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tv   News  RT  April 7, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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the headlines in r.t. several people dead and at least thirty injured as a van rams into a crowd in the german city of months but. also this out of the double agent powell and his daughter beginning to recover after last month's attack in seoul spray his niece in russia is refused a visa to britain plus r.t. speaks with the former head of the international organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons about the script powell case and also how he was pushed from his seat because he was against the u.s. invasion of iraq. i got a phone call from john bolton from washington who said that i had instructions to tell me that i should resign said your management styles in washington.
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hello welcome you watching r.t. international start with that breaking news this hour because several people have been killed and thirty confirmed injured in the german city of munster. has vanished rammed into pedestrians there are reports suggest that six of the thirty injured are in a critical condition as you can see from these pictures the latest pictures a heavy police presence is at the scene at the moment the driver is said to have taken his own life after the incident that's what we know so far but i have a police presence there was as we saw police helicopters in the sky to be some of the latest pictures that we've received. here now is the poison double agent recovers from last month's attack on him and his daughter in the british city of seoul spring his niece victoria a russian citizen. has been refused a visa to visit her sick relatives in the u.k.
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she says she was not surprised by the decision she has questioned whether the british authorities do have something to hide if they are preventing a relative from visiting into trying care as more imagine your cousin and uncle are hospitalized and in critical condition you'd likely freak out and rush to their sides this is victoria script all surrogate screwballs nice to do just that she as a russian citizen needs a u.k. visa but she was denied we have refused to visit visa application from that tourist group on the grounds that her appreciation did not comply with the immigration rules victoria says she saw it coming just before the no from the u.k. there was this phone conversation allegedly between the script all cousins want to you know us with us so you're not a minor. not in my list of potential users are. you.
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leaving the couldn't you just. yet first of. all. that you said that look at me and others to look the. other wording at which is made to order to control us nightly and we don't know if this league recording is real but it's been shown played and quoted by everyone what could victoria mean by i know perhaps something london doesn't want anyone else to know anyway forget feelings sympathy human things that toria was obviously on a kremlin mission to reach the u.k. that's what you read in the papers in britain a pawn get it reports are now coming in setting and then sources in british organizations the foreign office there are various theories some even say she was denied an answer because london allegedly things that we visit is organized by the
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kremlin that's absurd as long as the british authorities are in top of the whole screwball case and they have the facts what the media says might be irrelevant but basically officials haven't shared any facts that will make you scream russia did this russia did that to now that visa thing the pawn so when did speculation like this become a new british tradition like talking about the weather. powell and his daughter were found unconscious on a park bench in the city of soulsby on the fourth of march british officials later revealed the pair had been poisoned with a military great a nerve agent called york a type which used to be produced in the soviet union at the time that prompted some harsh words to even from the prime minister to resign may he said those subjected to such a powerful nerve agent may never recover but as we see now both are out of a coma and in a stable condition the recovery of the school says raise questions too about how
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they managed to survive after reportedly being poisoned by a nerve agent of the search strenth we discussed this issue with the former director general of the international organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons shows a stunning. from my point of view. after a distance of sixteen years of course i believe the decision by the u.k. he was premature you can decide in twenty four hours what type of poison was used and where it comes from why didn't they call immediately do you see w n why didn't the opposite w volunteered to take action because this is the role of doing decision immediately to go and identify and allies the victims take the blood samples and allies and try to identify because the have the capability to do that there are experts from all countries it's committee of people that are very expert very capable of doing this work so i was surprised and to see that it was so
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premature decision to identify the poison idea to fight the source of the poison without giving a chance to the specs is the international going to station which is after all the the national organ with the mandate to do this type of job many questions related to the use of this poison for example how do you control and limit the use of disposing to only two people if it's know of a truck as the announced it was it's not something that will not affect much mini more people. even those who. used to the guys the poison gas. danny there is a brazilian diplomat and is the first elected director general of the international anti chemical weapons body although there's been much speculation into the reasons as to why he quit his post just as he was leaving his seat there it came to light and heat upset washington by encouraging iraq to become a member of the a.p.c.
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which would mean that iraq having would have to destroy all of its chemical weapons well that was apparently viewed as an obstacle to the u.s. intention to engage in military action in iraq and in an open letter supporting the standing many activists demanded to put world peace ahead of us you know that resume is jozy account of what happened when i became director general there were eighty seven members and when i left it was a hundred and fifty something countries so in my last the term to enlarge the membership of all of the organisation was convincing iraq in libya for example to join in and when i announced this to member states it was a shock to the americans i believe. because the plans are ready to take some action military action against iraq accorded to fruition that i had it was obvious that. during the first iraq war everything had been destroyed and there was nothing left
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for iraq to be accused of still possessing. chemical weapons the accusation was that my management style was not agreeable to the americans the managed to put together a conference that was illegal for the convention and that conference was the one that ousted me for the lack of support. well there was one man who was particularly against joseph starlee being the head of the o p c w john bolton here who was at the time the undersecretary of state for arms control and international security affairs he's now been appointed as the u.s. national security advisor and will shortly take up his new position josephus stanley says his intentions to make iraq a member of the o p c w stood in the way of u.s. ambitions. i got a phone call from john bolton from washington the first time he had contact with him and said that i do structures to to tell me that i should resign from the
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organization and i asked him why he said your management style was not agreeable to washington to the vice president cetera said no way i don't accept that so he came to the hague and you keep to my office and he said you have to resign and i give you twenty four hours this is what we want and i said no way i don't have any reason to doubt it to you he was elected by acclimation by all the member states of a good musician it's only you you've got to see if they are challenged my management style and they said but then again i tell you we have already discussed with your government that you should resign or said i don't know of any agreement with my government and then they said ok so there will be retaliations and appear to do to accept the consequences we know where your kids are and the moment two of my kids were in new york the studied united states one of them is american for that
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matter was born in new york is a brazilian american and i had another daughter in london. and i said i'm not a peer my family's is my family is is a whale of what's going on to spear to fish the course it was so go ahead he was a little bit shocked that he left his not the men you can have a dialogue with. again let's get an update on our top story this hour because several people have been killed and injured we understand in the german city of months there after a van rammed into pedestrians there we can cross live now. peter oliver he's in berlin for us good afternoon. what's the latest and just start with the casualty. well we're being updated pretty much through local media there's no official numbers that have been killed police have confirmed that there have been fatalities in the last few. minutes before a big come on to speak to you understand the german tabloid build a thing four people have been killed with thirty people having being injured as
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well as six of those are reported to be in a very very critical condition this is after what appears to be a gray minivan was rammed into a crowd of people who were on a square in the city of munster this is there a popular place for people in the town where this this. incident has taken place coming to the end of the easter holiday to a lot of people would have been there out in the sunshine enjoying a coffee or drink something to eat there what we're hearing from the police so far is that they aren't looking for anybody else the driver of this vehicle has taken their own life at the scene has been reported to police saying that they are regarding the the situation there as content from what we've seen the whole city of the whole center of munster is on a complete lockdown police have said that there is no at this time at this time there is no motive for what cause this person to drive into that crowd in the in
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the town center there in the city center of munster they're actually saying they're calling on people not to speculate as to what might have been the motive at the current time though it is being treated as a terrorist attack however the authorities aren't ruling out that there may have been some personal motive behind this but pretty much the information we're getting out at the moment from monster to over here in berlin not really updating by the second even as i'm talking to you more and more information is coming so i expect i'll be updating you through the coming hours this to try and piece together what's happened here but to to recap a minivan it appears to be a gray minivan is rammed into a crowd of people in the german city of munster local media reporting as many as four people may have been killed we understand thirty people have been injured some of those are in a very serious condition after this this incident police investigating it as. a potential terrorist attack but have said we shouldn't speculate that we don't know what the motivation for this was as of yet as soon as we hear any more of course
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we'll be back to bring you that here sure ok thanks. peter over there with the latest thank you. the evacuation of civilians and militants from syria's eastern ghouta has been suspended according to the russian defense ministry after one of the militant groups which had previously agreed to leave the enclave violated the agreement the district has been under siege by government forces since twenty thirteen when it was retaken by rebel groups the rebels have carried out multiple attacks on there by residential areas of damascus resulting in numerous civilian deaths where we get more on this now from. mohammed al he's joining us live and you're very welcome to our team thanks for coming on just give us the latest of the situation in eastern in this latest development place. yes according to the russian ministry of defense militants obstructed the deal of their
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evacuation with their families from do many eastern part in northern syria and they also according to a syrian official military source blocked civilians from accepting from via humanitarian corridors and opened gunfire and demonstrators inside who are calling on the militants to leave of course this comes after of members and senior commanders are. against this evacuation view reached last week over there inside. and those senior commanders actually asked the. other commanders of journalists who are negotiating with russia on this deal after of course such developments the syrian government forces stepped up their military actually attacks and started a new it round of france. against militants in duma an order to militarily get rid of those militants inside particularly of course. sure there was
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a lot of hope wasn't there mohammed that this humanitarian corridor would succeed just on the basis that over the last few weeks we've seen similar humanitarian corridors work pretty effectively. yes for several weeks and russian governments open safe corridors for civilians exit those who wish to come out from eastern hotel there were two main humanitarian corridors in a count on the outskirts of eastern water and also. how more the. civilians were safely getting out there were ambulances waiting also in order to provide medical aid and help for those civilians accepting. humanitarian or going to organizations are also on standby so far since those humanitarian corridors were opened by russia and syria about one hundred fifty seven thousand civilians were
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able to exit from those. since they were opened in february also in addition to that number of several or a couple of deals to particularly two evacuation deals were also successfully implemented after being being brokered by russia evacuation for the militants of house and also militants inside there for major towns and villages in eastern or water like. but at that time also forty thousand over forty thousand individuals that included both militants and their families were able to get out and from house to over four thousand who all went to. mabel thanks to the latest said that was mohammed ali syrian based journalist talking about the situation in the east and going to thank you. he with r.t. now will be back with more news on the latest on that potential terror attack in germany where there are reports of fatalities and casualties we'll have a look at that part of the story just after the break.
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we tried to deconstruct all these manipulated by cuts and he's showing the world that islam is a religion and it's a peaceful religion and it's possible to be a practicing muslims who believe that the koran is the word of god and that's the same time via a member of secular societies it is possible. good popes and you should. put themselves on the line. to get accept the reject. so when you want to be president and you. want to be rich. to going to be for us this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my. first.
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again let's just give you an update on our developing story this hour because several people have been killed and thirty confirmed injured in the german city of munster after a van rammed into pedestrians there are reports are suggesting six of the thirty injured are now in a critical condition the heavy police presence is at the scene as you can see from these latest pictures the driver is said to have taken his own life after the incident we're closely following this story of course and as soon as we get more information we'll give it straight to. our new proposal by the u.s. department of homeland security is seeking to compile a database to monitor thousands of media outlets and journalists around the world
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under the plan the agency is looking to track over two hundred nine thousand global new sources in more than one hundred languages including chinese arabic and russian the database will be searchable by location subject and individual media professionals but it also was set to include social media influences to the main objective of the plan is described as being to identify any and all coverage related to the agency or a particular event online the database has raised some concerns that maybe the trump security forces would like dissidents to we're monitoring bracelet and submit themselves to tatsu to cool the office of homeland security wants to draw all the journalists in the country this isn't bad at all when you have a president who has called the pres the enemy of the american people i think insider standard will for people to be concerned when d.h.
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asked announces that they want to create a media monitoring platform. well me model spokesperson for the chess has pushed back against suggestions the plan will compromise freedom of speech saying that media monitoring is standard practice while comparing critics to conspiracy theorists but we can talk more about this now with. brian crabtree. from the states good evening t. brian what do you have views on this that many people faithful about what this could mean but those that are critical of being accused of conspiracy theories. well i don't think it's either of the two as i read the headlines about this in preparation for this interview i thought wow this is really very very bad but then when you read the substance of it they want to track and create something of an algorithm to follow what the sentiment is about various thoughts of the united states and and of our policies around the world and how it's being covered that could be very instructive much like new york city did when it realized
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a two thousand per year murder rates a problem and they created a tracking system that reduced murders in new york over a ten year period to three hundred using similar crime algorithms so this is nothing more than national security this is all public information and i've been watching your network for twenty minutes as i stood by for the interview to which many people call it propaganda for putin in russia but i'll tell you if i read and watch the propaganda by our media and i would have heard more trump bashing in five minutes than i would watch on your network in two hours so i i'm a little puzzled why everyone can't look in their own mirror in the united states and realize we do have a media problem here a big one i suppose paper that if it full of those that speak at the lattice against perhaps an established narrative and they may feel that you're going to keep compendium all may now and what i've said over the last few years and that
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might be used against me. could be yeah i mean i think that happens in the united states i've talked to many people from say iran or a iranian immigrants in the united states sometimes laugh there was a. article where they were just saying listen we're more free and iran than sometimes we are in the united states even to speak her own mind so there's some truth in that we are losing our freedoms here i don't want to make it sound as dire as that may portray it it's not that bad but in context there are some instances where people speaking up and using our first amendment rights to freedom of speech are being attacked for that sometimes it's just if it's a very unpopular cultural statement or it's hate speech of sorts which is a very sticky word but in the case of the media i don't think anybody's suggesting creating an attack list here i think they're taking publicly available information that you would r.t. our media talk forty dot com or any other individual in america the world could could view and verify themselves and seeing what it means in terms of overall
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sentiment that's pretty smart when you're trying to stop terror and you're trying to stop threats to the country. this is sort of in pains then i'm afraid in the spain sure does it stop short of that then you fail. well if all they're doing is creating a database in order to try to look at the immigration aspect the security risks i don't think it infringes at all on freedom of speech if they start in there or by contrast attacking the left by being on the right politically in our country i don't care i'm on the right but even if i don't want to see either side get attacked for their right to freedom of speech in coverage i do however think we've got to do something to dis incentivize fake news which is basically lying or creating a disingenuous presentation to the american people which is ultimately misleading as to the facts i don't think that that should be outlawed but i think it should be frowned upon a nuff that society just doesn't tolerate it we've got to hold our media accountable to the truth whatever does that i'm for if we step one one bit over
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that line i'm vehemently against it interesting i have to leave it there they nice to tell you that was a political talk show host and as our correspondent in berlin peter all of us we spoke a few moments ago but what further info do we have. what we've heard from the interior ministry who have confirmed that three people are being killed thirty people injured six of those are in a critical condition after a van with a grave vault. and rammed into crowds that were sitting in a cafe at a square in the city of munster we also have been informed by police who are at the scene we were told earlier that the driver of that van is understood to have taken their own life police of also cordoned off the whole center of the old parts of munster there where some very popular place on a saturday afternoon the sun is out it's coming to the end of the easter holidays it would have been very full there when this van rammed into the crowds police have
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cordoned off they have said that they have the situation contained and said to be looking for any further suspects but what they have called for is well for people not to speculate as to what this was about. they've said that there is no motive for this incident right now and they aren't ruling anything out as they investigate to try and find what led to this tragic scene which is unfolded in a very picturesque a very popular town with tourists and locals alike to sit in these type of squares a great box work in their mini van having driven into those people say three people are confirmed to have been killed the driver is understood to have taken their own life at the scene and the authorities are saying thirty people have been injured six of those are understood to be in a very critical condition in fact some going as far in the media reports we've seen from that that announcement that that many people are fighting for their lives there is a real concerted effort taking place to buy the medical staff that were first on
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the scene to try and make sure that those people who have been so badly injured are getting the medical attention that they need. that's what we know at the moment the news is coming through as i say every few minutes we're getting updates i'll be bringing you those as soon as we get it here on r.t. as confirmed at the moment though by the interior ministry here in germany that three people have been killed thirty others have been wounded some of those serious as well as a driver who took their own life after the driver of the gray minivan rammed into a crowd on this square in months here ok thanks. for all of it there with the latest. thank you at home for watching today will be across that story throughout the evening and we'll have the headlines and more stories on the way at the top. it's the cradle of jazz. that. we have.
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those disjuncts feel. the city of climatic. alligators on the loose. in crime are used by the least members a mob found close most. of street racing in the peace of the night this is. the best place in the world. the tech sector that's leading this rally for the past five or six years requires a logistics on a global basis to work in perfect sync so there's going to be a fallout if some countries are going to go to war with each other but they can be trade wars which can be cyber wars that means that platforms that require precipitation and sinking fall out and drop out and crashing in different areas so
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their revenues have got to suffer as a result. of the comedy show where american lives in america covering american news are called foreign agents. now as an american i'd be remiss if i didn't occasionally talk about the most powerful state in our lovely. andre the one with the largest budget the one people ignore half the time and then when they talk about it they look terrified like my loser jobbers. they're all worried i guess. you know what i'm talking about israel. is that.
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if you've been watching independent outside the mainstream news then you know that we could go there was an absolute massacre in gaza israeli snipers simply opened fire on thousands of unarmed palestinians killing at least eighteen and wounding well over a thousand videos have been released of snipers shooting protesters while they were simply you know walking around or praying but if you turned on the mainstream corporate media in the rare moment they covered it we had to really look for these videos try and find their reporting on it and in the rare moment they did you get a more vague mysterious view of events the european union is calling for a transparent investigation this after the deaths of seventeen palestinians in clashes with israeli troops on friday deaths of seventeen palestinians but how did they do who know it's open to interpretation like a like a rorschach massacre or you know it's a it's a rorschach occur it was crazy nobody knows nobody knows how they died maybe maybe
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maybe they were playing pickle ball and things got out of hand you know maybe maybe they had some bad raw oysters at the gaza seven eleven they should have known never eat the oysters that are sold next to a homicide cannon all right everyone knows that everyone knows that by the way i. was actually awful don't care hundreds of palestinians will be under arrest took place on the gaza border hundreds were wounded in the un rest by walk by who they were they were just wounded they were they were wounded you know like.


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