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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  April 21, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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then my father came and found me someone had told him we were here so he came and took me away i luckily i didn't know she was being seen i went up stairs and saw my wife and children i was very surprised and asked what had happened when my son's eyes were red and i found out that it was what about it was cold and he could have got sick and he was undressed when i took my son first told me that they still needed him but i still took him away from. the boy is clearly in shock still to have to go through something like this to go through such terror at his age is unthinkable really we've reached out to the white album and westing a statement of some reaction to what's being what's being filmed in duma right now but we're still to hear back from them even as i understand there was other footage from the alleged senior of the attack was and yes indeed there was another video released by another activist and it is apparently from an apartment building where the actual chemical project tile the alleged chemical project tile landed this is
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the initial video that we're showing you right now and this is the project we our crew again managed to get inside this very building so to the left you can see our video and to the right is the original one and initially how the media reacted to the first the released video well they saw it as rock solid evidence of a chemical attack the chemical weapon that killed dozens of civilians and astaire's that the asshead regime has previously used in chemical attacks the assad regime has used the same yellow gas canisters the nic telling fox news they have a high degree of confidence that it was yours apparently the project was still toxic was still fuming with the something toxic and that's why they had to wear a mask to protect themselves but we've spoken to a number of experts and they've told us that in me a gas mask is basically not enough to protect oneself from a toxic substance if that were. weather. he's got his base covered or not it's
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going to go right through his skin and the only protection that he could have is if this whole body were in a chemical control suit if there were chlorine gas that would protect him from from some small leaking of the chlorine gas for a while and it doesn't make any any any sense i could see it going through a roof and never even breaking it's a silly way and even if it did great go the dispersal of the chlorine might only kill the people in the room but not even people outside the room had time to get out there's no confidence yet in the fact that it even happened in the first place but the retaliation is already there the u.s. the u.k. and france launched more than a hundred missiles to strike targets they believe the assad government are using to produce chemicals right now the big intrigue is what the official investigation is to show whether or not the attack happened the u.n. special envoy for syria has said the u.s.
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led bombing of syria will not help resolve the crisis stefan the mr otoh is speaking at a meeting with russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov what this happened last week . have helped us turn a full chief engineer but. in spite of what we may think or say it depletes this needs to be relaunched said a gay lover of fun stuff and to mr were matched in moscow following talks over the ongoing situation in syria at the un as special envoy to syria seven day mr murray said that it is very important now to lower not only the a military town show now but political as well now you've just heard that he said that the risks and airstrikes conducted by the u.s. france and the u. of kate did not help to deescalate the situation there but the countries which conducted those these strikes had a slightly different view on the subject saying that these talks were unnecessary and just to fight. we had reached the point where this strike have become
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indispensable to be able to return credibility to our communities and words should be action was taken to alleviate humanitarian suffering in syria by degrading the regime's chemical weapons capability and deterring its use of these weapons the airstrikes were conducted in response to claims of an l.n.h. chemical weapons attack on the syrian city of too much even before the official investigation of the organization for the pocket bishan of chemical weapons even started now the us said that it could not wait for the official results and decided to bomb syria on reports on intelligence that could not be revealed to russia's denies that such an attack took place and speaking to a media today said a gay lover of used harsher rhetoric than the u.n. special envoy to syria and he said that this was not only an attack on syria but on
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the peace process and the whole group or the three countries the u.s. the u.k. and france have not only bombed imaginary chemical facilities in syria. but also bombed the geneva peace process after this meeting in moscow demister were is now going to the uranium capital as about the moment he is conducting quite an intensive round of international meetings aiming at relaunching peace talks in syria. the recent u.s. led airstrikes in syria have raised questions over the country's long term strategy for the war torn country and now there are reports of a new so-called arab force being assembled in the event of a us withdrawal artie's what it does the of explains to leave or to stay it's a tough one. i want to get out i want to bring our troops back home i want to start rebuilding our nation we are in syria fight isis that is our mission and the
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mission isn't over and we're going to complete that mission america says it wants out of syria but not before its goals are accomplished which could take a while and get real dirty what do you do well that's what friends are for we have asked our partners to take greater responsibility for securing their home region saudi arabia it seems has volunteered for the difficult task of sending troops to sit on oil fields in eastern syria apparently saudi arabia has been volunteering pretty hard and pretty long we're in discussions with the us and have been since the beginning of the syrian crisis about sending forces into syria now here's the thing those arab troops would have to be trained the u.s. could do it but no not off that what happened last time all the last times
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the iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. they were not outnumbered by in fact they vastly outnumbered the opposing force and yet they failed to fight they withdrew from the site we have an issue with the will of the iraqis to fight i saw and defend themselves so if the pentagon doesn't want to get involved there's conveniently a third option erik prince mercenaries and soldier of fortune extraordinaire the founder of blackwater yes the blackwater the infamous private military company who is operations in iraq resulted in it being banned from the country only to reemerge. and a new name but i never heard that. there
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were dead bodies everywhere and this is the arguments on it i mean we keep it it's not among the dead bodies lying on the street that's who it was in the middle of the seven years old the. prince was out of sight for a while before resurfacing and the trump whom he donated a quarter of
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a million dollars to prince says officials in the middle east have already contacted him about assembling a force for syria and with john bolton as the new national security adviser one of the most radically militant talks in washington no one's going to care about princes shady past john bolton this year we just had a big. it's a win win if you are unwilling to occupy a hostile desert and a country that doesn't want you there well privatized it give your buddies a chance to make a quick buck after all isn't that what friends are for. u.k.'s government is setting up a task force to counter the alleged threat from russia this comes amid a diplomatic feud between the two countries over the poisoning of former double agent surrogates cripple and his daughter yulia artie's new direct tutor has the
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details of this committee consists of very high profile u.k. politicians and at the helm of that committee is the chairman of the foreign affairs committee and his name is tom took in heart now he has not missed his words about blood amir putin in fact what he said is that the u.k. must target everybody who supports the russian president and his gangster regime during his interview he obviously just sounded like he wasn't a fan of mr putin but he did mention someone that he was a fan of and that was the saudi prince mohammed bin salman the big change actually is that where he's trying to trying to bring women and young people into employment is trying to read it all this is really something quite impressive in a separate interview took a hard talked about his career path and his aspirations and he described a number of roles that he feels that he would be ok at including the job of pm so it appears that he wasn't particularly fussy about what future lies ahead for him
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would it be great to be pm yep it would be great to be foreign secretary fantastic would it be great to be different circuitry wonderful would it be great to be a minister of any kind yes on a more serious note now the tensions between russia and the u.k. have been exacerbated by these cripple poisoning london is insisting that moscow is behind the attack moscow is denying any involvement at all and asking u.k. for firm proof as to why they are suggesting that russia is indeed behind those attacks so the accusations are continuing from the u.k. side and now that this new committee has been set up we can only. see that those diplomatic relationships are probably going to go downhill even further well commenting on the announcement of the new task force russia's ambassador to the u.k. alexander yakka benko said the two countries need to find a way of working together what i can promise you i am ready to come to this group
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to answer all the questions and i hope maybe i'll convince them to develop economic political relations. to use the influence on the british government. to formally the. german businesses are asking to be excluded from the latest american sanctions ban in cooperation with russia chancellor angela merkel is expected to raise the issue during her upcoming visit to the us on friday a german government spokesperson says such restrictions harm all sides he also called for fair trading conditions for everyone russia's finance minister and also learn of things to sanctions are disrupting international trade sense a greenish in year the latest economic restrictions have a negative impact not only on russia but the russian partners as well will help the
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germany will manage to persuade our american partners to make exemptions from the pretty harsh sanctions put in our companies i also hope that the economic approach will prevail over political motives going abroad. the us democratic party has filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit against almost every figure in the russia donald trump collusion probe r.t. samir khan has the story. now the democratic party has gone out on a limb here and their lawsuit targets not only the russian government but the trump campaign wiki leaks and even a pop singer who is supposedly connected to the trump campaign claiming that they all work together to influence the u.s. presidential election now democrats claim a russian intelligence services quote hacked into the d.n.c. is too cute penetrated its own systems and exfiltrate of tens of thousands of documents and e-mails to further russian interests and alike and apparently trump gleefully welcomed russia's help those were their exact words and then they say that julian
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a song founder of wiki leaks posted the documents because he supposedly shared their goal of damaging the democratic party and claim to this is just part of the multitude of investigations five in total into alleged russian collusion and it all started with the intelligence report that came out in january twenty seventh and that claimed that president putin ordered and influenced campaign to undermine faith in american democracy none have any success or found any evidence so far so this seems to be the next chapter in the democratic party's crusade against the trunk campaign in russia but this time they're looking for compensation for damages inflicted upon the d.n.c. so we're just going to have to see what happens with. the legal and media analyst law and whether the new suit will be successful in court. and there's a couple of things up about this complaint by being of a lawyer looking at this notice that first of all it is a there is no connection of the da says we say it is
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a series of narratives a story about here a name here jared cushion or roger stone cold luzhin they use. no evidence of guilt if a judge does not dismiss this i will be shocked this is a is this is a waste of time and it shows how desperate and how pathetic the d.n.c. are still still not able to to resolve daily grief counseling they the professional help not a lawyer we were all gone trump has accused the global oil cartel opec of artificially raising crude prices he made the claim after a meeting of opec ministers in saudi arabia the price of oil reached a three year high on friday and some experts linked the price rise to a deal to cut production by the top oil producing nations however international economists mon dieu selamat says the u.s.
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presidents like his ations against opec oakland last. a higher price for oil should benefit us share oil producers so his at back in opic has no meaning and is not justified president is wrong to attack opic because of prices opic is not doing more than defending its right and its wealth they lost more than three hundred billion dollars between august twenty fourth and twenty sixteen because of the oil price crash can see cohen clearly they had to take measures including but action cup along with russia to defend their rights. a group of youngsters have risked arrest by breaking into the baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan they managed
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to get inside a storehouse and take some press taking pictures of soviet launch vehicles from the height of the space race ah. i am. i'll be back on the latest headlines in just a behalf now meanwhile for more on all of us stories dot com.
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the way the system should work is that every stock bond security underwritten by wall street or any bank in america one percent should be carved out and put into salsa security so that americans whether they have a job as minimum wage workers or whether they're c.e.o.'s all across the spectrum everyone gets to participate in this thing called the american economy because if you don't always stocks are not part of the american economy. we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but new forced signed up to be free again poisoned by our own people of so you so if that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not truck tires all types of styrofoam will polystyrene these batteries trucks there was
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a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining about illnesses from their exposure from the berm pits would really literally send a v.a. broke and they don't want to pay it so the way to the decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they will have to pay and. paltrow to get the middle finger to move used to model is. delayed and known to be done. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten light colored. orange county each day. eighty five percent will be well to be old for bridge eight point six
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percent market so thirty percent is what is your home with four hundred to five hundred three persnickety first church and one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one you know for a minute the one and only.
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holcomb to go i'm sophie shevardnadze western coalition has struck syria with myself following allegations of a chemical attack on syria as well the consequences of this move before syria and the world well today i ask what about a money former deputy u.n. envoy to syria. mr missile strikes on syria agreed united world war three for years but with little actual damage and no follow up attacks is the escalation over how will the strikes influence the syrian peace process and are they really helping to end this of a more. money former deputy u.n. envoy to syria welcome to the show good to have you with us today lots to talk about now the syrian government the russians still running as they their expressed are a condemnation of their western we sell strikes on syria that was last week but even the syrian opposition leaders have also called them a farce called them too weak and even dangerous so have this strike has been pretty
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much useless than if they didn't make anyone happy. one of the chosen things are getting very complex because the two major things that's scaring me that is the first one is everything has become a good showing about it's becoming a war by proxy so every ball that is involved locally regionally and internationally and a huge part of it is becoming by proxy make that closes the second element is security and these. missions it was all going to there when i was doing it was but now it's not because received a lot of militia from one side shop on the other side and we just kind of for complex it's kind of go with it about but about this particular strikes that i've just mentioned do you feel like they were useless. well if there were political for short you know. you know does a does
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a blockage in the security council but according to the charter anything which is military should be approved according to the security council. resolution for sure and just as well use the word complexities it shows the complexity is what they're going to because it's going to be everyone is challenging the. you know we know when we can begin a wall but we don't know when he is going to and i was going to develop so you have the u.n. security united nations secretary general also hinted that the security council should have been asked first but abstained from open criticism of the united states and its allies you worked for the united nations for a while does it bother you that a. united nations security council is kind of being sidelined not asked not refer to. well it's express on time you know the will of the strongest the controlling it's part of it because this is the will of the
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members of the security council thank god sometimes it can be balanced by. some principles inside the security council but for shorter you know what facing one of the worst guys is not going to get it to find a way i don't know how it's going to happen is it through the security council or do we need much more than security council when i see new proposal the last proposal of the french president to to make some contact is it going to be an international conference or will that about to you know everything come happen what do we need first is a political will of all parties you know toward is all those question and. the syrian people living so this strikes were not extensive or particularly damaging were they undertaken more for the home audience or so they participant contrarious than to actually solve problems inside syria. well there were not forth and explore
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short bus strikes well. so. the president you know it's going to go as i say the anyway. i think to do the open to want to go in in the coming weeks so for sure for sure good with older parties and when i say all parties include everybody locally these are live and internationally because out with us still living with a lot of conflicting does when you're going to situation say that to the rest of them it is to the problem between so do. american presidents is that i am going to do with asking some. we heard the saudis or that to go down. underground so it's kind of be and the will to fail the reason to all of these and the situation is very very dangerous so the rhetoric surrounding the strikes was very hated but the strike themselves were limited and didn't escalate just like we
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underlined emphasised does that mean that behind the scenes there are diplomatic forces at work that are more constructive than trumps fiery tweets and mutual threats do you feel like the diplomats are working stage without us knowing it. well we know the situation in syria is not including you know many thought is diplomats about also owns the services so that for sure there are a lot of contacts a lot of contacts between them through different channels does is why it still does way and there were no casualties you know human casualties on booking about oh some people for sure and i'm happy for that because if it was another case but what i see after the russian man is the lover of was talking about the possibility of her considering. those that have led the requests of the shouldn't go over them and to give some. three hundred myside. when you see things there with the
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situation with is that i know with everybody that you know it's can explode in a very inventive at about way britain's foreign secretary boris johnson has said that the airstrikes were aimed at getting assad to the geneva negotiation table will lease airstrikes make us more talkative more came to talk really make him come back to this format. i don't think this is this is the best which i mean the best way is to make much more pressure from the russian and understanding governments you know. i worked for them when i was there and one of the things that shocks me all the time i'm done talking about the syrian government kept asking them you have to develop a political vision or council is getting destroyed instead of the security vision kidnapping and resting people but. they are lies the only reason to have a security vision so should be changing in
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a way to save syria you know the counter is totally destroyed more than fifteen million people left. internally displaced people this is really about and i think the key. to it is all that there was a course of very good as it is on the negotiation table to find a final solution now so far the geneva peace process hasn't been very effective they asked and not talks organized by running iran turkey at least pushed forward is glacial zones which significantly reduced the level of violence in syria so now we have two pair o. peace process is which basically pursue one goal what would be more rational to focus on the more effective one. well i'm not sure it was fixed if you know everything is benefit of course if you're competitors and have a question about was must why though and to discuss the future of said it was not was not because of
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a sign it's not because it's well limited thing because there was no real fight in syria or what it's going to drop and joining. if you were president for august you know the problem of the chemicals in august. until now the use of chemical even invented limits of them according to someone who. was more than one hundred times so we can not read about some positive development i think since we routed his russian what. it should be some of the science and engineering and the making all that but a short evitable there with a good i'm not talking about positive progression i'm talking about the fact that the only process that brought concise facts was desktop process and the un envoy on syria stuff on the mr a takes part in the astronaut process surely that means the un finds it useful. but there was so often that you know that's. right the west
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didn't accept it and. the last thing opportunity is. like i think the best way is to be very inclusive everybody has his own agenda in syria and to include everybody except of course the terrorist groups we know. of and then process about. the groups the government of syria the region of the russian diplomatic of the member of the security council should be this is why i wonder why it should not be much why the international conference for peace in syria why are france u.k. and the united states eager to use force if necessary but i'm willing to sit down and do the tedious work of organizing talks why is that left to iran and turkey and russia to that are the western allies not willing to.


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