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russia's defense ministry says that no trace of chemical agents has been found at the scene of the alleged chemical attack in or among patients of the city hospital and says western leaders blame the syrian government for the incident. slow the. chaotic scenes near the french city of nonsense as riot police break up an environmentalist tear gas is used against protesters who've been throwing rocks and fire bombs. to. form a double agent and his daughter all reportedly offered new identities by u.s.
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intelligence says a relative of these compounds believes that you would like to return home to russia . for joining us this hour my name is neil harvey this is our international an expert group of russian nuclear biological and chemical protection specialists has visited the site of the alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of duma and they say that no traces of chemical agents were found either there or among patients of the city's hospital this comes as western leaders have blamed the syrian government for the attack we spoke to the head of the expert group about their findings. a group of. russian nuclear biological and chemical protection experts have visited the hospital in the city of duma to go should we spoke with witnesses to the incident
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after visiting the hospital it was established that there were no people afflicted by sarin chlorine gas the people we examined had no traces of nerve agent contact. with the united states will make a decision in response to this alleged chemical attack in syria or it's expected within twenty four to forty eight hours that's according to president donald trump who has just recently met with his cabinet where you are studying that situation extremely closely we are meeting with our military and everybody else. making some major decisions over the next twenty four to forty eight hours was. nothing's off the table nothing's of the. well we've heard from u.s. president donald trump and he has condemned the alleged chemical attack
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furthermore when he was followed up with questions about military action he went on to say that nothing is off the table this was in of course response to questions about military action and as we can recall there was the incident over a year ago in which trump unleashed an attack of tomahawk cruise missiles against the syrian airbase in response to allegations about a chemical attack in eastern guta and now interestingly in his comments to ultram want to say if it's russia if it's syria if it's a rand if it's all together we'll figure it out he didn't seem to acknowledge the possibility that it could have been other forces and there is wide reporting that the extremist groups that want to bring down the syrian government terrorists like the al nusra front other groups have been using chemical weapons but these reports are not being investigated and not being considered seems like he's not consider the possibility that if this attack did indeed take place it could have been
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carried out by other forces in the country at this point all eyes are on the u.n. security council the fifteen member body that leaves the united nations an emergency meeting has been called to discuss the allegations about these attacks now it's expected in this meeting that extreme statements and allegations will be leveled against the syrian government the syrian president however at this point we have a report here where it's actually question what motive my colleague in this report actually points to the questions of what exactly would be the motive of the syrian government for carrying out a chemical attack at this point take a listen to this report. east ghouta is almost over ninety percent has been liberated by syria's government the army of islam nuestra the al qaeda affiliate other islam ists they've lost opting to take the busses to rebel territories.
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the un security council is holding an emergency meeting about syria the talks will examine both the alleged chemical attack and go to but also quote international threats to peace and security let's listen in a. meeting of the security council and gore i'm sorry i'm hearing my only depredation here.
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you know. i thought again jim thank you. the emergency meeting of the security council underscores the gravity of events in recent days in theory and the consequences for the civilians and big place you know moment of increased international danger and it's drawing in national regional international actors into dangerous situations of potential or actual confrontation. it did an important thing good to go until station mr president there is an urgent need for did council do find a way to address this situation with unity and purpose how did we reach this point march so devastating violence in
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a half of. that resulted in at least one thousand seven hundred people killed and injured in opposition controlled areas and those then endo then killed and injured in government controlled areas and ultimately the very gratian of one hundred thirty thousand people including fight clavin leave members and other three billion but in doing. there was a project i think of i did help for most of march and the un good elfin did play an important role in that regard but wrong the joint thirty first of march the un was not able anymore to be involved in talks didn't at that time did student government did not consent to our presence though we have made
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efforts to propose a concrete way to address the issues that we understood were coming up in it continuing contact including suggesting to activate death down a detainee working group but lives of day at that time was not take a nap. from the second of april they've agreed on of some forty of them fight with family member and others from duma to nordan syria did take place but then on the sixth of april there was a major it collation in violence there were reports of the danish airs tonight and shelling on duma killing of civilians destruction of civilian infrastructure and that doc damaging health facilities. there were all of the reports of shelling on damascus hitting reportedly killing and injuring civilians again jay
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she requested our involvement in emergency in talk to nic they meet but there was no positive development to debt when they conveyed to the other side the same message on the seventh of april around eight pm local time reports started emerging of an alleged chemical weapons attack in duma pictures immediately there clearly didn't thoughtful media showing what appeared to be lifeless men women and children n.g.o.s on the pot on the ground claimed to every thieved hundred of kate of civilians with symptoms consistent with exposure to chemical agent the same n.g.o.s claimed that least forty nine people were killed and hundreds injured. i wish to
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recall what that's a good to know and done your good general had noted and i would like to quote him that the un quote is not in a position to verify did report but he had all of the made very clearly that he can not ignore them and i quote that the but along by allegation of the chemical weapons being used again. population in duma once again and further info of the i and i quote that any use of chemical weapons if gone through is a bow her end and require and thorough investigation. i note that the number of states after only a deluded or express to be sure that the theory and government was the responsible for the alleged chemical attack i know don't feel did august eighth as well if the
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government of syria itself have to wrongly question the credibility of the the allegations this pick being the object and the fabrication or and a provocation my government one read them or them for a thorough independent investigation. the organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons has said that the made the preliminary analysis of the reports of the alleged use of chemical weapons and even deprived of gathering further information from all available thought make good legal with the thing with you told mathematica deputy of the high. for the development of will further address the. but i urge you to critique of it in accordance with its own mandate do when dane international peace and security and i polled international low to
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for godsake ensure i'm a commitment found doing this to gauge the delegation and attribute responsibility for. returning to the united give all of the events at the round midnight of the seventh of april our of the delage chemical weapons attack j shift informed the un that they had reached an agreement with the russian federation and defeat in government the russian federation ministerial defense state dept agreement and compasses and see if i am and j shit fighter of laying down their arms or evacuating duma. their russian fed russian federation all the reported that up to eight of them jaish if lum fighter and forty two of the no of their own family members where to evacuate. and the brief you know now we
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understand it additionally if i question from duma are already underway we have all the received reports and some did they need the one we had heard before had began to be released from the what day we do note reports that the agreement provides for three billion who decide to stay to remain i'm to guarantee of the russian federation with the resumption of services in coordination with a committee of locally. i urge the theater and government and the russian federation to ensure protection of those d.v.d.'s so that many c.b.d. and sponsor book and stay in their homes if they choose to or leave to a plate of their own choosing or return and an international law and urge that they will be or they should be an immediate refocus for the implementation of the green
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counter read the lucian twenty four the era when what we have seen need basically a escalation before a discoloration mr president clearly the danger of further escalation arrived from situation beyond. the well we have received reports all misdialed start getting defeated in government. or for base air base early this morning no state claimed responsibility for deeds reported strike the united states and france have explicitly denied any involvement the therion government the russian federation and did and have the just did that either dale could have carried out the attack with the iranian state media reporting over those them military personnel being killed and injured including four iranian military advice of the government to read that i have not commented the united nations eve
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in unable to independently verify or up to beauty responsibility for these attack. all parties to assure the up must refrain and avoid any further if collision or confrontation. we also concern dynamics in other areas of t.d.m. syria and in daraa nordin rural home east in harlem moon. hama and italy. have all expressed to us their own fear that they may through fate similar to the collision to what we have in the east and who we are there put it council and the us down to go around to endorse states involved india mound and forth to work toward arranged dating this girl each only did area of an l. through a in theory and the indications are the op with it at the moment meanwhile furred
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it to its operation in a preen durbidge government of india gate to deport danger prefer their operations in other areas of northern syria if b y d n y b give for the are not removed from door the areas military operations in such areas have the potential of international tensions and we did urge all parties concerned to a difficult eight surest veined in flying through dialogue means to implement twenty four the one in full respect for vanity and territorial integrity of syria. let me also highlight that we have seen recently and did this but he clearly tragic when you look at their for the overall of us all of you in the role last year seen reasonably i feel launch new operations in theory are in fact i think at the end
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insult of the mask of rule of them out in remote areas near the iraqi border. mr president let me conclude with some bottom line if i may first to be paying a heavy heavy heavy price for military the collision. we are not seeing difficult mission we have seen the country today our first priority must be protect the media from war from the conflict from chemical weapons from hunger we call on all thought i'd do ensure respect for international humanitarian and human rights law including your money there in access across the area to all people in need and we urge one for more concrete respect of revolution twenty for dinner
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one throughout the area you're related will show second continued allegations of use of chemical agents are of extremely grave concern these allegations must be independently and urgently investigated any use of chemical with is absolutely prohibited and constitute a very theory of violation of international law oh chemical weapons convention security gov the river allusion twenty one eighteen preventing impunity and any further use of chemical weapons end up holding international law must be and utmost priority of all members of this council. i have to say that very lowly because of that if the first time during my
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presentation over four years of my own briefings the reached a point in which i am expressing a concern about international security not only regional or national or of theory and security. but the president the members of the security council. resent development carry more than ever before the danger of the general warned about recently at the munich security conference he spoke of middle east of quote unquote different fault lines that are completely crossing each other and interconnected of conflicting interests they're both global and regional power and formed of a scale lesion that can have absolutely devastating consequences of that is
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difficult for us to even imagine. they can still cannot allow a situation of uncontrollable it's got lesion to develop in theory or on any project instead in must find unity and address the concrete threat to international peace and security in thea today thank you mr president i'm sorry to have been short but for good thing on one specific concern the threat to international security related to what we have thing now interior and on the danger of repetition of the alleged. chemical weapons attacks. next time i would be able to give you a briefing about humanitarian issues about our there are big things about the political process which i know we all are interested in focused on but today is the
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day off security international security and peace thank you. thank mr de mistura for his briefing which was very informative and lightning. give the floor to mr thomas mark. mr president is doing as members of the security council thank you again for the opportunity to speak to you to do the hiring presented for disarm interferes mazu monogamists who is away on official travel. but the president it has been listening week since i last briefed the plans long loose your chemical weapons in the syrian arab republic in the intervening put new. mr president it has been listen the week since i last briefed the candle on the issue of chemical weapons ok we've been listening into live coverage of the u.n.
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security council there in new york just to quickly summarize stuff and the mystery of the u.n. special envoy for syria. speaking quite emotionally i would say his key point is called prefer independent investigation of the alleged chemical attack in syria urged the u.n. security council to abide by international law in its investigation he said the first priority has to be protecting civilians in the country and also said urging right at the end there the council that it must find unity in addressing threats that international security we will come back to events there in new york if indeed we hear from a representative of the russian federation. now in other news it's been a day of violence not far from the city of in france right police moved in in the early hours of the morning to evict environmentalist who'd been camped there for years injuries have been reported on both sides from the scene his fellow devinsky
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. the world will know you have people who feel the. god this land was scheduled to be part of an airport development many people are against that people moved into the land they took over they built a coal mine of the many years many people say that this is now their family land they they farm here and they want to protect it the government said they had to be out by the end of the winter they were given until last week to leave they've been given an extra week's grace and what's happening now is this is the battle between the police the c.r.s. all the government and the protesters the saddest who say that this is their land and they will do anything they can to defend it if in throwing bottles they've been throwing fire at the place and the police have been responding in kind with tear
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gas at times it felt like the sky was raining with tear gas here and a colleague's artie's video agency will caught up in that take us. inside. because you can. write it off your head or to see well as you can see now the zionists have lit fire to one of these a barrier case the police are just about a hundred meters down in the distance ready and waiting for whether they going to charge forward and i just want you to just look around me and you can see all of the smoke and that is because it literally has been raining down with tear gas a inot to dumville and if you look behind me there's a fire up in that in the background it is incredibly difficult to breathe we keep being moved on by that is actually chlorine at my skin because it hurt so much. in the real world. for a whole board room to. i want to take you to have
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a look at this down this is one of the rocks that they've been throwing at the police and gendarmerie and they just understand that one of the c.r.s. offices has been injured by one of this project as has been taken to hospital one person who was attempting to throw a molotov cocktail at the police but it didn't go so well. but as you can see behind us the c r s and the police have come into another is that this point this is a point apologies for interrupting that report we're going to head back to the u.n. security council where the russian federation's permanent representative to the u.n. a selena been serious speaking let's have a listen. that i will have to stay it's a great deal today and it will be incumbent upon you to listen to what i have to say we are grateful to mr de mistura for his briefing as well as to mr mark. the
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russian federation demanded that can call for this meeting to be held on the agenda threats to international peace and security. in so far as we are deeply alarmed at the factor that in a number of capitals of above all in washington and those blindly following it to london and paris there was a deliberate policy undertaken to stoke international tensions the leadership of the united states of the united kingdom and of france without any justification and without considering the consequences to have engaged in a confrontational policy against russia and syria and they are prompting others to follow suit. or broader arsenal of methods is being leveraged slander insults hawkish rhetoric brought blackmail sanctions and threats to
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use force against a sovereign state. when russia is being unpardonably threatened the tone with which this is being the don has gone beyond the threshold of what is acceptable even during the cold war such borash in this against my country is something which your predecessors did not take the liberty to undertake. what is next. we recall overtalk a question which the russian president put forward in two thousand and fifteen from the united nations general assembly to our western partners and above all the united states. concerning their reckless geopolitical experiments in the middle east. do you understand now what you have done. and the response at that time hung in the air but there is a response no you do not understand and just as you fail to understand what you are
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doing now. the law of a clear strategy on any issue is appalling not just to us it confounds not only this is confounding to the majority of those seated here but they are decided not to openly put this forward to you following you everywhere you go regardless of what you do everything you touch chaos is left behind in the brackish waters of which you try to take out fish something. but only mutant fish are being taken to i will put it another rhetorical question or do you understand the dangerous threshold towards which you are bringing the world. one of the areas where there is hostility with that is most stark that is on syria the terrorists and extremists supported by external sponsors are ignoring
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a defeat there let us recall that we are talking about those terrorists and extremists will you supplied financed and deployed in the country to oust illegitimate government and now it is clear why this is causing hysteria among those who invested political in material capital in these dark forces. recently thanks to the efforts undertaken by russia in line with implementation of security council resolutions a large scale operation has been undertaken to lift the siege of eastern ghouta its residents for a number of years were forced to endure the mockery and torture of fighters more than one hundred fifty thousand civilians were evacuated from that damascus suburb to complete a purely voluntarily with the requisite security conditions being provided. tens of thousands of them have already been able to return to liberated areas and many were
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met with their many met with their relatives there has been no change in the mcbride a composition which is being shouted about by supporters of the syrian opposition has occurred these are lies with the leaders of armed groups so there were difficult negotiations that took place as a result many of them left the areas they had occupied with full respect for guarantees for their safety incidentally during these transportation operations several attempts were undertaken to stage terrorist attacks when the militants attempted to to put two to reach the buses with the shahid belts. other preferred to settle their status with the syrian authorities things to presidential amnesty they now will be able to return to civilian life and subsequently it is possible they may enter the syrian security forces we're talking about implementation of a un principle and demobilization.


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