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and i was ready to. think differently about africa and africa but. i haven't any. wherever i go to spain. i have a warm welcome. during the confederation the people from even different. to be muslim receive a very. and sending me a message. telling me. please
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know that. what you think about reality and to live the reality. they have to. experience. very seriously. implemented.
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experience many different also. make. it right for the most interesting things in cause i'm in particular as you might well say and you have this thirty two of the best team in the world coming here and the world will be stopping for one month to watch the one cup so don't miss the opportunity to discover a new lifestyle and also a country that is really warm welcoming and fans around the world secretary-general has been absolute pleasure if england senegal we can be friends afterwards no more of that than planning much for joining the armed thank you so much. for the walk so with you on the idea of dropping bombs brings police to the chickenhawk forcing you to fight in the battle for things. you stopped by to tell
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you that somebody gossiping type like that because. i think you think you could fight. all the hawks that we and all of our good. so taking had to take letters into its own ads to provide its own security and securing the border areas now this is a very very legitimate calls. who are the bridge to be there. has to be there who are the british doing. fracking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as
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a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year girl truck so i chose to drive truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold rush is very very similar to gold but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here in the slowdown so much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. and that's a tough reality to deal. with every day. that if.
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they cut next. delighted to be joined by paul parker premier league with england international as well back here in london delighted to have year. italian on. an iconic football tournament you're a relative rookie going into the england squad thing only four or five caps before being called a boy. firstly how much of an owner was the future apply. for his own son it was the biggest thing ever for me because i grew up wanting to play
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for a bigger time as possible and that time i was a little bit of a spurs fan and then played an f.a. cup final to play for england and if i was to go to now it's always now with kids is to plan a champions league when you say it's one of their playing for england and want to play champions league but maybe the same thing year time span is about playing as high as you can mourn anythings to represent the country and that's what i wanted to do not fortune up to the upper level english players will put a club and champions league before their country i think the managers are telling them the most important thing for them is their place and when it's a plan the champions lake and. the majority manages a foreign i don't really care about a national same song and the plaza got that in their heads in this a believe the champions league is what's put him out there so they are there for him to for now to plan a chance leg not to play for their country because they really are not they limit
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the criticism they get into represent their country and to be honest represent your country is a challenge and when you actually have a challenge you willing to take the good and i had the good but you have to take the bad as well very very fortunate because of what happened to may. represent my country and then i was just a poor park to play for queens park rangers and no one of a sudden i come back and play in the world cup semifinal playing for queens park rangers yes that lifted my status. immensely morning if you notice q.p.r. fans haven't forgotten it. just lifted me to a level which i'd never knew before in my life growing up in the itas there was a lot of racial abuse remember van dusen the first black player. got death threats lexus bought your space in the first block play it's where in england shirts so when you get into the england squad you money at four or five caps with. but drop
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of racism still in the game still in the stands was it more of a challenge for a black man to represent england than it was tough from him again when was in when was in italy we have training session and training session and there was quite a few who come in and watched the ropes and i mean i think probably also know we made a massive mistake having an open session because made john bones and. got a very very legend very very badly a look at the point of. me and gas that's gone ply you know in a free and england big i'm in iceland and they must have been about monist twenty five it was absolutely freeze and i remember telling to ray go go hypothermia. couldn't play he was too cold we played a game and i would go abuse playing in the big guy and it was like a gang of these neo nazis who turned up just to abuse me did you feel you have to prove yourself going into the world. majlis belief in that was the outcome there
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and always a little bit content to be you know to be there for when gary stay was going because bobby robson was so loyal to those players join up periods but when you mention a bad challenger spent the whole of my life but only the start of mockery and times in it that she believed in because i was black novel was being co-opted that way and it was said to me. many years ago no no it wasn't that clint that wasn't for inside the mob we want to be cousins. you know black and white if you do you can never be an equal to a white man you have to be better than him to stand a chance of passing and if you recall there was going to go for a white man and that's the way it was that was my mentality was have to be better and do a job to give myself the opportunity to play germany a world cup semifinal the first world cup semifinal since one thousand nine hundred sixty six we relaxed because the germans were overwhelming favorites. before
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nothing trying to tow the bit i think we're really suddenly cold mean things are changing we all a sudden you know for. years prior i was playing in the third division with. the world cup semifinal with england was in that tunnel and i was just looking at all these germans doesn't matter how tall they were or hell small they were they were absolutely immaculate there was some there was like there was eleven mannequins there there was just everything there was muscles in the right place. there was stomachs and not around it all around there are sleeping. chris wardo on the sea in all different body shapes of us english and there was you know there was there's me often if i was standing on the bench in my colombian british or the belizean store for this or the jervis i was really brave and be honest i could have been a worse and i could've been a worse. if we judged in appearance is the front cover and they were absolutely immaculate oh i think i wanted to be one of
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a moment just to look small and but then you get on the pitch and the way we started going was was incredible you'll roll because you're involved in two goals is to quit the second one. free kick germany have to say are you sure that goal but we were somewhat he may because he saw me as the quickest to get them close than. they'd. change the united direction a boy or think challenge to different course he went up the same locket flatlines. was off is low and we can question should be a goalie but in that i like chinese the movement of the ball that went in the first three or four that was. as maybe nine to cost england the world cup that happen you just saw it on the pitch differing on the pitch and then the positive happens in the right and saw it coming forward as you always do. long right all right so left
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to the center the edge of the ice in your books which is essential structure is perfect because this chaos at that point you just want somebody to see the past you saw the past gary lineker capitalizes on some panic. did you feel redemption oh yeah and it was just it was just i mean i want to say for you i couldn't do anything because i'm home boy. from a because i'm saying again is that's not an area the park was generally always in always all propriety that i was always in the middle i was never no can impose an area you know what i am and i quote a percentage past here's an opportunity to try and put a bow in behind and that's what i've done and it is it was the percentage oneself in the first set off didn't deal with it very well and gary being gary's in there on his own and he picked up the pieces and that's what gary was great and that was gary lineker that was his strength drew at the end of the game and it goes to penances did you feel nervous excited because you were on one side
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step away from getting to the world cup final but you're also i won't kick a woman so why for a glorious failure we fail in the penalty but penalty i was just co-op and i was like i was like a fan just looking at that why not but not even thinking i was going to fight when i was watching and i'm well where i am and that's how i was but did i think the pace was going to miss a penalty not in a million years because he was another one you'd almost put your house in scoring goals he scored so many for forest penalties you never believe that stuart pearce was evidence of this a penalty you mentioned about chris waddle how good were you when he missed his penalty when everyone was chris chris was loved by everybody and he's not one you'd believe he was going to score but everyone was disappointed i think it was and he was obviously more in the manner in which he missed it stuart pearce was very very upset but no one was trying to help comfort him or. if you left him in his own space to get himself chris was
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a little bit down shows was telling himself he went away every single time and chris chris someone who reminded them that maybe shouldn't die five minutes live anymore i got there how did you feel finally when you landed at luton airport and there were. three full five hundred thousand people white for the team did that shock you did it surprise you did it make you think crikey what it would have women's it did but i did wonder if some kind of band was on a plane beyond or something like that because you thought it was a big pop and it turned out maybe debate was a got back together somehow because it was absolutely crazy manic trying to drive home to an e m one and it was scary stand driving around because people were going past the car coming from heads out trying to take pictures i think some people followed me all the way back i was living in woken and then i think some people from i'm not i'm from i lived anywhere near there so they follow me almost to drive around a little bit just to lose them as i didn't know where i lived and then went out
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when i arrived home. lives in a place state called was hill and welcome and as i driving from the cul de sac there was a big banner up welcoming home and had a big straight party for me i think after about an hour i had to go i think the occasion got to me at two or three drinks i went into the house and a question now i've been living round there then for over a year not really even stopped in the street. if people said to me do i know you also to pull pocock you've heard of going here but no one knew me for us and after that it was just something that is just trying to really. really appreciate you joining us great to say yes and thank you very much you're welcome emira thank you very much that.
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is this is harlan kentucky. the role in this movie the employees of the world ministry fanny's remain in. a coma any city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the polarizer said i'd. love to see these people are survivors of a wool disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's
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happened it's happened. a batch or sudden passing i phone the just learned you were a south and taken your last to bang turn. right up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry because so i write these last words and hopes to put to rest. these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was a cave still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one differs speech because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met
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its maker. one else to show the same wrong but all roles just don't call. me lol yet to shake out disdain because the adjective and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. because the storm see the blue of them so moving. to build your school or local was before. much of those who heard it's a preview are few other movies to see him with the north we will we'll. move the bulk move when it.
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looks like you just look beautiful little i mean it's going to look or it would. move muslim also who knows they'll see a good few films for good girls. to go to shows a look i do the same you want me to show it's good to have you should go. to start ups to. get to me to do it with the littlest they'd say look it is it's. sure stuff's not just just just new it's the mashed old truck that's took advantage of complete control this project until. the three of producers proposed this way to snap them up when you look at the us the girls are with you sir your supporters to your shoes ration shouldn't throw you
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should put dorothy one whose job is a wonderful story. this is a b. aftermath of the alleged chemical attack in the syrian city of duma say in video released by russia defense ministry that those brought to hospital were not showing symptoms consistent with exposure to a chemical agent. and other developments to russia calls a security council meeting on the situation in syria with moscow and washington exchanging fiery remarks. elsewhere will protesters killed and hundreds are injured in gaza as israeli troops you fly fire in tear gas to disperse and he'll keep patient demonstrations along the border. on a sport arsenal football fans will see for a warm welcome here in russia before their teams match with c.
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has come moscow despite concerns about russian who because. i really got the feeling it would be world cup to be good when you come in for yourself and you see that is no problem russians are lovely i mean to say what happens between governments a lot happens between people told me different. morning just to midnight here in moscow when i'm kevin now in this is out international first on the syria crisis again the main story dominating and in a development from the russian side tonight to russia's defense ministry has released a video in which witnesses one of the aftermath of the alleged chemical attacks in syria's duma where they say there was no indication that those rushed to hospital been exposed to a chemical agent if my name is. i am a medical student i work in the e.r. department of duma central hospital on april eighth our building in the city was
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bombed the upper floors were destroyed and the bottom floors caught fire all the injured from that building were brought to our hospital. the residents from the upper floors were suffering from smoke inhalation and that is what we treated them for based on the symptoms they exhibited this is a bit of a dominating headlines over the past few days that incident in duma whatever took place is attracted very different versions of events from the russian side the syrian side and the u.s. u.k. and france something did happen in do on the seventh of april with the western nations on the white helmets group on the ground in syria claiming it was a chemical attack by the damascus government on civilians killing and injuring dozens the russian side the mask is saying this was a setup now today we've got that evidence allegedly from the russian modi saying they have identified an individual in the video you can see just being played bad that video was used as part of the evidence by helmets and western nations to prove
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that there was a chemical attack in duma as those rebels and civilians were being evacuated you can see the man highlighted the witness there on the video just for our viewers they claim they've identified him subsequently asked of exactly what happened in that incident on the seventh of april in dubai let's take a listen to what exactly had to say about what took place in the hospital. during treatment some person came in i don't know who that was and said that it was a chemical attack. when the. people got scared a fight broke out. relatives of the victims started pouring water on one another. then others began to give inhalers for asthma the children. even though these people were not medical professionals we did not see any patients exhibiting symptoms of chemical poisoning. so this video amongst others of course quite shocking disturbing images of civilian casualties was circulated online all social
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media and cited by the information and organizations countries as evidence of that chemical attack and evidence of course is the key word here is the real crux of the issue of what o.p.c. w team heading over to do more on the way that they should be there over the next twenty four forty eight hours or so believe they have arrived in syria their findings will be key to establishing what really happened in duma whether there was some sort of chemical incident by the damascus government by as the western nations are saying or as we heard from the russian. the russian military has gathered evidence that indicates the direct involvement of great britain in organizing the provocation in eastern ukraine we know for a fact that london pressured the so-called white helmets to carry out their plans provocation as soon as possible they were told that from the third to the sixth of april rebels would carry out a series of heavy showings of damascus and that this would lead to a reaction from the government forces which the white helmets should use for their
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provocation and to allege the use of chemical weapons so these are obviously quite strong allegations from the russian ministry of defense or other counter allegations us to this alleged chemical incident in do something they will have to obviously provide evidence for specific before for britain's involvement in this the key bit of evidence that as we said before is the arrival of the o.p.c. the team with the u.n. and that he would instructions on the ground to get those soil samples get those solved examine any victims if there are any and find out if any chemicals were used that's the key thing to. prove what exactly happened and to give gravitas and credibility to either of these two versions will find that out of course for the next twenty four to forty eight hours the u.k.'s ambassador to the un has reacted to the accusations from the russian military by calling them grotesque in a blatant lie however the video we're telling you about the featured the medic who dismissed the chemical attack claims has been taken seriously in shown by a number of media outlets further questions are also hanging over the west's
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narrative because of the dubious reputations of the groups that initially made the allegations as more gadgety of explains. reports of a chemical attack first appeared strange enough for it's almost the precise moment the battle had ended when the syrian government and rebels were negotiating on how to evacuate the latter reports first appeared on social media twitter facebook and spread like wildfire while my colleague kendall anian and i have learned today that the u.s. now has blood and a year in samples from some of the victims of this attack in syria last weekend and that those samples according to u.s. officials tested positive for chemicals sources the usuals why the helmets who service rescuers islamists and syrian rebels also the somewhat less known syrian american medical society sounds together with the white helmets they were
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cited by the washington post the new york times c.n.n. virtually every western media outlets reporting on this chemical attack saturday april seventh amidst continuous bombardment of residential neighborhoods in the city of duma more than five hundred cases the majority of whom are women and children were brought to local medical centers with symptoms indicative of exposure to a chemical agent sams itself is funded by u.s. aid six million in two thousand and fifteen usaid is widely believed to be an arm of the state department and is banned in multiple countries accused of interfering in domestic policies and promoting regime change even has an office of transition initiatives the management at sams also believe it or not former usaid stuff was was saddam's who reportedly provided the u.p.c. w. with samples of the alleged sarin gas that was used in hunchy houla site of
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a chemical attack last year after which. donald trump sent fifty seven cruise missiles at the syrian airbase o.p.c. w. is on its way to duma to investigate we've contacted various groups including the world health organization they've cited saddam's but have refused to go into any details become not rule out the possibility that someone from within the region wants to see the syrian state weakened or even toppled might stage something and what we know as well is that j. should islam the army of islam the militant group that was just ousted from duma they have a position of chlorine gas they used it and they acknowledged its usage two years ago in aleppo against kurdish militia they issued a statement saying you know we've done it what comes next no one can say whether
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the u.s. will go ahead with a preemptive strike or whether cooler heads will prevail. it appears the lack of evidence on the alleged chemical attack is a concern for a number of journalists though one of those is bust spell from belgium who travel to syria to judge it for themselves. but around two years ago i started to discover that i wasn't really told the truth about the war in syria and i started to learn more and more. and i have this lead me to decide that i want to go see for myself you know it's people should. journalists should so it's if you travel to syria it's such a different picture of what is being beamed in the media unfortunately yes but we have a long way to go but i think the rise of internet you know it's the reason i like. the control is slipping away from from the dinosaur mass media so syrian rebels are really to assess potential u.s. strikes against the country that warning coming in from the russian side at the
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u.n. security council earlier where moscow washington once again confronted each other over the situation in syria. we understand very well that the heads of syrian armed groups have received instructions to begin an offensive following potential active force we saw recent examples in iraq in libya they show is that the u.s. needs the u.n. security council for pragmatic reasons they used in the case of iraq with the vial they used it to cover up the initiative of the libyan no fly zone and that's what's being done now you're showing us an imaginary vial it's empty chemical weapons didn't produce the most casualties in world war one but they were the most feared in world war two chemical weapons were employed on an industrial scale against civilians resulting in the worst genocide in human history which we were called just yesterday on high.


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