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tv   Sophie Co  RT  March 23, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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it sounds tending country with its own traditions historical traditions and historical mood of people who have to face any pressure coming from outside the unite they unite and unite around this strong leader. this happened numerous times during our history and of course partly it is happening no because when you when you see unprecedented pressure when you see even craziness coming from some countries you understand what i mean. well people people cannot tolerate it they resist and resisting they unite iran strongly and. the russian constitution limits the president to two consecutive terms now when put in was asked about what he's going to do he said i'm not going to change the constitution yet yet being the keyword well actually he never said that he never said them well of course you have to be very precise when you quote. what was
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examined otherwise you will say that you are myself. do you take it seriously i mean seriously he said no no he said the question was. have you ever thought are you planning a constitutional reform in this country. because international. and he said not yet but it's not about changing constitution or its constitutional reform is more complicated thing but he said not yet and you have to be precise in voting so you never did it before you never did it in the year of two thousand and eight and he was enjoying again overwhelming support of the people of this country and. presumably should you want that in the year of two thousand and eight he would have easily done that to change the constitution and just the constitution in accordance
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with his own political perspectives he never did that and we don't have any slater's reason not to believe him not to trust him not to think that he is not going to just constitution in accordance with his personal political will and the only thing that he's pursuing the only good is go over ensuring a prosperity arising prosperity of the people of this country stability of this country and. well economical breakthrough of this conflict so just to precise when he meant no constitutional reform yet he meant that maybe they will become traditional reform but it wouldn't be tied to his personal staying or not staying in power is that what you're saying well of course ok of course all right i know that after elections i get president this term is going to be focusing on internal affairs are going to focusing on anything that's going on economy. what would that
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mean for the foreign policy that isolate russia in their further from the rest of the world you know to the contrary to the contrary. russia and president putin is looking for. repairing relationship where it is possible. and looking for developing and furthering relationship with. various countries especially our partners in europe. with the united states and. proceeding in those in this development as far. as i read it. the foreign policy as far as i can interpret it. in putting his understanding. the main purpose of foreign policy and international relations is to ensure a comfortable environment for implementing of domestic topps tasks. so he's
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quiet he's quiet. understandable in his domestic tasks he's got quite a clear plan of development and understanding of policemen or a task of secondary tosk and so on and so forth so what he needs he needs a support from diplomacy to ensure a comfortable environment we've got a lot of questions about whether there is a room for a man your ring between west and russia and there is a place for creative diplomacy but first i want to ask you about us and what we did and the consequences raised and when the president was addressing the nation he unveiled new weapons to the world and said that no one has this kind of weapons they're the best the fastest and he said now the world will listen why do we need to show weapons in order for the world to listen to us and we do not have other
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means to get our message across. well he's been trying to. present his message across since the year of two thousand and two with an industry i don't remember exactly right now but one united states abandon the treaty of. missile defense. that was a very very serious threat. for. a nuclear deterrence. and this is a basic basic element of international stability and security. and since then. russia founded. as a state being under siege. of attempts. of neutralizing its nuclear potential nuclear capabilities
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thus in danger in the existence of nuclear deterrence. the only way and despite sending. sending signals of an acceptance of this process. proposing various compromises proposing corporation in ensuring international stability unfortunately our country failed to me teresa prosody. and as a result as a result the only way was to show that in any case in any case despite all the efforts of contador and counterparts in this story despite their continuous efforts to build the entire. entire shilled. russia would be capable of ensuring. mutual deterrence system to feel like this is
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working showing that we have the best defense in the world's yes definitely yes we can elaborate. you know well if you analyze the reaction coming from. responsible members of international society. you will see that the reason a certain understanding understanding of necessity or urgent negotiations on international security and and. well and even design them well trump just complained recently after a phone call to moscow that this arms race is getting out of hand out of whose hands. well we know that we know that. nuclear weapons a main not to be used they are made to protect. and the
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main purpose of existence of nuclear weapons is not to be used. so they protect and they ensure stability and they sure this balance. but we're not only two countries carrying nuclear weapons nuclear potential for other countries. countries that are about to become nuclear powers or countries who are endangering the world to become nuclear powers countries that might have been already might have become already nuclear powers. we all know that and all these can lead to a change of balance and that is extremely dangerous and it needs cooperation between leading nuclear powers to ensure a process of nonproliferation to cooperate in well in the in strategic stability but i think when he manned the arms race is getting out of hand he really just
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meant russia and the united states and you know i was asked this question when i was in america and i thought it was kind of funny because there is such a discrepancy in russia's military budget and america's military budgets i mean there were like seven hundred billion dollar budget with like eighty billion just bonus this year and all of our budget is going to be reduced yet so how. anyone will talk about it arms race seriously. wrong of course we cannot compare our military spending hours. so we were in five. in five years we're going to spend less than three percent of g.d.p. for military for military defense purposes and for. production purposes it cannot be compared to the spend eight years of the united states. but but i would like to remind you of the latest statements of president with russia is not
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going to be. to be driven into a. race it does not correspond with the president putin's. merrily go of domestic economic development and domestic breakthrough in economy so we go and president we all do not need. and it was confirmed and declared by president putin and this is the main declination that we have to take into account we're going to take a short break right now when we come back we're going to continue talking to me to be scoffed russian president's press secretary talking about everest think at rest is between russia united states and europe we're talking about the media wars and much more stay with us.
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let's take. a. look at the rest. of the. record. the far right. isn't just on the march it's taking violent my daughter's action i don't quite believe that you know you and i see these organizations which are all usually split into which we feel different names how do you view that.
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complex web of british fashion. the most expensive fish in the world each one is selling for but tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only a remnant of a much larger mission was once there and that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we have a catastrophe. and
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we're back with me the peace corps freshman president's press secretary mr b. school when mrs meghan kelly asked him about whether wearing a new cold war were not present and dismissed it as propaganda he said you know anyone who is saying that reich and rush are at the new cold war. that's part of propaganda but when you really look at the facts right i mean. there are troops on russia's border and they're getting closer and closer russia is creating new weapons there's a huge media war going on between the countries accusations flying back and forth especially towards russia with the poisoning and the meddling in the elections what is it then it's not a cold war. what is it that what's happening between american immersion right now
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saying we're witnessing a lot of elements of cold war and unfortunately we're seeing more and more of called war in orange and we're facing it in international relations. we face. well. let me say it's. not all the countries are comfortable with grazing russia. but the rising russia russia with the leadership of president put a human baby has did by now it's been eighteen years now well the more russia is rising the more on comfortable they feel and the more tough. they start to behave in international relations and in this type of behavior there really. is international law the basics of international relations for. free trade and commerce regime there are really two two and they're ready to forget
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about. both fair fair trade they're there ready to forget about w t o. they're really to forget about every rules when they want to suppress russian why and this is why the famous words of craziness we're going to to to make them pay czar pay the price you know it's like maniacs russia why russia i mean there is china i mean it's rising much faster and much more it's in comparable there's no comparison to russia how fast you know china is rising i mean india much less but still there are so many other countries that are rising whether we talk about human rights what they accuse us off i mean that comparable what happens in russia in those countries rate in comparable but is the russia that's them a nice in terms of even rising they're rising much faster than russia why is it that the russia is always the infernal enemy. well i don't think i can explain it
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in couple words it's a very complicated. completed. that needs much more deeper analysis i think it's comes from history if you see through history russia was was treated as a rival as an enemy for what's of interest. so you just listen there are some selling some would say some of the only airing i am some remaining in ninety two good western countries towards russia coming from from that time but it does mean that all the countries in the west that they share this philosophy lots of countries in europe then the stand that russia is and take a good part of europe and you cannot think about prosperous europe and developing europe if you if you don't see russia being involved in all the european processions. that russia is one of these. has to be taken into account and so on
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and so forth so it's. we cannot say that this angry attitude is an overwhelming one it is very serious unfortunately but but there are some voices that see sober voices coming from from various regions of the world i think i thing this angry voice is overwhelming if we talk about it the united states i mean i have and i lived in a country for ten years i love the country but i have never ever encountered and seen anything like that this is a russian mysterio you know the perfect use of the brainwashing system i want to talk to you about that because i feel like the main difference between the cold war now in the britain doesn't like this as a term to describe what's going on now and the cold war then the actual cold war is the media war because now we have the media on both sides and to be fair like i think we should take you know fair share of the blame here because what you have is
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that everything is out in the open back then there are rules of the of the game you know like some boundaries that either side rarely crossed right now with the media putting it out everything there is what president think or say what journalists think or say what a citizen ever average citizen things or says that really. makes it and takes that the animosity to a whole new level attention to the people's level which was never there before i mean soviet union and america there were ideological enemies but the people never hated each other they hated each other assistance right some which longed for all things western and vice versa right now what we have is this hatred on peoples level which and i think the media is to blame for that do you feel like this media war this unfiltered media war is really adding to this animosity between extremely well people people or. need to gainst this media wars
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they are victims they fail victims of this media wars and. they cannot create their own point of view they cannot be known or of their own attitude. so they are being. motivated but they are being driven into a certain wave of emotions without even understanding them and they not they simply cannot have any objective approach towards these or that event towards these or that country. is a huge machine walk. what happened during let's say last. three or four decades. anglo-saxon media they started to rule the world
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economically commercial media and also political media i mean media from the united states great britain. their most powerful their most influential and they have. the widest possible reach in the world globally and of course this feeling of monopoly. so if it brings it brings it will to manipulate this monopoly so you can you can use this monopoly is a tool of delivering your point of view whether it is right or wrong it doesn't matter you can adjust it in accordance with situation. to simply to manipulate the brains of people throw the world. and this is why a strongly opposed oppose. appearance of any rivals even small rivals like r t in comparison would you say were also our say was that pretty well for the past they hired i sincerely believe that size doesn't matter
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here. it can be small but you can do much much much more influential things that that is what you are doing and that is what makes the very nervous it was just me and it's only a monarchy that ending to be irreverent for them and this rivalry can ruin the system of brainwash. this is the reality do you feel like this media or should you know be put down a notch a little bit maybe maybe even if of course maybe someone should say from the top you guys take it easy get it out i am with mike i would like to to remind you that russian side through diplomatic channels through various channels have. proposed contacts with different partners in the world in western europe and the united states to. cooperate in cyber terror.
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against cyber terror to cooperate in joint competent. informational fakes and so on and so forth no answer. silence announcer so no no one would cooperate that is here and then as a result as a result will see all of a sudden willingness of anglo-saxon media to enjoy the details of disaster. the disaster happening in. happening in aleppo. and pay no attention to disaster happening in iraq for example so when it comes to actions of correlation. and planes and coalition bombing
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hundreds tens of thousands of dead people and dead bodies laying there on bird they don't pay any attention you wouldn't find any trace of information on their time about it and i say yes in anglo-saxon media why because it's the purpose is different the purpose is not to be objective. whatever happened to the culture of the spirit because i run with reagan he hated so that you knew you never made a secret that he wanted to break it up but he went to the trouble to learn all this so the joke so he controlled is so it accordingly. now what you get like this rhetoric back and forth it just so desolating i mean the latest coming from the british defense minister just go away and shut up what happened to me britain britain is a different story you know it's still in general what happened to this culture of dispute. is gearing getting lower and lower unfortunately.
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what we see is a country of byron and shakespeare a country of condo a country that used to be a brilliant empire. with the with. immense believe he could traditions traditions of diplomacy and so on and so forth it turned into a country where where where. politicians are are making well let me just say irresponsible statements. this is a problem it's a reflection of very hostile. policy unpredictability. and this is the reality that we have to face and this is the reality that we have to face we have to minimize the can sequence is over this unfortunate reality for our country and we have to ensure using all possible diplomatic and political methods we have to minimize the consequences for or country and to ensure the
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conditions for our domestic purposes is suitable and comfortable. about that and much more in the second half of our program we'll talk about whether u.s. russia relations can get better and if put in jokes and the things that he says are lost in translation when it comes to western media. fifteen years ago this month the united states in its so-called coalition of the willing to illegally invaded in occupied iraq and iraq continues to grapple with that fateful decision many call the invasion of iraq a blunder should we call it really is
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concept fifteen scoops seventy five tonnes they do it several times a day with a clean collar you get an idea why ocean is full. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be witness of the field going to zero. i'm doing this because i want the future world to the future can generations to have out and enjoy the ocean we have. matched geysers financial survival guide liquid assets not those that you can convert into caste quite easily. to keep in mind no assets them into a place of. record.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're after caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry for me i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not please a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this was a different person to speak to now as there are no other takers. to blame that mainstream media has met its maker.
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time about email but of the entire body maybe even what exactly out of them but let it get out on a big. battle going to be my mom come to me i dunno god don't go walking they go there to be. a living legend to a dead give me a name a billion disadvantaging to say so if you want. a little better natural a good job you may as well say get a life city became a. pig you say to a world singing a country kid boys ha ha is a loud oh. god
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how our. god. feed gunman in the south of france hijacked a car and take hostages in a supermarket killing three people the terrorist later died in a shootout with police. twenty eight england football fans are arrested in amsterdam during street clashes ahead of a match against the netherlands. president trump picks john bolton as his new national security adviser white house veteran has previously backed military action against north korea and iran.


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