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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  March 28, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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and of a major military confrontation over syria what ima put in its next term is of to rock a star what is it likely to bring well to discuss that i'm now joined by you've been an intern kind of prominent political consultant here in russia as i mentioned it's good to talk to you thank you very much for your time think of now our input and long stay in power russia has experienced and number of large scale tragedies some of them weren't managed so well for example the course the disaster it was general perceived as a communication failure on put inside that there was dislike tried to do which was used as a starting point point for a major administrative reforms i wonder how do you think the camera tragedy is going to be remembered is it likely to prompt any policy changes there is no. specific on sequences which could be resumed after this tragedy. and to seem to just stick communication stuff these should be was shown to some politician
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in the local and regional level like the governor of a region for example was not very successful. ideas this kind of leak to blame or. to fire in some kind of external only me is not very effective because that's a real tragedy i really want to pursue that angle of crisis communication a little bit later but let me ask you one question about which and specifically because i think the most difficult thing about this particular tragedy to process is that it was totally man made and putting himself said that this children died not because of terrorist attack not because of a gas explosion but because of a formalism corruption negligence and all of those things they have become archetype all trait of the russian state the state that he himself helped to create do you think is it fair to describe that tragedy as his own personal moment.
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fracking i can tell you that unfortunately there is no. complete insurance for cases like that unfortunately i guess that yes that was a tragic mistake but i don't see a reason to blame putin personally also i don't see that someone has to bring condolences to the dean of putin not to the family as well as the governor said that a shame not only he not only him a few of them and actually i guess that's a great mistake and. putin doesn't need it my point was not that which it was to blame but whether you think the russian state is to blame because it's true you know fire can happen everywhere but the response to the fire which was absolutely horrendous the observance of fire protection standards which was nonexistent and many many other factors whether we can indeed as all russians and we are all going
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through a very painful period we can recognize that this is ultimately the mistakes and the consequences of what our state is like. the world state maybe they have to blame some specific minister is in charge of sponsible order in this sphere or local and regional level but i don't see a reason to blame a state is itself well i think my impression was that putin himself was doing that because he actually said that what is to blame for this tragedy is the lack of. good performance on the part of the state and i think that was that he was the perhaps the only official among all the very large group officials who actually communicated that clearly. because he is feels people's emotions and they actually shares that so you know. it was a smilie in that in officials and some of the. dalt to things i
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would see inappropriate like victim blaming in and talking about so or not those people on the street is. not. someone from here on some kind of israel's over or emergency this year so yes as a broader source so i guess that's a shame and the soul that put him filled himself a different way i guess that maybe the have a lack of direct elections competitive to elections and maybe if those officials. could have an experience of competitive elections maybe they could be more flexible moral maybe it would not have ever heard it ascended to such power after all because if you have to go to a competitive election fair complaining in
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a year or sensually you're putting yourself objecting yourself to a lot of scrutiny and it seems from at least the camera experience that these people are extremely uncomfortable of this even facing their own people supposedly for whom they they work can i ask you a question about reforming the russians they because this was explicit complain promised by putting himself he said that the goal for the next six years is jill make it to a logical breakthrough but also to make the russian government more effective more humane more responsive what does the camera tragedy here say at or tell us about the this called of that challenge. you know there is some kind of contradiction because putin said that they have a bet on a young don't know krauts actually mostly they are a few shells reach did walk in executive branch of power and actually most of them. never had any experience of public politics day in
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never been elected in a few exceptions but to most of the new governors they never had any experience of capet at a competitive politics and i see that they needed actually they have a few very serious problems like. environmental issue or. such a tragedy is like this it could happen anywhere and fortunately. those snoopy people those new persons in a power they need to have those stew and ski use to communicate to the people directly and also in such an uncomfortable circumstances like it happened in camera and before it happened and most poor region and so on and i'm afraid it most of them are not ready let's talk about camera specifically
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because. to me at least personally dad was a manger a sort of highlight of this tragedy apart of course from the huge dust or the fact that that many officials at the local and federal level totally incapable of doing any kind of communication there was one of the most outrageous examples of a local official blaming a father who lost five family members for trying to score p.r. points on that tragedy. do you think that is is that just emotional death deafness the lack of empathy or is that indeed the lack of skill can something like that because i guess the lack of skill unfortunately and of course this. deputy governor has to the father who lost all his her family just trying to score the p.r.
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for and he did not realize who stays with him and after of course the soul that this lieutenant governor he understood that he did wrong and he kneeled. the fully grown but look here was not the only one for example there was another meeting of the here already a reference during which they had of the investigative committee and very very close put in confident alexander but stricken practically accused parents of food leaving their children an attendant in this anymore or at the playground because they wanted to do some shopping and he said that you know in our times it wasn't like that parents were supposedly more responsible that said his leviton is only to . visited cinema the law video children do though the doubt it burns so he is not and there is no interest they were in no more that time but in any case it's an extremely insensitive thing to say and thankfully put in actually cut him short but he also said mr stricken said that. you know in our times it was
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like that do you think that's a generational thing do you think that will change as younger officials come to the reins of power. is not always better and this isn't bad but maybe they're more emotional at you and i don't know. i'm not quite sure actually of course if they are talking about the health of investigative committee he doesn't need to be very empathetic actually he needs to find effectively who are really has to be blamed so who is a response of you found already the parents who have their children in the cinema's i guess it's could be some kind of emotional reaction and so it was room. at the same time have about one hundred investigators in kemmerer region who are sent to find out who really is responsible for this tragedy so i guess it's true
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but it's not all the truth about investigative committee. but at the same time of course it was a mistake what he said. this all actually pushes the reactions of guys don't don't this is the laying out there yes absolutely and i actually would put him in the reality that's an empathy to the people you know you mentioned this is victim blaming factor and i think it was also very prominent in another recent example of botched communication in their lower house of the russian parliament stadium which involved allegations of sexual harassment the deputy who was accused of that he was cleared of all the allegations but i wonder if you think it's a end of the story a. few aspects do speak. first of all there is no proof well this was a tape yes relative to that tape but yes it was
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a transcript there was no tape they didn't bring in the tape and also it was no any group or expertise and also i would say that they do my commission. does not have right to arrange this expertise so i guess the dishonest right move would be to go to police they didn't do this and of course what was strange and what members of the parliament in this commission note is that it happened just. in just before the election and dismantle it and then they're trying to appear point think as a senior saying yes but i would say that that's a problem and i would say sometimes it's a gear between the generations because of people from the older generation they
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think that some things are normal and to people from younger generation. think not they are not isolated here that there is a value or a gap obviously taking place within. that voters but i think what they reach mania is not only the harassment story itself but the reaction of the deputies and they said gesture by the ethics committee that for example women have have to trust more modestly not in a row here and that's wrong yes absolutely i mean i think we would all agree that it's wrong but do you think there is any chance of bringing to those people that that value shift has already occurred or do you think it will only. get registered once the new generation of politicians come. i guess that they just need more time bought some time i guess that's the problem is if your
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guru in to blame some you need to bring in some proofs so that i do understand them and they felt like some. if you can also avoid saying stupid things like for example women dressed modestly i mean else they only slightly i do understand and also to say that i have been much more beauty a than those girls in live in a very thick arrest year yes this is where one of the deputy deseret that's right it was a mistake as well and i guess that's the sea. disemployed limbs. to lake of communication skills dellec of empathy and a lack of accountability i guess cheers. that was a thought thirteen i was going to say about at the same time.
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not everything is to bat in russian power there are some people in their party so for example i did like. a behavior of. governor led nikitin who in the days. and the days of condolences he just came as a simple citizen just brought to. the flower. stayed quietly in and out well and it was there at that was a nod that would just lend you are not a big official big cheese then you are just that them then you sure they come down and see this it's a different. disguise much more young yes well mr mentioned i have to take a short break but we'll be back in just
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a few moments they chant. the most expensive fish in the world each one is selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only women themself a much larger mission was once there that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared toward long term survival and that's why we have the catastrophe is. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted over and checked.
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so when you want to be president and she. will somehow want. you to go on to be press this is what the four three in the morning can't be good. interested always in the water using the. best suit. apply to many people. so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch or the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman to kill the goose and spend be good to twenty million . it's an experience like nothing else really because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy great chance with.
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going to. welcome back to well to participate give me a russian political consultant to mention come before the break already talking about the. deficiencies of the russian political elite but obviously of the president himself promised a new style of governance over the next six years there are lots of discussions in russian and russia about putin four point zero has been talking very passionately about the need for a technological breakthrough but his critics would say that for that he lacks that knowledge and he lacks the fact financing i feel like well lacks the people. what do you think of course there's a this it had
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a difficult task and of course if you're talking about technological breakthrough the question as why they didn't do this before especially and they heard such good. old prices conductor but this is. the. really have. very good positions for example in the. literacy and you know how the conversation of the some people vision. prominent expert in militarists to ask them is it true all those things which i'm told in his state of the union and say yes one new theme in many put in speeches is we the people they said you have civil engagement of both personal and shared responsibility do you see that as populism as paying lip service to
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democratic institutions or is there something more to it i think that he's a genuine. this is thing. to name the actual it's true because people who now march more involved. in some serial activity in some volunteer remove and so on so i guess it could last a few decades people in russia because more friendly more empathetic more open and i think they've also started to demand more from that public officials and they have also into less than part one is a good example of that because. i cannot imagine they harass men scandal like we had and they don't let's say five years ago people it would just register but apparently. this values shift is indeed happening just the changes that chile just
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that's right people demand from officials at the same time especially use in some kind of internet platforms. officials begin causa to the people so for example. in more schools we have this internet blog from like active citizen i live not for far from the place we have an interview right now now and it was. it was a hole in the road. and i just sent a photo for a disservice and it was fixed in a few days so the lesson for everybody if not always as efficient and at the end of the day what we would expect from the government is not patching some holes but actually allaying going to growth in the first place i know that in one of your articles you said that put in is an experienced populist you actually said that he became
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a trunkless long before the political emergence of trump himself and trump with a divider you can. never imagining him as an actual consensus candidate whereas put in the whatever you think about him politically is a unifier and the latest election show that he not only preserve his core base he actually cheap voters away from you know marginal and oppositional parties are they release are similar i would not say this because i guess at putin is more cautious more empathetic. less extravagant so i would say that putin in reality he is a politician of compromise much more than donald trump and i would explain it not only by a personal history i would say that. those angry white men. are much more numerous in russia in the u.s.
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so debase is much worried about some of the various they have very similar that's where for example for example. national industry national in their interests above anything. now i would say some kind of the values of traditional society much more them to beliefs of the new globalist equal world like so traditional family. religion. chance family is far from traditional i mean by congress this is vs ti's electorate his electorate you know i just finished my book my new book about donald trump and i can tell you that. interesting theme. that. why the religious the moon voted
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for the law trump even after this scandal. something so on now i know that immediately after trump's victory you were modestly optimistic about the possibility of a relationship between our countries improving but if you just had the largest expulsion of russian diplomats from the west and what's interesting is that the united states has sent out even more diplomats than great britain. what's what's your sense of where a relationship is going right now. new called. new cold war the so are illiterate what do you mean by that i mean the. relationship between our countries so i would say more be true between russia and this will do worsen in. in
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a few years that's my brokenness is would like to mistake to make a mistake but. fortunately. strategy of the collective best. to i salute to russia. and to. shows to describe it is a rogue state so as a pariah you made a point earlier that you believe that this decision this idea to marginalize putin and by extension russia predates the conflict in ukraine it was made before that immediately after his putin's election in put an election in two thousand and twelve what is it about that irritates he's haters in the west so my so much and is that person no or is it more russia related ideas the main problem is put in. he's the most professed politician in russian history
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for the last century and demain problem is that he is a disappointed term political because his idea when he just became russian president in two thousand was to make russia is a part of a big west. and unfortunately he didn't succeed if russia can be a part of the big west russia is going to be a real west. based on the various the church helped to historical west to prosper and to develop of self. and those those elections told about religious. traditional family and nation as
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a center so i guess that's putin's ideology. and he's a dear he can construct you. a term and poor of power in the world of course is quite uncomfortable for the or only superpower in the world and finally i want to ask as a political consultant one of the strategies that the west employs a lot versus russia is the strategy of shaming and. staining its reputation and i think it was very. well demonstrated in the united kingdom with this crippled case because area the british government is very. apparently shifting from concrete evidence the chemical evidence towards the larger debate about you know russia has such an awful reputation that means it did it as a political technologist how would you manage. that issue from the point of view of
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maintaining as good of a reputation as possible ideas the most important is to the call because. we in my opinion. no less. is too emotional in the response of all those accusations so. hard a situation. they call me you have to be self confidence respect to the corner and even if they'll call in and is rude you just have to be calm and bring your reason for just like to say keep calm and carry on is there mention going to have to live in there i really appreciate your time with us today and terrorists please keep the conversation going on our social media pages as for me hope to see you again same place same time here and all the party.
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i've played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. hope all
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isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to get close i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance for. a nice minute. you know the look. of the. brotherhood. was. above those of us look at some of those you look at me but look look look look like
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. a national day of mourning has seen crowds across russia one of the victims of last sunday's to come out of a fire which killed sixty four people including forty one children while the first funerals have also been held. but if you look at the race to be looking over the british to detain you you could you. don't need to the. you're going to keep going if we're going to. the u.k. releases a new national security strategy placing moscow alongside islamic terror on its list of threats. and wiki leaks founder julian assange ownership has his internet access and visiting rights suspended by the ecuadorian embassy.


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