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russia says the alleged chemical attack in syria's duma on saturday was fake there's no traces of chemicals or dead bodies were found in the area and not a single local resident has confirmed the reports. though that. you'll take scenes near the french city of riot police break up an environmentalist camp tear gas is used against protesters threw rocks and fireball. the. former double agent than his daughter or reportedly offered new identities by u.s. intelligence that says a relative of the screwballs believes that you would like to return home to russia
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. this is r.t. international great to have you with us russia says that the alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of duma has been quote staged his remarks come as part of the speech by the country's representative for the u.n. security council security council meeting continues with the main topic of discussion being syria. following the liberation of duma from fighters. russian specialists were sent their specialist on radiological chemical and biological protection to collect evidence and information they took soil samples
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which they which show the lack of nerve agent and chlorine containing substances that locals were or were were interviewed about the sation of resistance to the fighters. not a single local resident confirmed the chemical attack having taken place the bodies of the dead as a result of contamination were not found. medical personnel and residents. have no information about their potential areas there by the use of sour and chlorine is not confirmed. or u.s. correspond caleb moore has been following events he's based in new york for a scaly pretty strong stuff there from the russian representative who saying no chemicals no victims no witnesses what else has been said.
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well the meeting was called and as the meeting was convened in the u.n. security council chamber we heard some extensive comments from the representative of the russian federation and he spoke about how with these allegations about a new chemical attack in the city of duma that the allegations simply don't add up the evidence just isn't there that there was a team medical experts and chemical experts on the ground and they did not find traces of the chemical they did not find dead bodies or people being treated in the hospitals and furthermore they could not find any civilian that could confirm that this alleged chemical attack had even taken place so we heard these extensive remarks from the ben zia he talked about how all these extreme allegations continue to be made against russia and against the syrian government and from there he went on to point out that while these allegations continue to be leveled and you know essentially not proven the facts just aren't there and it has been reported very
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widely that extremists that are working to overthrow the syrian government have been using in stockpiling chemical weapons he talked about how on many occasions groups in the al nasra terrorist organization different different fighting groups that are working to bring down the syrian government in areas that have been liberated from them it's been discovered that they are stockpiling chemical weapons and that he's issued this warning to the world at the u.n. security council on repeated occasions this isn't a benzema representing the russian federation. we need to remain the relevant statements at the security council though you've heard these warnings you've heard but deliberately ignoring them in so far as they do not align with the doctrinal views of those who sleep with and see in the lumination of a legitimate government in another arabic arab country now after new ben zero spoke
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we then heard from nikki haley the u.n. ambassador of the united states and she talked about essentially blaming the syrian government for the attack as she put it squarely on their shoulders she considered the syrian government to have conducted the attack despite very little you know formal investigation being done and from there she said that the usa will respond to this alleged attack regardless of whether the united nations security council approves any action she said that the united states intends to take action in response and then from there she said that there there would be some major actions from washington now it's interesting because earlier we heard from u.s. president donald trump and he said that the united states was making a decision and they'd be missed major decisions from the usa about the attack but he did not specify what would be done this is u.s. president donald trump speaking before nikki haley spoke at the united nations. where you are studying the situation extremely closely we are meeting with our
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military and everybody else. will be making some major decisions over the next twenty four to forty eight hours almost and with his own people but nothing's off the nothing's of the. so that was u.s. president donald trump saying that nothing is off the table in regards to syria and this alleged attack and his remarks donald trump said that it could have been syria could have been iran could have been russia or could it all together he didn't acknowledge the possibility that this could be done my other forces in the region such as the extremist forces working to bring down the syrian government which have on several occasions been reported to have chemical weapons but regardless people are looking at the situation people are recalling the tomahawk cruise missile attack against the syrian government which was launched over a year ago in response to an alleged chemical attack in qana so a lot of questions are being raised but at this point at this point many are
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concerned about an escalation of the situation i was raised by this u.n. special envoy for syria. he warned about the danger of international security in relation to syria so all eyes are on the security council meeting as it continues many thanks of course from the new york a live more in the. ok let's bring in kevin he's a former advisor to iran's nuclear negotiation team. form a political science professor at tehran university good to have young bus of the haley has said that the u.s. is going to quote respond no matter what the security council decide does it not just make a mockery of the u.n. security council she's not even interested in what the the decisions. unfortunately that seems like the poorest fact mindset in washington and that you know executes punishment and then searches for evidence
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in order to rationalize these war mongering policies and this coincides with you know was last year this time when president trump or that fifty nine tomahawk missiles into sea even though we know by among other things investigative reports by seymour hersh that trump knew that the cia and our own wasn't behind it nevertheless he ordered that back so you know is making a little ritual out of this and is about to you know recycle this u.s. military interventionism in syria. lame excuses and in irrespective of whether it is any concrete evidence to corroborate because you know the u.s. has the entire us media behind it sheepishly echoing the government's point of view without anyone asking any critical question of why would the syrian government
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who is winning the war in east ghouta liberating it out to seven years resort to this political suicide by attacking its own civilians with nerve gas why just to handover on a golden platter its victory to its enemies in makes absolutely no sense is illogical yet they're worse than garments you know the pathetically predictable by now they dish out all these you know one false flag operation after another after this crippled case now they're you know jump jump into this one and. they're absolutely there's there's no in. dependent walled body to hold them accountable for their actions so present tramp orders and that they are tack and this time you might even send the b. fifty two in addition to the missiles and carpet bombing the presidential palace or
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whatever there was a media world rally behind it there will mobilize the public opinion and here's sagging opinion polls will rise and you know so on and so forth and you know it is only all habit that they're addicted to and i really don't know what they're all timid objectivists because you know after seven years eastern ghouta is liberated these rebels who are on the terrorist list of the us department of state itself been routed and there's no possibility of them coming back and there's no possibility of turning the clock back and regain the lost foothold in major parts of syria so what's what's the excuse that they really don't have the answer seems like there was a real opportunity here because the russian ambassador to the u.n. said they dated experts go and they found no evidence of anything no bodies no traces of chemical weapons no witnesses and said let's let's all go in let's go
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tomorrow let's take independent experts let's let's look for any evidence if the u.s. is so convinced that there was an attack why wouldn't they take that opportunity and go in and find the evidence that convinced. well first of all you know after having put russia under siege through that the scruple affair we can russia's standing so you know they don't mind ignoring what russia presence as counter-evidence to prevent you know another war of choice and us western militarism unfortunate in this case seems like they've got france to mobilize as the junior partner that's a sad statement on france that used to have an independent foreign policy. but you know hopefully something will come out of this. u.n. secretary general will put his foot down he is called for in the independent
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investigation of israel's atrocities went completely unheeded and israel that its hands is bloodied with you know the lives of palestinian youths and children just last week has now aggressively violated lebanon's airspace and syria's torrie our sovereignty unilaterally conducting. aggression against syria without any provocation by the syrian government and that seems to be a prelude for a much more comprehensive. u.s. led attack on syria as president trump has promised within the next twenty four hours or so and he is definitely is stealing a page from george bush who pretend that that is not into nation building and then went full force into iraq so president from kind of in english says you know we're pulling out of syria in
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a week later there your there's awfully not that looks very likely a major attack on syria. cover we heard the u.n. security council members predominantly calling for an investigation and we had staff and the mr the the special envoy for syria saying that the council needs to act in unison but we've also got donald trump having pledged major decisions within forty eight hours so he's is kind of jumped the gun already what action do you think he will take in hindsight after after what we've heard from the council well first the world is serious incoherence and inconsistency in terms on discourse on the one hand saying that we investigating to see who is directly responsible and the same breath lambaste thing and then saying that russia is alternately responsible. and on the other hand you know you have these chemical weapon experts that are not mandated to pin responsibility only to find out if in
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their gas has been used or not so it is really a vacuum here in terms of an independent fact finding make any of them to you know provide all to met. answer to the question of whether or not their gas was used and b. who was responsible and you know the very simple question of whether or not the rebels are capable of staging it in order to pin the blame on the syrian government did time and has promptly. and over them in. a lot of other parts of syria is simply not asked in major parts of the mainstream western media and that's quite lamentable cover appreciate time i guess cover for c.r.b. former advisor to runs nuclear negotiation team thank you. as run of some of the day's other news now and spin it over violence not far from
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the city of nonce in france riot police that moved in in the early hours of the morning to evict environmentalists who've been camped there for years injuries are being reported on both sides from the scene in charlotte duvets. so get. her to feel real good you were to give you the. god this land was scheduled to be part of an airport development many people are against that people moved into the land they took over they built a coal mine over many years many people say that this is now their family land they they farm here and they want to protect it the government said they had to be out by the end of the winter they were given until last week to leave they've been given an extra week's grace and what's happening now is this is the battle between
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the police the c.r.'s or the government and the protesters the saddest who say that this is their land and they will do anything they can to defend it if in throwing bottles they've been throwing fire at the place and the police have been responding in kind with tear gas at times it felt like the sky was raining with tear gas here and a colleague's artie's video agency will caught up in that take us. inside. because you. already feel like i don't want you to see well as you can see now the scientists have lit fire to one of these barricades the police are just about one hundred meters down in the distance ready and waiting for whether they going to charge forward and i just want you to just look around me and you can see all of the smoke and that is because it literally has been raining down with tear gas here in not to dumville and if you look behind me there's
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a fire up in that in the background it is incredibly difficult to breathe we keep being moved on by that gas is actually chlorine at my skin because it hurt so much . real world. conference for growth to. i want to take you to have a look at this down this is one of the rocks that they've been throwing at the police and gendarmerie and there's understand that one of the c.r.s. offices has been injured by one of this project as has been taken to hospital one person who was attempting to throw a moment of cocktail at the police but it didn't go squat so well. but as you can see behind us the c.r.s. and the police have come into another is that this point this is a point where. a couple of dozen people were trying to hold off if you can see the police are pushing the way they steer gas in the air already they've brought dogs
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in his well they are absolutely determined that they will move the saddest away from this camp we saw one man with a placard saying no violence he was taken away by the police as he was trying to peacefully resist what's happening here what we can see is the police are now trying to push everybody away a tactic that we've seen earlier in the day whether you choice by getting rid of all of the saddest or the activists they can then bring the bulldozers in to get rid of these buildings this is sheer brute force by the state and it is working because they are clearing this site a site that's been occupied for many many years is sad could be over for the many people thought it would be because she's also still continuing to cheer gas is still being spread well here in the city of north which is about thirty kilometers south of not too dumb to land where those clashes were taking place
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today is the police who going in and raise a ring this that this one's instructions and we've also seen those clashes from today come back out into the streets tonight there's been plenty of to you gas and people are saying they are incredibly angry. with media speculation over the script case continuing it's been reported that now recovering there are being offered new identities by u.s. intelligence but the family relative believes that yulia would in fact like to return to moscow we can do artie's ruptly video agency tourist cripple us to resume a personally to overrule britain's decision to deny her a visa. yep it is a vote i ask the ok and you personally to reckon sitter the decision to refuse my these or they're scared that i will find out something more that yulia will tell me something yes they try to manipulate me not to cram an m i five at first i was happy that yulia called but it was clear that she wasn't speaking her own words she
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was being prompted you can't hear it in the recording but at the start she was told yes you can talk which means that she was been guided. meanwhile british foreign secretary boris johnson has sensationally brand is the leader of the opposition the kremlin's useful idiot after labor party leader jeremy corbin refused to blame russia for the poisoning. takes a look at the consequences for corbin of not toeing the line. jeremy corbyn is one of the few people questioning or refusing to accept or to magically that narrative from the government and he's getting a lot of criticism as a result and now jeremy corbin has also come under fire from the u.k.'s top diplomats as well from boris johnson the foreign secretary is only one thing that gives the kremlin sucker script ability to its propaganda. and that's when politicians from the targeted countries join in the effort. driven to the
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conclusion. join this effort truly he's the crew useful idiot boris johnson i'm really tearing into the labor leader in the strongest words possible and all this because germany corbin the has consistently all asked for evidence of the government's assertion that the kremlin is behind the attack against gay and script how boris johnson has serious questions to answer as the prime minister taken the necessary steps under the chemical weapons convention to make a formal request for evidence from the russian government as resolution trace analysis been run on a sample of the nerve agent saying movies things has really got jeremy corbyn in the whole war but these types of personal attacks against the labor leader they aren't to everyone's taste a junior minister in boris johnson's own department in the foreign office has said
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in an interview that getting personal about these issues isn't helpful at all. will there be door slamming in the foreign office is is this the sort of language a foreign secretary should use despite the words and i would always try and play the ball not the man when it comes to these things i think about it is not helpful i think at all but right now the line here and it appears to be accepted almost unanimously is that. russia is to blame for what happened and any protestations or questions coming from the kremlin are all part of a propaganda campaign that this strategy of writing off and questioning the government's narrative as effectively treasonous as betraying the british government it appears to have been rather fruitful for the government and for two reason may as prime minister personally because for the first time since the general election polls are showing that
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a reason may is more popular than jeremy corbin on top of the talking call but in his article johnson also made numerous claims that raise questions about the curacy reports. boris johnson's been caught out a fair few times that his role as british foreign secretary sometimes doing the wrong thing the time saying the wrong thing and this time his blunders have taken the form of the written word is after a series of unfortunate events at the u.k. foreign office having to delete the old tweets and post new ones boris johnson felt it was time to get the facts in the script straight once and for all. boris writes that britain's porton downs chemical weapons the tides done to fire the substance used have been developed by moscow well we remember the porton down interview slightly differently we have no verify the precise source you have not been able to establish that this was made in russia as i said it's our job to provide
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eight you know the scientific evidence that identifies for that particular nerve region is typically you will not tell you to look all down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that. they have investigated ways of delivering agents probably for assassination and as part of this program have produced in stockpiled small quantities of norwich ox hold your horses the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has confirmed the destruction of all chemical weapons in russia actually the elimination of weapons that the last facility to hold such chemicals was in fact a knowledged by the international watchdog last year. boris writes that russia has an obvious motive for targeting sic a script oh well it appears this obvious motive has their own value russia knows the double agent wasn't of any importance off to me having to be part of the spy swap. he was handed in to britain as
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a result of exchange so why russia and even. that is of any importance or that is of any value it's unimaginable why not make the death of one spy into another that seems to be the fem favorite from boris the fate of alexander litvinenko murdered in london in two thousand and six demonstrates the kremlin's willingness to kill someone in this country the russian duma has actually passed a law that allows the assassination of extremists overseas first of all it's never been proved moscow was behind slip in death and secondly former spies are not exactly stream s but to follow boris is logic the kremlin is simply willing to kill someone in person after listing these facts boris comes to the same old conclusion that only the russian state has the means motive and the records to carry out this crime and lengthy and thorin investigation carried out by the best scotland yard detectives military and counter experts await now if by the man becoming rather
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notorious for his gaffes boris johnson. hungary's prime minister is celebrating a massive general election victory his ruling coalition secured a two thirds majority in parliament with a record turnout of almost seventy percent addressing supporters viktor orban said that the result gives him the opportunity to defend his country. really remember regarding the results so i can tell you dear friends that it was a big battle and we've gained a decisive victory we've created the opportunity for ourselves to defend the country our country hungry is still not where we would like it to be but it's already started along the path it shows for itself we're going to move together this way open strong stance on immigration is one support from anti establishment parties across europe but not from brussels officials who vote surely on whether or not to strip budapest of its you voting rights we discussed opens reelection what
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it means for the block with a hungarian m.p. and a political analyst. orse majority of the. war and the standing. force missy chink good. opposition was very split it. was not too sure. sure that it would be able to two who were already properly migration as such was singled out as a single topic for this election it is quite sad to see no other issues could enter the agenda because we see the feedback from the population that this is the right way to go when i think. we would all be surprised. but down from
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this strategy i think you just want to push for it now and he's not going to be scared off by perhaps increasing the tension between other western countries or other european countries that hungary i think is just going to push their strategy further. for some contenders in sunday's election it wasn't about winning though but more about making money they've been reports that at least fourteen so-called fake parties registered this year seeking government subsidies to do that they were required to have at least twenty seven candidates and they could then get hundreds of thousands of euros in cash without even needing to account for the money and most of these parties don't even have a website or a social media page the law just requires them to repay the funds if they get less than one percent of the vote but it's said that they can get around even those restrictions. finally with rocketing crime rates and widespread concerns over corruption candidates for july's presidential elections in mexico
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face an uphill battle in order to win over voters and they face an even harder struggle in the small indigenous town of children because it's banned all political parties are t. paid a visit. sumit innocent. have complete control over the city our council is in charge of giving security to our community. we are trying to keep the invaders out so they can take away what little is left of the forest. has not existed started because of the incompetence of those in power especially of the kidnappings attacks an extension and clearly over the issue of the devastation
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of a sacred source of life the forest. over my time and we started to say that we've done with parties with division that would speak for itself it divides the community a communal government without political parties without a city hall government with all the cultural heritage of our ancestors established through dialogue around a bonfire. both about the community became more united there was more affinity with our brothers neighborhoods. thanks for staying with us international latest news headlines coming your way at the top of the hour.


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