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tv   Documentary  RT  April 4, 2018 11:30am-12:01pm EDT

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an estimate right here. for you. and to his that people have reported the presence of a drug dealer in front of this bar. is a drug deal that this that was happening and that's you know i'm looking on the g.p.s. right now to see what the machine is because the machine should be on its way right now. less than three minutes after the warning car isn't already on site. but the drug dealers just left a. lewd. act at the station while joy is in charge of dispatching the police you're ok calling sewage. he has just received the picture that raises his concern. was the problem with the get area you know it's probably carry it should go to scratch carry guns and f.h. it's hot out here look i want to long sleeve heavy duty shirt coverup. so our guys
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look at those pictures and we're probably the term that if they got a call. he immediately sends a car. but the men vanishes. a few weeks later. this man identified with the application or murder a nightclub bouncer. the killer is twenty two years old his name is terry mark he will be arrested for the murder a few weeks later. due to the large number of alerts received tonight. joy he decides to help out his troops on site. now to. come out of the and hold his gun point on
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a drug. we decided to check the small streets around the french quarter the criminals often use them to escape the police. patrol. men with suspicious behaviors must use. a crowd that doesn't seem to enjoy the officers presence. so the test was god's will. see a guy who can cause trouble. all he's not a fairly good that's for sure. at this exact location
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a man was being. and robbed a few days earlier under the different eyes of the prostitutes. walk of the. mounted police city police. state police task force. everything is done to make sure that terse do have fun and he said. they bring in six billion dollars each year. do you think new orleans has fun in a different way. than the legal. but the street races on
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a road under construction. are as clear as twenty four he never misses a run. every sunday of every week pretty much. much in. this race people. like the nose guard restraint is actually raising race. each weekend there are dozens looking for the thrill of speech. girls also take part in the races when not rather than coming up it was like you're going to raise chickens issue candidates it's in your blood the media the female there are going
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to. i bought it cash money up front this is my everybody help me pay for it it's my . life. after two hundred metres she reaches one hundred miles per hour. not enough to win the race. so we go on. those roads are sort of the skates to the you know really. the self-made man who wants the best place in the world come out. with the police or. everybody please it's also part of the game.
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this is don't even bother chasing. a mile away. in a parking lot. but if the one thing is basically there by just lob the want to sunday we still get one that's our private everyone isn't thrilled about this is a private private bindis that they do not respect they should let them know that you know. that that's all we have the crew sides of the story. but as a cio they would be rather you be all you can in this day of an issue with us that
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it's just. no drama you know. only a few hundred yards away the twenty four year old man just lost his life the hits are two further over the bridge both on the ground of both under the train. because though. the biker was going too fast. down. some about. fifty feet below the man's bodies laying on the ground he landed under the tree he died instantly.
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each year in the easy and more than seven hundred people down the road mainly young people. so each night the sheriff's units are on the lookout for. this young twenty three year old driver just passed she's going one hundred miles per hour. she doesn't seem to be in great shape. i don't especially want to go. out there all you like. you can stand up straight. and the smell of liquor coming off your breath right that way i would say celebrate yes that's right without problems i. think money to come back or america right back from the start. young woman is arrested. she faces a heavy sentence. in the united states drunk driving. severely punished.
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by god first since he carried them on a seven thousand five hundred dollars so since she failed a field sobriety test you can get charged with first offense. in the county jail. the tenant or rambo is in charge of her incarceration. or. three sons. and he went out and it was later this closely the cult like it is about right. the one who will. you know there's also at the end when you ask them well the young woman is going to try to bluff her way out. i never had a run but this is all over. and i remember me it is.
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but think about it you see it right now he's very right and you feel that this is the owners or you know so you can actually kill somebody. you sent to prison. to either pay bail seventy five hundred dollars or she will stay inside for at least a month waiting for trial. you don't get a lot of shows i know tonight as well the most dangerous night significant these attempts to feed you may not be so it's the fourth of july independence day.
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a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman to just kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million one playa. it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy but great so one more chance with. a nice minute. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself in taking your
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last to bang turn. your act caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each day. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a game still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like him it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters my mind gets consumed with the death of this one different person i speak to now because there were no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker.
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paul adams is the head of the patrol units tonight. he doesn't like the sound of fireworks. someone from a hard. hard to distinguish not much better if your role is in this or the very that you are kind of drama beyond our very fine you know because people do tend to push our guns our rivals out and guns out and far off so. it makes everything a little bit war. not a look at more dangerous when you're old enough of your years of. all here's hillary to know that a man refused to stop at a traffic stop escaped and could be our. a row flop is set up to try to stop a. spike strip is deployed on the. man
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fell into the trap. the sheriff's unit is in pursuit. quickly joined by five other cops. front tires or. we're waiting for the first part of vehicle doesn't stop we are in motion. so that's the car in front of us and yes now we have. my car the truck. is almost done that's. a few hundred yards later. the vehicle stocks of the police officers quickly and come from.
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past the rest of the hospital and the truck it's only. a crowd forms around the scene of the arrest everyone knows the suspect he lives in the neighborhood. they were the money that really. was going to guy is it cool going to. play kind of messed up because it was on medicine. always on meds are you denying. it if. that was pushed back a few minutes earlier because the suspects mother. she tries to plead his case to paul that. oh you want to see me go to see me in the front and you know that i'm talking to
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a mobile. telephone so i just want to thank him for not get shot up until he goes like this we. won't want to stand him if you don't give it up. or. down. in the united states blacks are afraid of the police the police brutality against the community is coming. for paul adams he's proud to show us the suspects that were arrested by his unit yesterday even before their trial live pictures are published in the local newspaper central to the people who just arrested so they are free for about the. us. i'm sure been involved with some of the what your year sky. wants to what is your estimate of been involved with this bozo margaretta. so you will not find out if. we're going to disguise their words our or so to go around twenty arrests and
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twenty four hours but there are other dangerous individuals that the sheriff's men have to arrest they are ferocious and live in the swamps surrounding the town. tonight remember was the one dealing with the. u.s. to take care of the alligators. that's what they call. this young specimen was found in front of a garage door at the time of the loan to get anger. a roll of tape will be used as handcuffs. we're doing just tying his legs together in that gives us more control. firepit mouth. you go come back after your couple you go watch the strongest thing . in the car the young alligator sits in the prisoner's spot.
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will be set free and join his peers everywhere this is. now the seventh you know. new orleans is a swamp region also known as by. the alligators reign over the area. there are more than two.
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things that one right if we want to tempt a good one i did. in new orleans there are more alligators than people they are everywhere in the bayou . so each year alligator hunting is allowed for a whole month. this morning charlie fifty five is preparing to go kill a few he hunts alligators for a living. this is my rifle it's a seven mag remington seven mag and this is only with if we need it for some big gators it might be for a swim and if we can't get to. we reach out to him this. week.
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but he's built a few kilometers from the swamp. area has the highest concentration of alligators in the united states. on these field trips and charlie is always joined by his son. i'd much rather the country than a city and then i worked in a lot of big cities. that the never been seen and people people don't know how to be nice. charlie is checking his traps set up the previous day. the alligators attracted by a piece of meat on the beach. today. specimen. but he's told.
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rappahannock that. yeah he might make six we're going to take it in plain even and maybe sale the house well this one here myself for two hundred dollars. so a good hunting can be profitable. but it's heavily regulated. this is a tag always basically gotta have enough land to be able to get tags. along this river here is five thousand acres. and out of that i get thirty six thirty tags. today we captured two alligators.
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the day. back home charlie prepares a typical new orleans dish. of fried alligator. this is the little tenderloin that cut out of the tail it's a muscle it controls the tail of the gator that make him swing it like this. it looks like chicken but it tastes like fish. actually shirt stands the school and in m. sixteen it. was right. christian motorcycle guy. it played saying god. charlie also believes in the right
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to bear arms. they're not good for they are larger than lisa's house they carry a gun or some kind of weapon grade take and steal you know do whatever he needs to do they get what he want so when you take it away from me then how can i protect myself how can i take any but. a gun don't kill it's first music. in new orleans about eighty percent of victims are killed by gun violence. take the basket of plessis in the name of jesus christ that nourish our body bring a stronger closer to our name. back in the early in the black neighborhood trinity.
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we meet up with the dancing at this place. getting ready for celebration. if. everything has to be looking really nice. because people. that i'm giving to feel a roof. deserve the best of dignity. for thirty years aaron has been leading the band plays at every funeral. as well this is america has been america we have been but know this jazz funeral so it is a tradition that is. very much respected. he wears a black suit. and
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for his hair or should he needs help. oh you got to tell me you know you only get just get out of the i got a look at the set up by his wife helps out. so that they're. full. of. yeah oh it. today the future is being very. gratifying because. this is. these women who are dancing for his daughter's. dance the man wasn't murdered. he died of old age. aaron the dancing gives the tempo of the sound.
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he's joined for a week to come in. new orleans is facing an unprecedented crisis every day young people die from gunfire. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round.
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what i mean and you come with that he's going to get so for us with. the question as to yes but all yes the chest but. here for everyone that is. of the.
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the u.k. foreign office claiming british experts have found the nerve agent used in this crippled poisoning case was produced in russia. rejects russia's proposal for a joint investigation into the attack on the former spy and his daughter. refused to cooperate with. the news russia turkey and iran agree on a joint effort to rebuild syria about militant attempts to sabotage the peace process with chemical attacks. live. for me in the team here the new center and mosque i'm i'm calling bryce wednesday evening at seven.


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