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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  March 29, 2018 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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bijan those peoples who claim they were not properly informed or consulted about the building of a potential environmental disaster on their lands now where or where aware of i heard that before a field is run some days where what it is oh yeah who yes yes north dakota appears that the canadian government is quite cool asleep baaing in the footsteps of footsteps of its louder violent and definitely more of noxious neighbor to the south when it comes to big oil pipelines and water protectors. yeah i think it's about time we start watching the hawks. as. you know that i got. this.
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week so. welcome everyone the watching the hawks tyrrel the joining us today to discuss canada's very out of the cold access pipeline struggle r t correspondent alex play live it's alex always a pleasure to have you. thank you so alex i got to start by asking how how how similar is this to the dakota access pipeline protest that we saw down here in the united states feels very similar when i see it on space well look you have texas based kinda morgan filing injunction against protesters who are protesting the pipeline these protesters and crew that include environmental groups they include native groups they also include the city of burnaby in the city of vancouver so one hundred seventy two people were arrested last week protesting and we know that thousands came out never mind the injunction they're against those people in british columbia seem to be against this and this pipeline goes across british
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columbia from alberta from those tar sands right to the pacific ocean now these people are protesting for a number of reasons first of all this is called the trans mountain pipeline and it's actually an expansion project so right now you have about three hundred thousand barrels of oil going across the mountains across some of the most pristine areas in the world down to the water in the pacific to tankers that pick up the oil and take it all over the place and this expansion would send it up. almost nine hundred thousand actually eight hundred ninety thousand barrels to be exact a day so that's a lot more oil crossing these lands when what these people are worried about are things such as oil spills and pipelines i think we've seen those before as well as the fact that you have oil tankers it would be way more traffic that were around burnaby british columbia in that inlet where you have orca whales who are some of the groups are endangered as well as you have these wonderful waters with fish etc that live there so yeah you know what people are thinking about the environment
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here and i think you're correct tyrol that they there is a comparison because if i remember correctly a lot had to do with the environment in north dakota as well oh most definitely and you know it's interesting because in dakota access we witnessed the seesaw battle the eventually i think many people believe you know the water protectors as they called themselves ultimately lost. now we do think we'll see a different result in canada like you said you have the cities of vancouver and bird to be getting in on this not just you know the group of activists and water protectors can these people when this fire will they reverse this decision. well look this was a side of back in two thousand and sixteen with our champion of everything green our prime minister justin trudeau gave a pat on the back to this project so moving forward from a federal level that's where that mass of obstruction is when it comes to any type of people with the environment on their mind federal overrides the provincial so
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alberta has been pushing this very hard because the economy relies on oil blah blah blah the fact the matter is that their economy has dropped dramatically because oil prices have dropped and the demand for oil has dropped but that doesn't disappear people are doing other jobs they can do other jobs there's other industries that they can work it out for british columbia again they're saying you know there this is worth hundreds of millions of dollars to british columbia but british columbia is it seems are at least about half of them some will say more or less seem to say that you know what it's more important to preserve our environment something that we can't fix or will be very difficult to repair in the long run than to worry about how many dollars we're going to be making over the next few years at the expense of the environment not to mention the cost of a potential cleanup and all of that when you add that definitely offsets the cost that could be made from the oil trade now it's interesting because you know a lot of people look at justin trudeau and he's you know the obama of canada and
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the crazies now is really following obama's footsteps obama didn't say a lot of birds that he stepped in and said ok let's put a stop to this you know it's just i'm going to go back i mean i saw a quote earlier that i mentioned he said now we're moving forward but do you think anyone is going to reach just in this point. trudeau is not the obama that we thought he was simply something very different he just a couple of months ago actually this came out that right when trump was a life did trudeau's people went straight down to the states and they wanted to see that train the. keystone x.l. pipeline come into full fact and that's what we know the north dakota protests were all about so should know it's no obama obama actually stopped that project for a long long time and he's the one that we thought put the nail in the coffin but then trump came along and trudeau is patting trump on the back this is what the canadian government wants to see a big part of that again is alberta you have an electorate there as well as the
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fact that albertans are very vocal when it comes to or oil and are a little trudeau he wants to appease everybody even though he's breaking promises he promised to be green but he's far from it i think maybe you could say he's kind of tarnished black right now because that's what he's been pumping a lot of oil for food good line so i'm going to ask that's been our the canadian supporters of the pipeline reacting to these protests you're talking about thousand people out there over one hundred getting arrested what's their reaction to this so the supporters of the pipeline are say you're going to love this word interference interference happening from foreign entities like the tides foundation from the u.s. who invested about forty million dollars in the past few years giving a hundred and two groups here in canada money so that they could push forward well interference think about cap which is the canadian association of petroleum producers they were in the states and they paid money to get pipeline built so hypocrisy have we seen this happen over and over and over and over again in the
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past few months of not god few years also the fact is when it comes to oil it pollutes we're talking about pollutants they don't know borders so these chemicals and oil and whatever else if it goes up in the air people get sick that doesn't know what important fukushima. look it's interfering with everybody the whole entire pacific ocean is interfered with in every country that is there anybody that eat fish from the pacific so don't give me this interference type but they lot of canadian support this and you know what they keep tides foundation and thank you everybody else in this world that's actually concerned about the environment there's a lot of us here in canada that appreciate your help well definitely thank you for the great job reporting this today today alex smile events are to correspondent up in canada thank you so much thank you. the baby boomer generation those born between mid nine hundred forty s.
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and the mid one nine hundred sixty s. are crossing a very significant point of departure right now for nearly four decades they've been the largest generation of eligible voters in the us but by the end of twenty eighteen millenniums those born between one thousand nine hundred one and the year two thousand will overtake boomers as the largest voting bloc in the us and the care of those baby boomers will become one of the most important humanitarian and political issues will need to tackle and solve the number of people in the united states suffering from all simers disease and other forms of dementia rose to five point seven million in two thousand and eighteen up over two hundred thousand from twenty seventeen according to one study using data from the established populations for a bit of a logical study of the elderly approximately four hundred eighty thousand people is sixty five or older developed alzheimer's or dementia in the united states in two thousand and seventy and the number of people diagnosed with alzheimer's and dementia is estimated to hit twenty eight million people by mid century meaning and
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less than thirty years the boomers will need a lot of care care that require specialized treatment for patients and families care or were not equipped to handle at the moment the united states has a little over fifteen thousand nursing homes where they were sixty nine percent of them being for profit of course some states that have become havens for retirement are now going to be the epicenter of the care crisis across the country it's expected that every state will see at least a fourteen percent increase in the number of all simers and dementia cases western states like arizona nevada and new mexico huge on wyoming will have a thirty six to fifty four percent increase while states like in the south such as southern carola south carolina and florida will also see very steep increases those states will need to boost their state health care systems and long term medicaid programs that's. older citizens with dementia or they will suffer for the aging population that can afford to take care of itself and keep in mind there's no cure for all simers in the mansion so much of the care is making people comfortable as
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their mind and body break down there was an eighty nine percent increase in deaths today also amerson dimensions between two thousand and twenty fourteen much of those because of the lack of comprehensive available care available in the us alone two hundred fifty nine billion was paid in twenty seven thousand for the care of people with alzheimer's and dementia and alzheimer's consumes one in every five medicare medicaid dollars in addition to that over fifteen million americans provide unpaid care to family member suffering from alzheimer's and dementia these people tend to be female less formally educated they're isolated they suffer higher rates of depression and often have little choice of becoming a caregiver and very little opportunity to leave the situation due to family commitments and perceived responsibility. which brings us to the question at hand what will millennialists have to do politically financially and socially to support their elders and avoid bankrupting the social safety net for themselves. as we go to break or quarters don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've
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covered our facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are t.v. dot com coming up we get the big picture on julian assange through the rice bet what's air also i guess what the host the big picture of cook's day to watch people . how does it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is what business model helps to run a prison now we do or don't like nobody you know visitation i don't no one comes anymore we don't have to sarge only them or it's cost effective that's what they want to do that you know and they don't give a damn if you did the tours are not there but actually paying us to put it back into. the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the usa in breach
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what secret is behind such success. the russians are coming for well over the last year and this is the message western audiences have been served up twenty four seventh's what is behind this hysteria what does this message aim to achieve always russia is supposed to react importantly are we facing a possible conflict. then there are some was someone said all of them mama. i don't mama zero. zero zero nine year. old a little frisky. i'm not critical of what if they're going to be chilcote for you know. sort of.
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what i mean i knew would think he's going to get so for us from. the question as to yes but oh yes the chest but. everyone that is. of the. where does the real story end and the fake news begin how can you tell who's a russian twitter bottom who's a real american social media addict what's the difference between propaganda and government approved journalism you see as much as various experts and talking heads
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may pontificate about what's black and what's white the answers to all these questions are very gray indeed in today's world guilt by association is par for the course and there is nothing more ominous than ending up on the political and media establishment has designated axis of evil that is exactly where transparency advocate julian assange finds himself taking refuge at ecuador's london embassy under lockdown for years now and now under gag as frustrated host nation takes away a songes access to the internet after the activists recent tweets upset the british cabinet. host of the big picture holland cook joins me to discuss just how tenuous our freedom of speech really is in this age of censorship and suppression they've been holed up in this embassy eight years they've been doing his laundry they've been feeding them and he's very literate on laci yeah he's been there a while and you know it would be understandable if ecuador decided to cut his internet access because of you know some extremist poster called
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a violence but but the tweet that apparently enraged the british government is really simply a harmless and entirely accurate observation that the u.k. has still not produced any material evidence of moscow's involvement in the poisoning of a spy in england and he also tweeted about catalonia what was happening there so hollande is is it truly that kerry curiosity is perfectly killing the you know the cat in this case yeah i think so i went to a swank washington affair a couple of weeks ago it was the radio t.v. digital news directors foundation freedom of speech awards and they gave an award to a chuck todd from meet the press and he said something profound he said transparency is the new objectivity and everybody's all upset now about facebook tracking them and their data leaking out of there and what's on that d.v.d. that stormy daniels lawyer is showing us a picture of on t.v. i just think it's safe to assume that nothing is contained anymore you know and
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this guy is a hero to a lot of people. so. prudence is dictated lloyd and you know assad was doing what journalists should do he got a bunch of information that people can argue back and forth whether or not he should you know science or pieces of it or you know but ultimately he releases it so other news organizations can use it report on it and it's not a service to pulling back the curtain of things sunshine being the great disinfectant yes it is as so you know russia is often accused of bullying other nations and trying to assert their sphere of influence. that's supposed to be you know outdated now out of place in our body democratic world book what does that tell us that the u.s. and u.k. you know at least it appears can can force a country like ecuador to shut off somebodies internet access for simply asking a perfectly perfectly reasonable question them socially yeah i apologize for saying stormy daniels twice in such a short interval but it's enough to make you
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a conspiracy theories and a skeptic about trump's diversionary tactics who's next jeff sessions is on the cover of time saying no one's above the law or ben carson you know with a thirty one dollar dine at sas you know that trump has got something on everyone and when it's handy he'll just pick someone off so as all of this stormy stuff was happening last week boom russia russia russia you know it's a hot button he's been criticized for not criticizing for lad this was his chance to look like a tough guy it was a truly is and it's tragic that we're seeing a big julian assange caught in the cross-fire sure you know it but the other thing that i find really interesting about the entire julia songe case is that you know most mainstream news outlets you get their feelings on this real quick joe they don't like him despite using the information that he provided he's lee fraud you know yeah you know they're the middleman exactly and they view him as like this
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impostor now and you know a lot of the talking heads will say that he's a russian puppet because of like you know releasing the d.n.c. emails but you would still expect them to objectively stand for a universal right to a free press and free speech but clearly that's not the case say people behind the curtain we were going to newsroom the minute something like these assigns things pops everybody's gathered around a computer oh you fascinated could could i could a certain degree of you know dare i say it you know collusion between western governments and mainstream media to be a factor in their coverage of the well is. it was as we spoke about a week ago it was certainly a factor in the iran fiasco iraq fiasco i should say fifteen years ago because it was catnip they gave the networks and beds you got to ride in a tank there were pictures satellite delivery of live shock and awe and the media is a sucker for pictures and sounds and copy and and it's interesting true that like when
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you see the media go after assad i think there's like we're taught more that i think there's a little bit of jealousy to the people finally said we know what wiki leaks is i can trust them not to give up my name to the government there whistleblower can go to wiki leaks i'm sure this i can trust that the journalist isn't going to turn around and give me what i want to blow the whistle on something. i want to change gears here and look at the other interesting news of the day in the entertainment world is is. you know and speaking of this kind of weird interesting mists of collaboration. you know for example just this week we saw you know video streaming giant netflix monster announced its news board member was obama era national security adviser susan rice who aside from her experience producing the white house has been gazi response that little series has really not that much that i've seen i could be wrong but not that much in the way of entertainment company qualifications
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what can the logic be for a entertainment media company hiring someone you know like susan rice a deeply politicized you know i think some would call deep state figure you know why would they hire her the politics will be useful because netflix is on in about one hundred sixty countries now and conspicuously missing china there are places that somebody with diplomatic savvy can help them get to but the wide angle shot on this is that names are get. for board seats when i was at the usa today rosalynn carter was on the get board and i got to sit at a table with her they open doors they have contacts they have savvy and in terms of susan rice herself could change because as you know the only public servants who get rich at it are crooks you know your dad as gov probably made more money before
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and after he was governor because they are public servants there was a quip that joe biden had recently about he must be the poorest guy in the senate when he was there and i member when chris dodd was in the senate the post published a list of everybody's net worth and his was negative three thousand dollars so now he's running the motion picture association and it's his chance to cash in you know he paid his dues he served the public like your dad and you know now it's time to feather the national it's interesting in a little bit dangerous though i might say at least for a contant thing and you hope that they don't you hope everyone you know but you know if you have someone who's a it was a politicized figure sitting on your board you know are you going to greenlight the documentary that may call you know about like obama's drone usage you know you don't want to mess you don't want to upset the board member and i know that there is that fear that when you start getting into that there's been a lot of chatter since roseanne's reboot the other night the ratings went through the roof and if you read social media you'll see
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a lot of the righties snickering about this hollywood must be suffering are you kidding hit head yes of the obvious see in the crown oh it's nobody's going to be throwing any dinners for netflix they're doing just fine i want to ask but that was on earlier talking about the alzheimer's issues and there's a lot of issues which is a hard hard issue that this country i don't think is beginning to realize especially the baby boomer generation is even beginning to realize what's could be in store for them you know what are we and that's why i ask you you know are we underestimating the potential for. health and cultural impact as the baby boomers now are going to be facing down these diseases as they get into their seventy's and eighty's this math you refer to is as cruel as the disease itself because you know as a road weary media consultant i've done many a conference room power point and you see people trying to yawn with their mouth closed when you say the word demographics but that's what this is about new world
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war two ended my dad marched home had me and six brothers and sisters do the math you look at that map the tab just showed florida's and dark blue down there you know the old folks slid down to west palm and stayed there and it's going to be up to the boomers to take care of their remaining folks and then their kids to take care of us so i don't get it do you think though that the way our government's been operating where we are we don't have enough money to do that and i mean that's the thing that boggles my mind i mean now you talk you hear republicans talk about saying well it's let's start dipping into medicare lots of them into social security that's how people pay for these things sure and there's not enough money you know again roseanne a couple of big laughs the first scene you saw on the show was john goodman with the c. pap mask and then he and roseanne dividing up the pills we are all aging in lockstep and the money just isn't there in the only nation where health care is for profit
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as a baby boomer do you see that as one of the big you know things that they miss because baby boomers came in with a lot of gusto i want to biggest generation a man we're going to change the world for sure you know that revolution was taken place but now you see and it's like that's a lot of that some trends i mean as a boomer do you feel like you guys have dropped the ball the millennial stink we have excuse me generation x. thinks we have and the only hope is more math because the only generation bigger than mine are the most so if our kids won't take care. of us maybe the grandkids will and kids we're all just stop letting them down and out kid you know it now it's an interesting dilemma that i think we're going to have the country's going to have to face and really look in the as we move forward shores i mean you know that you all simers and dimension of we're still far away from finding cures for this and it's a cruel and it is cruel cruel and everyone is impacted even if not by
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a family member it is a societal impact it is a societal impact it will all pay for that and this isn't just a united states problem i think this is a world problem that i think the world might have to actually come together hopefully what a concept i know right now to be nice to see that and actually you know help solve this problem holland cook host of the big picture i want to thank you for coming on always a pleasure having you on and getting your insight into all this thank you so much it was me such a pleasure. magneto and such a logger if it were any g. is a brain scanner that tracks the the field created when neutrons in the brain communicate with each other allowing doctors to evaluate brain activity on a second to second basis the problem with these machines is that they're expensive bulky and patients must stay very still in order for it to image properly however the brain research is at the university college in london and the university of
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nottingham with a grant from the london based charity welcome have developed a mega machine that is no bigger than a bicycle helmet the new scanner is more sensitive than current machines allowing the patients to move during the test meaning that it will be much easier to treat than study conditions like epilepsy and much easier in toddlers and children it also means that doctors will be able to track brain activity during natural daily movements like eating stretching or playing games and with three d. printed helmets it can be made to fit practically any had perfectly but most importantly this technology could help find treatment solutions for epilepsy patients who don't respond to traditional methods more proof that bigger is not always better. oops more people doing smart things and saving the world are that is our show for you to very remember everyone in this world we're not told that we are above the sword told the wall i love you i am to roll over the world watching those horses have a great dream like the. time
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have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only remnants of a much larger mission was once there that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not geared for long term survival and that's why we have the kid to. this is. if i'm a surgeon or enjoys foreign sun surely you no matter how much more for show you put on them do will be in one way or. the real hibernated themselves come by a movie like counting to. take you know who just. was. not in.
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russia expel sixty u.s. diplomats and shuts the american consulate instead they just copying washington's move over the script ok while the state department says it reserves the right to respond further. sources close to wiki leaks say the ecuadorian embassy has blocked julian assange internet access to stop him tweeting about catalonia and designer vivienne westwood says he must get back on line. really important that he's got access to the world via all the expos the t.v. manages to do. and to netflix users threatened to boycott the online entertainment giant as it appoints president obama's former national security advisor to its board of time.


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