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this link stan calling all show is in dubai in the united arab emirates warlike qatar hosts the next world called abu dhabi owns manchester city in many football clubs across the world and is home to some of the world's biggest football academies let's explore. football is a huge vehicle in this region because the things he's here there isn't is i think. this football industry because we are a little bit late if you compare to europe here is is like they just come out with . the organization for for like in europe for football. i think everyone every year likely star for each club here. and they open
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their own academy for example. my partner he was telling me none but when he finished i make spain qatar now when he was finished he would come here in a really open to me for him to me than these older players when they come here and they open they try to find. a place and to open their whole like i mean we have the license of the club there was playing before because it was more easy to set up all the states here. and through press conferences invited to storm a show and stand in the front. and it's going to live as twenty two simple from across the world. delighted to be joined one of the three for living legends we've been looking. pele on the show and recently that little food. for you here in do you pointed out. very pleased to be here because. and then buses
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off international and thirteen tournaments invited by the chills i was so very pleased because the have to promote this kind of events for the kids how important is it. the kids gets access to great coaches great facilities we started playing football in a very different sawing it's quite incredible to think that if the facilities that these young players will get supplied how important is it for them in their development i think is. is very helpful for the development of the group member in the game but of course result is very important too that you're going to need to work hard every day in the wood to the question that's where you have in your life and you know our values and what you want to achieve is very useful to what you think about your country man christiane a renowned off the world cup this year while there's always the. goal there is to do better than the last time no the best result to be had in the world cup is
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always very very tough because it's the best the nations that to me are playing in this competition and the different cultures through the different styles of football it's not like when you're playing and europe so i think is is difficult i hope that the christian know after so long season can be in shape and in conditions to try to do a great for the world cup well to do is one of the world's great one hundred living players played in the obviously the two thousand and two. disappointment for portugal going tonight six and then you type in the next world cup in the semifinal as a captain as a lead as the focal points of it seems. important to have that strong mentality just to help and guide your team forwards well i think you have four ways to sink that you can then achieved. victory achieved the trophy achieved to the
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final because if you don't believe on that is better than start to the competition not be that if you know that is is very very hard and difficult to win but i think it seems i start to blame the national team. one off the things that my generation brother the change in in the in the nation national team was their mentality because how do you do that i don't know i think because all day all the players in that time probably day they have their mentality to play in big teams in foreign next. leeks that helps you and give you the experience and of course the competition to and to play and that at that level and of course is the pence off each one the personality of the characters and the way you want to win finally if you will don't win they will cook this year we'll favorites to win but i
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think my favorites german brazil. spain france have a good team too but. i i met fota for germany of course because they're the ones who always a cheer the finals and they have the experience and used in this competition really it's great to see you that's right see you in defeat by looking very well you can still fight it with a national save me that's fair. thank you ready to see it again. so we're here at the burj khalifa the world's tallest building the free fall will cook trophy we first saw it the type before exact only monumental it's all over the world the free will you see him in spirit we also got to eat at the world cup droll in moscow. in december it stopped no fear of the people of the middle east all
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absolutely nothing at all all around the world the trophies being it's got many many more balls to go until it gets the bush nicky stadium the faltering of june two thousand and eighteen when russia place and your idea. can you start to feel the excitement now building around the tournament spending of course in russia this year we are still very sad in zero five and do you know me not an exaggeration the idea told you in our previous interviews that russian people realize that in the war in toulon the well. coronaries and guess drum roll of the world and don't forget that the men in this family feel that this is easy to discrimination and i would like to leave on the time they do you guys don't need it was that you have only funny the best for them to de camp which i always repeat because i think it's going to be useful for sound was a problem they didn't see
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a ball dead before. so we here in dubai for a few days to see the show and salgado his dream of an intercontinental gold between under twelve teams me events us round trip ball salonga and little pool come to reality. droids whatever you go you're ok during the course of history no one wants really lost so all right so what's the problem. have you seen it grow i mean obviously all of the big clubs want to come to the emirates because it's now a big powerhouse generic financial powerhouse will also have to use abby saying the game growth area in the last five or six years a lot of you did the good thing is that they have to realize in the past they were used to what they were mistake and they want to make up. a name of good league by bringing in the players with a little face again. they would be they would be in the frame to believe and that's
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what they wanted to know through you know the people talking about locally the no is different now they realized that the hub in those names if they don't read the expertise in into the initial war they need romo you know it's a gold star as you know as a sport is very different so now with they're starting to realize that they are going to say you know professionalism is very minimal you know they are realizing that even in that was grassroots. do you want a different challenge from the much money you know you guys try to change the image i mean and i see you know for the first time we are trying to organize the french league with experts and local teams in the past it was impossible to foresee they would never allow us academies with expos playing locally now they are doing it and we are trying to organize know from the big leagues you know in their own country.
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i have the countries find it in terms of having this kind of competition i mean obviously most enjoy. twelve year old kids playing against africans and i usually. make some of. it would have been couple when i was twelve years of i don't know any games kids enough to do something about it if it is that you go to eat you go to england maybe it's not the kind of surprised that the reason is to protect you the way you know when to get leverage premier. wasn't difficult because you know that people in their immediate can do want to play with but. his hands on everything and i think they have to be very. you need to find a balance you know to allow people to go something especially of course because otherwise you just end the line against your own country you never develop and that's why england are problems. along with the k. from the school to force you know for things like that. like in this in this pain
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no. disease no only you know development. you know what i thought was right no big deal to remedy the goal alone sixteen be on the cliff on the fifteenth but it's one of. the things that they've been to school it's already where you know when they when they compete at the highest level they go the full are from this school you don't choose to leave school and become part of the learning process of the law and it's you know that's why you want remedy and the best place in remedying that's all you want what you sign is there are huge differences between even european countries i know some colleagues are a lot more open than others to me. i mean the world via i spoke to you meant to say nice i mean what you know and i want to be invited to money. and the thing is that we can spend as much. as i do going to go with you know my base on his face and the no they go out everything ok that's sorted out to them and i got on the plane. like
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fifteen two of them and. you know across the globe everyone to watch. somebody. i. said some of the english clubs they want to. put the problem. rules regulations. against foreign kids in different countries in spite. of the celta vigo playing fifteen sixteen to one of it's a yeah against african kids against asian kids that can only be good not just from a sporting development book culturally phrasings already have fifteen minutes of just being a real. one goalie call goalkeeper was a little fellow was messy messy got the front may see coming.
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hanson olam old kongs it is the spanish team that won you see a little money toss up three kids to spanish team but you see all the kids there involved in the academy success lots of me she's all for competition succeed team positive values that song to show we are real men michelle sell gado it was now time to think oh just heats i'm living a dream on everyone's white coat from christiane a renowned author it's a it's a theme even in professional dressing rooms on the stone calling will show would bring to know why it would bring to iceland if you remember. managers pull quotes from flyers to inch five applies from the greit since the site kids see everyone reading it's all quite full i slate football i'm grateful i'm not a monster i am just caution.
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lots of countries in europe to understand that russia is and take a good part of europe and you cannot think about prosperous europe and developing europe but if you if you don't see your russia being involved in the european proceeds it's. that russia is royce. has to be taken into account and so innocence more. desperate for a single purpose. of the supermoon. plaistow training very young. eight months of intensive school. rats. and they save lives.
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preserving their soul reality ran training now fazer people uploading their minds to it and they're willing to trade their who's a cold body in exchange for the promise of immortality because remember as we've shifted from the physical to the spiritual i guess you could god we've also lost all values associated with the physical plane they all respect for gravity dollar spec for a plurality of ethics and now been reinserted in a gravitational list ethical list valueless back you moral turpitude which is now the new reality or heaven as some may call it.
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oh it's cool he's got some skill i'm going to tell me to be the friend of all all. the kong quite much you would feel like when i was twelve years of age i was playing a balky preachy just against local teams something could have been the most excited kid in the world a father for a fight against rock which you could i just well one credible. there you go do you get off on camera the calling.
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how important is it for kids aged twelve to we played together in intercontinental tournament yeah i think you think you're a great disappearance for the kids to play how do you guys that come from all of their work throws that play and probably another for both so they can improve on how we can improve with them so it's important i think for them because the other kids very excited to be here yes of course it is a. very big opportunities for us and fifty schools for me to those counties to me that i don't wait to play football either way to. play the. mets and i think he's been the difficulty and then we hope that the. day they were
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. looking forward to. so we can we can manipulate school program around. the. whole of the just with those with. maybe four or five. goals. when we do the final. so we can.
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we can we can get. what i mean we. usually. during. travel. for so when we come up rule. to play. games with what we want to when you want to. want to. stop and for selection and choosing the right time to kids on an issue and the only way things get just becomes a little bit different. we might choose to. try and win something. so we've got to make sure
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stuff and clever. we don't use the plus english thing you know the big strong and always with weak we can't be counted off of. oh. to be joined by everything legend is a guy you play in the world. tournament and then the next couple months you know. from boy to man in one so how important was you for cole to go into the mines john but i mean you know more important things for my. own friends than opening something about it up with a set of elbow cool because i said it i mean professional. boys. get out of and he qualifies he said but i want to show that i'm a local said to feel much but i think the. n.f.l. both more important than me that laid out of almost one of the d.c.m.
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but i don't like being told up or fish and i need. to get away and finally you know french football very well i'm agin team football very well. do you want you guys did in ninety nine so yeah i'm kind of you know missing out to ease incredible trophy winning the world. this was the feeling that he sounded on this if you look me quite a while it's. still in the low may see the law to allow those who have invested agonies my old well why let it get me many a machine on it on the most on the loading more important on this. they all said i'm going to do something else a lot of people are rushing on this you know what i mean by the only people thank you very much for joining us thank you thank you very much. would you move to see. some guy. i think so if you take the possibility in all in that it's
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from the top. or here on the y. ordering charge or other merit we talked about last months there was a. what to call it every other month and once with the plane with. why you'd sooner because the facility was to meet me in the stadiums i just want that sixty five to sixty thousand to take up all this the facility different needs make the apply and all the embedded one day it's easy to host the world cup. how would you find the first three days of the tournament one measurement to be honest i think with all three what we wanted is different than his i mean the best ins compete in india for the entire world we're going as we go it's either you venters liverpool we was find his money about from the feds up. al-ali which is one of the biggest guys in that war just so so big you know cows read all russian and
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it's always real for me this is a rhythm to it because when i arrived to the wide net i five years ago. it was like a desert you know and there were only fishes in the i was the guy that was what was the whole thing was this was there you know i wanted to bring out a really booming in the in the grass roots in the u.a.e. i know that they like the organisation they like you. know professionalism so when it came to me i want to change things and i think you know they're realizing that we can change the rules and the only way to change things he's telling you the kids with the best ones. because how exciting it all you to play in this tournament that i need to be looking after me especially when i've been is that i don't know that the fact that he had a show skin and just has a specific strain with each of them being through that. a stern message and.
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one on one which is really important to get to them to get back on that experience with what you think your boys have learned a lot of things that you know the first thing to shape you know are when they play i want to defend b. i know how to read beyond the ball transitions in you know talking to find the most important depression you know what. they need to know when they are winning when you listen how john the games. how do under the pressure. it's all down the street around the game but you see i think for him for most of them is the first time they call you know this times before you know it shall be and. you know the rest of the teams when they see the remedy but i don't know how you feel if it's something different as well saul apart from the technical part of course because you know the rocks which they need to know. when they are you know on the one in your life when
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they. you know. so the strengths or the strength of the. opponents are different obviously so many technical things but i just wonder how many competitive michel thank you.
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i. think it's a quite incredible sport that we have and it's incredible powerful things so congratulations to you for bringing much so many people together thank you so much thank you michel i tell you thank you. rule. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's
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a huge star and a huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the shuttle with you and we'll show the great game the grid to get you out of the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one i was also appreciated me to just say the review the aussie team's latest edition to make up a bigger need to look. just manufacture come sentenced to public will. when the ruling classes
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protect themselves. with the financial merry go round of lives and be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. the more you leave. fifteen years ago this month the united states in its so-called coalition of the willing to meekly invaded in occupied iraq and iraq continues to grapple with that fateful decision many call the invasion of iraq a blunder should we call it when it really is a crime. well you know the fires they were kind of adopted because we were called pirates for so long. i mean they're in the small boats next to the hard pool of ships and it's.
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not something and. the little self to be told fish already ninety percent of the dots need to fall on the collar and. conduct fifteen scoops seventy five tons true and they do it several times a day with a big fleet now you get an idea on why the ocean is full of shit. we have to understand we can not stay still and just. be witness the deal going through the hours. i'm doing this because i want them for the future world to the future can generations to have and enjoy the ocean we have. a. global war hawk still you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the
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chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that still apply to sox protocol you get the beat gossip the tabloids are file for the most important news today. the hottest of advertising telling you are not cool enough and listed by their products . it's all the hawks that we along with all those. the most expensive fish in the world each one is selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only a much larger mission was one that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our
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system is not suited and is not cleared for long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophes that we have. a gunman in the south of france hijacked a car and takes hostages in a supermarket killing three people the terrorists later died in a shootout with police. ninety eight football fans are arrested in amsterdam during street clashes head of a match against the. police reveals the moment officers fatally shooting an unarmed black man in california after mistaking his cellphone for a gun.


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