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tv   News  RT  April 13, 2018 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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just like. just like anybody else is that trump has said that the u.s. might be leaving syria very soon or soon after his national security adviser said that they withdraw one happen tomorrow and the troops are saying for now what do you read in this like is cherokee expecting them to go one on one that. turkey will only be happy for the americans to leave the area because turkey feels that american sport to the p.k. caters to the p y d y p.g. is only complicating matters there's no dice threat left if there's any day straight left then turkey and russia can deal against that day straight iran can deal against that day straight because it's a mid-level threat however the americans are there they want to stay all there. they want to despite president trumps they clear ations as you know
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pentagon's managed to convince him but we have to stay for the time being how long that time is being nobody knows still prison troubles say as soon as possible but nobody can define what that what that as soon as possible this the americans won't stay there pending the wants to stay there to be able to cultures russian presence in the country and iranian prisons in the country so the americans are not greedy there to fight they they're there to. have a certain control over the north of syria and be on the bargaining table or i wouldn't take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue talking with illinois to cherrypick chief adviser to the turkish president discussing the situation in syria stay with us.
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about your son passing i phone we just learned. you worry yourself and taken your last bang turn. it up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry but only i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral of the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one
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quite different i speak to you now because there were no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. exists is harlan kentucky. we've all moved them boys suitable grim story funny using the only. a co money c.g. it was almost no co mines left. the jobs are gone all the pay rises showed that there was a lot of these people are survivors of o'boyle disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's
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happened it's happened. to soon see the blue of them so more. who feel good who was before. much of those who heard the preview are almost never. we will go. but it. will show you this. will be viewed as a good. move just like most of these girls are good you're going to go good girls. don't go to shows from the blue assume you will be ok sure it's good to see you should go. to starbucks to. get to meet until it was a little the most they'd say look it is it's. not
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a chance to just meet them and don't try to present your complete control need to. be of interest because they're smart to snoop on what i'm doing because that is the cousin with you for your supporters to your she station shouldn't be you should go door for the one who's doing.
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our back with them no cherry president and i downs chief advisor discussing turkish tensions what the united states and how this is affecting the situation in the middle east search every person aragon has said that the turkish operation will not stop with our friend and that. turkish forces will go further and take mandates but he u.s. forces are stationed and mandate right now while turkey attacking our mates while the americans are there turkey is saying something very straightforward turkey is say we don't want the p.k. k. we don't want the y.p. g p y d the kurdish militants enough. because men beach does not belong to the kurds africa is a kurdish place we have liberated it as i said one day we are going to give it back to its rightful owners which are the kurds the city and kurds of course. is the
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same mihm beach is the city which has a ninety five percent population of syrian arabs so what we want is for member because the p.k. k p y d y p g invaded may beach with the presidents of fighting day or isis as you called it and what they did was later on the americans said we will withdraw the kurds from there at the rightful owners which are the syrian arabs can stay there but the the americans did not keep their promise with the americans we say you don't want to leave this place ok don't leave this place but if you want the kurds are not going to be there or else we will also have to intervene in memphis to clear the kurds out of the city so the americans have a choice either they pushed the kurds out and we are offering them another solution
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say why didn't we secured them which together take a share of american troops against possible days return to the area already interviewed so what he's saying is very straightforward we don't want the p.k. k p y d y p g codes there we want them to leave the. we want the city to be run by the syrian arabs who are the rightful owners of the city now there is an understanding between turkey and the u.s. about the situation in mandates and your foreign minister said that this understanding should be a model for all other places controlled by the kurdish y.p. what is this understanding how is it going to work the the understanding is the why b.g.p. why idea have to leave all the eastern. universities areas especially the warder areas because the border areas are a direct threat continued to be a direct threat to the security we know that in cities like with the.
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comey surely. there are p.k. k. levels which all ways infiltrated zeki body was the place where. the suicide bomber bush would trade and sent into turkey that killed a lot of people that are increased doubled in the past so called bundy's a hub of terrorism we don't want those terrorists there we want all the eastern university syria especially our border is a real to be cleared away from the p.k. k. through it so the united states has to either clear these people out of the area or with we will be taking the matters into our own ugs and clearing the area ourselves turkey and the us are always three nato allies but now terror case fighting a us ally in syria directly is their red line with the us that turkey won't cross
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in syria a limit to what it can do without really make in its american partners angry. with the american partners have really frustrated turkey we regret this kind of attitude. the americans have probably to pull. the kurds are to maybe stay didn't we said the americans not to support the p.k. k. not to give them arms not to give them heavy arms but they continue doing it and everybody in turkey is questioning what kind of an alliance is this with the united states why are they. so openly supporting terrorists who are fighting an insurgency war inside turkey they know these are terrorists they are actually the american terrorist list they are on the list of terrorist organizations in the united states and in europe but the
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europeans and the americans continue supporting the b.k. so we are say we do the turkish public doesn't understand this we are telling the americans this kind of attitude is increasing relation in the turkish public the chickies public is questioning these our friends are what are they i mean what kind of free ship is this what kind of alliance is this. a bulk of the turkish people are starting to question the relationship between turkey and the united states and this is what we are telling the americans look. at the relations between the peoples are very important because they are everlasting relations between governments they are opposing face but the relationship between turkey people of the american people if this is hurt if there is a wedge between them then this is going to cause long term difficulties learn term
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harm so i am talking about this other thing they french reportedly have troops in northern syria now turkey has denounced a french deployment calling it illegal in calling an invasion but is it france things up or is same thing turkey's going to calling trips in syria without asking for permission from the syrian government i mean why is it that the terror case to call and when it is legal legit and then and when the french do it well it becomes illegal. well look at it this way taiki has a border. with. syria. what turkey is doing why is turkey's operation legitimate because it is following international rules united nations security council resolutions and turkey is what turkey is doing is an act of self defense. we have been threatened by that region so we are taking
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matters into our own hands why because that region has become an insurgency area nobody's in control of it properly the assad regime has never been in control of it the assad regime has actually left the area to the p.k. k. which are the enemies of ticky so taking had to take matters into its own hands to provide its own security and secure the border areas now this is a very very diligent about course however who are the french to be there who are the americans to be in there who are the british to be there and to be honest. look to sure if the french are there either like the american troops because some people have said the french troops are there because micronor now so but did know there are so proud to have. invited a delegation of kurdish militants to the elites there and there. he did not say
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we are sending troops to you the people the kurds who are in there who were in that bt elite news that affronts was sending troops to northern iraq northern syria and then a lisa's palace denied this they said we're not sitting in the truth we're not going to three involved in the area so i'm not too sure about what the military involvement there is there are some elements there are some advisers french advisors a british advisers there but also unfortunately there are fresh. and . british paid soldiers who are the soldiers of fortune who are who have drugged y p g p y d as some of them have been killed enough for it turkey is purchasing russia's as four hundred air defense missile systems and has been asked to speed up the delivery nato military committee
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chairman b. the battle has warned that turkey would have to face the consequences of this decision what can those consequences be will the they are threatening us with sanctions they are threatening us with. by not giving certain arms vital arms that we need but i mean to turkey wanted the air defense systems from the americans take he asked for the united states to sell it the packets. the americans did not they want to hear about. all the country in two thousand and fifty there were patrick missiles deployed by the americans the germans and the dutch on turkish soil against possible strikes by assad and they would prove these missiles so. the united states would draw its patronage from turkey never mind giving it new
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air defense systems or selling it different systems so turkey is saying look we wanted it from me you didn't give it you even took away those that would deploy did turkey so what was i supposed to do i beat and their defense system of viable air defense system the russian system is a very very viable air defense i use it if i was as good something can i ask you something is nato basically sad that turkey isn't buying nato made weapons i mean is this a market businesses share for like turkey's nato allies could this be about that. well some of the allies are upset nato has said to the right to purchase whatever defense system it likes it may not be kept but go back to will with the data systems but let me remind you greece also deployed its three hundreds on its soil and they took country nobody zero posed that so why should they be but
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it raise questions about turkey buying this foreign goods plus the russians are giving us to login for the as for our goods the russians now are speeding up the delivery of the system so we are only happy that this is happening or talking to your chamique present evidence chief adviser discussing the situation in syria and turkey's view of this event that's it for this edition of stuff you can call see you next time.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside i. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager killian erroneous and spending two hundred twenty million on one player. it's an experience like no one else want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance for. a nice minute. computing like the auto insurance industry why four thousand dollars a year can i be protected against all these medical emergencies that take place in
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my car therefore we know that the price of having medical insurance or be a thousand dollars a year about thirty thousand dollars a year they're overcharging me by thousand dollars we're going is going to oligarchs american oligarchs. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy thing for him to let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic developments only loosely i'm going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time
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to sit down and talk. with this is of the aftermath of the alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of dumas say in video released by russia's defense ministry today that those brought to the hospital were not showing symptoms consistent with the explosion or explosion exposure rather to a chemical agent coming up also ahead in more developments on this huge story tonight russia calls a security council meeting on the situation in syria with moscow and washington exchanging fiery remarks. other news hundreds of palestinians are reportedly injured in gaza as israeli troops use live fire and tear gas to disperse and patient demonstrators along the
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border. it is thought arsenal football fans receive a warm welcome here in russia before their teams much wiseass come moscow despite concerns about russian hooligans. i really get a feeling that with the world cup so we could see when you come if you stop if you see that there's no hope of the russians are lovely i mean to say what happens between governments and what happens between people i told lee to front. of him friday night here in moscow will welcome you watching international with me kevin now in first in the syria crisis again the main story dominating and in a development there from the russian side tonight russia's defense ministry has released a video in which witnesses of the aftermath of an alleged chemical attack in syria's duma say that there was no indication that those rushed to hospital had been exposed to a chemical agent. my name is. i am
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a medical student i work in the e.r. department of duma central hospital. on april eighth a building in the city was bombed the upper floors were destroyed and the bottom floors caught fire and all the injured from that building were brought to our hospital. the residents from the upper floors were suffering from smoke inhalation and that is what we treated them for based on the symptoms they exhibited this is a bit of a dominating headlines over the past few days that incident in duma whatever took place is attracted very different versions of events from the russian side the syrian side and the u.s. u.k. and france something did happen in do on the seventh of april with the western nations on the white helmets group on the ground in syria claiming it was a chemical attack by the damascus government on civilians killing and injuring dozens the russian side the mask is saying this was a setup now today we've got that evidence allegedly from the russian modi saying
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they have identified an individual in the video you can see just being played bad that video was used as part of the evidence by helmets and western nations to prove that there was a chemical attack in duma as those rebels and civilians were being evacuated you can see the highlighted the witness there all the video just for our viewers they claim they've identified him subsequently asked exactly what happened in that incident on the seventh of april in dubai let's take a listen to what exactly had to say about what took place in the hospital after. that during treatment some person came in i don't know who that was and said that it was a chemical attack. when the. people got scared a fight broke out. relatives of the victims started pouring water on one another. then others began to give inhalers for asthma the children. even though these people were not medical professionals we did not see any patients exhibiting
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symptoms of chemical poisoning. this video amongst others of course quite shocking disturbing images of civilian casualties was circulated online also show media and cited by their formation and organizations countries as evidence of that chemical attack and evidence of course is the key word here is the real crux. the issue of good o.p.c. w. team heading over to do more on the way that they should be there over the next twenty four forty eight hours or so believe they have arrived in syria their findings will be key to establishing what really happened in duma whether there was some sort of chemical incident by the damascus government as to what's the nations are saying or as we heard from the russian. the russian military has gathered evidence that indicates the direct involvement of great britain organizing the provocation in eastern we know for a fact that london pressured the so-called white helmets to carry out your plans provocation as soon as possible they were told that from the third to the sixth of
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april rebels would carry out a series of heavy showings of damascus and that this would lead to a reaction from the government forces which the white helmets should use more of their provocation and to allege the use of chemical weapons so these are obviously quite strong allegations from the russian ministry of defense or other counter allegations as to this alleged chemical incident in do something they will have to obviously provide evidence for specifically for for britain's involvement in this the key bit of evidence that as we said before is the arrival of the o.p.c. the team with the u.n. and that he would instructions on the ground to get those soil samples get those air samples examined any victims if there are any and find out if any chemicals were used that's the key thing to prove what exactly happened and to give some credibility to either of these two versions will find that out of course in the next twenty four to forty eight hours. to the u.n. has reacted to the accusations from the russian military earlier by calling them grotesque and a blatant lie however the video we're telling you about featuring the medic who
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dismissed the chemical attack claims has been taken seriously and shown by a number of media outlets so the questions are also hanging over the west's narrative because of the dubious reputations of some of the groups that initially made the allegations as were explains now. reports of a chemical attack first appeared strange enough it's almost the precise moment the battle had ended when the syrian government that rebels were negotiating on how to evacuate the latter reports first appeared on social media twitter facebook and spread like wildfire while my colleague kendall anian and i have learned today that the u.s. now has blood and a year in samples from some of the victims of this attack in syria last weekend and that those samples according to u.s. officials tested positive for chemicals sources the usuals wide helmets who service rescuers for islamists and syrian rebels also the somewhat less known
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syrian american medical society savin's together with the white helmets they were cited by the washington post the new york times c.n.n. virtually every western media outlets reporting on this chemical attack saturday april seventh amidst continuous bombardment of residential neighborhoods in the city of duma more than five hundred cases the majority of whom are women and children were brought to local medical centers with symptoms indicative of exposure to a chemical agent sams that self is funded by u.s. aid six million in two thousand and fifteen usaid is widely believed to be an arm of the state department and is banned in multiple countries accused of interfering in domestic policies and promoting regime change it even has an office of transition initiatives the management at sams also believe it or not former u.s.
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aid stuff was was saddam's who reportedly provided the u.p.c. w. with samples of the alleged sarin gas that was used in hunchy whom the site of a chemical attack last year after which. donald trump sent fifty seven cruise missiles at the syrian air base o.p.c. w. is on its way to duma to investigate we've contacted various groups including the world health organization they've cited saddam's but have refused to go into any details what comes next no one can say whether the u.s. will go ahead with a preemptive strike or where the cooler heads will prevail. the escalation in syria slowed to real another confrontation of the un security council between russia and the us. we saw recent examples in iraq in libya they show is that the u.s. needs the u.n. security council for pragmatic reasons they used in the case of iraq with the vial
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they used it to cover up the initiative of the libyan no fly zone and that's what's being done now you're showing i was an imaginary vial it's empty chemical weapons didn't produce the most casualties in world war one but they were the most feared in world war two chemical weapons were employed on an industrial scale against civilians resulting in the worst genocide in human history which we recall just yesterday on holocaust remembrance day i think it's becoming increasingly difficult as the cold war of words is heating up to very hot potential military action and i really do wish that he would dial down the. anger in what he's trying to accuse russia or of and the stakes i think of becoming frighteningly high i mean i was very interested in and very active in speaking out against the iraq war i was very interested i had to leave for a couple of decades and speak out against the libyan intervention which was illegal
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as well but i didn't feel the same sort of existential fear that i are currently feeling around what might escalate if america and the u.k. and france start to invade illegally another sovereign country which is syria. in other news tonight violence to going to erupt along the israeli border guards there were i.d.f. soldiers have been using live fire in tear gas to disperse protesters garza's health ministry says hundreds of people have been injured including paramedics over the past two weeks thousands of palestinians have been campaigning against what's widely seen as israel's occupation of gaza and demanding the right of return to israel for palestinian refugees and their descendants. the the the i was. that
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