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are you know wages are your inflation. chemical weapons watchdog group b. c w announces a fact finding mission to syria experts on the ground will probe the latest chemical attack claims. of. a violent standoff continues between police and environmentalist for a second day in france barricades have been burnt while officers fired tear gas. into script files discharged from hospital following last month's nerve agent attack exceeding doctors initial assessments that she might never recover.
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for a good evening to you my name's neil harvey this is r t international. organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has announced a fact finding mission to syria to investigate the latest chemical attack claims get more on this story now from our correspondent in new york caleb moore put together take us through then the details of this development please. yes now a fact finding mission from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons will be going to syria now once that the syrian government is preparing for the arrival of the inspectors and chemical experts and at this point russia is offering to provide security and protection for the o.p.c. w chemical experts while they're investigating this is very important because in a previous o p c w investigation the chemical inspectors were not able to actually visit the site of the alleged chemical attack in khan's shakoor the reason for that
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being that they said they did not have adequate protection well now you know russia is willing to provide security for the o.p.c. w. to visit the site of the alleged chemical attack in duma and russian experts and medical experts chemical experts have already been on the ground and said there just aren't traces of chemicals there aren't bodies there aren't witnesses to any alleged attack and they're questioning whether this alleged attack which has been all over the western media and social media they're questioning whether or not it happened at all because according to russia's investigation they just can't find the facts now and now all eyes are on the u.n. security council because you know there was a meeting yesterday that got rather heated and now any moment now another u.n. security council meeting will be beginning and at this u.n. security council meeting there will be two resolutions regarding the o.p.c. w. investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria now the first resolution that will be put forward comes from the united states from russia the first
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resolution put forward does come from russia and this will require mandatory on site visits so they must visit the site where the alleged attack took place and it requires not assigning blame that will be the focus of the o.p.c. debby's work but rather it will be giving conclusions in an overall assessment of what took place to the council now the u.s. resolution that's been put forward it calls for identifying the perpetrators and it says the. visiting the site should only be done if it's justified but it's not exactly clear what that means justify but they're not they're not saying that it be mandatory that the weapons inspectors and chemical experts actually visit the sites where this alleged attack took place now we also understand at the upcoming meeting there will be a separate resolution put forward by russia regarding the o.p.c. w. and allegations about chemical weapons in syria so people are anticipating this meeting yesterday's meeting at the u.n. security council was very very intense a lot of intense words were said you know a lot of heated exchanges so people are
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a little bit nervous and kind of holding their breath on the upcoming meeting we know this comes on the backs of donald trump and french president mccraw on both of them saying there needs to be some kind of dramatic response from saying that nothing is off the table let's review what went on at yesterday's very intense meeting of the u.n. security council when the most powerful people in the world say things like you face the most serious consequences or there will be a big price to pay what or who was meant to calm things down people in this room one of the liberation of duma from rebel fighters russian special. specialist in radiological chemical and biological protection to collect evidence and information in interviews known single loop resident confirm the chemical attacks have been say complaints buddies of people killed by chemical agents have not been found and chemical posts know and residents have no information about the potential is there
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for the use of so including has not been confirmed i could hold up pictures of babies lying dead next to their mothers brothers and sisters toddlers and infant still in diapers all lying together dead who does this. only a monster this aside from that the envoys to are speaking the language of threats so when men men who are from venus and mars but rather it's the teams from the opposite sides of the security council table looks like we shouldn't really expect any decisions being made together. if that group of it in there couldn't with its own mandate do and gain in the notion that piece of security and not polled international go to for godsake ensure i'm a commitment from doing good to give legation and attribute responsibility staffan
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de mistura is if you haven't forgotten the e.u. ones meant to sort out syria even the most obvious suggestion from him to probe to send qualified people to inspect the alleged chemical attack site didn't help history will record the moment when the security council. disregards. or demonstrating incomplete to protect the people of syria or iran. or worse. moscow says send an old p.c. w mission to the area right now the armies of russia and syria are promising to protect the un staff there in the meantime the official line coming out of the un altogether is don't expect much from and where are your position at this point to independently verify the allegations well even if you and investigators end
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up in doom let's hope it's not too late. to change state senator richard black told us members of terms of ministration make a military response more likely. but it is very possible that the entire thing was a complete fabrication and we were not even bothering to even bothering to say what is there a murderer commit and there's a long history of the these false flag attacks and one other thing that i noticed is that the reports that came out of the white know much which are a subsidiary of. the same group that bought the twin towers in new york and killed three thousand americans on the web and others. president truong has a war surrounded himself by a war cabinet the one exception is general mattis smathers
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made it very interesting statement and this was just last month he said the united states can have. had syria first because ever used chemical weapons this is exactly the situation. and the united states has no excuse for going in there meanwhile britain's controversial former prime minister tony blair has been to push his country and he gets another military conflict this time in syria in an interview black claimed that the u.k. should back a u.s. intervention against damascus in the wake of that alleged chemical attack the man who teamed up with washington to invade iraq in two thousand and three and this to say. this would be action in support of of military intervention by the the u.s. if you don't respond to this to to the use of chemical weapons against civilians then obviously you know we're ignoring what the international community has said
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which is that this is unacceptable and those that use such measures methods should be held to account even if we take the action which i think we all have to do. it doesn't solve the longer term question of what happens in syria. i gave the order for british forces to take part in military action in iraq my judgment as prime minister is that this threat is real growing and of an entirely different nature to any conventional threat to our security that britain has faced before. the program in the form that we thought it was did not exist in the way that we thought so i could apologize for that i can also apologized by the way for some of the mistakes in planning and certainly our mistaken in our understanding of what would happen once you remove the regime. for all of this i express more.
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sorrow regret. and apology that you may have no. or complete. the iraq inquiry also of the chilcote reports was published in two thousand and sixteen and uncovered quote mistakes in the six year long campaign in iraq the report revealed there was no imminent threat to the u.k. or urgent need for military action against saddam hussein's government it also highlighted the low certainty that iraq was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction including chemical and biological units was unjustified u.k. lost one hundred seventy nine servicemen and women during the campaign it also claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of iraqi civilians in two thousand and sixteen a petition was uploaded on the u.k.'s parliamentary website for the arrest of blair for his role in the destruction of iraq over twenty thousand people signed the petition before it was removed. and the analyst told us that tony blair is just
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following the western line on saddam the only intervention blair needs is that of a psychologist to help him out because he's time and again been deluded as to what his particular role is in the world of course he sounds more and more far away from reality than before is going to concede to now against to think he's always right he's someone who continues to to talk the way he said no limits in washington wanting to talk the ones that want intervention this is a tried and tested formula of the last seven years the west make their mind up even before a minute has passed for any action on the ground and in this case the americans the europeans and the british have always wanted to be the judge jury and executioner and you can't do that any crime that's committed you you need to look at the evidence but if no one wants to look at the evidence then they want to look the other way. protesters have been burning barricades while police have
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fired tear gas in the french city of not that's a standoff with environmentalists continued into a second day of have been trying to evict protesters from their camp or to charlotte dubin ski got caught up in the action. you can see that we just had two gas fires into this campus trying to move this out demonstrators away and that's because just in the foreground but difficult to see behind some of the smoke are some of the structures that some people have been living in some protesters have been living on the site since two thousand and eight they say is their land and they won't stay and we've been speaking to one young mother who's got a fifteen month old son who's been living here for seven years and this is what she told us about her thoughts on losing her house which looks like it's next in line to be demolished i think i'm pushing away any kind of review emotional attachment to the buildings right now maybe a cry later question me where all in this together and create crushing a building on those on those that is crushing
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a building on this that i think i cried just on the lawn i think i cried. for me it just means that we have less buildings for all of us together and that's the shame i don't think i want to particularly attach a sentimental attachment to these buildings i happen to live in i have a fifteen month old child who lives here as well and he's not here right now because. because there's some horrible people going to gaza as well the tear gas is continue to rain down here on day two and just behind me you can see that they're actually just soaring down a tree anything that they can do they're bringing dogs in or anything they can do to barricade themselves in from the police to defend this land this land that they say is that learn to defend. my.
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if i am to. to me feel it. was a police car just about a hundred meters down in the distance and ready and waiting and whether they're going to charge for the if. if. the police in are trying to push everybody away a tactic that we've seen earlier in the day where the utilized by getting rid of all of the sadness all the activists i was.
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well the protesters are so desperate to hold on to this ground there's one person behind me who's actually just grabbing at a small pebbles and mud to be able to fling that at the officers we actually saw some people flinging mud directly at officers yes they were just going to try and get a little bit closer don you might be able to see somebody there one of the scientists activists threw in projectiles this is bottles glass bottles plastic bottles as well as bricks towards the c.r.'s and there you can see where we're getting some things thrown back at them that would be some tear gas going off there don you can hear it's quite loud it's prey larry and not to a gas can reach really for probably about one hundred fifty meters when it is fired the police the c.r.'s have a lot of work to do if their aims to raise or this entire site is to take place it's unlikely it's going to be finished today because the ziad resistance is very strong but we know that the force of the police is also that around two and
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a half thousand gendarmerie are here and the government is determined this will be once and for all the end of sant. this is solsbury of now confirmed the yearly script from hospitals following last month's watch from hospital following last month's nerve agent attack she's asked for media to respect her privacy a father said to gaze also on the band although it at a slower rate. we have no discharge from sol street district hospital. has asked for proof from the media and i want to reiterate a request her father has also made good progress. on friday i announced he was no longer in a critical condition. although he's recovering more slowly at the new year we hope that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course well sol's reed hospital has issued that short statement confirming that us script file has indeed been
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discharged and they said that this isn't the end of her treatment but it marks a significant milestone report suggests that she left last night that she's been taken to an undisclosed location where she can be safe from the media the foreign secretary boris johnson has tweeted saying congratulations that is wonderful that you is out of hospital and his to have full and speedy recovery and there's already been reaction from the russian embassy here in the u.k. saying that we congratulate you on her recovery but we need urgent proof that what's being done to her is being done according to her own free will now the medical recovery that you are and to a lesser extent her father have made is being presented as nothing short of extraordinary given the severity of the nerve agent that they were said to have been exposed to five weeks ago. were found slumped on that park bench
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in seoul's glory and very soon afterwards the british government announced that they had been poisoned with a deadly nerve agent one that the government laboratory have porton down had identified as not of the chalk and throughout the media scandal and the in searing diplomatic fallout the medical gnosis for the script files was catastrophic grave many chemist. weapons experts were saying that they wouldn't survive and media reports in the first few days some of them even jumped the gun saying that the script had been murdered and when she pointed the finger of blame at moscow the prime minister to reason may was also pessimistic when talking about the script pal's condition and sadly late last week doctors indicated that their condition is unlikely to change in the near future and they may never recover fully but despite
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the hospital releasing this statement saying that us has been discharged the story here is already being spun in a particular way it's being spun in a particular direction again some of the media reports here now and keen to make one thing clear to paraphrase a b.b.c. report from this morning the idea that yulia and her father again to make a full recovery is wrong they're going to be permanently damaged by what's been done to them with a script been exposed to poison from the class of nerve agents developed in the soviet union although it was never called by known this group of poisons is said to cause permanent damage or death and is believed to be the most deadly set of substances of its kind british foreign secretary boris johnson claimed that the government's porton down military lab but managed to trace the agent back to russia something later denied by the labs chief. look at the the evidence from the people
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from from porton down the were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said there's no darby typically you're not able at porton down to say where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that. we spoke to a live picture from the foundation for strategic research who believes that this type of nerve agent is extremely damaging. no the church is supposed to be very toxic highly toxic five to eight times more toxic than than the x. which is all already very very toxic so a small amount should have killed mr creep out for sure but what is still very. difficult to assess today is how the new wieczorek was delivered to the victim so before we know exactly how the navi joke was delivered to the victim it's very difficult to assess the amount of the chemical agent that was in
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contact with the victims. israeli military has launched an investigation after soldiers apparently film themselves cheering a sniper who shot a palestinian approaching the gaza border security fence after an initial review the army insists that the shooters behavior was appropriate it and that the cameraman wasn't serving with the border unit and will face a disciplinary hearing. visited. von or through. you know. at the words of one of the richest of them did. well. or. what. their whole. or what are really more than he can hear. what you're essentially hear and see in this video is of his radio defense forces snipers
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shooting near the israel gaza border there is a single shot and you see this palestinian fall to the ground after being shot in the leg and you see the crowds converge on him now the israeli army has released a statement in response to our request for comment they say that the issue is under review they say that this happened several months ago and that it was a small part of what was a much bigger protest that happened that day where the israel gaza border fence in which it says its soldiers had stones thrown at them and a number of palestinians try to breach the border fence and another point that the army makes is that the cheering and the swearing that you hear in the video is not part and parcel of the code of conduct of the i.d.f. not naturally the story has caused a bit of a few it here in israel there are number of israeli politicians who have commented and who have stated that the soldier should not be judged this is a person they argue who is on the battlefield under strace and as such particularly
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because he's defending israel's borders you cannot pass judgment but if you hear in a very contrary point of view coming from the head of the arab joint list who says that the sniper must be brought to trial now this video surfaces more than a week after protests have been happening along the israel gaza border and according to the palestinian health ministry those protests have missed something. people killed on. the path of. the and. the palestinians argue that the searches are nonviolent and at the same time the civilian lives but the israeli side it's hard to be the protests are a cover for what you see seems to be these soldiers being fired every molecule of child explosive devices and people trying to reach the border fields between israel and gaza hamas has admitted to mass of course being the ruling party in gaza has admitted that among those who have been killed in the past more than
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a week of violence are some of its members. in the latest protest mentioned by paul or a young boy who was killed by israeli soldiers he said to be the youngest among the thirty palestinians who died in the demonstrations the boy's family held a memorial on monday when he would have celebrated his fourteenth birthday. the leader of lebanese militant group hezbollah has revealed that washington offered to remove it from terrorist watch lists moreover the u.s. would give it financial aid if the party dropped its resistance to israeli occupation parties and picks up the story. the u.s. terror list arguably the most dangerous list in the world and if you're on the database you just seem there's no way out of big brown to that international threat right wrong if you want your name scratched off for good harry options you could become a friend of a friend the chief of hezbollah that any share political and military movement with
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links to iran says the united states offered the group the chance to be removed from its national terror watch list but there was a catch jay you believe salomon because you need a good message from the u.s. was president saying that the u.s. is ready and that will be a part of the lebanese government billions of dollars and be removed from the ter list but number two conditions first one is that would work for the americans and the second is that will stop resisting the israeli your patience israel's are very firm a strong ally so basically as long as you're nice to washington's friends i'm for fair the proof that money talks look no further than the peoples moshe dayan organization of iran doesn't matter that you killed american personnel of civilians hiring top notch lobbyists will do the job politicians will back you a rally if if you are islamic but what martin and secular t.v. ads will proclaim your innocence from t.v.
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screens. any k. is iran's democratic opposition working for a nuclear free iran founded on human rights unjustly listed a terrorist group is the victim of. listening to their rocky allies this next option is simple just sits and waits until the tax for me if the noble peace prize winner nelson mandela waited till days before with ninetieth birthday what a nice present from washington and five years later at his funeral all was forgiven and forgotten to the people who said that the world thank you for your notes to go with us. his struggle was your struggle. but the boat the birds and those that was great the greater of the two what is that. same mentality now widely seen as an international hey wright was branded as an international threat to decades plus even though it tends. to be.
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i think is this like a red line for you that you would not designate a russian journalist as there's going to you know on the battlefield there are groups that mesh together individual fighters or groups of fighters it's not a clean situation all the time so it's a pass that being on the u.s. terror list may have little to do with that big terrorist however it is using what you might call the carrot and stick approach and rather handy way for a government to achieve its strategic goals if you look and see who has been designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the united states they are always the governments that seek to be independent from the united states or have challenge us hegemony in their area or in their country thus the label is purely political it doesn't really say anything about terrorism or about the people who
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are saying under the f t o foreign terrorist organization label it's a form of bullying on a grand scale. u.n. security council is currently meeting to vote on investigating civvies alleged chemical attack let's cross to new york and the. extent to determine exactly what happened and doom and to put an end to these barbaric attacks. the united states has put forward a resolution that accomplishes these shared goals for weeks we have been working with every single delegation on this council to develop a new attribution mechanism for chemical weapons attacks in syria we held open and transparent negotiations so every delegation could provide their input and we went the extra mile for one council member we adopted paragraph after paragraph of russia's proposed resolution we tried to take every russian proposal that did not
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compromise the impartiality independence or professionalism of a new attribution mechanism after the duma attack we updated our resolution with commonsense changes our proposal condemns the attack it demands unhindered humanitarian access for the people in duma it calls on the parties to give maximum cooperation to the investigation and it creates the attribution mechanism that we've worked so hard with each of you to develop. this resolution is the bare minimum that the council can do to respond to the attack the united states did everything possible to work toward security council unity on this text again we accepted every recommendation that did not compromise the impartiality and independence of the proposed attribution mechanism. i want to say a brief word about russia's resolution which is also before us for
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a vote. our resolutions are similar but there are important differences the key point is our resolution guarantees that any investigations will truly be independent russia's resolution gives russia itself the chance to choose the investigators and then to assess the outcome there is nothing independent about that the united states is not asking to choose the investigators and neither should russia the united states is not asking to review the findings of any investigation before they are final and neither should russia all of us say we want an independent investigation our resolution achieves that goal russia's does not this is not an issue that more time or more consultations could have resolved at a certain point you're either for an independent.


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