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and the united kingdom acted after careful evaluation of these facts the targets we selected were at the heart of the syrian regime's illegal chemical weapons program the strikes were carefully planned to minimize civilian casualties the responses were justified legitimate and proportionate the united states and its allies did everything we could to use the tools of diplomacy to get rid of assad's arsenal of chemical weapons we did not give diplomacy just one chance we gave diplomacy a chance after chance six times that's how many times russia vetoed security council resolutions to address chemical weapons in syria our efforts go back even further in two thousand and thirteen the security council passed a resolution that required the assad regime to destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons syria committed to abide by the chemical weapons convention meaning it
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could no longer have chemical weapons on its soil president putin said russia would guarantee that syria complied we hoped that this diplomacy would succeed in putting an end to the horror of chemical attacks in syria but as we see from the past year that did not happen while russia was busy protecting the regime aside took notice the regime knew it could act with impunity and it did. in november russia used its veto to kill the joint investigative mechanism the main tool we had to figure out who used chemical weapons in syria just as russia was using its veto the assad regime used seran leading to dozens of injuries and deaths. russia's veto was the green light for the assad regime to use these most barbaric weapons against the syrian people in complete violation of international law the united states and
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our allies were not going to let that stand chemical weapons are a threat to us all they are a unique threat a type of weapon so evil that the international community agreed they must be banned we cannot stand by and let russia trash every international norm that we stand for and allow the use of chemical weapons to go unanswered and just as the syrian regime's use of chemical weapons last weekend was not an isolated incident our response is part of a new course chartered last year to deter future use of chemical weapons. our syrian strategy has not changed however the syrian regime has forced us to take action based on their repeated use of chemical weapons since the april two thousand and seventeen chemical attack that concha can the united states has
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imposed hundreds of sanctions on individuals and entities involved in chemical weapons use in syria and north korea we have designated entities in asia the middle east and africa that have facilitated chemical weapons proliferation we have revoked the visas of russian intelligence officers in response to the chemical attack and solves barry we will continue to seek out and call out anyone who uses and anyone who aids in the use of chemical weapons. with yesterday's military action our message was crystal clear the united states of america will not allow the assad regime to continue to use chemical weapons last night we obliterated the major research facility that it used to assemble weapons of mass murder i spoke to the president this morning and he said if the syrian regime uses this poisonous gas
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again the united states is locked and loaded. when our president draws a red line our president enforces the red line the united states is deeply grateful to the united kingdom and france for its part in the coalition to defend the prohibition of chemical weapons we worked in lockstep we were in complete agreement last night our great friends and indispensable allies shouldered a burden that benefits all of us the civilized world owes them that thinks in the weeks and months to come the security council should take time to reflect on its role in defending the international role of all the security count. has failed in its duty to hold those who use chemical weapons to account for that failure is largely due to russian obstruction we call on russia to take a hard look at the company it keeps and live up to its responsibilities as
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a permanent member of the council and defend the actual principles the united nations was meant to provide for a moment last night we successfully hit the heart of syria's chemical weapons enterprise and because of these actions we are confident we have crippled syria's chemical weapons program we are prepared we are prepared to sustain this pressure if the syrian regime is fullish enough to test our will thank you. letter i call i want to thank you representative of the united states for your statement and i now give the floor to the representative of the united kingdom thank you mr president mr president these are uncertain times and today we deal with exceptional circumstance. acting with our american and french allies in the early hours of this morning the united kingdom conducted coordinated targeted and precise strikes to degrade assad's chemical weapons capability and deter their future use the british
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royal air force long storm shadow missiles at a military facility some fifteen miles west of homs where the regime is assessed to keep chemical weapons in breach of syria's obligations under the chemical weapons convention. the full assessment is not yet being completed but we believe the strikes to be successful furthermore none of the british us or french aircraft or missiles involved in this operation was successfully engaged by syrian air defenses and there is also no indication that rationale defense systems were employed. our action was a limited targeted and effective strike there were clear boundaries that expressly sought to avoid escalation and we did everything possible including rigorous planning before any action was undertaken to ensure that we mitigated and minimize
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the impact on civilians. to get our action will significantly degrade the syrian regime's ability to research develop and deploy chemical weapons and deter their future use. the u.k. prime minister has said we are clear about who is responsible for the atrocity of the use of chemical weapons a significant body of information including intelligence indicates the syrian regime is responsible for the attack we saw last saturday. some of the evidence that leads us to this conclusion is this follows there are open source accounts alleging that a barrel bomb was used to deliver the chemicals multiple open source reports claim a regime helicopter was observed about the city of duma on the evening of seventh of april the opposition does not operate helicopters nor does it use barrel
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bombs and reliable intelligence indicates that syrian military officials coordinated water appears to be the use of chlorine in duma on seventh of april mr president no other group could have carried out this attack indeed diets for example does not even have a presence in duma the syrian regime has been killing its same people for seven years its use of chemical weapons which has exacerbated the human suffering is a serious crime of international concern as a breach of the customary international law prohibition on the use of chemical weapons and this amounts to a war crime and a crime against humanity. any state is permitted under international law on an exceptional basis to take measures in order to alleviate overwhelming humanitarian suffering the legal basis for the use of force for the united kingdom
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is humanitarian intervention which requires three conditions to be met number one that there is convincing evidence generally accepted by the international community as a whole of extreme humanitarian distress on a large scale requiring immediate and urgent relief i think the debates in this council and the briefings we have had from archer and others have proved that secondly it must be objectively clear that there is no practicable alternative to the use of force if lives are to be saved i think the beaters have shown us that and thirdly the proposed use supports must be necessary and proportionate to the aim of relief of humanitarian suffering and must be strictly limited in time and in scope to this aim and i think we have heard both in my intervention in ambassador haley's how that has also met. the history of the syrian conflict is
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a litany of threats to peace and then violations of international law security council has met a hundred thirteen times since the syrian war started it was therefore not for want of international diplomatic effort that we find ourselves in this position today. after a passion of chemical weapons use since the outbreak of the conflict. a sad defied the international community in twenty thirteen by launching a sarin gas attack on eastern ghouta which left more than eight hundred people dead . despite the adoption of resolution twenty one eighteen despite four years of patient engagement syria continues to use. chemical weapons against its people and has failed to answer a long list of serious questions. the only conclusion we can reach is that syria had not declared or destroyed all of its chemical weapons despite its obligations
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under the chemical weapons convention this is not a session on our part but a matter of record and i draw the russian attention the russian ambassador's attention to his points about barzan and jim roya the o.p.c. w. still has announced questions and discrepancies he knows this we all know this the council was briefed by the o p c w director general. resolution twenty one eighteen decides in the event of noncompliance to impose measures and chapter seven of the charter yet on twenty eighth of february last year when the u.k. together with france proposed a resolution taking measures and chapter seven short of the use of force russia vetoed the very least this council should have been able to do mr president was to follow up on the findings of the dream report by extending its mandate yet four times russia his veto different proposals from different council members to do just
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that the syrian regime and its supporters are responsible for the greatest violations of international humanitarian law in modern history they have used indiscriminate weapons notably barrel bombs and plaster munitions against civilians and they have deliberately targeted medical facilities in schools as well as humanitarian personnel and civilian objects. they have used sieges and starvation as methods of warfare accompanied by attacks in opposition held civilian areas the regime has persistently obstructed humanitarian aid and medical evacuations tens of thousands of people have been illegally detained tortured and executed by the regime this is one of the most serious challenges to the international nonproliferation regime we have ever faced a state party has violated the chemical weapons convention it has defied the security council and it has broken international law repeated attempts they were
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several years to hold them to account have been met with russian obstruction and resistance we have repeatedly in this council attempted to overcome this obstruction and without success mr president we are faced with alicia me of violations no sense of guilt no sense of regret no sense of responsibility a shameful record wrapped in a mix of denial deceit and disinform ation mr president i would invite those like the russian ambassador who speak about the charter to consider the following. it is hard to believe that it is in line with the principles and purposes of the charter to use or condone the use of chemical weapons and in the united kingdom's view it cannot be illegal to use force to prevent the killing of such numbers of innocent people i will take no lessons mr
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president in international law from russia. despite all this mr president we would like to look forward the united kingdom together with france and the u.s. will continue to pursue a diplomatic resolution to the syrian crisis my french colleague will say more about our work in a few moments we believe it mass comprises four elements. one syria's chemical weapons program must be ended and the chemical weapons stockpiles destroyed once and for all to their mass be an immediate cessation of hostilities and compliance with all security council resolutions and these include those which mandate humanitarian access three the regime must return to the geneva talks and agree to engage in the substantial gender put forward by the un special envoy
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stephan different store for finally there must be accountability for the use of chemical weapons and other war crimes in syria mr president the secretary general rightly highlighted the political process we propose that this as the security council will be together next week and in the retreat with the secretary general very kindly hosted by sweden that we should use that opportunity to reflect on next steps and the way back to the political process and with our allies we stand ready to work with all members on the security council towards this and thank you. cor lot of present on the very much like to thank you represented. the united kingdom for history going to give the floor to that were present for france. ok we're going to be out of the u.n. security council emergency meeting we will listen across what the french envoy is going to say though and go through that a little bit later the program we've heard from of the russian envoy making
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moscow's anger pretty clear there room what he said called it a sign of cynical disdain the western allied countries launched attacks and said that the u.s. has made a humanitarian catastrophe even worse that the aggressors as he put it didn't wait for the o.p.c. w. to establish its facts first we also heard from the u.s. envoy immediately after who said that they didn't act out of revenge punishment or a symbolic show of force but acted to deter future use of chemical weapons and threaten to act again if needed and then finally we heard from karen pierce who is the british and voice at the u.n. saying that the actions were limited targeted and effective three words that have been doing the rounds in the past forty eight hours or so since those strikes took place which we've heard from the u.s. france and the u.k. the u.k. prime minister used them in praising the joint military action she called those strikes and i say limited targeted and effective and has been outlining why britain
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believes that the assad government used chemical weapons. we've heard from to reason made this morning she's been holding a press conference here in london at downing street and confirming that for jets. they launched a series of air strikes how successful those airstrikes have been remain to be seen we're seeing reports from the russian foreign ministry that the vast majority of those all of those as stripes was shot down to reason may not speaking to the success of them but very clear to make it to make the point that this is not an attempt at regime change but merely in her words trying to deter any future use of alleged chemical weapons we've also been hearing from the opposition the leader of the opposition jeremy corbyn he's the labor party leader and he called into question how it legally sound these asteroids parliament should be consulted
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problem it should take a view on this but instead the strikes were launched last night parliament is in session on monday she could have come to parliament on monday to discuss the whole situation instead it strikes haps she has about two thousand and thirteen vote in mind when david cameron wanted to also go to war with syria but lost the parliamentary vote and perhaps she was looking to avoid a similar embarrassing defeat there are a number of m.p.'s not just in the labor party but in her own conservative policy her own french m.p.'s who potentially were getting ready to rebel against about this attack on syria she has received support from the foreign secretary some however he's been on twitter saying that he welcomes the news of u.k. military strikes against what he says all major chemical weapons facilities in
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syria and saying that the world is united in its disgust of the use of these weapons. civilians polls in the country which show that a vast majority of people are not in support of this military action in syria so remote to be seen exactly how damaging politically this could be for two reasons what we've actually been hearing from the french foreign ministry on saturday morning let's listen in directly to what he had to say about france taking part in this coordinated action by the u.s. france the u.k. acted in accordance with our responsibility but the use of chemical weapons in syria is unacceptable because it's a violation of international law and basic human rights smalling france also released a document outlining its case for why it believes that a chemical attack took place and why it believes that the assad government was behind that attack it says it. has hired analysts of the photos of
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testimonies and videos from do you know where the alleged attack took place and it says that after analyzing it has a high degree of confidence that this was not money fact should all recycled and it says that the symptoms they believe all characteristics of chemical weapons there's also been criticism here in france from some opposition leaders including marine le pen she's the leader of the national front here in france she took to twitter on saturday morning to say this she said that this action in gauges of france in an unpredictable and potentially dramatic consequences and she said that france loses an opportunity to appear on the international stage as being an independent and balance of power also some reaction from neighboring country luxembourg this morning suggesting the strikes can only be conducted based on a u.n.
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security council resolution which clearly they do not have our correspondent in paris london talking about the european reaction to the overnight airstrikes studies research or you told us a few hours ago he believes that the three western partners acted illegally. i think the whole world should wonder about what is this ferry about normally in a legal to say you have an investigation you have a conviction and then comes the punishment of the perpetrator here we have turned the whole thing on its head and said that was what president drops immediately when he talked about an animal or iran and russia being responsible over theirs and of course if you run your policies on twitter and fake animated news and false information then you will one day be caught yourself in it and that's what i think these countries have by having said all these stupid things that way before they could know it they are also you know feeling of lives to to do something about it
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instead of waiting until there has been a neutral objective investigation they rushed to do this and in the name of protecting international law they're grossly violating it and there's nothing in international law and war in the un charter that would illegitimacy to what happened last night neither the u.s. president nor the british premier sought approval from lawmakers before launching the combined assault on syria a number of republican senators have head out to donald trump to see him saying he should have consulted congress first president trump announces the u.s. will pull out of syria and days later syrian government bombs women and children in an area of no strategic value so the whole world would bomb the hell out of syria doesn't make any sense praying this doesn't start world war three i haven't read france's or britain's constitution but i wrote ours and no where in it is presidential authority to strike syria the president needs congressional
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authorization for military action as required by the constitution. there's strikes are an act of war atrocities in syria cannot justify departure from constitution which vests in congress power to commence war looking at the trump twitter timeline what he's been accused of rushing into this attack previously he was against taking potentially rash decisions in twenty thirteen was highly critical of that president barack obama's approach to syria warning against washington launching an attack however once trump moved into the oval office he hit syrian bases with those tomahawk missiles just over a year ago you remember but there could be a reason behind him changing his mind. bunny run the flag effect and increased popular support of the president during war accompanied by reduced criticism of governmental policies and. any nuclear missile launched from cuba against any nation in the western hemisphere as it is. by the soviet union on the united states
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. progress is now being made towards the restoration of peace in the caribbean. we were the better use of terrorists and its holding hostages. who would seek to continue along with other nations and with the official to be relied. upon for the resolution of the crisis. i have therefore directed to reject the iraqi army from kuwait. is president i can report to the nation aggression is defeated the war is over. american and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm iraq to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger.
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united states and around. have prevailed. but i ordered a targeted military. airfield in syria. i think from became president of the united states i think this was actually a big moment. and that's the way it looks for now as you can see that the u.n. security council emergency hearing still ongoing that's the french envoy francoise the lot for talking now we heard from the u.s. and the u.k. earlier as well as the russian envoy russia of course has convened this fifteen u.n. security council meeting in a week on syria and there's been some angry exchanges and accusations across the chamber as well we'll pull that together and tell you what's been said with our washington correspondent when i had lie news returns after the break.
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u.s. the u.k. and france carry out strikes against the syrian government in response to an alleged chemical attack in eastern cuba the intervention came just hours before international inspectors were due to arrive to investigate the claims united nations security council is right now holding an emergency meeting to discuss the attack with russia says was a clear violation of the organizations charter. prime minister the joint military operation against assad's government has limited targeted and effective. and in other news russia's foreign minister claims the international chemical weapons watchdog may not correctly identified the nerve agent used to poison the script files in angle.


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