were against iraq fourteen fifteen years ago is a principled basic anti-imperialist anti-imperialist anti-war position but if you do that now they're trying to connect you to the far right because there are people on the far right who also oppose regime change in syria who are isolationists you
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know we could call them buchanan knights in this country or whatever but it doesn't mean that i'm like in in league with them and when you know you've had me as a guest on your show i came on your show after charlottesville what do we talk about we talked about how horrible this neo nazi was so where's the fascism it's pretty clear what they were trying to do and when i say they i mean this axis of weasels who have been activating this campaign against me and others for over two years. it's not just you know legitimate criticism or debate it's a campaign of character assassination and smears they smuggled into the southern poverty law center through this writer and what they're trying to do is connect people on what's considered the far left to the far right because people on the far right are getting kicked off twitter they're getting kicked off facebook they're basically being disappeared from the internet we can debate that i'm not taking a position on it but it's clear they are trying to blacklist us and remove us and
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our identities from online the online world forever it's a censorship campaign as to all of the mentioned earlier did no different than it would produce them from the moment and yet it is no different i mean i have friends i have a friend who is older and remembers as a child her father was an artist and she remembers she was telling me when this all started about the f.b.i. coming to her door and ask about who came to their parties and who came to your house and are you a communist little girl abusing communists there and then first i went and then i realized i was like oh we're there they don't have to come to the house they just look through my stuff and they do this and this is what to me is so unsettling that a civil rights organization and what's supposed to be a progressive sort of nonpartisan bias organization like the southern poverty law center who we've defended against attacks on this and they've come on our t. yeah and i just find it strange that here they are. why why would someone go why
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would someone use them to go after what is essentially a progressive journalist and why or anybody who's their motives or whatever and anyone who remotely questions questions is the right question for that the establishment line why why what good reason they have to attack people like you or us or anybody who makes that statement that's that that's the key question here and again i don't blame the southern poverty law center's director or to their leadership for this i called them right away and they said we're taking the piece down we're very sorry we didn't even know it was up there yeah but the southern poverty law center first of all it's not you know poor people running it has a one hundred ten million dollar annual budget three hundred thirty million dollars down but this is the reason why it was so important for them to smuggle this attack in there because the southern poverty law center works with law enforcement against extremist groups now if they can define those of us who are anti-war as extremists that's that's that's it that's it you're out of there and so you know other people have been attacked by this author in this series of screeds of conspiratorial glenn
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beck style screeds like steven cohen who is the premier russia scholar in the u.s. and consequentially consequently the most demonized academic in the country he's the husband of katrina vanden heuvel who directs the nation and she was also branded by this writer falsely as an anti semite which is disgusting that article was taken down and you know in having like discussions with people who are smeared by this author i told them you know maybe the piece didn't get a lot of traction but the whole point of it is to label you as an extremist by the most reputable anti extremist organization in the country that's working with law enforcement and not only that i've seen reports that the southern poverty law center is part of a coalition of groups that are now vetting you tube videos and taking you tube videos offline so this is about censorship it is mccarthyism i can actually tell you that in some questions that i saw from this writer and he actually asked if i. have any connections to communists that was an actual question that he asked me in
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writing have you now or ever been reciprocally referring to the party of socialism of socialism and liberation which is a communist socialist party in the united states one year is that max what year is that what year we are living we are living in the year that the blacklist came back through russia again through which which i mean and all of this is interesting and i want to ask you this before we have a couple of minutes left but i want to ask you this in the port of thing there's other journalists out there who are able to call up the southern poverty law center and talk to the director but it's happening to a lot of other journalists and other reporters not just in the major ones like this what if vice do you have to best combat those kinds of blacklisting and things like what kevin the other journalists other bloggers other people out there who are suddenly seeing this come down on them what committed do to fight what what one reason this has happened to me is because so many journalists who know it's wrong aren't speaking up you know i had a journalist from the intercept if i can even call him a journalist murtaza hussein who actually said that my daddy funded
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a lawsuit against the southern poverty law center with no evidence at all totally false and nobody at the intercept said anything directly to him glenn greenwald defended me but i heard nothing from jeremy scahill who knows this is wrong i've seen him say nothing about this toxic campaign of smears to literally censor people who have opposed regime change in syria along with the rest of his colleagues and those are the people who you know many people on the left look to for these principled left wing views and they've been silent i don't know that so many people have been silent and it's because i think they're afraid they're they're afraid that they'll be nasty so we need to speak you know i got legal representation ultimately it cost me twenty dollars from bill moran and bill moran has defended other people who but we're going to go to speak and max thank you so much for coming on and talking about this to talk about this even longer but we're going to finish off the show but the. so whatever i was able to do things. seventy one
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percent of the earth is covered in water and yet we know more about the surface of the moon than the bottom of the ocean and its inhabitants what that is about to change or if a new robot developed by researchers at the massachusetts institute of technology lives up to its incredibly cool design in function or he's actually banks has more . and mighty researchers designed the software bought it fish known as sophie to solve many issues plaguing other robots place in the ocean for research purposes one of them in the issues is communication according to mit scientists radio waves are very successful in the water which it doesn't do much for underwater robots that are usually attached to a boat so instead of using radio waves sophia inventors have chosen to use sam according to robert katz men that lead author of the mit study says radio frequency communication underwater just a works for a few centimeters acoustic signals and water can travel for much longer and with much less energy consumption according to mit scientists through using sound divers
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will be able to pilot sophie from close to seventy feet away many aquatic robots a lack the ability to move swiftly and effectively most robots contain an electric motor which is usually clunky mit scientists describe the movement as stuttering which has become a major issue when trying to collect data there for sophie inventors have made sure sophia runs out of air or oil making for a smoother swim through the ocean and at times fish need to resume at certain depths of the ocean for whatever reason it's easy for fish to do this as they have a swim bladder which allows them to achieve it neutral buoyancy however many aquatic robots can achieve this making it hard to keep up with aquatic animals therefore thanks to an inventor sophie is equipped with its own swim bladder which is a cylinder that compresses and decompresses air with a piston castleman says the compartments that usually would be air tight we filled
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them with oil this allows sophie to reach depths of sixty feet since its internal pressure is controlled much better than other aquatic robots right now sophie is remote controlled but in the near future mit scientists are hoping a lauren handsome version of sophie would be able to use a machine of vision to lock on to an individual fish and follow them around without raising suspicion. we believe with like we've builds in this paper we will actually be able to get a different view on that credit life and also have a credit life have a different view on the arts because we can mimic emotional. to some extent and we have a different appearance to feel safe the way our fish moves as sophie proves to be successful it could help scientists better understand schooling dynamics and fish
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species living and on a healthy oceans and order to prevent things like extinction and washington actually banks are to. a lot of our show here today remember everyone in this world without told or loved it up so it's always wall i love you i robot in times have a while and keep watching those hawks of a great day and night everybody. desperate for a single purpose. they have a superman. they start training very young. eight months of intensive schooling. raps. and they save lives.
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lots of countries in europe to understand that russia is and take part of europe and you cannot think about prosperous europe and developing your report if you if you don't see russia being involved in all the european procedures. that russia is and why he's. has to be taken into account in saunas of course. i.
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don't use a ten thousand oil. three people are killed and sixteen. in a supermarket in the south of france a terrorist is intentionally shot dead by. the british prime minister. poisoning of a former spy. for punishment and some others that was the way forward. plus police arrest twenty eight england. head of the country's game against the netherlands later.


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