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am. u.s. the u.k. and france carry out strikes against the syrian government in response to an alleged chemical attack in eastern because. the intervention came just hours before international inspectors would you drive to investigate claims. the u.n. security council meets again in two hours at the request of russia which accuses america and its allies of violating the u.n. charter. u.k. prime minister the joint military operation against assad's government has limited targeted and effective. military here at r.t. h.q. in moscow my name is khan embrace saturday april fourteenth four pm here let's
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bring you up to speed on the one story dominating our bulletin and that is that american british and french forces have pounded syria with missile and air strikes the attack took place in the early hours of saturday morning and came in response to allegations that the syrian government had used chemical weapons against civilians claims that were not investigated. i. was time the u.n. security council will hold an emergency session at the request of russia which calls the strikes a violation of the u.n. charter i got more on moscow's reaction from correspondent. well president putin has condemned in the strongest words as to what happened these strikes conducted by
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the u.s. the u.k. and france he said that they targeted not just to the military facilities but also civilian infrastructure is world saying that this goes against and in violation of all international norms and in fact it wasn't sanctioned by the u.n. security council has also said that it's pretext for the strikes the u.s. and its allies used a fake used they do chemical attack he said that in a statement he said that he did not believe that the chemical attack took place that in fact the russian military that entered the city of duma the site of the chemical incident could not find any traces of the of any toxic agents or anything of the sort not even any eyewitnesses of the attack could be found apparently so here is what howard lederer putin described the situation right now the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has deployed its specialist on
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a fact finding mission. but a group of western countries cynically ignored this launching a military attack without waiting for the results of the investigation russia emphatically condemns this attack on syria where russian servicemen are helping villages government fight terrorists with its actions the united states only exacerbates the humanitarian disaster in syria bringing suffering to civilians essentially abetting terrorists who have been tormenting the syrian people for seven years and provoking a new wave of refugees from this country and the region in general mr putin mention the o.p.c. w. investigation there any concerns the that might be in jeopardy now yes of course because the o.p.c. w was supposed to begin its mission in syria on the ground in syria its investigation on saturday at the us launched its strikes literally hours before the that investigation was supposed to kick off so obviously
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a lot of questions were raised by whether or not that mission is jeopardized whether or not any objects of infrastructure that were supposed to be examined by the experts over the o.p.c. w. were hit or damaged now the body has issued a statement it's rather brief one literally just two sentences outlining the current state of events and they are saying that they will be going forward with their mission in syria no details as to whether or not they feel affected in any way by the strikes back to the reaction from moscow then anything more wider than the kremlin well yes the russia's foreign ministry has laid out its view of the situation right now they've said that basically the u.n. security council has to hold accountable the u.s. u.k. and france for what they did in syria they promised to present its russia's facts what russia knows about the strikes to the u.n.
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security council and in fact they've said that. the russians calling emergency meeting of the council as early as later today they've also addressed something that france had to say world justifying its part is a patient in the strikes france had said that basically it had intelligence information that since twenty thirteen the syrian government were pursuing the secret chemical weapons program despite the your p c w n twenty sixteen vouching that the stockpile had been destroyed something in a process overseen by russia and the un as well as a however the spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry she said that basically if france knew that all along for years why hold back the information why come forward with it only now so many years later it goes down as for donald trump in his first tweet after the attack he thanked u.s. allies and said the results couldn't have been better he called the strikes
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perfectly executed despite syrian and russian military saying that most of the missiles have been intercepted by defense systems. but these are live pictures now from syria from the video agency they show the aftermath of one of the missile strikes so what we can see here is what syria says is what's left of a scientific research center near to damascus now the pentagon claims that it centers like bees provide the syrian government with quote chemical weapon capabilities those are claims that have been denied by damascus live pictures of a research center said to have been hit by the strikes near damascus that kind of more put in new york has more on how the attack unfolded. but we heard an announcement from u.s. president donald trump about the pending strike against the syrian government in coordination with the u.k. and france he used some rather inflammatory language it's kind of almost trademark
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language of u.s. president don't trump very terrible regime these are not the actions of a man. they are crimes of a monster instead so today the nations of britain france and the united states of america have marshaled their righteous power against barbarism and brutality now after that we got a military update we heard from general joseph dunford as well as u.s. secretary of defense james mattis it's important to note that when james mattis was speaking not only after the attacks but also earlier in the week he wasn't willing to go into detail about the attack and was rather vague about the kind of information that he actually had but i am confident the syrian regime conducted a chemical attack on innocent people. we are very confident that chlorine was used we are not ruling out sharon right now we have the intelligence level of competence
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that we needed to conduct the attack. i believe there was a chemical attack and we're looking for the actual evidence the o.p.c. w this you're going to station for the chemical weapons convention and we're trying to get those inspectors in if we get them in and we will not know who did it they can only say that they found evidence or did not broader in the international community there is simply not consensus about what actually happened in the syrian town of duma we've seen the u.n. security council meetings and we've seen a big disagreement between countries russia's representative has come forward before the u.n. security council and said that they have sent russian experts and russia chemical experts to do at it in duma they have not found any traces of chemicals they have not found any victims who have come forward and said they witnessed or that they themselves are victims of chemical attacks no one in hospitals being treated and we
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then heard nikki haley the representative of the united states before the u.n. security council did a chemical weapons attack happened. yes the us has analyzed he yes it has happened the u.k. has analyzed yes it has happened france has been lived yes it has happened three separate analysis all coming back with the same thing there is proof that this happened people were anticipating the strike because of donald trump's tweet saying telling russia to get ready for the missiles you know insulting the syrian president was certain language are waiting to see what the next move is and what will happen next in the international community love a break from the u.s. military next the pentagon's chief spokesperson joined director of dating the media on the strike in syria live to the pentagon now civilized nation would tolerate. we are encouraged by the support we received from the senators and congressman on both sides of the aisle we are also extremely proud of the united states service
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members who carried out this operation last night. they demonstrated unwavering courage and commitment and their defense of the american people and the values and ideals our nation represents this operation was carefully orchestrated and methodically planned to minimize potential collateral damage i can assure you we took every measure and precaution to strike only what we targeted and what we success and we successfully hit every target. this operation does not represent a change in u.s. policy. nor an attempt to dispose to oppose the syrian regime. the strikes were justified legitimate and proportionate response to syrian regime's continued use of chemical weapons on its own people. we do not see conflict in
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syria but we cannot allow such grievous violations of international law our goal in syria remains defeating isis by within through the seventy nation coalition. but we will not stand by passively while saad backed by russia and iran ignores international law. the assad regime's actions and april twenty seventh team and again on april seventh two thousand and eighteen show they have abandoned their commitments to the international community and resorted to illegal tactics against the innocent syrian people. we call upon russia to honor its commitment to ensure the assad regime dismantles its chemical weapons program and never uses chemical weapons again. we support our diplomats who are working to set the conditions for the united nations backed geneva process to succeed and we look
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forward to working with the united nations envoy to syria stefan de mistura and an effort to maintain transparency john mckenzie will now provide a detailed overview of the actual operations general accounting thanks thanks dan a legitimate good morning almost in the next couple of minutes just talking about the military details of the strike that we executed last night and can i get the first graphic up please as you heard from the president on his face and directly in this room from secretary manison chairman dunford the united states the united kingdom france three of the five permanent members of the u.n. security council conducted a proportional precision coordinated strike in response to the syrian regime continued use of chemical weapons this combined military strike was directed against three distinct syrian chemical weapons program targets and i'm going to show them to you in turn on the monitor behind me going i think you have access to that information also the three facilities are or more appropriately now we're
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fundamental components of the regime's chemical weapons warfare infrastructure let's go to the first place. the bars a research and development center. next to him apartment him since our chemical weapons storage facility and last in the next slide please the hymns sent shin sar chemical weapons bunker facility which is located about seven kilometers from the previous him chimps are site this strike and to deliver a clear and ambiguous message to the syrian regime that their use of chemical weapons against and it's of innocent civilians is inexcusable and a terror in any future use of chemical weapons we selected these targets carefully to minimize the risk to innocent civilians we're still conducting a more detailed damage assessment but initial indications are that we accomplished our military objectives without material interference from syria i used three words
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to describe this operation precise overwhelming and effective let's go back to the first bars a slide please. i guess the first target the bar's a research and development center which is located in the greater damascus area we employ seventy six missiles fifty seven of these were tomahawk land attack cruise missiles and nineteen were joint air to surface standoff missiles or jasmine's as you can see for yourself from the graphics initial assessments are that this target was destroyed this is going to set the syrian chemical weapons program back for years. and you also note that we've successfully destroyed three buildings in metropolitan damascus one of the most heavily defended aerospace areas in the world next slide please i guess the second target the him since our chemical weapons storage facility which is located in syria just west of holmes twenty two weapons were employed nine u.s.t. lamps eight storm shadow missiles three naval cruise missiles into scout planned
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attack cruise missiles this target was attacked by all coalition forces are tomahawks the british storm shadow and in the french french missiles want to guess that as well i guess the third target next slide to him since our chemical weapons bunker facility. we deployed seven scout missiles again the initial assessment is that this democracy really was successfully hit and now just like to talk a bit about the specific platforms that were part of this strike and let's go back to the first slide please. the missiles that i've just described were delivered from british french and u.s. air and naval platforms in the red sea the northern arabian gulf and the eastern mediterranean all weapons hit their targets at very close to the designated time on target of about four am in syria which of course is not a clock here on the east coast. i'm to give you more details now about the platforms first in the red sea the to counteract that to counteract a class cruiser monterey far thirty tomahawk land attack cruise missiles and they
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are early bird class destroyer lagoon fired seven tomahawks in the north arabian go off the bird class destroyer higgins fired twenty three tomahawks in the eastern mediterranean the french frigate language fire three missiles of their naval version of the scat missile also in the mediterranean the virginia class submarine john warner fired six tomahawk missiles. in the air to be one last or bombers fired nineteen joint air to surface standoff missiles in addition our british allies flew a combination of tornadoes and thai phones and launched eight storm shadow missiles our french allies a few flew a combination of referrals and mirages and launched nine scout missiles taken together and as you can see from the graphic behind me these attacks on multiple axes were able to overwhelm the syrian air defense system it's also important to note that we flew a variety of defensive carrier air tanker and electronic warfare aircraft in
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support of these operations none of our aircraft or missiles involved in this operation were successfully engaged by syrian air defenses and we have no indication that russian air defense systems were employed. we are confident that all of our missiles reach their targets at the end of the strike mission all our aircraft safely return to their bases we assess that over forty surface to air missiles were employed by the syrian regime most of these launches occurred after the last impact of our strike was over it is likely that the regime shot many of these missiles on a ballistic trajectory i mean by that without guidance and we assess that the defensive efforts of syria were largely ineffective and clearly increased risk to their own people but based on this indiscriminate response when you shoot iron into the air without guidance it's going to come down somewhere by contrast the precise nature of our strike and the care which our allied team planned and executed
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significantly reduce the risk of collateral damage to civilians in summary you know powerful show of allied unity we deployed one hundred five weapons against three targets. that will significantly impact the syrian regime's ability to develop deploy and use chemical weapons in the future it's been said before but i want to emphasize again the by comparison the strike was double the size of the last strike in april two thousand and seventeen and i'd also emphasize that this strike was a multinational effort. the precision strike was executed with france and the u.k. demonstrating our unquestionable was off i'd like to close by noting that since the strike we have not seen any military response from actors within syria and we remain postured to protect our forces and those of the coalition should anything occur then back to you so with that to take your questions. thank you general because he said. we're going to leave the pentagon an
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update on the strikes overnight from the united states france and from the u.k. general mckenzie there the director of the joint staff saying is double the size of what america did you know laterally a year ago now after. and describing the three distinct chemical weapons program targets as he put it that all targets were ahead the first one that he mentioned is the one that you can see on that many screen down in the bottom right hand corner of that bar say near to damascus and saying that all aircraft returned safely to base an update from the pentagon on the strikes overnight. right now let's talk to professor hussein back she is an international relations professor at anchorages middle east technical university thanks for waiting there to talk to us while we listen to what the pentagon had to say let's let's focus on turkey now though turkey's leaders of praise the strikes against syria seems a very different tone to what they were doing at that summit a couple of weeks ago now why does turkey regard the overnight strikes as
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a positive move. this is very interesting that the same time controversial that you do have turkey and turkey and russia very close together with iran to protect. territorial integrity and according to our treaty about the turkish foreign ministry statement from today saying very pleased. by the joint strike forces. all this. of our syria so it is very interesting from turkish point of view because in turkey we have now the debate hall so say yes it was right and also reject this combined action by america france and britain so turkish president and prime minister just couple of hours ago they talked in istanbul they were also pleased to
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see. america was leading in this frame or probably they will expect more however my expectation is how russia and turkey in the coming days real debate about this because turkey and russia together are the players on the field. as the pentagon speaker just a few minutes ago said there is not any military response by russia by syrian forces which is actually not true in one hand because there are so many intercepts of the missiles which targeted to hit syrian border i think it is a new phase now in syrian crisis whatever the result is since yesterday military airstrike the coming days will show much more interesting discussions how
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far america britain. and france are really reliable in their statements. syria used chemical weapons in my counter in turkey the most of the people think that it is their protects that it is because in the rockies in two thousand and three we had the time tony blair and all the american spirit and later on. it proved that it was not the case it is a very new phenomenon i would say for middle east discussions turkey is very difficult to pin down on this though now isn't it because only a couple of weeks ago the turkish president was sitting with the iranian and the russian president talking about how to move forward on rebuilding and helping syria in that trio of leaders it's going to be difficult to read what where turkey is at any one point. this is one of the problems agree with this because the russians and the iranians calm down the attack and turkey
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officially this is sort of ministry said well council this is a controversial statement but the truth is primary concern of the president is that bashar assad's regime had to go on the one hand the turkish political history is that bashar assad's regime had to go on the other hand turkey is in our stand a process trying to protect the territorial integrity of syria the president add ons statement yesterday which i commented on as a for another. agency i have also difficulties to understand because one day you see this and the next day the other one probably the turkish position is to satisfy both the russians and the americans about ok how long can continue with this type of policy is a very open question mark maybe it'll be clearer when they've had that nato update
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which i understand is happening right now among the nato allies which take is a major part of course and they are now professor bagley thanks very much for joining us on r.t. . just to recap where we are right now the u.s. france and the u.k. of bomb targets in syria president a trump announced the military action in a white house statement of great interest late on friday as he spoke explosions rocked damascus the air missile strikes were launched in response to an alleged chemical attack in syria's city of duma last saturday washington says it's confident the assad government used chemical weapons against civilians however in a statement the white house admits the evidence they have is based on media and n.-g. o. reports russia's foreign ministry slammed the strikes saying they came when the war ravaged country finally had the chance for a peaceful future the strikes also took place before investigators from the international chemical weapons watchdog the o.p.c. w. starts its probe into the alleged poison gas attack in do with their experts are still on shared will they say and should arrive in the next few hours or so. that's
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where we are for now is coming up to twenty five minutes past four here in moscow all of your next global update on the syria situation in just over thirty five minutes time. the slowness of the mood of them so much. good news over the local was before. much of those who heard the food you are never meant to see see him with the north pole who will. move. move. move show you the snoopy view of the liberal elites and glitter a good. movie club most of this is also a good few films for good goof. to go to shows a look but do the same you belong to show the story of the actually go. to start
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ups to hold off. the two need to fill it with the lot of them wished they'd say look it is it's. just tough snow understands to just move the mashed up truck stop the president and please introduce washington to. the tree of petitions proposed this way to snap them up a new look because that is the cousin with a serious approach to your machine station shouldn't for you should cook dorothy one who's devoted to the request for. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball
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isn't only about what happens on the pitch put a funnel school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you know the oldest expenditure to twenty million one fly a. well it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy a great one paul chimes for. and thinks this minute. yes. seen as demonstrators march ten months to the day of a catastrophe when the poorest of one of the world's richest communities on earth burnt to death in london we speak to hip hop artist loci who saw the grunfeld tower
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disaster firsthand but before that here is an excerpt from his song ghosts of grunfeld featuring. the night eyes changed. the way love was to me. in a flash. memory. fumes of poison. in the imagination of children. in the sky. where both extraordinary and the mundine. becomes ever. political. culture. well joining me now is that ok ok thanks for coming on going underground i got to say a lot of the world even mainstream media talking about the threat of world war three we'll get on to the imperial in the second half of this show but why is
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today's march so important when it comes to addressing the political class and corporate power well i think the massively significant thing about the march is that it has spread to bristol it spread to liverpool you have people in manchester also doing it you have people in ireland now apparently doing it obviously the message today from someone in southampton where they will be doing it the point is is that there is a confluence of three issues which cause the ground for fire and these three issues actually relate to why white sectors of society it's not simply something that. the atomizer place specifically at the doorstep of one single thing it's kind of the prayer the end result the tangible end result of a kind of incremental in the traditional form of violence that was pursued following the eighties when thatcher took what were three hundred plus pages of building regulations and replaced them with their own twenty plus pages now it has been a kind of by bipartisan orthodoxy of neo liberal network politics and what we're
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seeing is you know in the silent march a form of peace for. resistance and rebellion against that war so when we look at that period in the era when you had this gradual weakening of building regulations what it led to is it led to a period where john prescott basically approached as deputy exactly in two thousand and three approach something called approved document b. which was in the building regulations at that time and that opened the space for something called desktop studies number one but also the ability for construction companies to interpret the rules and cladding to be of class oh rather than of limited combustibility which is the classification which the government following the ground for fire claimed you know you had philip hammond come out four days after with an andrew marr and say this is banned in this country you had in the twenty second of june the government come out and say all cloning should be limited combustibility rather.


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