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tv   News  RT  March 25, 2018 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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and there was a coalition of small extreme right wing groups on the fringes of british politics it specialized in provocative marches in immigrant areas only whites were allowed to join britain is know whether you like it or not i happen to like it. a multi-racial country. but even if you don't like it it's too late to do anything about that as well first i don't agree that it's a multi racial country integration hasn't taken place to a significant extent and it's for this reason i don't really have noticed but on television advertisement over the last year or so every single advertisement involving people has got black people in it asian people in it as well as whites and particularly insidiously in my view they're showing including in furniture and bedding advertisement. black and white couples. in we are
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insidiously being got at they're hoping that nature will follow out and that if they create an illusion of an actuality of integration and race mixing and miseducation that that's how the public will follow it when the mood is indicated that they're not the national front trying to give itself a democratic really standing in local and national elections with no success. it's part of the overwhelming rage and an anger felt by many black on muslim communities that they were british citizens and a first class democracy living third class lives being subject to the most horrendous violence. i get the impression that black people are deeply unhappy here and that kids are murdering each other at
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a frightful right here they're not settling in they're not happy and i think people are unhappy outside their own culture their own society it's not making happiness for us either. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go to the center of the beach but how would you. go all the great the grid if you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go.
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to a low. and i'm really happy to join that for the two thousand and thirteen world cup in russia meet the special one it was also pushes me to just take the radio p.r.t. teams latest edition make up as we go. look at. the most expensive fish in the world each one selling for the tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only women themself a much larger mission was once there and that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival. and that's why we have because this is a i. mean you don't.
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see the. two are. not true only ten steps. let alone a hill said. claiming to know. that. if you speak french. it's new. because. the council itself. i. the n.f. had a clear message about how to saw what it saw as the risk question. if there were a sensible government all illegal immigrants all of them would be sent back to
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their countries and they're here illegally they're committing criminal acts taking our money using our health leaving us they would be sent back straight away we're still talking about illegals or you having no no i'm not on now and now i'm now saying that we would in the words. the godfather we would make these people here who are not happy and offer they come profuse but you wouldn't rule out forcible rape. if push comes to shove at the end very end of the day no but i don't think it need come to that you see i have four mixed race children who can understand the twittering of the sun. they've never seen the place that you would first encourage but not rule of force of listening
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them but maybe maybe maybe you'd like maybe i take it i don't know what ethnic background your have to our children to individual children blimey of your own procreation i didn't know that well i still have to say it without wishing to be rude to you or your children or your wives or wife so i don't know anything about your background but i still put the survival of the british people first. that's what being a nationalist is i put that first and i'm not going to be morally intimidated or morally blackmailed by exceptional hard cases we saw their affinity with. genuine fascism in terms of their idealization of hitler. salutes and they were terrifying to me at least where we lived we were terrified
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about to being getting caught out by the national front which was a part how do you view hitler. i think he was a great man for his people. i think that a lot of the things he did for his people picking germany out of the dump that it had been thrown firstly by the verse i treaty and secondly by financial corruption. and political decadence within his country. i think to hitler that led to him taking power and cleaning up his country and raising german self-respect that was an era which i would have supported him in but what about for example the holocaust.
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i'm not in the company of the holocaust revisionists. i do think the promulgated of the holocaust narrative have got a lot of very serious questions to answer engineers scientists of various disciplines have subjected many of the stories associated with the holocaust to critical examination and hove compiled a list of questions about how this could have happened in that could have happened . and these questions are not allowed to be asked in polite society in this country and in germany you go to prison for just asking these questions. but i don't say that there were brutal acts perpetrated against poles against jews
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against russians and others but i have yet to be persuaded that germany had set up the machinery for the factory like mass production and destruction of an entire race. the n.f. like far right groups before them fell apart out of the wreckage of which emerged the b.n.p. led by former n.f. head man nick griffin the b.n.p. devoted their resources to persuading the british public to back them at the ballot box of vote increased eight hundred and eight thousand to nine hundred forty three thousand. they had some success but the public eventually saw through them and rejected them just as they had mostly fascists cable street in the one nine hundred thirty s. and in similar fashion. football crowds out on
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obvious breeding ground in which the far right can recruit they are the only regular convocations of white working class youth who gather in the tens of thousands every other saturday the first attempt to hound us the energy of those crowds to britain's far right ideas was mounted by a man called stephen lennon though you probably know him better as tommy robinson everything. was an islamic you knew me the young white he'd been gives you know you're a bit of a hoax are a bit of a hot star lennon stopped at the english defense league and for a brief period there were alive and kicking. smug slum dog oh look he's coming to get yet it's going
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to kill as many people as it can it will slick it like you out a cow on the street and it looks on you like that yes poor kids tomorrow you really want these goes have gone through. razor why do you spend right these children it could be because i hope of burchett criminals but i could be president of pollution is my new he could be so when moodle plagues my mood a politicians realize the link between this and then men a right pain or kids from the group. the english defense league were challenged would have of their be a vote and it was the british police who absorb the brunt of the ag. on my yard laser next army man and it shows he's
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a security and intelligence expert what is their agenda their racist their islamophobia their homophobic their anti semitic. the loser is one. of the. i think there is a very significant threat i think it's a growing threat i see these organizations which are usually splintered which reform which take different names n s one three one for example scottish dohrn. are. when the organizations are beginning to develop a potential which you see is you know terroristic but seriously dangerous
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then i think you don't have any choice you have to take that sort of action even though you know that the the groups will then disperse the people in the groups will disperse they'll probably create new organizations nevertheless you are disrupting them and so that there is a benefit there's an immediate benefit. to that disruption. in the wake of the murder of the jewel cos the u.k. government used anti terror laws to crack down and ban these fascist groups. national option will become the first ever extreme right wing group in the country to be for school national action is a violent group they promote to the phobia they promote violence and terrorism and they have no place in this country a number of alleged members of national action are now facing trial on serious jaja two of them are soldiers in the british army. full legal reasons we can't go
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farther into their case at this point in time but one thing is obvious that the british government fears danger from britain's far right what is interesting though is the media attention the islamic radicals have had but to date they haven't really devoted anything like the same media resource to exploring this phenomena. there's a new outfit in town the football lads alliance funded by a convicted football hooligan banned from every football ground in the country and regularly courting right wing extremists i speak us. loose on the f l e a has mounted to huge demonstrations in london thousands took to the
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streets to back them others under to protest the f.l.a.c. when all that they claim to be. on that demonstration as we were trying to lay for us all we which wanted to play for the march people were racially abused people were friends nurses were told quotes i hope i f. ing bomb you right this is not a nonviolent court. we were going to free movement no word from point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero point zero one people will. sign it just before lads will come on that they form by forward again what people will hear neither will my face thank god for the strong ones who from the government might conclude from the living of all of the brave face i was thinking
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more you'd be impolite or whatever that's taking great pains to say we're anti rices and so on but how come there wasn't a muslim speaker on the platform. the true face a lot of people following the afa like islam not just as honest as i call it. for supposedly an extreme a group i can't tell you can people who are linked to terror acts he got people who are not my system fascists there's a man called putin already who is a former london u.t.i. commander and a convicted gun runner for the a.g.i. who is a member of the afterlife. one of the writings was. not knife fights on march we vary from the known price is an approach to nonviolent approach it's all about peaceful protest. for more hooligan join me going tries to say he's against all extremism that he and tommy robinson seen here in bristol on an e.d.m.
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jaunt just the latest. to mosley's blackshirts. i. they're bred for a single purpose. they have a superman. they start training very young.
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eight months of intensive school. rats. and they save lives. kristen trumps money and funding practices are still surprising yet the recent deployed minutes of my pump alun john bolton have left an impression on friends and foes alike watch him play to a lake of on american politics. time about e-mail bag of the charge about a needle my debt. but again. pedal going to die me by my money i know god.
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i'm open to a debt in. the end this has been a good christian so if you want. nobody can actually get at the me i've got to go to like city to get a. patient to fulfill a hopeful. cool boys chase oh wow. do you believe.
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what you see. in this story. the poisoning of. twenty three russian and british diplomats returning. did not target the former spy calling it. terrorism against russian citizens. gunmen hijacked a car and took. four people died in the deadly attack including a police officer. to enter this. face. paint online as it's revealed the date of millions of people was mine from the
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social platform to be allegedly exploited and. also. protesters out in force in response to the french president's proposed show on economic reforms and a nationwide strike which turned violent in the capital. here on. sunday morning from moscow alone welcome i mean and only our top story the diplomatic standoff between the u.k. . russia escalated this week with twenty three diplomats from each country returning home london made their first expulsions following the poisoning of former double agent surrogate script and his daughter in salt spray in southern england while the investigation still continues u.k. officials have repeatedly said that
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a russian link to the case was highly likely on thursday britain's prime minister treason may ask the e.u. to back that theory it was highly likely that russia was responsible for one thing that the current analysis is already very well grounded and nobody questions that everyone was also indicate didn't do really wants to do follow as far as russia's concerned. political landscape in europe too was russia and this is why it's not so easy to keep the. twenty eight. group. together or russian officials have repeatedly dismiss moscow's involvement and said they see the poisoning as an act of terrorism russia has also expressed willingness to cooperate with british authorities but so far that's again little traction u.k. foreign minister barak's johnson has been among the most outspoken against russia
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even using it nazi comparisons and he wasn't alone because all the roads lead to war. the way he moves the mountain thirty six a limb here so i think the comparison with the six is is right moscow considers this kind of statements made under the level of the foreign secretary in you we an acceptable and totally responsible. the british government just free to make a decision about its dissipation of the world cup. but nobody has the right to insult the russian people who defeated nazis and lost more than twenty five million people by comparing our country to nazi germany. did he goes beyond the common sense and we do not think british war which are
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around us including those of the arctic cold wars which share this opinion. in the russian embassy in the u.k. also posted this photo following the comments by boris johnson in a controversial moment the english football team was ordered by the british authorities to give a nazi salute before a friendly match with germany in one thousand thirty eight salvi it outlets boycotted the turning. the blame game has expanded into areas won't. generally be political point scoring i want to see a church in the house more now on an educational project than the partly reinforces the negative rhetoric that's being thrown oppression what's better than helping the young to try to maneuver the ever tricky world of global current affairs. of the day is an online news service that is used by one in three u.k. schools teach as much variance from the schools use around schools and activities
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across all subjects for lessons homework research. here's one handed to tory and provided by the service to help educate the young and broaden their horizons talks of putin on mission to poison west ouch and among questions to discuss is putin europe's most dangerous leader since hitler was this guy. to help students out topics like the ongoing five scandals where an investigation is still underway are broken down despite this incriminating evidence of international outreach to release monks and everything in case there is confusion still there is a dictionary included which explains the meaning of the word marks surely this teaches you to put things into perspective not the chalk and blitzkrieg are all through the military tactic designed to crush the enemy with overwhelming force
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that a short space of time coincidentally made famous by hitler in world war two just to make it a bit easier to connect the dots brutal assassinations cyber attacks as well as plotting the downfall of western democracy also read out as food for thought a you decide section let students consider the following questions is putin the most dangerous man in the world did the cold war ever end as well as what impression do. pugin give about what russia is like the day help students develop information literacy and critical thinking prepares them for the challenges ahead of the changing world critical thinking is key the toxic put in class is dismissed and if i say it you're going to party. russian presidential spokesman dmitri peskov spoke exclusively to sophie shevardnadze about the script case.
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first we have to remember the starting point is the you know words of president putin that russia has nothing to do with this accident. the first blaming. came from politicians just a couple of hours after the accident. and now what we see we see words of experts and experts of organization for four or four. p.c. w. . that say that the preliminary examining of this agent will take about three weeks . is it contradictory yes it is. four people were killed in southern france when a gunmen hijacked a car and took hostages of a supermarket in a small town on friday the attacker pledged allegiance to islamic state before he
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was shot dead by special forces. in the movie i went shopping with my wife and sister in law after some time we had an explosion well several. i saw a man lying on the floor and another person who was very agitated with a handgun in one hand and a knife in the other and yelling allahu akbar. after that i took my wife and my sister in law and some customers nearby and we went to look for shelter i put them in a butcher's fridge closed from the inside. because
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it's peaceful here where i see the like any out there he was very kind very sociable adorable he over it sweets to the children and he is a terrorist. the terrorist has been identified he was killed during his so an investigation will have to answer some important questions when and how was he radicalized and how and when did he procure the weapon. we have for several years paid with our blood to know the terrorist menace. among those killed was a hero police officer who swap places with a female hostage he managed to leave a mobile phone on for the authorities to listen in when police heard gunshots they moved to neutralize the attacker lieutenant colonel are no both trim had been fighting for his life but passed away on saturday morning when over the past year
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alone there have been repeated terror attacks and thwarted attempts in fronts in february twenty seventh attempted to enter the museum in paris with a machete while an attacker was stopped at orly or port one month later a police officer was shot dead in april on the seans elisei and in october two young people were stumped to death out a real we're station in marci former british intelligence officer only much sean sees the fact that the gunman was under police surveillance exposes a failure in law enforcement it's part of the past that we're seeing emerging across europe over the last few years of people carrying out these low tech type of attacks with high. rates who are of course on the radar of at least the police if not indeed of the intelligence agencies but for some reason they're not being watched carefully enough they're not being monitored carefully.


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