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tv   News  RT  April 1, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the governor of russia is commander of a region that resigned over last sunday's shopping center fire which killed sixty four people including forty one children. italy cries invasion and silence the french ambassador after a dramatic cross border raid by french police on a suspected migrant drug trafficker. and as the diplomatic spat over the screwball case intensifies both the u.s. and russia closed one of the others consulates while moscow expels american diplomats in a reciprocal. move. by
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broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our thomas certainly glad to have you with us. the governor of russia came out of a region has resigned over last sunday's deadly fire at a shopping center and it comes after investigators found a series of violations in safety procedures which left more than sixty people dead most of whom were children his recount of that tragic day. again that's but. then you know i didn't quite see it but you see. in yours alone visualisation like a good suit doesn't if you should mulch if you go to the signatures or to achieve your.
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alarm no siren no sprinklers the whole fire prevention system was off fire exits blocked people inside this shopping mall were left on their own to find out about the beginning inferno why they think stench in there knows this shopping mall used to be a confectionery and in fact it conducted fire drills just last week so a lot of very. the grave and outrages flaws in those drills and so the investigation is looking into how this horror became possible lattimer putin who landed here in camera in the morning and he has already laid flowers at the vigil and talked to some of the citizens to comfort them over their lost son over the course of the your life if you very much richard you're left with a mission and with that we knew we couldn't do it. because with permission and you know with this picture looks
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a little bit today i thought i would be fucking the president of the recent three days on since the tragedy the families of the first twenty two victims have said there are large goodbyes to their loved ones with burial ceremonies as the nation mourns the victims the investigation is working to hold those to blame for the catastrophe accountable right now investigators are looking into the mixture of factors first and foremost the alarm the sirens did not go off when the fire began neither did the water sprinkler as if they were there in the first place and the fire exits were locked so people when they followed the designated paths to safety they found themselves the doors that were shut also the staff of the morgue reportedly was untrained how to handle an emergency like this. almost two thirds of those who perished in the blaze were children some parents lost all of their kids in the fire also took the lives of nearly an entire class of eleven year olds from
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a village near the city they had traveled to the regional capital to watch their film with their teacher their big day turned to tragedy and for the entire community as well. they were such good girls why. they started really well it is such a tragedy for everyone. their own most no children of this age left in our village there aren't many children here only our granddaughter zena is alive she didn't go and also three boys no one else their age is left in the village. the number of victims could have been much higher had it not been for the courage of people nearby some even lost their own lives trying to get the children out of the burning building while others were lucky to survive or to juggle volga tells their stories on sunday a tragedy and i said berry and city turn teachers shop workers students and scores of others and heroes for some it cost them their lives like to tell of their sala
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an english teacher and mother who was out with her fourteen year old daughter when the fire broke out she managed to get her child safety before selflessly running back into the burning building to try and help others trapped inside many survivors have spoken of how they would never have made it out alive if there weren't people like top ten of their seventeen year old team up below him is a student at an emergency services college with smoke filling the air he made it to the exit but heard a woman crying for help on able to find her children she pointed towards the fire and dreamer ran back inside. i saw nothing there was thick black smoke everywhere her children crying and shouting and that's how i found out where there are three children were sitting in the corner of the room terrified trying and the boy that's all the boys grabbed my belt and hold it tight and took the girls by the collar and carried them out stuff at the winter cherry center risked their lives trying to get as many youngsters out of the building as they could. all our coworkers had already
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when we looked at the escalator it was full of people they started helping people to get out of there we have a back door at the end of this during our start it's calling people to come to us there were dizzy people to our guys lifted their wheelchairs and helped them to go downstairs everything went black with clouds of smoke surrounding us i don't know what would have happened to me not them we don't consider ourselves rescuers we are ordinary people if you were in our place you would have done the same we heard that lots of men were burned to death there here and there are no doubt other unsung heroes in the city strangers without whom even more people both young and old would have perished. from the u.k. to finland people across the globe have been joining russia to mourn the victims of the deadly blaze vigils have been held in more than thirty countries with people bringing candles and toys in remembrance. but in the city itself anger has been
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running high shortly after the tragedy i thought he was going to the city were confronted by crowds and locals and victims or relatives demonstrators were demanding the truth from officials with rumors circulating that the death toll could be as high as three hundred of those claims fell or rejected by the investigation was. complete was her son was here at least. i. knew. you. please. let me. look up to. her to let you.
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meanwhile the investigation into what caused the fire is progressing the two main theories are malfunction of the fire safety system and arson five people have been arrested in connection with the tragedy among them two directors at the shopping center and the producer of the fire safety system the blaze is one of the deadliest in a russian recent memory and it took firefighters around twenty four hours to put it
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out now the victims were mostly children celebrating the start of school holidays. was. was. the fall out over the alleged poisoning of former spy sergei script hall and his daughter has seen mass expulsions of diplomatic staff over the week both russian and american diplomats have been ordered to pack their bags and leave for home russia's seattle consulate was close with moscow announcing on thursday it would retaliate for washington's decision sixty u.s. diplomats were told to leave russia in a mirror to the u.s. move the americans were also ordered to shut down their mission in st petersburg. back in washington russia's ambassador to the u.s. anatoly told of off his expelled colleagues as they got on a plane bound for russia now on sunday the plane carrying all sixty russian
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diplomats arrived in moscow if i could u.s. diplomats are also expected to depart russia soon here's how russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov outlined the steps taken so far. notable to retell eatery measures include the expulsion of the same number of u.s. diplomats and withdrawal of our consent for the us consulate in st petersburg as far as other states are concerned we will always give amir a response. for every russian diplomat kicked out from the two dozen or so countries one of their diplomats will be kicked out of russia almost all of those countries by the way either nato members or hopefuls the united states though may have to charter a jet sixteen evidence diplomats have been ordered to leave russia the same number kicked out by washington know what the u.s. consulate in st petersburg is being closed down in response to the closure of russia's consulate in seattle and mirrors spawn's no more no less and again
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moscow has called on the united states to stop it is proposed to us south or ities inciting in fueling this merican pain against our country to rethink incurred their reckless actions destroying bilateral relations with russia which remotely denies any role in this poisoning setna such mockery of international law it is also convened a special meeting of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons would be c.w. has sent technical experts to examine the substance with which the former russian double agent and his daughter were poisoned but their best a geisha will be technical. o.p.c. w. explosive arrived in london to analyze the substance used in the alleged poisoning of surrogate and you'll a script this will only allow them to distinguish the chemical formula of the
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substance the o.p.c. w. technical secretariat doesn't have the mandate to verify the u.k.'s allegations by the way the investigation into the case is still ongoing. the u.k. and its allies insist that russia was behind this russia the nies any such thing and says that this entire fair is politically motivated there's been no investigation no trial no evidence only accusations which have taken a turn for the literary it's rather like the beginning of crime and punishment really crime. i mean he was a tree full of hours at this point. where all the confidence about the identity of the culprit the only question is whether he will first confess or be cooped specially for boris johnson the dusty esky quote translated in english from a hundred tributes you can not make
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a horse one hundred suspicions don't make it proof boris johnson went on to cement his case they make novacek we make light statements one is a hideous weapon specifically designed for assassination the other is a implausible theatrical prep with a mysterious buys me wouldn't anybody opinion is divided on what exactly boris johnson meant or how exactly he hoped this would help his case. but not everybody seems so sold on russia bashing for example nine e.u. states chose not to take punitive action austria's among them though vienna says london tried to pressure them to go along. presentation that sums up the basis for why the us and half of the e.u. back to britain's expulsion of russian diplomats was leaked earlier this week with all six slides focusing on accusations against moscow it begins with the
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description of the nerve agent allegedly used in the salzburg assassination attempt with the blame being placed squarely on russia the so-called evidence includes allegations of previous maligned activity by moscow among them are cyber attacks alleged interference in elections and what the presentation calls the occupation of crimea and numerous countries chiefly in the western hemisphere have back to london's allegations that russia was behind the poisoning of sergei screwball and his daughter and have joined punitive measures against moscow and though that sentiment wasn't shared by every nation even in europe some british and american politicians were quick to equate their allies with the entire world but the world is saying today is that these patterns of behavior has become on the acceptable and what you'll see in these huge diplomatic expulsion is a desire to correct that and to say right russia enough is enough to won't patience
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is wrong wearing saying with president putin and his actions we stand with our british allies and the rest of the civilized world it has become clear that russia is behind this effort to kill innocent civilians with the banned nerve agent. we're rasmussen executive vice president of the eurasian center says the current standoff may deepen already existing divisions in europe. i think it kind of centers on the whole perspective that. certain countries have thinking that the world their world balls around them but there's no justification whatsoever there's no evidence of coming out we're not following international monica think primarily it's to try to be in the public in promoting a we're the leaders of the world when really it's really being led by the u.s. in the u.k. in some ways i think the steps that are occurring may backfire creating more divisiveness within the within europe europe is already upset with the existing sanctions that are that are occurring effect on the business side is that they're
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losing billions of euros a year hundreds of billions but really that's that's where it is most of the world is not behind this and even the people of european countries i think for the most part realize that this is really kind of there's no justification whatsoever i mean who did it who knows but it clearly does not look like it was rough. trade confrontation is heating up between beijing and washington china has slapped three billion dollars in tariffs on one hundred twenty products imported from the u.s. including pork wine and fruit the move follows several weeks of chinese officials mornings over the escalating dispute between the two countries last thursday president ali trump announced sixty billion in tests on chinese goods due to beijing's repeated violations of u.s. intellectual property rights and at the beginning of march the u.s. imposed new tariffs on aluminum and steel which also hit chinese imports but i'll jump has clashed with china on trade he has also called it
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a friend in dealing with north korea. again what's been allowed to go on for decades is disgraceful it's disgraceful and when it comes to a time when our country can't make aluminum and steel. and somebody said it before and i will tell you you almost don't have much of a country i view them as a friend i have tremendous respect for president xi they have a great relationship they helping us a lot in north korea and that's china all right earlier we spoke to geoffrey albert tucker editorial director of the american institute for economic research he thinks that the u.s. will lose as much as china in this dispute but trump said he wanted a trade war i mean he tweeted that he wanted a trade war which is something that no economist in the world wants to hear and now
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he's getting it nobody wants a trade war everybody loses china loses america consumers are going to pay the price of american business is going to pay the price this is this is a bad deal all around every american and her daily life is using products assembled built shaped formulated manufactured in china originating from ideas and concepts and marketing that originate from the united states we have a beautiful cooperative relationship. italy is crying invasion and even threatening to expel french diplomats over a dramatic across border migrant raid rome summit of the french ambassador after french border police entered an italian train station forcing a suspected drug trafficking refugee to take a drug test and time prosecutors have now opened an investigation into the incident and while the foreign ministry in rome has kept a civilized tone some italian politicians did not hold back. the behavior of french
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agents in better than a case very serious matter will remind micron that no foreign agent can come here and us so there are thirty we are a sovereign country not a province of france we are not micron's toilet on top of expelling russian diplomats we should expel french ones that had no rights no rights this would be the first and the last time i'm very angry about what's happened. or paris claims a bilateral deal allows them to cross a tie and borders in such cases however italian police insist that the deal says france must notify them of its plans and it failed to do so authorities have the room inside of the bottleneck rail station was a migrant center and off limits moreover migrant center officials are outraged calling the raid interference and adding that french officers intimidated the doctor and lawyers there however france says that it did ask permission to enter
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the facility and that the migrant agreed to take the urine test political science lecturer proly asco who is in told us that french police are in the wrong. the ngo which is running the migrant center in the neck up by the way i'm a few hundred meters from there i am in but i'm thinking right now at the. end declared the french authorities where you know way acting in an intimidating manner and so this act has been seen by many politicians and i would say by a large portion of the time in public opinion as an act of defiance a kind of violation of sovereignty on italian soil what has been said very clearly by italian authorities is that. italian police was not in for by by french customs agent. about your peroration which is against the provisions of the by national agreements. this is just the latest migrant related scandal
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on the french italian border it comes just weeks after a volunteer was summoned by french police for saving a heavily pregnant migrant to me. you know we were doing an ordinary patrolling to as we have regularly done since the beginning of winter to bring aid to people who pass the pass in difficult conditions during this patrol we spoke to the group of people who were walking in snow there we saw that it was a family was two young children and pregnant women we gave them food and drinks and dry clothes i took my car to take it to the hospital. they all asked for my documents and they catalogued my personal belongings they notified me of a hearing on wednesday and released me at midnight. if
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the situation repeated itself tomorrow i would act in the same way i did the right thing. right italian journalist marcelo told us that many in his country are appalled by france's behavior over the refugee situation france is one of the toughest counties and they don't they don't cooperate i'm told they think the police force for every boy this was a thirty and very very aggressive rejecting every year every time they find some of the migrants that are trying to go to france and the situation that this becoming greedy critical for eternity because he cannot keep hold of these thousands and thousands of migrants. all right that does it for me i will be back in about thirty five minutes with a full picture of news and the week when you're watching at international.
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on get up though i may have been mad at that grandma the minimum time because i'm. not bad was alluded to but oh november did i say i give them that i don't know what about on it but i will be was as it is about. hello and welcome to cross talk or all things considered i'm peter lavelle says he wants to get out of syria apparently not everyone in his administration got that memo also the latest twists and turns in the alleged poisoning controversy in the
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u.k. and r t is again being targeted. across talking some real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have victrola which he is a political analyst as well as a leading expert at the center for actual politics and we have dmitri bob h. he's a political analyst with nick international right gentlemen as always crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in any in time any time you want and i always appreciate mark let me go to you first here we have president donald trump saying that it's essentially time for the united states to get out of syria kind of hearkening back to the old campaign days but apparently as i said in my introduction not everybody got that memo in the administration what's going on here will be coming out of syria like very soon. let the other people take care of it now we got to get back to our country where we belong where we want to be so that
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was that was the trump that i remember from the campaign now if people voted the way to well i don't know if they voted on syria and foreign policy but that that is what his foreign policy platform was at the time now this was a media only met across the press led by the washington post the new york times but even from people within his own administration really trying to walk that. back right there did you did you check that in with mad dog mad dog to prove that in that message mr trump. what does this tell us about his administration though because there doesn't seem to be any coordinated policy there seems to be no timeline as well so i mean is this you know something that trump just says because it was like at a rally ok to energize the base because this is a kind of a test of who's running foreign policy victory but eat my.


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