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tv   News  RT  March 26, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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left his girls couldn't do it he ran outside to find rescuers to get some sort of help by which point of course. it was too late they lost all three girls and this is just this is just two cases that i've mentioned here it is it's truly horrendous nevertheless people did try to help and even those that didn't lose any relatives. invisible shock i was told by my boyfriend at the time of the incident that he and his friend tried to drag the children away from the fry because of the thinks smuggler they were prevented from staying there and your longer by the shopping mall santa workers who said all the children got out people were smashing windows with their hands and feet because it was impossible to be in there it was so scary and i saw how people jumped out of the windows one person jumped to instant death and now the boy is now in a coma from one to her and another person has broke his spine that is
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a life i lost some friends and part of the group managed to escape but i lost contact with the rest stop and have not heard from them for over a day we spoke to far investigator john lentini he believes the apparent lack of safety measures was indeed a major factor contributing to the big loss of life here this is just a total failure of any fire safety program. in the mall made their status as the instructor and now those decisions are coming home to roost and this is what happens even now the marmots here are they did have alarms they weren't working. but it is just shocking and here we had we have blocked exits. and then i'm sure that will show us the authorities at some point why though that is what. the families of the victims met in the nearby school with city officials who explained to them the grim procedure know trying to identify the dead
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. fish for your particular causes it wasn't that it it was just a little. more public record of the service of the us the signal you put their lives that's probably a little disappointing for the lot of the you just that this is still to the minute you wish you were with us but you do come for government you want to do it in the most important part is mostly not what you've been eating but the biggest you're going to be good looking if it was a political. issue doesn't with the. people around the world today have been sending their condolences to the families of the victims the leaders of the u.s. germany china and the u.k. among those have expressed their sorrow to russia the president of the european council donald turkey have made a statement in russian. you have an update. games in your theater.
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just so. they came out of was up but they should be it. is about. and of course will be continuing to follow the tragedy as more details come out of the coming hours and days the fire in that shopping center claimed the lives of sixty four now confirmed dead the numbers of others is still missing recovery teams are continuing to work at the burned out shopping center there in camera. our. next major story tonight at least twenty countries have announced a wave of expulsions of russian diplomats from across europe as well as the u.s. and canada it's a show of support and for britain which blames moscow over the poisoning of the former double agent so the script problems daughter earlier this month first report from london. collective response from the e.u. donald tusk the president of the european council he announced these collective
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measures saying that the e.u. agrees with the u.k.'s assessment that it was quote highly likely that the kremlin was behind the poisoning of sergei and yulia script how so well over a dozen states have pledged their support to the british prime minister and they are expelling scores of russian diplomats from capitals across the e.u. to resume a spoke in parliament earlier and she was clearly rather pleased with the support from brussels and from the u.s. canada and the ukraine for that matter take a listen to what she had to say i have found great for the geraghty from our friends and partners in the e.u. north america and nato and beyond over the past three weeks and today eighteen countries have announced their intention to expel more than one hundred russian intelligence officers from. this includes fifteen e.u.
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member states as well as the united states canada and the ukraine. and even though moscow denies the allegation that it was behind the attack in salisbury the list of expulsions of diplomatic expulsions is extensive among the countries that russian diplomats are going to be departing from france germany poland lithuania denmark the czech republic the list continues how. however not all e.u. states have signed up to kicking out russian diplomats austria notably has announced that the russian diplomats can remain and also vogue area has said that it won't be expelling any russian diplomats that are currently stationed there also at the e.u. summit last week that you summit went to reason may so successfully argued for this collective european response well sean called younger the president of the european commission he advocated a rather different approach to moscow take
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a listen to what he had to say. didn't really lose. we need to move to discuss for sure although it is a question. so not all e.u. states on the same page and not all figureheads agreed to the extent to which to punish moscow or to cooperate with it perhaps instead nevertheless what's happened today is being billed as the biggest collective expulsion of russian diplomats in history all this while the investigations about police investigation and also the independent o.p.c. w one they are still ongoing and that's the view from london and europe it seems the complete unity of voices in europe from across the atlantic. the
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president spoke with many foreign leaders our european allies and others and encouraged them to join the united states in this. in this announcement as you've just heard the u.s. was the driving force behind these expulsions with trump encouraging others to take similar measures now the u.s. will be expelling the most number of russian diplomats out of all the countries that have decided to do so the white house will be calling sixty diplomats twelve boys or u.n. staff members and they'll have approximately seven days to leave a u.n. representative was grilled about this whether this move will violate an agreement that was made between the u.s. and the u.n. in the forty's let's take a quick look does the u.n. believe that this in any way violates the u.s. agreement with the u.n. of nine hundred forty seven the host country agreement given the sensitivity of the matter which is ongoing we will not comment further at this stage u.s. mission says that and i quote our actions are consistently the united nations
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headquarters agreement do you agree with the statement we were informed of the u.s. decision to take action under section thirteen b. of the un us headquarters agreement. you can you can look at our tree section and read section thirteen b. for yourself and evaluate it for yourself story you told us to read thirteen b. and see whether what we thought it said was like the secretary general think to for the reasons i just explained i wouldn't venture an opinion on that for just out of sheer niceness and convenience to you i will read to you section thirteen be at the stage bear with me because it is long. does the united states need to provide evidence of this espionage to the un to russia i've said what i can say at this stage but at the same time a white house spokesperson says that the u.s. is ready to cooperate with russia a message that clearly contradicts washington's actions the president still remains
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open to working with the russians on areas of mutual concern counterterrorism for example and others now with this latest decision in relations between the two countries are add an all time low so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. well russia has reacted angrily to the expulsions and says the moves won't remain unanswered for long as medina cochon of a reports next from moscow. well we've heard from the russian foreign ministry spokesperson marty is a kind of a who said that reciprocal measures will be taking against each country that decided to expel russian diplomats and overall we're talking about over a dozen countries that supported this move now she also added that adds a very measured that was taking will be mad mero measure in response including the shutdown of the russian consulate and the u.s. now shortly after at this news that a number of countries are expelling russian diplomats broke the russian foreign ministry released a statement and in this statement. expressed protest these expulsions
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calling them an unfriendly stab that will not find any answers and these scripts case and the statement also goes on to say that the exposure and are being seen as a provocation adding that such a hostile move on part of this group of countries will not be allowed. and indeed with her from a number of high level officials in the russian diplomatic society now i don't know who is the russian ambassador to the u.s. has protested against what he called a wrongful decision by the u.s. to expel russian diplomats to fit in for months on learning about the expulsions are expressed a strong position to the move but i pointed out today there's not been a single shred of evidence of russia's involvement in this tragedy the most productive way to address this case would be a calm and professional investigation by the world that goes it is not only the
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russian ambassador to the u.s. has expressed his outrage to the move a number of has of other russian diplomatic missions in different countries lashed out at the use of recent expulsions. we think this is an unreasonable decision and that undermines russian german relation of weeks. and a regrettable that they won't give us any evidence and we just hear that it's highly likely that russia is responsible for this tragic incident we believe the you shouldn't fall for this dirty british provocation all the talk about to use solidarity is laughable as there can only be solidarity in the fight against real threats but not in support of insinuations and over all we've heard from different high level officials here in russia expressing disappointment and even at times this believed to this recent move by the u.s. a number of other european countries to expel russian diplomats which have experience in all this from
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a british ambassador peter foldes with us live there peter first off are you personally surprised this is happening to such a big extent so soon again no concrete proof put forward yet all this has happened in retaliation if you like. the scale of it is surprising in deed but it's just proof the hysteria is contagious what we've witnessed in britain in the last two weeks has been a classic case of the hysteria whipped up by the government. and by the mostly right wing press i think what with seeing is a reaction of the elite. to a loss of power let me explain. the elite lost in in recent years in several contests the referendum
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notably. the elite feel very much on the defensive against the fourth so-called populism that is democratic movement which the elite don't like it's noticeable for example that nigel faraj is somewhat sympathetic to russia it's noticeable that donald trump. notwithstanding these latest event. congratulated president putin recently and so the as i theoretically elite. towns are attacking or malays and the problem is that it's seen as one of the lead driving forces as well as tories of may of all a driving forces for of europe's concern and pushing this forward was indeed donald trump it seems that the states were behind pushing europe to come out as strong as they have here i wonder why that is the same time trump still says he wants to work
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with russia or eccentric cetera. i think the united states ministration is totally shit so phrenic in the matter over russia it's quite clear that trump's gut reaction is to show some understanding towards russia and the real wish to cooperate hence the notorious phone call where he apparently ignored the written instructions from the deep state they quit the deep state is so deeply involved here. trungpa ignored that but there's a limit to what he can do and he has been so on core caught up in this wave of area looking at the closure of the consulate in seattle was it spirit of the white as the reason it gave what you think about it was that the the russian consulate there was simply closed it was too close to
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a submarine base there and the aircraft engine manufacturer of boeing what was that about. well it does make one worry if american security is imperiled by the president there were a few russian diplomats on the doorstep i mean frankly the this is not this is not. this is cartoon this is cartoonish trails of russia as a pantomime villain and personally as a pantomime villain this is not serious well we're still waiting to hear what the repercussions will be as far as moscow is concerned it sounds like they'll be if not equally as severe more so we don't know yet but as far as we can garner at the moment is it over as.


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