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as an emergency u.n. security council meeting russia's resolution on the investigation of syria's alleged chemical attack full short of the required majority while america's counter proposal is then vetoed by moscow which accuses washington of reluctance to conduct an independent probe you have already appointed the guilty party you don't want to hear anything you don't want any investigation. duty ascript now is discharged from hospital following last month's not doctor's initial assessments that she may never recover.
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thank you for watching the news headlines here at r.t. international broadcasting live from moscow and kate partridge the un security council has held an emergency meeting in new york to discuss the alleged russian and u.s. proposals on a mechanism to investigate it failed to be passed washington's resolution was vetoed by moscow while two consecutive russian draft proposals that failed to obtain the required minimum votes were more details on this that's now cross live to r.t.c. caleb maupin in new york hello they calipso please tell us the latest. well three drafts were put forward one from the united states one from russia and another from russia based on a swedish draft but at the end of the day none of them passed russia and united states vetoed each other's resolutions to get the situation in duma this city and in syria there was an alleged chemical attack that took place there chemical inspectors from the o.p.c. w.
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and the un are on their way to determine what went on but how they will investigate is still up in the air russia had wanted that they would be required to actually visit the site russia offered to provide support militarily to protect the inspectors so they could actually go to the site but that was not agreed upon this isn't a benz the the representative of the russian federation explaining the situation. there's a new look good will go to them this vote is a litmus tests that tells us a lot and it's very worrying we proposed a very innocent draft resolution which was substantially identical to the swedish one proposed yesterday it's not clear to us why they voted against it they simply should have said they were against it because it was russia's draft resolution you say we are good at playing games but i would say you are good at threatening and your threats to syria worry us a lot. now nikki haley she took the floor
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representing the united states and she urged countries around the world to vote against russia's resolution this is the logic behind her arguing this is what nikki haley had to say the resolution puts russia and the assad regime itself in the driver's seat for making arrangements for the fact finding mission investigators were just supposed to trust with the same government who says everything about the duma attack was fake will work in good faith with the o.p.c. down. now at this point later in the meeting we were able to hear from the syrian arab republic under u.n. rules if your country is in a resolution that's being discussed you have the right to address the u.n. security council syria said that the world must not allow what the united states did in iraq with allegations about weapons of mass destruction that were not there to be done once again in syria and they warned about the fact that there are american ships and other things on hand and they essentially argue that
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a pretext is being created for the united states to attack the syrian government now from there we heard later throughout the united states from heather nauert now there now is the spokesperson for the u.s. state department in washington d.c. and she said and basically admitted that the united states did not know who carried out the alleged chemical attack in duma this is heather nauert representative of the u.s. state department. now we do know that some sort of a substance was used a chemical was use we're just not sure at this point today exactly what was used. and now everyone in the u.n. security council was absolutely clear that they are opposed to the use of chemical weapons in syria and they want to investigate the matter and get to the bottom of what has actually happened whether this attack in duma took place who carried it out if so they they want to find out they want to thorough investigation the facts
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however there is clear disagreement among countries about how that should be done russia insists that if there is an investigation it needs to be done properly they need to visit the site where this alleged chemical attack happened they need to need to interview people they don't need to rely on n.g.o.s and forces that may have a specific agenda in order to come to their conclusions however there is not agreement about that from the united states there is clearly disagreement among the countries that lead the u.n. security council and even though at this point inspectors are on their way to syria there is not a clear mission for them to carry out and it's not in agreement it's not an agreement what the o.p.c. value will do in syria as the country in the world is reacting to these allegations about the use of chemical weapons they kind of move to new york thank you very much thank you. well these are pictures from inside duma at the scene of the alleged attack russia's military and chemical experts searched the area but found no traces
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of any banned substances nor did they find any patients treated for chemical poisoning in dumas hospitals this is lead russia to claim the reported chemical attack is fake and it has been staged. well to discuss all these issues further are now joined by u.s. foreign policy specialist robert naiman robert thank you very much indeed for joining us as we saw there lots of points to discuss here so let's have a look at the u.s. side here i mean what should we expect from the u.s. now that the u.n. security council meeting has failed to adopt a course of action. it's hard to guess clearly some people in the administration troubled ministration would like to take military action they see what happened in new york is preparatory to that but there are divisions in washington partly because there is a recognition why brecht mission that limited military strikes a year ago didn't change anything universally think about what happened who is
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responsible for the strikes ordered by trump a year ago didn't change the equation also there is the question of congressional authorization for the use of military force one of the congress not the president is supposed to decide when the us uses military force let's create a soup for both democratic and republican voices in the house in the senate saying a president trump want to use military force he has to come to congress for us for authorization so that's another question and that's has been resolved we heard just a few days ago president trump saying that he wanted to get out of syria now he. is contemplating you know doing military action without congressional authorization whose purpose is unclear so that's merkley meanwhile the air with people saying maybe the op wants to distract attention and be
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a war hero so that's another. so really it's very hard to predict right now. what which way the tropic ministration will go i'm hopeful that the trumpet ministration will look for some other way out the president drop a look or some other way out then the corner that he's. painted himself into with this rhetoric certainly as negative compunction about switching in the past so i hope you'll switch again but in the meantime the u.s. state department said as we listen to have been out there that don't know the chemical weapon used but at the same time you pointed to still a consideration of a military option why then would that be the rush to strike. well. first of all the. government of the best we saw in iraq and in two thousand and three critics of the bush administration which was saying you know there's been work and give their report and the bush administration said no no it's too much of
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an emergency we can't wait for the u.n. inspectors to give their report to the dissimilar to the amec here there's a faction in washington there actually sees it as a principle that the united states must insist on its willingness and ability to engage in unilateral military action and there's a tall man in washington as the new york times pointed out today there's a dog must believe in the efficacy of limited military strike so after twenty thirteen there is a huge cottage industry and or policy established in washington whining about how president obama and shown weak resolve by not enforcing his red line in bombing syria and everything would have been an unicorn engine pony's if only president obama to bomb syria then we saw a year ago trump did bomb syria what change what does the u.s. bombing of syria accomplish nobody has any rational coherent explanation for this
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in washington yet there's this dogmatic belief that if the us does symbolic bombing that somehow makes the world a better place that's a thing that people watching are struggling with right now and i really can't tell how this is going to come out i'm hopeful that cooler heads more rational heads will prevail and i think the more that members of congress speak up and say you can't do this without our partners ation the more likely this is to not have in the meantime then let's also hear from u.s. representative nikki haley in terms of how the u.n. and their role in this i mean she says that the the u.n. is about to meet its preference he just listen to what she has to say. now we do know that some sort of a substance was used a chemical was use we're just not sure at this point today exactly what was what used. well actually we had the now they're saying that what they were actually sure about which particular poison has been used i mean what do you what do you what do
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you make of the claims and the fact that you think washington will hold off taking action in syria until at least the o.p.c. w complaint says its investigation in the on the ground i hope so i hesitate to predict given what's happened in the past but as i said i hope that more of you know every day of delay is a we're. trump could have done something on sunday get it done something yesterday i hope the fact that nothing's happened so far indicates that cooler heads are prevailing all washed in the fact that more members of college are circulating in the house now bipartisan laugher in march saying to trump you can't do this without congressional authorization the idea that there's some kind of call or to act because of the trust that he is of course bastard you know the security council's in doing anything about. the israeli military shooting unarmed protesters who got
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us or the u.n. security council is not doing anything about the saudi imposed famine in yemen so clearly urgency to try to sleep tonight create an emergency unless it's convenient politically convenient for some people in washington who insists that in the meantime this also there's a dream voice from the british as well the british ambassador they had tough words for russia the vetoing that u.s. draft resolution that's doesn't what she had to say. confessedly. question has crossed a line in the international order well what does the fact that russia has crossed the line what does that actually mean. it means nothing prison well britain has no capacity to anything but it's because we've seen in the past. you know as we saw in libya twenty of the great in france couldn't do it without the united states because of the side twenty thirty. supposedly the french warplanes were on the runway waiting to go bomb syria when obama decided to go to congress and the french
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had to back down the french and the british you know. have to start it for their empires can't do anything without the united states so their rhetoric is meaningless and of course you know the united states vetoes security council resolutions mildly critical of the israeli government and the british to the british don't say that the u.s. is has crossed a line blah blah blah blah so this this rhetoric can be totally ignored and i will leave it there robert naiman u.s. foreign policy specialist many thanks to. you live well meanwhile the new organization for the safety of air navigation has issued an alert it says all flights in the mediterranean area within the next seventy two hours should exercise caution in planning due to possible air strikes in syria russia's federal air transport agency also informed the country's airlines of possible danger in the area. we want to have any in france have also issued statements on the situation
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blaming russia for its alleged obstruction of the investigation this is going to become continue like that because any more on look at gaar and the decision would take will not affect serious allies but if the decision to stay can it will of course target syria's chemical capabilities. well meanwhile britain's former prime minister tony blair says his country should get involved in another military conflict this time in syria blair claims the u.k. should back a u.s. intervention against damascus in the wake of the alleged chemical attack well the man who joined forces with washington to invade iraq in two thousand and three says britain has no choice but to support its allies this would be action in support of of military intervention by that the us if you don't respond to this too to the use of chemical weapons against civilians then obviously you know we're ignoring what the international community has said which is that this is unacceptable than those that use such measures methods should be held to account even if we take the action
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which i think we all have to do. it doesn't solve the longer term question of what happens in syria. i gave the order for british forces to take part in military action in iraq my judgment as prime minister is that this threat is real growing and of the entirely different nature to any conventional threat to our security that britain has faced before. the program in the form that we thought it was did not exist in the way that we thought so i could apologize for that i could also apologized by the way for some of the mistakes in planning and certainly our mistake in that in our understanding of what would happen once you remove the regime. for all of this i express more sorrow regret and apology that you may have no. well
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complete. well iraq inquiry known as the chilcot report was published in twenty sixteen and uncovered mistakes in the u.k. so six year long campaign in iraq the report revealed there was no imminent threat to the u.k. or urgent need for military action against saddam hussein's government and also highlighted blair's certainty that iraq was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction including chemical and biological agents as unjustified the u.k. lost one hundred seventy nine servicemen and women during the campaign it also claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands of iraqi civilians in twenty sixteen a petition was uploaded on to the u.k. parliamentary website for the arrest of blair for his role in the destruction of iraq over twenty thousand people signed the petition before it was removed. for military analysts come our alarm things tony blair is just following the western line on syria this is all about playing to the gallery this is all about headlines twitter and media this is not about syria what was good for syria as far as u.s.
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fronts and u.k. goes it's making themselves feel good and patting themselves on the back so this is a tried and tested formula of the last seven years that the west make their mind up even before a minute has passed for any action on the ground and in this case the americans the europeans and the british have always wanted to be the judge jury and executioner and you can do that any crime that's committed you you need to look at the evidence but if no one wants to look at the evidence then they want to look the other way. don't disconfirm poison double agent sort of a script balance his daughter junia are rapidly improving more details after the break.
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what politicians. put themselves on the line. they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something want to be pressured. into going to be this is what before three of the people. interested always in the water our. first.
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welcome back to is in the english city of souls we have confirmed you need a script has been discharged from hospital following last month's move agent attack the daughter of former double agent said a gay script has lost the media to respect her privacy while said guy is also recovering which is a slower rate they have no discharged from salzburg district hospital. has asked for privacy from the media and i want to reiterate a request the father has also made good progress. on friday i announced he was no longer in a critical condition although he's recovering more slowly at the new year we hope that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course when the souls very hospital has issued a short statement confirming that yulia script file has indeed been discharged and they said that this isn't the end of her treatment but it marks a significant milestone report suggests that she left last night that she's been
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taken to an undisclosed location where she can be safe from the media the foreign secretary boris johnson has tweeted saying congratulations that is wonderful that you out of hospital and his to have a full and speedy recovery and there's already been reaction from the russian embassy here in the u.k. saying that we congratulate you on her recovery but we need urgent proof that what's being done to her is being done according to her own free will now the medical recovery that yulia scripts are and to a lesser extent her father have made is being presented as nothing short of extraordinary given the severity of the nerve agent that they were said to have been exposed to five weeks ago. were found slumped on not park bench in seoul's glory and very soon afterwards the british government announced that they had been poisoned with a deadly nerve agent one that the government laboratory have porton down had
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identified as not of the chalk and throughout the media scandal and the in searing diplomatic who allowed the medical gnosis for the script files was catastrophic grave many chemical weapons experts saying that they wouldn't survive and media reports in the first few days some of them even jumped the gun saying that the script had been murdered and when sheep. pointed the finger of blame at moscow the prime minister to reason may was also pessimistic when talking about the script files condition sadly late last week doctors indicated that their condition is unlikely to change in the near future and they may never recover fully but despite the hospital releasing this statement saying that you. has been discharged the story here is already being spun in a particular way it's being spun in
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a particular direction again some of the media reports here now and keen to make one thing clear to paraphrase a b.b.c. report from this morning the idea that yulia and her father going to make a full recovery is wrong they're going to be permanently damaged by what's been done to them. the scriptures were said to have been exposed to a poison from another chance class of nerve agents developed in the soviet union although it was never called by that name this group of poisons is said to cause permanent damage or deaths and believed to be the most deadly substances of its kind british foreign secretary boris johnson claims the government's porton down military nebra tree managed to trace the agent back to russia however this was later denied by the labs chief when i look at the evidence from the people from from portland the were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy was so i said are you sure and he said there's no dark you will not tell you to look cool and to say
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where it is from we haven't yet been able to do that or chemical weapons experts alleviated a pig believes this type of nerve agent is extremely harmful. both to be very toxic highly toxic five to eight times more toxic than the x. which is already very very toxic so small amounts should have killed. for sure but what is still very. difficult to assess today is how the shark was delivered to the victim so before we know exactly how the drug was delivered to the victim it's very difficult to assess the amount of the chemical agent that was in contact with the victims. protesters have been burning barricades while police have fired tear gas near the french city of new and that's a standoff with environmentalists continues per second day officers have been
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trying to evict protesters from their camp where they've been for around a decade artie's challenge to bensky reports from the scene you can see that we just had to gas fired into this campus trying to move desired demonstrators away and that's because just in the foreground but difficult to see behind some of the smoke are some of the structures that some people have been living in some protesters have been living on this site since two thousand and eight they say it's their land and they want to stay and we've been speaking to one young mother who's got a fifteen month old son who's been living here for seven years and this is what she told us about her thoughts on losing her house which looks like it's next in line to be demolished i think i'm pushing away any kind of real emotional attachment to the buildings right now maybe a cry later to me we're all in this together and crushing everything on the on the side especially building on this that i think i. think. for me it just
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means that we have less buildings for all of us together and that's the shame i don't think i want to particularly attach a sentimental attachment to these buildings i haven't. i have a fifteen month old child who lives here as well and he's not here right now because. because there's some horrible people going to gaza as well the tear gas is continue to rain down here on day two and just behind me you can see that they're actually just soaring down a tree and anything that they can do they're bringing doors in or anything they can do to barricade themselves in from the police to defend this land this land that they say is that learn to defend. have. if i am.
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to. be. the feel of the. room to room roof room at least just about a hundred meters down in the distance and ready for waiting for whether they going to charge forward. because. the police are now trying to push everybody away a tactic that we've seen earlier in the day with the utilized by getting rid of all of the sadness or the activists. well the protesters are so desperate to hold on to this ground there's one person behind me who is actually just grabbing at
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a small pebbles and mud to be able to fling that at the offices we actually saw some people flinging mud directly at offices yes a. we're just going to try and get a little bit closer don you might be able to see somebody there one of the scientists activists threw in projectiles this is bottles glass bottles plastic bottles as well as bricks towards the c.r.'s and there you can see where we're getting some things thrown at them that would be some tear gas going off there don you can hear it's quite loud it's a larry and that tear gas can reach really far probably about one hundred fifty meters when it is fired the police the c.r.'s have a lot of work to do if their aim is to raise or this entire site is to take place it's unlikely it's going to be finished today because the ziad resistance is very strong but we know that the force of the police is also their own two and a half thousand gendarmerie are here and the government is determined this will be
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it once and for all the end of sant. well we'll be back in just over half an hour with the latest news but for more in the meantime. make us manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the famous larry go around the sun be the woman. nor middle of the room sick.
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hello and welcome to cross talk we're all things were considered i'm peter lavelle the drive towards war against syria is unmistakable the pretext is still another alleged chemical attack as usual no evidence is presented as usual conclusions are drawn before an independent investigation but this time there is a difference syria can defend itself and has powerful allies we live in very
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dangerous times.


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