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tv   Sophie Co  RT  March 23, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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the person with the loudest voice of the biggest break in. to stand losing you just the right questions demand the right answer. the. question. welcome to sophie and co i'm sophie shevardnadze we're talking today to russian president vladimir putin's press secretary timothy pissed off we're talking to him about what this presidency will mean for russia and the world. so i got to ask you
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about the spy scandal in great britain there are three conspiracy theories. the most popular ones first one being that put in ordered the killing of this by to get some tough guy points before the elections the second one is that it's to secret services who did it without put knowing forget about the third one this two or the most popular one i don't even know which one is worse by the way was this third one it's something in between and between here but those are the two was mum of the ones that he ordered to get some time go point before the election well the third one was he ordered it to actually. provoke the west's reaction and he knew that the west reaction would be very hostile towards russia and that would further consolidate russian voters around put it in the third one which i think is the worst one is that put in didn't know but he secretary says just one and one along and executed. well. this is artificially constructed theorists.
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first we have to remember the starting point is the you know words of president putin that russia has nothing to do with this accident. this is number one number two. we're not speaking about. attempt to murder to murder a russian spy in great britain we're speaking about attempt to murder a british spy in great britain she was a british spy he's a british he's not a russian spy well his daughter is a russian citizen well he's a russian citizen but you know the russians but he was handed in to britain as a result of exchange so why issued russia and in a manner that is of any importance or any value it's unimaginable so even if he's had it in so russia quits with him. he is of zero value of
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zero importance. go ahead so this is number one number two. words of president putin. where not as crazy as to is to even to think about something of that kind. before presidential elections and before such important event global event as. for the temperature. number three the first blaming. came from politicians just a couple of hours after the accident a couple of hours after the accident where heard first blaming of russia that i likely russia was responsible of that murder of attempted murder. and now what we
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see we see words of experts and experts of organization four or four. p.c. w. . that say that the preliminary examining of this agent will take about three weeks is it contradictory yes it is. then well in general why russia well russia why to blame russia you know it's maybe it's a very rude comparison especially in this situation i don't think that anything can be bigger it can be ruder than their reality but nonetheless just imagine moscow city car accident. there is a victim of the car accident and we see what was the car and the car was a british me car let's say range rover. just imagine that myself or foreign ministry spokeswoman makes a statement that they the man was killed by
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a british made car you corrected in center of moscow and highly likely a prime minister of prime minister of great britain may be responsible of the murder i mean the police trees eating trees that many likely it's like easier to smuggle british made car into another country than a russian made bomb twenty one i mean why do you think that if it could have been a russian made bone or russian made agent here saying we don't know truth well russia. has completed. destroying of all chemical arsenal arsenal of chemical weapons and it was confirmed by international observers what is your version of what happened. then are we anything we want to have a version and will we want to have
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a version as a result of pressures taking part in this investigation at least receiving some data it was in some information. you would probably. notice that. the briefing in the foreign minister for. foreign masters or various countries. we haven't seen ambassador of great britain there have been written and questions in this case why shouldn't british masseur come and listen the answers so as if they're asking questions. not willing to get any answers as if the us ask questions having a judgment priority so this is extremely unfair this is extremely
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contradictory with international law international principles of behavior and diplomacy. so this is unwillingness to see the and to see the reality of the reality i mean the absence of chemical weapons in russia and it's not russia's judgment it's a judgment of international organisation relevant international organisation so this is it so i agree it's unfair the way you put it but. what's russia going to do i mean or he's going to you know step back and not say anything not explain anything which is going to leave the ball well of course no one really expects on no one should expect russia to cede. to seat and keep silence against such a craziness and in such an aggressiveness and predictability of course russia will pursue its goals russia will defend its interests and russia will well
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unser every step of the entire russian origin and russia will definitely continue to explain itself. it is doing every day you see all the all the discussions all the explanations coming from. responsible ministers everything that can be sad. as a theory. is improper. you know i'm not a poet or just i'm not a. journalist. to throw any any theories in. any motives. we have to be very responsible against this and this is really very dangerous for all of us. usage of agent of nerve. in europe this is
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a danger for all of us this was attempt of killing of russian citizens. by the way i don't know if mr scrip all steel still has a russian citizenship but his daughter definitely. so. and russia is a country of course it's neat needs to receive information about the state of health of its citizens. there was this is needed on british soil. this is completely you know this is completely unfair. to mention about any slightest possibility of russia's being involved and. we're going to take a break right now while it come back we'll continue talking to you russian president's press secretary of state.
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when gold make its manufacture to sentenced him to public wealth. when the roman closest project themselves. with the famous larry go round lifts only the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room see. the real news is. the world. well you know the cars they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates
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there's a lot. of them there in the smaller boats next to the hard pool of ships and it's still. might not be down to. the little self to be told fish already ninety percent of the dot and it won't be calmer. qantas fifteen scoops seventy five tons trying to do it several times a day with a big fleet so no you get an idea of why the ocean. we have to understand we cannot stay still and just. be within this of the deal going on because. i'm doing this because i want the future world to the future generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have.
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joined me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to get us out of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then. when else shows seem wrong. rowles just don't call. me old that is yet to shape out these days it comes to agitate and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. how does it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is one business model helps to run
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a prison now we do is do or don't like is there no radio visitation i don't know one comes in anymore we don't have to serve them anymore is cost effective that's what they want to do that as long as they don't give a damn if you do the chores or not they're actually paying to put it back into the good the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the u.s.n. bridge what secret is behind such success. times about email back of the attack you might even want to get. them but i think. that again and i mean i in my mind i'm an attorney and i know god. intended me to attack him for. those things is that image is consistent if you want . to. build
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a better natural gate at the me i don't see any light city because he. thinks it is. hopeful it can't think. now we're back you're watching so franco we're talking to a russian president's press secretary. i want to have to shortly about trump and
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put relationship because i know that the two men don't have hostilities on a personal level trump has said many times that he actually likes putin and he would like to mend ties with russia but every time he tries to do something there is such an outrage whether it's from congress or from the media that like it seems almost impossible so does it mean that no matter who the united states president is there will be no did hand between washington and moscow well we hope for the better . as there is a very strong necessity and. maintain between washington and moscow when we have similar it's like in syria. korean peninsula in various other regions of the world it needs it needs. russia america and
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cooperation. unfortunately we see that not all the borders of power in the united states are of that opinion and yes we've heard lots of statements coming from the american president. saying that he would like to solve existing problems between us two through dialogue that is totally supported by his russian counterpart mr putin . but. we know that some people in the congress. and they are of different opinion. i do not know. to what extent. balance of powers in the united states and it's not our business we cannot interfere and there was affairs and we don't have slightest slightest wish to interfere in that situation to what extent that balance of power can. affect the future of our relationship but
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we are still we're still considered their most important statements by the by the president of the united states. and we do hope that there will be a chance for president putin and president trump to sit down together sooner or later and to discuss existing problems we know that president trump has made a phone call to president putin he conveyed to aid him. despite. what was written in various newspapers by congress on this issue calling you a julie so he called him and they have reached an understanding that they have to come together and they decided to instruct their foreign minister lavrov and. michael now what do you think of his appointment him replacing tillerson i know you've said that you can't possibly go below ground zero so do you think that good
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things could get better with michael pale at the helm of the senate. we know that he's very experienced person is a tough night he's tough guy he's experienced person in international affairs. he knows international affairs from. different angles not from mango of diplomacy. but but. you know it's important to work with all the cone or. i mean you can sometimes you can you can find common grounds for discussions with quite unexpected people do you know your card to part of the white house i mean you've been with one for like. ten years and before. great you know and like before that you worked in a presidential pool. even more than ten years for somebody that i mean like obama changed his secretary i think four times trump in one year like four times or two times bush five times i don't know what kind of like when jeopardy portion here.
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but do you know your counterpart in america well yes fortunately our presidents are not meeting frequently so this way we don't have reason to contact each other frequently but but. you know when they have meetings and they had two meetings they had meetings in germany and wherever. and also there were some contacts and. we had some contacts from michael and. so no detail but but at least we know him so. you mentioned in the beginning of the interview and everyone noticed how put. within to making calley said about you some time though you as you put it say. did you take it seriously or was it like a joke when we were you like whoa where did that come from well every joke of the president carries a very important very serious very deep. understanding well this is.
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pretty if president criticizing you even seriously how do you have to take an indirect. but you know every every prosecutor in this world. we just sometimes. get work but it's and i would jokes put aside there is something that i want to talk to you about for instance i know like when i listen to putin then he jokes it's funny i mean listen russia russian language is really funny and when he says what he is funny and i remember the panel with meghan palli when you know he was very tough and you know were thinking it was so cool and then it was good is good yeah and then it was translated into english and it just didn't make any sense i mean the jokes didn't make any sense and he's winning isn't making this and i just realize that everything that he says a we think is so cool is completely lost in translation when it's translated into
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different languages i mean that mentality gap that even further why didn't you know you were different you know president putin is russian. he's russian and he's making his choice dogs as russian and. when. when they're not. interpret it correctly it's rather a problem of misinterpretation. and sometimes times yes with. different cultures different cultures sometimes we cannot understand jokes coming from this same head oh yeah when we translate executor's jokes or prisoners jokes it doesn't make any sense in russian either it sounds more cynical it's you know it's nation of speciality is it it's basically this pre-show it is and it's rather it's rather our again to cap and explaining our own president i consider it to be to be our mishandling of
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information to do things that we have done more careful we have to be more creative in explaining those jokes because that i mean i feel like that drives the gap between the mentalities even further because you're like oh wow what is he talking about well you are you know it's like the british sense of humor sometimes it's very. hard to understand. so tell me something you've been with the president for a long time i mean it's only human that in eighteen years either you get tired getting annoyed or you get angry and you're like i want to leave did you ever feel like he was close to being like i want to go i can't do this anymore you see. when if you if you want to go and if you continue to work. first of all it's. unfair towards your boss. and you have to be fair and if you would work with the
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outstanding person they put him on to my or not you know most do you really want to do your feel like he ever want to leave he does i'm a human point yes i think he does and i was. no i don't think so i don't think. he's got a huge. understanding of what to do would make this country better. and he sees better. than everyone in this country and the scope of the problems. you know as the problems of. different regions you know as the problems of people working in different spheres of economy of civil servants you know is a kludge problems you know his problems of production problems of health care of social insurance and so on and so forth but it is same times he understands what
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can be the way the way of solving this problem and i can feel it working. next to him. that it's a huge drive for him so it's a huge drive for himself combined with sense of responsibility and that's why you never want to read him this is a great chance for our country this is a great chance for our country and a great chance and a great challenge for him and that's why you never want to leave him because that was going to manage such an. experience some deliverable unprecedented experience and i can hardly imagine any other positioning in this world. that brings such an experience to you we're going to ask you last question about twitter i know that you and couldn't and mostly all of russia's government with the exception of me today you aren't very.
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tech pro i mean you're very conservative guys but this twitter thing and the whole social media thing is really changing the paradigm of how politics works and how diplomacy works and how media worms yes it is and i mean we're all smiling or laughing at trump waiting until you know he's meeting with the north korean leader and you know maybe it's fair to say that twitter did its very share in that meeting it's really changing the whole construction of how politics and diplomacy works are you guys not considering going on twitter or going to social. all the tasks of the logical breakthrough of this country they should be also a task of a broader usage of social media. in explaining state affairs to the world to number one our own citizens and number two to the world mr pisco
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thank you very much for this interview all the best of luck. fifteen years ago this month the united states and its so-called coalition of the willing to legally invaded in occupied iraq and iraq continues to grapple with that fateful decision many call the invasion of iraq a blunder should we call it what it really is a crime. that spreads for
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a single purpose. they have a superpower. they start training very young. eight months of intensive school. raps. and they save lives. i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the superman each kill you narrowness and spending to twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so
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well with. the base. the most expensive fish in the will. attend. continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good. for much larger. we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not and is not cleared for long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes in. reality. people. and they're willing to trade their physical body in exchange for the
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promise of immortality because remember we've shifted from the physical to. the physical plane. for gravity. for a plurality. in a gravitational. reality or heaven as some may call it.
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three people are killed in. north korea.


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