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the only medical it has and it is really very simple it just has what we call a combat dos this particular gauze has a static agent. and he in the not only soft they both have this wave opening feature which imagine my of my pocket here but this little hook as i go to pull this out the pocket this little hook catches the inside of the pants and opens it automatically as a whole and out so i can i can defend myself from either side maybe a push against a wall and this side i'm not able to get this knife so i can get to this one or vice versa. like most people in new orleans brennan was traumatized by katrina. at the time he was still a police officer get to face chaos. it's as if you know right there's the mississippi river this is all part of the levee system there was a breach in a levee where one of the oil tanker barges hit it and with that there was some oil so it was really nasty down here.
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disaster. when you have adversity at the level that katrina was that's when those true call the start coming out. of family members to dallas to evacuate and when i was coming back into the city in dallas texas i had in a p.d. units passing me leaving the city. many police officers never returned. and now we're you know we're very low on manpower dangerously low not only for the citizens but for the department themselves i mean these guys are you know we look we get more and more people shoot up police is just it's never seen more that than i've ever seen before. obsessed with safety. he transformed his car into a real armory. bucky all of this stuff handy just in case again something crazy happens active shooter as a you know it's ok. permit also keep
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a rifle it's actually technically a pistol but i keep something that's a little bit bigger and i keep additional ammunition as well as a body armor and medical equipment the stuff that i would simply need to see an active shooter at a school or something like that and then also just keep kind of general preparedness stuff vehicle maintenance stuff tools things for spare flat tires a water fluids for the vehicle general maintenance stuff that you know probably everybody should have in their vehicle. after quitting the police brennan chose to open a gun shop. you can find everything here from an automatic gun to an a k forty seven. but in the red is there going oh oh how far is the range zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero for letting us know a little bit with the growing insecurity about brennan business is flourishing
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weakness like especially considering that in louisiana arm sales are deregulator cool clothes you know if you're anything all right well you would say you have gone . and you carry it with you you have it on you today and you're sure it's ok so you feel endangered. even if. you know. in this town the number of firearms is booming. their sales doubled the last ten years . but a new orleans. man has found another solution the weapons to fight criminality. it's in the heart of the french quarter that live city took a forty year old millionaire. he made a fortune in the garbage disposal service. i'm
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trying you know rob today it was a good quote i. heard by. a million. his house had been burglarized several times so sidney decided to invest part of his fortune into the security of french quarter. he created a unique and. it allows people to send real time information to the policeman of the neighborhood. you see something that says look suspicious prostitution drug dealing you see somebody getting rob you take the side and you can take a picture and send it and it goes directly here it's like having a police officer in your pocket. although once again this is a crime just came in over the radio and they say they sent a picture here you see suspicious person delphine governor nichols and they took
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a picture of him see him on the corner you see him on the ground they act like they're sleeping but they're they actually rob people when you walk. his idea was born after his conflict with the mayor of new orleans who he publicly accused of being in active in front of the rise of criminality i tried to get a meeting with the mayor and he wouldn't meet with me so i made a thirty second commercial and i started putting it all over the t.v. calling the mayor out on the crime in the cities the french quarter is under siege by criminals the problem can be it is only six blocks by thirteen. you may as well advised me to come in this room in the front the millionaire office stressing about the violence in the city and every sane way to deal with garbage like. we should hope for the misery for there was a real provocation. and so he didn't like it and he took offense to it he made millions and millions and millions of dollars off
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a garbage contract in the french quarter and maybe he should just to get some of that money and do it himself if he thinks it's so easy it's just not like i decided to follow his advice and invested several hundred thousand dollars to create the french quarter task force a unit that works directly with the task force you download it and you're able to connect police directly this was something that was launched just days ago in tonight's businessman city tour today the young millionaire has become a star in the american media. you know who as you can see had way last gray white black and blue. this afternoon he has yet another t.v. interview. has become a reference in the fight against criminality. you know it's not just one
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people in jail for arresting our way out that has to we have to have programs the mayor the city the citizens work together. if we receive so much. tension it's because he is a real success in his neighborhood criminality is down by forty five percent. they've been waiting for a long time because it talking about the dollar. reserve currency countries are tired of america's wars because there's got to be traded in dollars including oil to buy oil got to buy dollars first means america gets
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a commission. to wage wars all over the world. facebook admits that data belonging to nearly all of its two billion users may have been accessed improperly and that around eighty seven million accounts were breached by the research firm in cambridge and a little. u.k. foreign office deletes a tweet a claiming british experts had can point to russia as the source of the nerve agent used in the screwball poisoning case. the e.u. rejects russia's proposal for a joint investigation into the poisoning of double agents are basically paul and his daughter. and russia turkey and iran agree on a joint effort to rebuild syria and warn of attempts by militants to sabotage the peace process. for the latest on the stories you can head to argue dot com stay
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with us now for the kaiser report talking about china's growing role in the global oil market but if you're watching us in the u.k. boom bust looks president trump's war of words with. this is my status or this is the kaiser report the show that drives people crazy because we drop so many troops bombs bang bang bang six x. there's been so so so much happening in the world a lot of the news understandably missed a pretty significant story that might one day in history look much bigger than it did the week it happened and that is explainer china aims to challenge brant. oil with crude futures launch the launch of china's yuan denominated oil
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futures will mark the culmination of a decade long push by the shanghai futures exchange s h f e aimed at giving the world's largest energy consumer more power and price in crude oil sold to asia so some are saying the petro yuan is here and it's here to challenge the petro dollar yeah we've been waiting on the us for a long time because are talking about the dollar fact there is world reserve currency countries are tired of funding america's wars because ever there's got to be trainers in dollars including oil if you buy oil got to buy dollars first and that means america gets a commission and they use that money to wage wars all over the world people are tired of it they're tired of war they want to subsidize or no more so china saying you know what here's the weak point is this dollar we're going to introduce the
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petro un and we're going to take over pricing of oil and we're going to get what well what i mean you could prison as a conspiracy theory however it could be a conspiracy theory people die. every day now i know it could just be practical part of becoming part of the global monetary an economic power china is on a purchasing power parity the number one economy in the world without adjusting for purchasing power it's the number two behind the u.s. so at some point they do have to join the game and allow their currency to float it's not convertible at the moment you know it's it's that they control the exchange rate so at one point they will need to provide more of the quiddity to global markets there's no more market in the world perhaps gold is the closest as to oil so if right now it's all traded in u.s.
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dollars and that's why every country in the world doesn't mind having a huge surplus of dollars on their books because they could use it to buy oil but you know it could just be china i'm just playing devil's advocate here to conspiracy theories because a lot of people say this is like a direct challenge and i think it is a challenge it will ultimately be perhaps they get the exorbitant privilege one day in a world of fear but here it could just be a practical thing of how to. you know how to make your currency part of not only the s.d.r. the i.m.f. special drawing rights but also a global reserve currency well why china name dollars and why do they sell stuff to the us for dollars like into wal-mart because without dollars there in cable or participating in the global economy since it's all priced in dollars so to escape the yoke of being
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colonized by a dollar based economy they would seek to escape. possibly through the u.n. petro dollar contract as an expression of economic freedom. so this is something that we see in other countries russia for example is coming up with an alternative to the swift money transfer system they don't want to be colonized by the american dollar swift system they want in their own system so all these countries that are emerging now and multi-trillion dollar competitors to the u.s. economy need to figure out the dollar question or they will remain a colony of the us well one thing of course that also happened is when trump was threatening all sorts of tariffs on steel and intellectual property six billion dollars worth of trade tariffs on there is that one there are many people in the
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communist party of china and one official did say oh we might not buy any more u.s. treasuries they didn't threaten to dump them but every single financial and economic analysts on earth said of course china is kind of stuck in a quagmire because they hold so many u.s. dollar treasury bonds and what are they going to do they're just going to ruin their own position so this is also a way to not have to accumulate even more u.s. dollars on their books because they need to diversify their portfolio because they're right now. you know they're not diversified they're not hopefully giving up to some biopic relationship that people thought was unimpeachable and unbreakable between these two but china is signaling that maybe it is breakable maybe they will attempt to go it alone so let's look at some of the risks that reuters says the people are concerned about and i'm just going to pick up on one matter that you are a special this on because it's about market making and market structure and price
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discovery and things like this and one of the issues they point out that people are concerned about is that the shanghai international energy exchange the unit of shanghai futures exchange running the contract has strict daily limits on the number of council orders allowed per account aimed at curbing spoofing this involves placing bids to buy or offers to sell futures contracts with the intent to cancel them before execution by creating an illusion of demand spoofers can influence prices to benefit their market positions for a larger client placing orders of more than three hundred lots of quibbling to thirty thousand barrels of oil the limit is fifty a day users with smaller orders are allowed five hundred cancellations that's different to international exchanges like the c.m.e. which it uses a ratio based on an investor's traded volume so they're actually targeting spoofing
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this is an matter we've talked about for many years a lot of people who look at the markets in the west point to spoofing in many of the markets including from the high frequency traders write all spoofing as a way to defraud markets and if china is a party that wants to get the u.s. defrauded to defraud a china trader from coming from china they would use spoofing to defraud them and to steal the money so china is saying ok we want to be in this market and we don't want to be defrauded anymore we don't want to have our money stolen the way has been stolen by the c.m.e. for years and years of them punitive. so we're going to introduce our own contractor we're going to bring integrity to that contract to do some anti spoofing tweaks to the way that these contracts are traded and they will become probably a lot of pop you know very popular contract because a lot of people don't want to have their money stolen by the c.m.a. you know that's a common thread again well with markets of course blocked chain technology could be
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used to remove a lot of this fraud rather than going through a complicated regulatory measures but another thing that some people are concerned about in terms of the this new shanghai futures contract is that you know the western markets are pretty much twenty four seven and oil but this one this particular contract they won't be open twenty four seven and also what will happen during china's national holidays well trading will stop for china's weeklong national holidays but the spring festival in golden week leaving the shanghai market out of sync with the western exchanges shorter trading hours with just three slots each day compared with almost twenty four hours on western exchanges means that the market may sometimes play catch up with the rest of the world so there is a bit of an arbitrage and a weird it seems like it might be more chaotic if there competing we see that within the big point market between us twenty four seven and then you have currency markets and gold markets shut down over the weekend and you see this huge catch up
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where you see e.t.f. so something like gold barry celebrates gold e.t.f. that on the weekends if the price of bitcoin falls by fifteen twenty percent then you know somebody's in g.t.c. cancer cell with till monday morning yeah varies a bit going e.t.f. yeah that's true if they're going to have to expand the hours of training i think they need to roll it out slowly they're going to do it on a limited basis and then they've got to go twenty four seven for those very reasons within a year they will be twenty four seven. and before i know people leave comments it's not. see is not an e.t.f. but it's close to it it's structured similar to it but who will use the domestic industry they ask.


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