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very dangerous for a democratic society but the doesn't represent the huge part of the most in the world can i just come back to just one thing so not articulate just a sort of a relationship. mostly into. toward extent do you feel that you know french society has failed these these people who you know go on to fight as the hardest to fight alongside islamic state many of them were poor many of them it seems got poor educations could have they could have been saved prevented from taking that. you have had many waves of different microphones in history and if you look for example of asian migrants coming to europe there is never any problem anywhere because the military took the petty criminal to exists everywhere of course but it's only muslims that create issues only muslims that's what the population know in all our country i don't have
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a political agenda that's what the people who feel him believe and all the minister of interior in belgium. deplored the fact that just after the paris attacks the one hundred thirty people killed in paris at the product on in the area that the youngsters in all the big processes were dancing in the streets of course this is not political politically correct to say this you cannot say this you cannot say that we live in a world where we should all be in french are all be perfect and but the problem is in islam and nobody wants to accept to look into it islam needs to do its job in the mental the problem is that they have no structure there is no boss like in the catholic faith or in the jewish faith you have a structure you have your arche not. one of the only girls who do not think you are not serious you're in that serious. very serious sonny muslims are
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the worse suspects not the shiite that's true but the son is a real problem and the religion that you have is about is it really there is. another side it's not a lie and started to also if you're only for a city right al assad is the university and it's the highest authority for muslims around the world sunni muslims and what they say are is terrible are you sure are you sure in the twenty first i'm sure yes have you asked i am sure i have you has muslim people to say that. but you're wrong you're wrong honestly you're wrong because if you ask muslim in front get off on this are seeking for. to understand what we have to do as most amongst friends should know what the fuck twelve for example that's what the fuck is a good example of what islam can produce gentlemen i really wish we had time to
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continue but we've run out at this point journalists grieve a lawyer jose marti thank you so much fear time and you frank opinions appreciated thank you. thank you all time as always i'll be back in just under half an hour the latest headlines see that. they only climb the famed off her who is writing extensively on environmental issues and social justice issues went to these conferences in puerto rico and her takeaway was that a bunch of people all showed up and this is a danger to the local economy and to the local fabric of society so the first thing
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that strikes me is that lefties like they all me feel they have a monopoly on good intentions which i'm not sure where that comes from. this will stone cold emotion comes to one of the coulee flows of the faithful will go up in russia in the summer it also hosted the first world pool of the twenty first century welcome to japan.
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this is tokyo but we're going to be visiting coldly to see world cool we know lukas podolski the. well clearly germany when you go to the north of the country sapporo finest the bia but also for a good friend of mine. they got. to get. lots of joy to see the joy boy band maybe we hear that subrace surrendered. in tokyo studios to show us the premier league and many other sports in japan benny's one of the the main common sight isn't he just happens to be an englishman so why are we getting together never a good old chats about football jamie now he's twenty five years so how strong in your opinion. it's kind of hit some hurdles and reached
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a turning point in the last ten years i think until that point i don't think there's been many examples around the world of a league that started essentially from scratch and got so good so quickly to the point where it was exporting placed into milan that within the space of really fifteen twenty years when those star names went and the next generation didn't quite live up to the same standards now it's what do we do and so this i think is a bit of a period where everyone has to be patient and maybe wait for the stars to come back before we can really get to the next growth phase the j league was the first league that kick started the i made in australia. started about going to see some of the jail a greatly was this of the the blue touch paper and there's a very meant for many of the new list of them emerging leagues where you have to find out and i ask in north america of course. i think in japan now even me we have a tendency to be
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a little bit negative because it what's happening now and i say if you look at the first fifteen years to come from essentially nothing in terms of a foreign culture that was quite incredible you had to for the daily you had a company league where teams that work. literally called. the the car manufacturer that team became yokohama us now our f. man us they were nissen they were they were a company team effectively owned by the company and in many ways you had sort of place players signed as a profession is that what kind of ring is but the culture of going to watch football go to support your local team thinking about the kids coming up in future that didn't really exist to promise the baseball watching company which is awesome or for corporate support to go from them. initially was heavily funded it was a big marketing success but the real success they made with in the opening years they knew that marketing in money wasn't going to be a long term thing and so they made each club have a hometown rule and they can designate this is our hometown going to come pretty
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near that we have a team that represents this town this part of the country this is this is us they are us the jailing started in one thousand nine hundred three that year the national team and got to the point where they just missed out qualifying for the world cup and then qualified in ninety eight they got to host in two thousand and two and were pretty good you know. to do that in such a short period of time was quite incredible as you say influence other places will tell us a little bit about japanese football culture how important it is and how big the game here is now the provincial towns they got their sports teams and they also attracted a new audience base for watches in the past or maybe they were you know company guys you go after work now this was not this is the dividing line was drawn with countries and now this is a cultural thing this is for the local people and the level of commitment that you get from local support say was astonishing and the clubs don't typically own their own stadiums and so you can't leave your flags new generations there so the supporters will turn up for hours before cricket kickoff to be let in to decorate
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the stadiums it's something that the localities can be proud of first you're going to much as you say thank you all it's a come to work as you probably appear on your show as well. song we've got off the bullet try email from tokyo it's called bag. and alan is an englishman and he's also just a bit of fun like may have been experts on japanese for always being called by for twenty plus years so when in rome do as the romans do you want in cold buy big it's going to make some football and eat some bass. those nights we call. i fall country pun go against the same you know with
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almost any team of course i expect brazil and argentina spain whatever maybe being rented to top the group and go through that group in senegal for some good plan of playing for something or poem might collapse completely lemon just might be ended in japan has. in the squad of twenty three i presume there's going to be. five six seven. well class plays in my period that could easily be playing in the premier league that literally anybody can win that group of people are only a game they can top a group but they'll be happy with a win and two goals maybe an even a win under all would be a. big piece of me and.
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i think i do. finished off going the japanese way called on not lukas podolski schooled but your goals were based. so well i'm dying to see the place you started a little stretch but an old friend you tell me used to the world so much out with. those you. know i know i know nearly a full mind months. off into life is a very good food of course. for my family as well as soul we felt. like. old told the story of the friend they have printed people to safety.
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most chris in this city and this country solve course so save life this is very good season would finish one position for hope we can we can bring this club to another level of what it takes time this cannot be done never sing in one soft think this needs no need to fight this tool bring the club to a full club in asia and this is i want to get this all of this while i'm here to help the club up on the pitch and off the pitch and i hope i can bring my experience my quality in this cup and then we would see what splits up and. play is what. we feel. is this important but i think this is the most important you know like you look to shine or you know look. i think for another reason. a lot of players have gone
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already back small things sort of bringing names in a country important tool to make the jump on the split. yes but up to make the quality of the jail it better to have to push the japanese play off wall to bring more in the playoffs to the first team tool to bring. more and more players to europe from from japan the thing this is this is the key point can't you on whom. would be interesting to see. i think is that there's a lot of quality in the j league you know there's a nice steady were on. the support in all. there's a lot of. teams and in the snake last year when the champs make something the quality is really good. but still as i said before is
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a lot of potential in this country. of course the baseball out of sports you know all the other number one and most of my schools i think i want. to be us in old days bhaskar born this football day baseball and what this. and still do have the good marketing and the use of different think and i think this is as well the key point for the j.d. they have to use more of the marketing side to bring the jay dick. to the distance to the baseball yes or no but close on the think this is one thing as whether they have to death to push the next yes. what's still the can make it i think. this is interesting this group is very interesting lou because lisa to say thank you very much for your show is great to see here over you can see that you have a long and successful career many goals to thank you thank you very much george
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thank you. the most expensive fish in the will each one is selling for tens of thousands of euros it continues to grow its entire life if it was thirty years old you might have a two ton fish out there and yet they don't get that big today because we're way too good at catching. it's only women and self a much larger mission was one that was much more widely distributed we have politicians that are in office for a few years they have to get reelected everything is very very short term our system is not suited and is not cleared for long term survival and that's why we
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have the catastrophe is. what politicians do sometimes you can. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want us. to go on to be for us but what about for three of them all can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. when we all make this manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the final merry go round the sun be the one percent. time
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we can all middle of the room sick. to lose the real need for. peace is the sapporo down it was one of the stadiums for the two thousand and two will cope and england famously played here against argentina and david beckham scored a penalty at the end of the pitch pitched technology in two thousand and eighteen is called a very long why in the world called for in some pictures back you'll say a retractable roof you'll say great picture technology likewise in cars on and this is really where it all started in sapporo you say this track this huge
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area of concrete swivel was around one. thousand walk i would say here usually you go into a stadium in the future would be here it's above my level i'm well made to knowing to each a six point four zero there is the football pitch the whole thing comes on a much six acts into the open and. have a chat with lukas podolski and today we're going to chat with a good friend of mine both roy an englishman let's play. in the last three years there's. japanese police for.
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people. on the. english. for several clubs and that's unusual for.
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you to do. different. especially. you know i always want to i had the opportunity to go it was kind of like i didn't want to leave home. i just had my son but it was like a dream that i want to achieve never really been a person for. my family it's. been . traditionally you know you think.
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that. generally if you look at applies in europe. you don't really see. a defensive midfielder. if you look in the jamie a lot of the. brazilian south korea you know what i'm more aggressive you know look at the rest of europe especially the best teams. and you'll see teams trying. to keep.
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going to great. national same dream i. had this conversation with many people. i don't see what i call you know because again technically the very good players think. that the national team back is the mentality. to them it's a game. three. you know that's not disrespect by telling us teams like. yeah i. should qualify for every tournament and. really when they qualified this time it was like they were celebrating like they won the world cup and to me. you know i want to see them do you know south korea did you know when i
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went to the semifinals. they would expect they want to. work compete you know. senegal part of that. i wouldn't say. you know going to qualify as a group that i kind of. very opinion and you have the. knowledge of the. of the world what you want to do. to be honest i never really you know management to me my life to football. you do. you know i love the game don't get me wrong i never really for about it until i came here for you know when i was here i'm thinking actually of what was some really good manages. to raise me and i would much use i read you know when i
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was and i had a good manager i was. one time and i see the way i put sessions on no more no. i do have some knowledge and if i am going to be a manager or cars i would like to do it because it's a good place to. go good facilities for structure yeah. i'm going to start it. for me my dream was to play in the premier league which i've done. on a lot of money which i've done. which i've done a board which i've done so for me. i can look back at my career and say i've achieved don't get me wrong i made mistakes a lot of mistakes on the way where my career could have gone a different way and i could have played long gone out i did waste a lot of time you know missed in a round you know. we're not sure i stayed in. london and living there you have to remember the states.
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you see. for me personally of course i want to i want to score goals i love to score goals but for me and i was when i was younger i used to set myself a target at the beginning of the season i said i want to school fifteen goals i want to score twenty goals but for me if you can see you know reaching the target. you need to. so for me i always say to myself i want to. play well and this is what i need to do in this game so i always take each game time in the future. you know i just concentrate on each day and. i think the reason why. i can still move around and run for. twenty or twenty five year old it's still a time when i was when i was young you know i was on the bench and. now
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i'm at the back end of my career a show like that i'll tell you every single day so i train hard i keep myself in shape i don't go out no more. attractive you can lash. used to be a very great to be honest i would just when i when i was growing up my dad always said to me. you know he's a good. on the pitch you know when you have a forest on one obviously you as a player i looked and i was good because there wasn't many of you around. let me get in the book and then you come along and. that was the difference and it was like why what's the oh i never want to be one of these forwards. was involved in a game that would. go to me i want to enjoy i want to go on the whole i want to express
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myself i want to dribble i want to be involved i want to touch a board like you know times a game and i want to be a part of it. to see. what a fantastic time in this country the one thing. is that the japanese are very deferential very respectful and i. will preach joey threw himself said it's alan gibson say to come may be ruthless enough. so when a thief woke up in years to come. from out your country but now relax time for a bit of fun before the next trick. russians
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are coming for well over the last year and a half this is the message western audiences have been served up twenty four seventh's what is behind this hysteria what does this message aim to achieve always russia is supposed to react importantly are we facing a possible conflict. how does it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is what business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like is there nobody over the case and i don't no
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one comes anymore we don't have to serve them anymore is cult effective that's what they want to do that at the moment they don't give a damn if you do the charge on that they're actually paying us to put it back into the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us sam bridge what she could is behind such success. if i'm insurgent terrorist group enjoys slaughter and sanctuary move no matter how much military pushover you put all know them they will be in the one way to. really hibernate themselves and come back time it will be like. i'm not taking the loot.
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fifteen people were killed and more than a thousand didn't judus israeli soldiers whose live bullets tear gas and drones in clashes with palestinians during the first day of rage on the gaza border it's another things you eat. maybe you can you're old and you know it's close to the fans of. russia takes action to expel foreign diplomats in a tit for tat measure is the right well over the script poisoning escalates. and juvenile forty's can't deport some sixty five thousand illegal migrants as the asylum seekers don't have valid id papers.


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