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so i don't remember the exact dates but maybe five days ago i went through is a month which is a neighborhood inside of eastern goods which was about three weeks before it. and i also went. into a. shelter center for internally displaced syrian stewart two days after that and so we you in duma around the area of this alleged chemical weapons attack while just tell us if you were not what did you hear what was your ear on the ground there what the locals or the people around there telling you. yeah so just to clarify i wasn't included in duma. but another suburb. and i'll just give one testimony because there were so many things that confirms what i'm about to see. when i was in the center i asked.
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officials of the camp if i could go in talk to a family and it should be m.p.'s emphasized here. that we just i asked if we could interview extensively a family and we just walked into the nearest. bungalow will you please it's gone we are all rebel controlled area sorry this is in the. refugee each. center for internally displaced syrians more than twenty one thousand civilians from eastern goods are arrived what would they should allow this will know what happened didn't do much he thing. can you repeat that would they specifically know what happened didn't do you think yeah yeah so what date does the fights i talk specifically to you a pregnant woman thirty years old and. and a young woman about seeing just me maybe
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a bit all there. and they testified that they saw. actually one of the two the young woman she was it imprisons randomly because and this is an exact quote from her because she quotes refused to give herself and quote she was in prison for a year and a month and what she saw there in these prisons was just just speakable or was she told by woods she starts stories about women being raped women and children as young as seven years old just being shields randomly. if you can as in general. foods or medical aid being kept from from the people in. all the while all the while. multiple people i've talked to so far actually. huge stockpiles of being piled up in the residence of the militancy just.
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never is against us we've got thirty seconds i mean you've seen the way that a lot of the mainstream media in the west is reporting what's going on there literally in thirty seconds have i got a handle on it or not as you see it can't be that quickly yet the western media lot of the mainstream media have seen how they're reporting what's going on in syria as they report it to get viewers their readers is that what you've seen do you concur with it or is that different. from the complete opposite you know and i just want to stress very quickly that i talk to just women children even soldiers because they're part of the people. christians muslims shia sunni druze whatever i talk to all these people and they see all that they really tolerance they respect each other their friends even if they're from different religions and people are just so
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so nice you and welcome and this is just a far cry from for a cry from what we thought because in the western media they talk about when when these are quite serious divisions and it's just the saying we've got to wrap it there i'm afraid thomas but again if people want to check out what you've got here they just need to look that they don't look at. us ok so telling us a little bit sore at times against us maybe we'll check to be on the scenes as well thank you. this collation serious let's hear another confrontation at the u.n. security council a between the u.s. and russia than. we saw recent examples in iraq in libya they show is that the u.s. needs the u.n. security council for pragmatic reasons they used in the case of iraq with the vial they used it to cover up the initiative of the libyan no fly zone and that's what's being done now you're showing i was an imaginary vial it's empty chemical weapons
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didn't produce the most casualties in world war one but they were the most feared in world war two chemical weapons were employed on an industrial scale against civilians resulting in the worst genocide in human history which we recall just yesterday on holocaust remembrance day i think it's becoming increasingly difficult as the cold war of words is heating up to very hot potential military action and i really do wish that he would dial down the. anger in what he's trying to accuse russia or of and the stakes i think of becoming frighteningly high i mean i was very interested in and very active in speaking out against the iraq war i was very interested i have been for a couple of decades and speak out against the libyan intervention which was illegal as well but i didn't feel the same sort of existential fear that i are currently feeling around what might escalate if america and the u.k. and france start to invade illegally another sovereign country which is syria.
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violence again erupted along the israeli border in gaza where i.d.f. soldiers have been using live fire tear gas to disperse protesters garza's health ministry says hundreds of people have been injured including paramedics over the past two weeks thousands of palestinians of income paling against what's widely seen as israel's occupation of gaza demanding the right of return to israel for palestinian refugees and their descendants local journalist who has the details. so the palestinians announce that today is the day of burning the israeli flag and they're going to raise the palestinian flags up high and as you see the palestinian protesters are trying to bury all of these israeli flags. as you see the palestinian protesters are starting to burn tires to block the vision of the snipers just like they did last week here is the fence that the
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palestinians removed from the very near the border district was laid out that ability to take the fence and you see that was. why it was. given i don't think you said again just right now from there from the fans do something very desperate just in the lead just right now don't have time today obviously it's very obvious that they're israeli soldiers and they're israeli i mean are they indiscriminately everything to be targeted because the vision is actually a blank you can't see anything so that's why they're randomly shooting live ammunition out of the palestinian protesters and as you see there are a lot of medics that palestinian has ministry the red cross and everyone is trying to give treatment to those people who are injured in the field. palestinians attending the rallies including children have been taking precautions to try to protect themselves against the tick us as you can see is some arrive with homemade
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masks filled with perf human cotton others with more inventive using fruit vegetables. meantime an israeli soldier who shot a palestinian on the gaza border during a protest in december has been cleared of wrongdoing by military inquiry video emerged from firing shots alongside other snipers and cheered and loft at the injuries they then inflicted. but there. was a little bit of the original. even if. you just did the warning that there was a flat out that the weather student did. well. on . what. they feel when i did the war really more than here because. i did nothing i was
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just a demonstration i went to my friends to help them and before i reached the place they shot me the soldier knew that i was going to help them and that's why i was shocked. a key ally of germany's chancellor angela merkel has weighed in on the debate on integration and religion in the country alexander to britain claims that islam is not part of germany and cannot be allowed to shape its culture muslims who want to integrate into our society a part of our country but islam is not posit germany islam has no cultural roots in germany islam doesn't play a role in shaping our country's culture and it should not be culturally influential in germany no islamic country on earth has developed a comparable democratic culture like the ones we know in christian countries refugee should return to their home countries whenever this is possible. well to brent's remarks echoes some of the slogans used by the right wing nationalist
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alternative for germany party during its election campaign last year you may recall the f.a. finished third in the polling making it the largest opposition party nonetheless alexander to britain is the head of the union right now between the two parties governing germany a strong ally of his views on his last vote directly as you can see contradict the chancellor as she says that several million muslims live in germany and they all belong in germany as well as their religion or maxwell in prague joining us now from the air party of germany party either my experience so the right way i would say that if germany party yours got thirty percent in the last election it said it was mostly down to your anti islamic stance a lot of people didn't like what your party stood for in the elections do you think this is no however for small conservative parties to change their policies towards muslims in germany when you start of a tide maybe. i think it's more reality did forces conservative parties to change their stance on muslims there is
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a large series of criminal attacks of life attacks in germany every day so there is a correlation between muslim immigration and crime change of culture so they see that reality changes that people get very unsatisfied and that brings them to change at least territory peter changed their policy right now but at least they have changed rhetorical well xander the word see though of course contradict chancellor merkel it's a huge subject in germany this is this signaling of the early rift between the sister parties the christian democrats and the social union. there is a history of such strong words from the bavarian interests and social union especially in two thousand and fifteen they were much more clear and there were even more contradiction or but nothing happened so the christian social lists a christian social union and bavaria is known for having
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a very tough rhetorical and four for finding very tough virt. but they do. take their influence on the federal policy here and bowlen so. i wouldn't take that too serious it seems to me like they want to improve possibilities and their chances for the bavarian regional election that will held in september two thousand and eighteen you mentioned just know times are changing people have to move with reality but is your reality the reality of most people europe after also is expanding in terms of multiculturalism. multiculturalism is something that happens and west europe and western europe but not in eastern europe you have seen the elections and hungary which was fought on that issue and you know that germany is split the former g.d.r. belongs in that respects to the former east. and it is not my cultural and i guess that like all western countries you have to decide do you really want
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to become a multi-ethnic marquee cultural country or you want to stop that and you want to ask immigrants do you want to assimilate and integrate into the majority society your welcome if you do want to do that. farewell. if islam as debrett put it should not culturally shake germany will be done for the muslims already live there not just refugees i'm talking people born and bred there in germany what's your message to them tonight are they welcome or not. most of the muslims that were born in germany are turkish they came to germany even turkish was still a lysis country so what i told us look at look at the turkish. tradition if you fire back to them and you want to integrate i didn't see any problem but if you want to radicalize your lifestyle if you want to become.
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styled or islamic fanatic i. think that your players as better outside germany don't inside. member of the party germany thank you for your time. thanks karen. football now the relations between the u.k. and russia might be at an all time low indeed but that doesn't stop british football fans from travelling to moscow for the europa league head of the sayers car moscow arsenal game on thursday that media outlets run threatening articles of her blood and death for english supporters potentially. met with one arsenal fan it didn't turn out there were instantly to see if the headlines were true or not. just on my way to consider you a very prominent hostile fan going to be all seeing him when he travels from moscow does he have any fear is regarding the political tension between the u.k.
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and russia is he worried about things like hooliganism. follow him throughout history how do you feel in this context you know. in the noda there's been a lot going on between the governments watching that's between the governments and i'm a person this is football we're going for football you know if you listen to people around you in the u.k. lots of people are coming up to me and say robbie don't go there you'd be mad in an oil some of you've been to russia and i say well no i haven't come out i can i get advice so for someone who has been there have also been concerns with regard to safety so for example hooliganism and also racism you know you've seen things about russia and things of happened in russia that's not going to be a problem up in qana encouraged because of a lot received e-mails from groups over there in russia saying to me that lisa ruby snot nearly as bad as what it's made out to be.
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those on the plane about to head out to russia. the courts where. it's a place i never before. to a thousand also supports is come over to watch the game many of them have been advised by the foreign and commonwealth office as well saying that they could be an uptake of anti british sentiment amongst some russians due to the heightened tension between the two countries at the moment well i mean not to mr already. and we're very worried about coming here to be censored factually so it's all right
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there's no tension between also. sponsors that the politicians go. you know we don't want to look around moscow say are modern to use we'll be going to use this game how will organize these cities or really get the feeling that would be world cup so we could say we love the russia we love the russian people the friendship with that we create on the relations years and really get the politics the politicians i like it still going to life and i was a bit skeptical when i first come because of all that what was going on and what not but when you come in for yourself and you see that there's no problems that haven't seen any. sentiment russia's been out moscow has been incredible it's just incredible city and everyone is friendly enough the russians are lovely i mean to say what happens between governments and what happens between people are totally different. indeed i'm kevin allen thanks for watching this update from moscow and
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thanks for watching r t is more for me in thirty minutes and keep on top of all the latest breaking developments on the big syria story potential crisis there are. twenty four seventh's. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race often skeery dramatic developments only and going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very good. to sit down and tom. foreman are sitting in a car when the. four
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different version of what. one of them is on the death row there's no way you could have done it there's no possible way. around a corner. welcome to sophie shevardnadze the syrian war and the threats of american airstrikes are adding up to the tensions and serious north where the turkish army is conducting its own operation. situation and what are its plans for the future well i ask the
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turkish president and chief advisor. syria is on the brink once again washington is ready to ship some missiles ready to attack us its forces. army in the north sea fencing and u.s. backed kurdish positions what are the dangers of u.s. soldiers coming under fire from their turkish need to idolise follow through with its military plans despite the falling out with washington and again in the syrian civil war. chief advisor to the turkish president welcome to the show it's great to have you back so a lot. to talk about. there is talk syria following the alleged chemical attack in duma one day donald trump is telling russians to prepare for the coming myself the next day he says that can happen soon or not so soon so do you think
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this is an attack that is really coming this threats real. well as far as we can see trump needs something for his domestic consumption so they may have a missile attack but i don't think it's going to be a very deadly attack i don't think it's going to be a very effective missile attack just like they did about a year ago when the real trouble again. unleashed a missile attack against syria it may be a similar attack they just want to show to their own people that we said something and we kept our promise but i don't think it is going to be. a military attack that is going to affect the balances in syria i don't think it's going to be an attack that will. take united russia i think they are just doing it for
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public consumption so what is turkey feel about a possible clash in the situation or will it welcome them merican military action turkey's not going to welcome any. any more complications in syria turkey and russia as well as iran are partners in for peace in syria any move that will spoil this. is something that turkey does not desire plus turkey is a friend of russia. yes we are allies with the united states but we have vested interests in russia and as i said the peace process has been started with turkey and russia between prison that go on and put it so we want that process to continue without any hindrance and outside interference is just going to make things more complicated but i don't think any kind of intervention by the americans british or
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the fridge is going to make any real impact on the peace process its will just be a ripple say force comes to worse an american or russian missiles to collide and syrian skies what would that mean for turkey's operation in north of syria. we'll it's a very undesirable situation because the american presence in. the north of syria their alliance with the kurdish militants the kurdish terrorists p.k. is undesirable for turkey so does not want this kind of american presence there what turkey wants is the americans to be a part of the peace process if they really desire but the way they are going on. they are only serving to divide the country is said of keeping it united the americans always say they are supporting
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a united united syria but the way things are dual a big they are doing everything but to secure you know syria so i think. he does not want this kind of clash turkey will do everything in its power to avoid this kind of clash if it comes to worse then we have to sit down to see. the u.s. military refuse to work with rebel militias that are now part of the turkish operation in syria because they were consider it's to islamist and hardline there is a video and press reports about former of jihadists including x. isis fighting in africa and the rebel ranks why does turkey tolerate extremists among its allies. will turkey does not tolerated a stream's these are i think misrepresentation of the situation take is cooperating with the free syrian army the free syrian army are not a band of terrorists the free syrian army are ordinary people who want their land
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back they are arabs mainly arabs who have been thrown out of their lands by the kurds in may beach by everyone and by they have been subjected to cruelty by assad in the past they have all come together they were a small group when turkey first launched its operation in your a free to shield in two thousand and sixteen or ghost of two thousand and sixteen they were a small group but when turkey succeeded in the year of your a free to shield with russian help because russia helped us by opening the airspace. and it was a success well mission the this created a positive impact of among the syrian opposition forces they started to unite around turkey and they started to unite in
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a joint cause so the free syrian army success in the year for it is shield resulted in a more. united front which is not terrorist which is not jihadist but which is ordinary syrian opposition people so i do not think that it is right to call these people judge this. etc this is the same free syrian army units are also deployed in the south of the country and they are cooperating with israel nobody raises questions about them cooperating with israel but when it comes to turkey in the. when we talk about the freeze. see. the judges. that are good the syrian observatory for human rights released a video were kurds and afrin are threatened with death by turkish el'ad rebels say
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if they don't convert to us a laugh ist form of islam now that african is under turkish control and the syrian rebel forces are stationed there how big of a danger is stare of ethnic cleansing for the kurds who live on that territory. there is no danger of a cleansing in the area the area was dominated by the p.k. k. by the p.k. terrorists who are separated to skirts of turkey they had imposed their will of the people they had hijacked the syrian kurdish political movement now turkey has liberated the area now the people of africa and the kurds of after it are free to has liberated them now they can make their own decisions without p k k imposing its will on these people they can choose any kind of. system they want but turkey says that the area was
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a security problem for turkey and we feel that that security considerations threats have to be overcome so turkey says i am there to provide security for my own land but also to liberate the area from the effects of the p.k. k. so that the syrian people can freely decide on their own future of course but of course within a solution in syria so when turkey is there turkey is not a concord turkey and does not want to take over the land for itself all ticky wants is to secure the area for itself so that it no longer is a security threat terrorists cannot evil treated to take it from that area plus p.k. came never returns to that area so that the free syrian syrian kurds people can decide
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on their own mr chadwick how long will the turkish army stay in serious north. as long as it is needed there is no time constraint there has to be a solution in syria for turkey to leave the area and there the solution has to satisfy turkey's security concerns any. solution in the area added general in syria because there is no piecemeal deal only for offering or only for law then syria there has to be a general agreement that the north of syria no longer is a threat to turkey that dice will never come back their threats of turkey that peak in their will comes back there are threats to do so as long as that threat to that thread potential threat continues. to be there just like the russians are there just like the iranians they're just like anybody else is they're trying
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to pass out that the u.s. might be leaving syria very soon or soon after his national security adviser said that they withdraw one happen tomorrow and the troops are saying for now what do you read in this like as turkey expecting the americans to go in on car one that turkey will only be happy for the americans to leave the area because turkey feels that american sport to the p.k. caters to the p y d y p.g. is only complicating matters there's no dice straight left if there's a dice threat level then turkey and russia can deal against that day straight iran can deal against that day straight because it's a mid-level threat however the americans are there they want to stay on there. and they want to despite president trumps they clear ations as you know.


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