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families from all different backgrounds and not just. you know there's people from all over the place well that's just why it's clear. to the knowing to sixty eight forty one of we're not from liverpool and we're not from mostly so it will spread east a national disaster. there's no social media. to move to liverpool to be part of become pain because living dining area was in the national. you don't know nothing about i always go we know how much of a difference does the social milieu right right social media's made a big difference and i'll tell you another thing that's well it was for would never happen again i wish social media. didn't just. took my parents the books family. it wasn't just done for family.
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it's really so many people. and i can. get across the paper. but. you know. because it was a very fact very honest. and very. you know. i have to do it for. all lawfully killed and that's what we fall for that's what we fought for for twenty six. shows the freedom of the city liverpool that is metro it beside pride.
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i mean going through what you've gone through why would that woman go through twenty nine years of campaigning illusion of. losing a brother. in two thousand i say stunned ever again standing to no. six and i thought very deeply that standing my father in the other ninety five i would be the first. you know common sense standing did not. put a star studded didn't. you tell me why people don't get crushed to death have. paid . when i stand oh and. i still owe fashion terrorists over. not just doing it for may i'm doing it for.
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all you will to everything in my power to make sure every football fan you want. is . because of the conversations and discussions you've had with some of the families that never never have would liverpool football club ever go there again. i think they'll be the last ones to date but i think i will have to do it in the when the focal cloak does. die with me i'll just take that ten. emotional. it's coming saying let's. say that stone the saying did not tell anybody. no it's brooks thank you so much for joining me on that thank you. thank you very much screamed i. was
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. going through the history of mankind it's been a cruel and destructive over and over again and somehow our cities have come back and many are quite beautiful and wonderful places. if you look in the middle east and places like syria i agree with you it's totally depressing. and i wish
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it to political issues involved but it could be resolved but i think until that is there's very little hope that the cities will be able to turn the tide. we are still living with a lot of conflicting does when you're willing to situation in syria to the rest of the middle east the problem between saudi arabia and iran now the american president is that i and you know through withdrawal and asking some obstacle data we heard that the saudis are really to go down at the end here on the ground so with can be in the end the will to fail and the reason the situation is very very dangerous.
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let's take you to glasgow in a stadium we know as power dogs the spirits of shankly supporters club for me have a pole went to celtic park to see how psyched standing works we sent for was journalist minimal here so looking back. here he offered these don't call them offshore. today glasgow they are the only visitors also families from house but one from the love of profound support group this but when you are here today to see how the stand in section walks you get three thousand fans and the real obviously very poignant with how the has to be of
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house brown and one nine hundred eighty nine when ninety six fans lost their life's . thankful sets to understand that that's what we'll see in this you know it's something must be proposed for funds you stand and see if there is totally. about what little sense of assaultive and if a sense of justice is the people's lived expedia and since this isn't like you know hypothetical for lots of people this is real life and the law just the state of the pope but institution all caesar stadia was was a consequence of holzer soap for a long time off from the documents to find. so in recent years i think there's been a growing conversation of male c. but it's been you know it's a genie for some people on a long one on a difficult one but it's but it's greater than generally i'm pleased that people felt comfortable unable to. share this experience with us and on top of their fusion veil and it's you know hopefully it's helped some people unwise the kind of
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relevance with say we think is over so in or say we can love a poem come from both walking costs. and many senses and say ok but also i believe that to play off off the house but as well as that a special basin and so it was able to. bond between ourselves and self they've been great to us funny people came up. with one percent of fantasy and stuff like that along sides. i think there's a closeness and i think when we as fans what we think you know. it's it's clear we can look at this and say like this is maybe a bit like well you might like your show it's you know to the ship. very silty fans believe that politics is intrinsically sport and they were going to listen to anything at all no thought it is to say that you kind of any political displays in football short support for palestine against top wealth was just one side of the the the football and whites and also the political legs of the football
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club. i. don't take heed to being told what to do by football and i thought it is and especially when it comes to showing support for a cause that they believe is so important. david she used my head of hughes died to hillsborough weeping. at the very off the safe stand i'm section close family some plenty of clubs in england one goes into their grounds so it looks it looks a lot better than the actual seats to be honest where we are it seems. a lot safer we've spoke to safety stewards and the police and the same it's easier to maintain a need to easier to manage where i'm standing now you can only get one person fitted in here and. fearful people also big body is fundamentally in this section on the old status issue could you get straight forward and some about the cost of that stuff. it seems a lot safer that's just
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a crazy idea i think as a style of debate going on amongst. a profound amongst how profoundly competent you are by the benefits all of that yet there's a massive tea base and i think people need to see for themselves so before me and make a judgment on me. that there's some there's obviously it's a sensitive issue with a lot of families and people don't want one it's on and you can totally understand why some people when so much time on they didn't come back. which was told you don't but this is named face he is lisa nearly now on obviously the improvements and he has to be seen. to see stand inside these and you know i mean it's no to show you did that he's giving speeches and it is those me a question as near as that is the end of that kind of stuff and it should i should when you school everybody jumps up and goes off i school does not mean i but now i
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think i mean. i mean i. i look about to say that in that office fit it but you just like jump into a place and even like game just go with. that so i think right now the sheriff says he going to be there in the front governor. thank you. very much about this little bill thank you everybody so if i don't get it this this bill this goes. trouble this morning just to see this should you fail. to see the big you don't finish it i want to see i'm still have a test and i think they asked me i think is the future of this not many people want to stay on the game i think well you should up the choice of ones you don't want to say this is ideal i don't. think you should just be the game that is the most important thing so he's the most important thing and it's a fact and
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a system we have now i think everyone is put on all coached by some of them except skeptical. about they will charge that this is the future but what we want to have a little bit of any fun. would to them she this they would want to get the big think is that you've got to be expected to families at a time i think of the families even coming out to look at it they would say you know well this is safer than the model we have now which is the plastic sheets of people stood up behind them this is safer than none. of us thank you what do you think will be very easy if you disagree with a few thousand that are. down in the season as well so this is a real yes it will want to thank you but if you really want there's
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a sense like you know even before they gave it up as a lot of people like keane said you know make it up the street and get beyond that but to see which was a lot of the stuff you see i don't feel really really good and i was able to see was i going to get on as a few years thought that you know i saw six or seven i had some of the boxes while shipping the sheets so i want to get second so for the second she has population it's clearly a big demand so i would say if you think of the end of the thanks but i frankly backed by eighty eight percent. bringing that forward and i'm thrilled at some point and i think if you've got all of the left who finds talking about it see in the positive and something they want to see then i think it's only a matter of time before you see fines right across britain welcoming this and really seeing the benefits and off safe and think yes for the atmosphere yes for the march the experience both will for safety of them was enough for the stars of today to glasgow complete to. see change and i crossed
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a football that we could see out of town or steer us off the house but i. to say found. a once again since i'm filming the movement. and he's finding traction in the petition getting fifty thousand signatures in three asking for parliament on the matter. of proposals were. rejected by the government as british authorities refused the idea in principle minister tracey cried she said there are no plans to change the policy at english football stadiums. the world could place fast approaching as some of the top nations on the planet gather in russia for. months. to look at each group before the big event kicks off on the fourteenth of june as the house take on saudi arabia in the opening match in group both teams are joined by age. and.
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attempt to plunder the goals. the russians feature in the ten finals but you have to go to nine hundred sixty six for the finish when they reach the last fool in england. as the president looks to fall into the next round. of experience difficult times on the football pitch in recent years and reside sixty in faith his world ranking with a population of one hundred forty four million cheering on the boys. and on the of fans providing the whole nation with the energy they need to provide a year ago i am. as the world champions through qualification after finishing second to brazil. well above the whites have a small passionate following as a nation with a population of three point five million. people in. the.
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favorites that's all the great egypt could offer them a credible threat after an amazing season from outside in the english premier league the liverpool player has taken anglish football by storm as he promises to be one of the breakout stars when the well coach kicks off its second since twenty six the day after the tournament begins and he can celebrate his birthday in style as the pharaohs open up their campaign against louis swans and conquer saudi arabia make up the numbers in this group but the green falcons in their fifth appearance it's well cup finals for most bank striker when antonio pitzi is the man in charge for the team from the middle east with the opposition as a high level the falcons are not expected to progress.
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u.s. president donald trump says he wants american troops to leave syria what are exactly washington's goals in syria a partition war for war sake or a means to sticking it to iran in russia all or poorly thought out options. luxury and free but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. a simple fact in l.a. use there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. this man phoned his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing in order
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to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution. to someone wanted touring the site otherwise it will be a free for all the news there are a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. the way the system should work is that every stock on security underwritten by wall street or any bank in america one percent should be carved out and put into social security so that america is whether they have jobs as minimum wage workers or whether their c.e.o.'s all across the spectrum everyone gets to participate in this thing called the american economy because if you don't all the stocks are not part of the mary. in a calm. march
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there was a healthy young person around them to plant the seeds in november for c. of the year for you so your dog is. in the zoo monday the players are some passed by itself i believe. you'll be pretty bored as both your fellow powerful. want to stop jumping to salvation was trying to solve you don't mean you sound to so female to ballet she says she was. going to measure that a modern take on the rarest mysterious.
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four palestinians are reportedly killed and more than a hundred wounded in israeli gunfire as thousands of protesters rallied on the israel gaza border. that. i'm like that was. a local journalist as you can see that working for ati's also caught up in the violent search she has confirmed to us that she is now ok. as more doubts were raised over videos purporting to show the aftermath when alleged chemical attack in syria's duma on our t.v. crew visits places seen in the footage and speeds. so i witness is. also the south the us democrat party seeks millions of dollars in damages from almost every figure
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and from russia. conspiracy to disrupt their twenty sixteen presidential campaign. another welcome to r.t. international live from moscow with. a welcome to join us this. for palestinian protesters have been confirmed killed and one hundred fifty six injured in israeli gunfire that's according to the health ministry in gaza around three thousand people gathered on the israel gaza border on friday for a so-called march of return it's the fourth we could demonstrate that by families of imprisoned palestinians auntie's journalist on the ground he was at the scene of the clashes. oh my god it's crazy everyone is running from the tear gas canisters they're randomly shooting to death something everyone.
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was resume to try to do we were covering the protest and coming closer to the protesters and suddenly they in they intensively started to fire tear gas and we were trapped by at least five tear gas canisters we started to feel our nose and eyes burning we couldn't even take take a breath and at that time i literally fainted i didn't know what's happened what was going on so i'm two hundred meters away from the fence that separates between gaza strip and israel we can see the israeli snipers stationed along the borders there have a new weapon they have been firing tear gas canisters live ammunition on the protesters and demonstrators and it's very dangerous here but you can see at least three thousand palestinian demonstrators prisoners families and
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a lot of palestinians are marching towards the sun's so as you see all the ambulances are in state of emergency where they are ready to take on the injuries from the near the front and as you see the palestinian protesters are very very very close to to find some only demanding the right to return but are also demanding to break the siege on the gaza strip that has been imposed by israel for more than eleven years did guys just filling the place and is surrounding i actually wonder from all the sides if there is surprise i left up and down here totally surrounded by tear gas canisters i can hear children crying from the tear gas i can see those children and trying to run away. kids families and everyone the palestinian protesters are again trying to close at the. sense that there is really i mean i did that's my little funds that they added last week and that you see they're trying to target these palestinian protesters by the young guys here
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gas canisters palestinians are not only demanding the right of return but are also demanding the right that they're demanding the release of the seven thousand palestinian prisoners in their israeli jails and as you see the palestinian protesters are holding the pictures of these palestinian prisoners in the israeli jail and israeli defense force spokesperson tweeted that the protests were organized by hamas which they regard as a terrorist organization israel also reportedly dropped smoke bombs to keep demonstrators away from the front and use leaflets telling them to stay away for more idea of caps on your neighbor and masham told us israel provided adequate warning of course it is justify these no army in the world that will allow. thousands of protesters to come to the fence the border fence and try to cross it this is why the i.d.f. war protesters look to get close to the fence demonstrate
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a few hundred meters away from the fans they don't have to come close if they are. pushed towards the fence by the leader of hamas in order to create headlines you know there to create. so that they can blame these worlds so even the claim except they didn't i don't think that we have it in the climate see it i think the climax will be towards the may fifteenth they're not but they. video footage water tossed around the world claiming to show the aftermath of an alleged chemical attack in syria in duma is now being called into question the team from our sister channel r.t. arabic has visited the city. discussed earlier what they saw there with correspondent egos on. what we've seen so far from this place was and much mostly it's been a video released by the white helmets activist group you're looking at right now it's shot in a hospital and it's shows some truly heartbreaking pictures these scenes of chaos
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of panic confused children being hosed down with water everything pointing at a potential chemical attack but are to rob a crew managed to talk to a boy who was featured in this video of the white house and he gave his account of events in that hospital have a listen to that had actually we were outside and they told all of us to go into the hospital i was immediately taken upstairs and they started pouring water on me do you remember where it happened. here with the hose or is it. here it is. and it looked towards water on me it put me here and then took me off serious to my mother where exactly up stairs the second floor. up stairs over there that alley. saturday the doctor started filming us
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here they were pouring water and taking videos then my father came and found me someone had told him we were here so he came and took me away i luckily i didn't know she was being seen i went up stairs and saw my wife and children i was very surprised and asked what had happened when my son's eyes were red i found out that it was water but it was cold and he could have got sick he was undressed when i took my son first told me that they still needed him but i still took him away from there. the boy is clearly in shock still do have to go through something like this to go through such terror at his age is unthinkable really we've reached out to the white helmets westing in statement of some reaction to what's being being filmed in duma right now but we're still to hear back from them even as i understand there was other footage from the alleged senior of the attack was and yes indeed there was another video released by another activist and it is apparently from an
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apartment building where the actual chemical project tile the alleged chemical project landed this is the initial video that we're showing you right now and this is the project we our crew again managed to get inside this very building so to the left you can see our video and to the right is the original one and initially how the media reacted to the first the released video well they saw it as rock solid evidence of a chemical attack the chemical weapon that killed dozens of civilians and astaire's that the asshead regime has previously used in chemical attacks the assad regime has used this same yellow gas canisters the nic telling fox news they have a high degree of confidence that it was yours apparently the project was still toxic was still fuming with the something toxic and that's why they had to wear a mask to protect themselves but we've spoken to a number of experts and they've told us that i mean
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a gas mask is basically not enough to protect. one cell from a toxic substance if that were a nerve agent whether he's got his face covered or not it's going to go right through his skin and the only protection that he could have a whole body were in a chemical controlled suit if it were chlorine gas that would protect him from from some small leaking of the korean gas for a while and it doesn't make any any any sense i could see it going through a roof and never even breaking it's a silly way and even if it did great go the dispersal of the chlorine might only kill the people in the room but not even people outside the room had time to get our business confidence yet in the fact that even happened in the first place but the retaliation is already there the u.s. the u.k. and france launched more than a hundred missiles to strike targets they believe the assad government are using to produce chemicals right now the big intrigue is what the official investigation is
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to show whether or not the attack happened the u.n. special envoy for syria has spoken about south of bombing of the country by the u.s. and its allies saying the strikes won't help resolve the crisis the comments came as stuff under mistura myth so the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov what that happened last week. it's not a lot of turn out for cheat in geneva. in spite of what we may think or say a political process that needs to be relaunched sergey lavrov than staffan de mistura mad in moscow following talks over the ongoing situation in syria the u.n. has a special envoy to syria seventy mysteries said that it is very important now to war where not only at the a military town center but political as well now you've just heard that he said that the recent airstrikes conducted by the u.s. france and the u. of kate do.


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