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tv   News  RT  March 26, 2018 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a huge fire and gulfs a shopping center in the russian city of camera sixty four people including many children are confirmed dead. but didn't give it to me or. you would be released to students who do. you do when. if you did you would you could see the. sudanese goods were deeply for have been arrested in connection with the tragedy russia's investigative committee says the buildings and merge and see exits were blocked and that the fire alarms were turned off.
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welcome you're watching r.t. international with me nicky air and now we begin with the tragedy in the central russian city of camera for sixty four people including many children are now known to have died in a huge fire at a shopping and entertainment complex the local authorities say there are people still missing and that the number of fatalities may rise further images showing the panic that broke out inside to have been emerging online. look you just first of all that you. are stupid you could tell the famous physics in your willingness to move so far you've not only responded to. do so is or should do more good with us because it's active last night we've done. it but you do not cooperate. i knew you couldn't quite see it but you said many people were unable to escape from the building some was seen jumping from windows four people have been
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detained and questioned in connection with the incident however it's still not clear what caused the fire and what of warning you may find some of the following images extremely upsetting. it was horrific the mall was packed with people we could hear the fire alarm. the smoke filled the sentiment across my system when ran down the stairs was a terrible crush and zero visibility my hands are still trembling when i imagine what could have happened to. one man began to panic he said we should jump over the roof because it would soon collapse we sheltered from the roof to be rescued but no one came for forty minutes.
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in which it's. going to sit double noise. to. just let me pull it. to listen to it. which is literally what it must have been my life what it must look this is not the city that's not. it's a very specific use given you would be stupid to use it you just know. this you see the part you did to discourage the courtroom with a bit of a misnomer or story. but here's what we know about the winter cherry retell complex it opened five years ago in a city center in a building that had previously been a confectionery factory in addition to
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a children's play area where it suspected the fire may have started it also had to cinemas and a petting zoo around two hundred animals were also killed in the disaster in the aftermath of the fire the city has canceled all entertainment and cultural events as a mark of respect for those who lost their lives the region has declared three days of mourning people also bringing flowers candles and perhaps most poignantly toys to the shopping center a ghost on of is in the city for us and sent us this report the latest in the stories the preliminary results of the probe by the russia's own investigative committee and apparently the shopping mall was built and operated amid some very severe fire safety violations more and more over the one of the security guards apparently disabled the fire prevention system before the blaze broke out snow this should some lights on the cave they have
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a very good broke out after the fire because people were basically trapped inside and we know of fire prevention system operational very simply first of all the didn't hear there was no alarm there was no siren so they didn't get an early warning also sprinklers didn't work soon got failed judy and moreover the according to the russia's investigative committee fire escape exits world. they will lock to so people had to literally break down doors and jump out of the windows so many of the survivors get severe injuries during that. as to what caused the fire is not clear yet we do know that it apparently started at the children's playground and there are two main versions one is that somebody apparently tried apparently troubled teens the form pits in the trampoline area a blaze deliberately another one is the electrical circuit malfunction but whatever
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whatever it is the all of that all of that inferno could have been avoided if the prevention system actually works now and behind me is a self improvised vigil and it seems that every single person in town of come here to lay flowers bring toys and light candles in memory of those whom they've lost because the whole city is standing united is one family every single person here is staking a stake here on a very deep personal level they've lost dozens of their loved ones each and every one of them just overnight now the investigation of course continues now this this shopping mall used to be a confectionery and in fact it conducted fire drills just last week so a lot of a lot of very grave and outrages flaws in those drills and so the investigation is
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looking into that looking into how this horror became possible how this absolutely soul crushing tragedy could have been avoided. many people in camera which is three thousand six hundred kilometers east of los go have been hearing to donate blood for the victims fifty people were injured in the fire tell us they were taken to hospital including several children. one of the most seriously injured is a boy who leapt from an upper floor window right now he's the only survivor and his family.
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if you merely used to be see when you do it's. not pretty would be new but you. didn't see one good movie with schools to not. see if you do. you can see. people have serious injuries and now need an artificial lung. but his condition has slightly in this. post correspondent mark gassy after me in the studio now to discuss some of these truly heartbreaking stories for what more can you tell us well it's it's overwhelming all of it really you know one story and you think it couldn't get worse this is you know this is as sad as it can be and then
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you hear about another family's tragedy which is even more heart wrenching take for example this this group of eight kids classmates who were out on a school trip to camera after the big city these a rural kid so this was for them it but huge street spring holidays their routes there in this shopping center the bowling their ice skating they go to the cinema and fifteen minutes after the film started the fire broke out and you know make. new mistake here. people try to get in fathers mothers relatives even to kill strangers try to get in there and help these people get them out but the they help to me some many others never left. clearly you must feel like you listen. to these people a little bit. you're not the new look because you're full you mean you come in they
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didn't use your. can't instead of contests in the shallows into the chose to not there is a meow mix between nothing till if you move it in i'm deeply moved on with you when you concluded. with what is behind you clear of the pickle. you've. come here because if. you feel there's a. understand that these kids these adults they were trapped fire spreads like you wouldn't believe in a smoke it it isn't just stooping it's deadly and it feels everything very very quickly this is why people were breaking windows in an effort to sort of dispersed as much of the smoke as possible to give people a chance to. get out but the fire exits were reportedly blocked the
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fire alarm was reportedly according to authorities switched off by security at the shopping mall so by the time people realized something was wrong it was in many cases too late and some of these kids were cooling their relatives mothers fathers friends begging them for help somebody to come to help to rescue them others posted on their social media profile saying they were they were here that it was bad please somebody please help a few realizing that nothing was going to save them that this was it that they were going to die they called their relatives they called their mothers with the final farewell but you know there's one particularly. stressing story about the mother and father who in kember of right now waiting to identify the the bodies of the
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three girls five and to eleven years old the father brought them in during the day yesterday. to watch cartoons he took them to the cinema on the fourth floor and then himself went down to the first floor to do whatever it is that he wanted to do he gets a call from one of his daughters saying there's a fire and that the door was locked they couldn't get out he runs up stairs and there's smoke everywhere. gets a white cloth and tries to forward jean get to the get to the cinema where he left his girls couldn't do it he ran outside to find rescuers to get some sort of help by which point of course. it was too late they lost all three girls and this is just this is just two cases that i've mentioned here it is it's truly horrendous nevertheless people did try to help and even those that didn't lose any relatives the invisible shock. i was told by my bush until
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the time of the incident that he and his friend tried to drag children away from the fire because of the thinks moment they were prevented from staying there any longer by the shopping mall center workers who said all the children got out people were smashing windows with their hands and feet because it was impossible to be in there it was so scary and i saw how people jumped out of the windows one person jumped to instant death not the boy is now in a coma from what you have heard and another person has broke his spine but is a life i lost some friends and part of the group managed to escape but i lost contact with the rest stop and have not heard from them for over a day. these stories are so difficult to listen to and i'm sure i speak for all of us when we say our hearts go out to everybody involved in it face to face a little. tragic occurrence in the city that i guess yes thank you.
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god the. taking your life now to the president of the european council donald tusk who is commenting on the script case let's listen then. we remain critical of the actions of the russian government about that same tarring today we together with the russian people mall victims of the tragic fire from the city of over in less than siberia. our thoughts their hearts with you. think you. may have. scared of. just of our other girl that came out of was up at the. last you miss the.
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bus even if we will start in. one hour and half hour meeting with prime minister. president of a gander and president of float. with turkey as the e.u. i want to underline how important this initiative for prime minister boyko is for all member states in the you and i can recall affirm that our prime ministers and presidents in all the european cup it of i really appreciate this initiative of privatised the bulk of votes if this is what you can and what should improve our relations with the route through with you with our neighbor it's important for so many reasons and teacher thing to them. ok you were just listening in on donald tusk the president of the or pain council expressing his condolences to the victims and the families of the victims who lost
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their lives in the tragic fire we've been covering throughout our day and breaking news story this is not a we have more main news headlines coming up after the best short break. it's. fundamentally the united states and russia are have been for decades to scorpions in a bottle each capable of destroying the other but all the price of being destroyed itself is. said well these weapons were overcome u.s. missile defenses u.s. missile defenses were totally ineffective against russian forces already so there will be more effective against russian forces.
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welcome back in our world headlines this hour facebook's mark zuckerberg took out a series of newspaper ads in the u.s. and britain on sunday apologizing for his failure to protect users data he says the company will now do its best to and it doesn't happen again a poll conducted for reuters in the u.s. last week suggests facebook is the least trusted a major american tech company only forty one percent of respondents said they had
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faith in the social networking phone network following the recent scandal. several i.t. specialists claim that facebook doesn't only store data which uses have posted online loaded to that website it also gathers contact lists call logs and even text messages some suspect the data has been collected for years here's what internet lore expert t.i.a. cohen told us about the scandal. trace book is clearly in the wrong here because it was facebook has done is it is giving access to a third party to a vast amount of data or facebook uses we doubt those uses consent and permission once apologizing for the breach of data mr zuckerberg also made a lot of. tension into political issues so what drearily
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mr zuckerberg was saying we'll call it jobs for allowing facebook data to be used for the purpose of manipulating political complaining now this is not really the issue what he really needs to apologize is not for. taking the steps of looking steps that could possibly put the election would it still quote just for breach of the stock chart and yet isn't done but yet story quickly said it did a solid as an outspoken critic of facebook he's tweeted a simple guide to check if your personal data has been collected by the site as songs found himself on the wrong side of the often leaking secret government u.s. government documents and as john convicted now explains that's pressure from some quarters physical book to be treated in a similar way. the theft of the personal data of around fifty million facebook members came as a shock to many but not for wiki leaks founder julian assange who pointed out on
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twitter that if you're not paying for a product you are the product of sanchez never had an account on facebook and calls the platform a giant intelligence database something that he also told us back in an interview in two thousand and eleven facebook in particular. is the most appalling spying machine that is have been invented here we have the world's most comprehensive database about people their relationships in names their addresses all sitting within the united states. accessible u.s. intelligence i'm a staunch hasn't missed the irony involved when it comes to the treatment he's received for publishing information on wiki leaks versus the virtual hero worship mark zuckerberg has enjoyed over the years now to be fair zucker berg was called the person of the year back in two thousand and ten long before it came out that he effectively sold user information to third parties but the comparison isn't without merit zuckerberg has been hailed as a visionary leader taking us into the modern world with rumors even circulating
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that he could be a challenger to donald trump in two thousand and twenty and yet his company has been caught time and again serving up users personal information despite soccer birds promises to take privacy seriously you know in most other services. privacy is an important thing but on facebook privacy is central i mean we take our role really seriously i think it's my job and our job to protect everyone who uses facebook and all the information that they share with us but actions speak louder than words right back in two thousand and eleven the platform settled with the federal trade commission over charges that third party apps were able to access nearly all of the user's personal data unbeknownst to them and facebook promised to fix the problem sound familiar just a couple of years later a bug was found on the site that exposed the email addresses and phone numbers of six million facebook users and as a part of a legal battle running since two thousand and fifteen belgian courts order the social media giant in february of this year to stop collecting the private information of belgian users on third party sites
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a decision that facebook is not accepting and continues to appeal and that brings us to today and to this rather amusing me julian assange has been living in the london embassy for over five years has had his life threatened by politicians and has been called a traitor for his work as a whistleblower and while it's like a bird may not exactly be sitting pretty at the moment what with the hit his company stocks have taken and the requests from both the u.s. and the u.k. to testify on the situation i highly doubt the guy will be facing life threatening consequences if any at all but only time. within the past half hour several european countries and the united states have announced a wave of expulsions of russian diplomats over the poisoning of former double agents they screw powell and his daughter in the u.k. as cross live now to our correspondent and he says that the insurgent can you take us through the measures that have been announced so far please. of course well there's been a flow of expulsion announcements of russian officials just over the last few
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minutes over the scruple case let's start stateside first the white house has announced it's expelling sixty russian diplomats twelve of them members of u.n. staff in washington is giving them only seventeen days to leave u.s. soil also denmark say they will expel two diplomats lithuania three diplomats czech republic three italy to un fronts for germany's foreign ministry has also confirmed beilin is sending russian diplomats home and the same measures apparently will be taken by poland as well as many as ten european nations have said that they'll take action this follows u.k. prime minister to resign may's arriving in brussels last week with anti russian rhetoric regarding much russia's alleged involvement with the poisoning of sich a script on his door to yulia on march the fourth this is despite the ongoing investigation despite presenting any evidence of moscow's involvement in the e.u.
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last week released a joint statement saying that they agreed with the u.k. that it was highly likely russia was behind the attack of the poisoning of sick and souls brain and that they saw no plausible alternative explanation now the chemical weapons body who are conducting the independent investigation say they'll take another two to three weeks to finalize the analysis and the kremlin of course has denied any involvement in the attack earlier this month yet these measures the taking place that but more official statements more official statements sorry are expected from the european governments. nations that they thank you for those details ok we're going to back in about half an hour with the latest headline storm is that.
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it's seemed wrong but old rules just don't hold. any old ladies get to shape out these days you can stick out to it and indeed trip it was betrayal . when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground the. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're after caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry suddenly i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each day. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war
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like it was again still some more fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one decides to speak to you now because there are no other takers. just saying that mainstream media has met its maker. i. thought i was coming. up. at the out of the town. because. i know it was. the.
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least. welcome to sophie shevardnadze major global nuclear powers or billet out there are still as once again sparking fears of a new. nuclear arms race. how serious is the danger well i asked matthew bunn the former white house advisor on science and technology policy and principal investigator from the belfer center on managing the. washington. control process with strategic nuclear arms reduction treaty and the sides. nuclear weapon threats mutually assured destruction still
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a powerful deterrent. dragged into a new arms race and will close the door and disarmament for good. thank you very much for being with us. on our program so let's stop the new start treaty. that's going to expire in two thousand and twenty one trump on many occasions has said it's one sided bet treaty like it's dad and what would that mean for the global security. sue unfortunately i think there is a real danger that the whole structure of the u.s. russian negotiated nuclear restraint that sort of regulated the nuclear arms competition for the last half century may collapse we are in a situation right now where we do have the new start treaty in place the two sides have just finished complying with all of its limits as of early february. there are
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inspections still taking place it's one of the only ways in which the nuclear stablish mintz of our two countries are still talking to each other and working together but in its current form it expires in early two thousand and twenty one both countries are charging the other with violations of various other arms agreements. and. given the very poor relations with it are countries it would be very difficult to get the two thirds approval needed under the u.s. constitution for a new treaty in the senate until some of those issues were resolved especially the charges of past violations and so it's quite possible the treaty will just expire and not be replaced so we need to be. thinking about how can we. are there non treaty approaches where we can regulate this situation without
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creating the kind of danger that are completely unregulated competition from your response i gather that you pretty much feel like they treated. at this point so we need to find other ways to regulate or. i think the treaty in and of itself includes an option for a five year extension. reportedly president putin raised that idea with president trump and president trump wasn't too interested but i think that was very shortly after president trump had come to office he was thinking oh it's an obama treaty it must be bad. i think the time gets closer and. you know people like the secretary of defense and the secretary of state begin explaining to the president the dangers involved in having no treaty and place to me in.


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