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tv   News  RT  April 23, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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a new partnership blossoms in international politics of the french an american president bonded over a mutual dislike of syria's leader. claims of a chemical attack in the syrian city of duma earlier this month called into question as journalists struggle to find witnesses. the people very telling are very curious reason and this whole story from april to seven was street. and the camera man says he has video evidence showing that a palestinian boy who was shot dead by israeli forces on the god of port on friday posed no threat to soldiers. when i killed him he wasn't carrying a stone or a sling shot overnight he was acting like everyone else in the march.
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by their live worldwide this is r.t. international and the news with me calling break first this hour the french president says he wants washington and paris and their allies to play a key role in creating a new syria ahead of his state visit to the u.s. emanuel mccrone added that it would not be wise for their forces to leave syria even after islamic states defeated we were left to builds a new syria after what. we were finished this war against. if we leave we will leave the floor to the iranian regime. question and these guys and they will prepare is a new one but russia's foreign ministers describe the french leaders call to remain in syria as colonial ahead of the visit mccrone enthused over the special bond he shares with the u.s. president and donald trump is expected to reciprocate with a dazzling private dinner at mount vernon the virginia mansion was the home of america's first president george washington and is considered to be the cradle of
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american french relations and he looks at why mccrone his visit to washington promises to be so special. total trump is the finest u.s. president in nearly a century and his famous chair without holding a state dinner but he's wasting little time and his second his first in a date at the white house french president emanuel but the tyranny this initial encounters have been slightly shaky. micron even went as far as trolling trump on his favorite platform off the washington pulled out of the power of the climate deal but paris this child seems to have done the trick i remounted dinner atop the eiffel tower with famous ladies last july may have been enough to figure if i'm thick at the bilateral tensions since then we've seen the best of the newest political bromance. i.
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the friendship between our two nations. and ourselves and my day is on break but. nothing will ever separate i was. deep rooted in that blossoming relationship that lies the military foundation president micron was the fist to back donald trump in his decision to strike syria even boasting that he convinced trump said to be a notoriously bad listener not to withdraw troops the additional ten days ago president trump was saying the united states of america had a juicy to disengage from syria and i assure you we have convinced them that it is necessary to stay for the long term the relationship between the two leaders has drawn comparisons with former playschool best george w. bush and tony blair once dubbed the couple their friendship was noted will be full invasion of iraq and the british government inquiry called the bad bush
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relationship its attending factor in shaping it their relationship went from clean and healthy on toothpaste to a mutual hatred of saddam he say. some familiar syrian dictator bashar. the best shot at us said bashar al assad is in war against his own people micron and trumps common grounds can be found in good old fashioned ego a self proclaimed stable genius and the strong as the roman gods jupiter all good leaders make another as we can assess strength and the money thief this chance for front his own special relationship with the u.s. at a time when the u.k.'s was beginning to flounder not to mention ties with other european leaders as well but it can always be smiles and handshakes take the iran nuclear deal currently trying a wedge between their new found friendship and the worst deals i've ever seen disasters deal one of the dumbest deals one of the worst deals ever it was the around deal i'm all for agreements but that was
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a bad one we cannot and will not make this certification. a solid robust verifiable agreement that guarantees that iran will not acquire nuclear weapons to denounce it without proposing anything else would be a serious mistake not respecting it would be irresponsible as the deadline approaches to fix or nick the iran agreement is thought to my car might be the only your opinion to try to talk trump out of breaking the deal but with the white house back on the diplomatic dating scene for the first time in two years there's plenty of things for the media and world leaders to. continuing to grow over claims of a chemical weapons attack in the syrian city of duma this month the number of western journalists who've traveled to the city say they're struggling to find eyewitnesses to confirm the report you know neal got more details earlier from our senior correspondent when i got to give. if you were expecting any concrete evidence of assad's culpability or even any set suggestion well you're in for
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a disappointment because we're just coming back from in town about five kilometers from here and it has approximately twenty thousand people who have fled from eastern guta and above all do the people very telling us very persuasively that this whole story from april seventh was. there are many people i talked to amid the ruins of the town who said that they never believed in gas stories which they usually put the boat they claim by the army is the most groups these are serious journalists that we're talking about robert fisk a reporter from the independent he has decades of experience in the middle east he went to east ghouta to duma spoke to locals and witnesses and doctors working at the medical facility all of them told him they didn't know anyone who would suffered in this attack who had been a victim all they know is the someone said something about chemical attacks as
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a reporter german reporter from the dia if there's this trend of people journalists coming out and say hold on maybe we got this wrong and invariably they face a backlash if they go against what the media has been saying for weeks and weeks now trumpeting that assad did this suddenly if you say hold on a second they come right after you there was a retired british general who was in sky news i believe and he said you know it doesn't make sense for asset to have done this well look what happened to him what possible motive might trigger syria launch a chemical attack this time and place. the syrians winning and then suddenly ok i'm under i'm very sorry if i'm never. the waiting for us that we don't need to give it their very sorry thank you very much indeed it just seems
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like many in western media in western governments already have their minds made up they've decided they know what is what has happened look at the united states backed by britain and france they launched an attack on syria mere hours before w. specialists would do to arrive on the scene on the point the o.p.c. w. organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons there had been criticism that why weren't they intimate there they're now right here they arrived on saturday they've collected samples put through the jugular how they work their procedures they're all very hush hush so there isn't a lot of information where do the claims originate from where's this story coming from we're all pro-rebel sources the first one was the white helmets which are largely financed by western governments pro-rebel actors rescue is for rebel fighters and they released reduce from
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a hospital showing them downs in people with legibly the victims of a chemical attack then there was the syrian american medical society which is financed again by the united states to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and they claim that they treated five hundred people with symptoms of exposure to chemical agents it's these two sources that was cited by almost the entirety of the media and governments was their reports and their videos that went out nevertheless with growing opinion growing views witnesses' testimony that nothing such happened you know you've got to question where they got this from world war where this information and why this information appeared in the first place nevertheless the russian position is that we shouldn't jump to conclusions we should wait until there's the hard facts with which we can you know come to a judgment. i was more of mentioned the self-styled emergency response group behind
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the reports of a chemical attack have long been embroiled in controversy the white house had to been frequently accused of having links to hardline islamist groups in syria including terrorists affiliated with al qaida and activists enjoy significant support from western governments the group says it's receiving twelve million dollars in overseas donations this year the u.s. which is thought to be the white house it's largest contributor is currently reviewing its funding for syria but the state department says the group won't be affected by any cup bikes as the funding any funding that the us was providing to to this group and because of the polls as far as i'm aware all of the work still continues people's bills are still being paid if there's anything that's a change that also might let you know those contributions are still as far as i know that is all still is all still in play. live now to westminster and so on has just come back from syria as part of a visiting delegation that baroness cox who's a member of britain's house of lords welcome to the program tell us about your
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visit first did you learn anything new. thank you very much we visited. every whole range of people of faith leaders of the christian faith is the grand mufti the speaker of the parliament members of their parliament many parts of syria some opposition members we also met civil society leaders like doctors and we met victims of isis atrocities he visited damascus homs aleppo and and we heard from these people in these groups and as far as the response we had from them as that unanimous and it was real anger at the missile strikes by the u.s. united kingdom and france and they regard there is as illegal there was no mandate for them from the u.n. there was no justification because syria is about to attack their countries they regard it as an ethical in timing because they took place just before the chemical weapons investigators were due to visit and they also got it is dangerous because
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if the chemical incident had occurred it could well have occurred they suggest by the jihadists who have access to these kind of materials it was not in president assad's interest to undertake a chemical attack at that stage and if it was produced by the jihadist and elicited that sort of response from america britain and france then they're afraid the jihad this will be tempted to do it again to get an even stronger response against the syrian army and syrian people if you were there just hours after strike took place when you believe this was planned in advance of that they do not consider or reconsider going to talk instead of canceling or did it change the nature of the visit that you were going to take undertake. well clearly there's quite a lot of pressure from plenty of security but everyone who went felt it was even more important to be there at that time for two reasons one was to show solidarity with people suffering in this very very serious way and second need to get their view their perceptions and such information as we could on the ground so it was
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more important to be there at that time you were there with other peers and priests as well part of that delegation but you drew criticism from a number of quarters saying that your visit legitimize to a dictator what do you say to that well i say that's nonsense and i don't condone what one cannot condone i don't condone some of the things that have been taken place from prison to sadden his government but i think if you talk to people in syria don't condone his either they say they have indeed been real problems but the main danger is isis and all the other related islamic groups. etc and they are very grateful to the syrian army to present a set and i misstate a russian help in getting rid of the terrorists they are the perpetrators the missed appalling atrocities and killings and it is essential the syrian people see to make a priority of getting rid of isis and all the other related is that mr groups who have corset to render suffering i talked to muslim lady who'd seen her husband
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beheaded her son beheaded she's a war is terrible people die of shelling from both sides one side you die from shelling the other side you die from shelling and beheadings and we don't want the beheadings so that is the priority and syrian people are grateful to russia for helping the syrian army get rid of isis and the other groups out of most of syria and in terms of britain there how difficult is it to try and keep any dialogue channels open because it's been the diplomatic channels for all six seven years now and it was a twenty twelve but that ended our poll does it therefore to try and keep delegations like yours to keep going to keep seeing what it's like really on the ground. i think it's immensely important and i do see when i come back i mean yes there are press releases that people are very keen to hear the point of view from people inside syria it's widely felt and is widely reported that b.b.c. reporting is very biased and very one sided and said if we want a bigger picture and a wide range of people see the civil society people artists and intellectuals and
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writers and i also went for a walk for example in leopard to meet people in the park something that couldn't have been arranged by the government as they always blame us for a range by the government we don't make on the program we are school when you walk in a park and just talk to people i talked to two delightful young muslim ages in the park one of the parks in aleppo and that wasn't prearranged and i asked him what they felt about the situation and what they said was entirely consistent with what we've heard in the formal meetings. ok in westminster just before we go i want to ask you what your thoughts are on what's happening in the u.s. up the moment you made your concern clear about the airstrikes that happened on syria just over a week ago as we've been reporting here donald trump and president mccrum and he's in the u.s. on a state visit at the moment if there's one thing the bonding over right now it's a mutual loathing of president assad in the light of those strikes a week ago does that concern you. it does because i think before then the u.s.
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has been talking about withdrawing from syria and i've been very relieved by that because the great problem with syria is that it's being inflicted affected by proxy wars and the more nations such as britain and the united states and others can remove themselves in this proxy wars the more likely it is that the syrian people can decide their own future so i've just heard what you've said and i think it is deeply worrying and our bottom line position and our report is please maybe lead the syrian people the freedom to decide their own future and to most of our and i skulked none of us for joining us on how to really appreciate your thoughts thank you very much thank you. next very real people and very real views but not according to u.k. government report we're going to speak to a blogger shortly who's been called a russian boss after the break. los
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angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's nowhere to come in it's been a struggle. and this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have nothing and nowhere to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution tiny house on a parking space is not a solution perth to someone monitoring the site otherwise it'll be a free for all the news there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. back
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parts of the english city of solsbury where the script poison attack took place last month of being sealed off with high security barriers until the areas have been made safe for public access i could take months and includes the restaurant and bar which. visited on march the fourth they were exposed to a toxic agent with britain immediately accusing moscow of being behind the attack but the o.p.c. w. and the u.k. military lab are unable to determine the origin of the poison that was used. i'll bring this to you to give its response this monday to fourteen questions per forward by moscow over the script case but russia is not alone in demanding answers after a number of online activist who cast doubt over the western narrative are being called kremlin controlled two people in particular have been singled out in claims that they're not even real people but rather automated accounts run by the russian
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government something that's become known as a russian bot according to the u.k. government's analysis their accounts grew popularity after skeptical posts on the solsbury poison attack and for their views on the chemical attack in syria being falsified and one man accused of being a bot spoke out on u.k. t.v. . anyone. know. what was happening we see. in a political activist who often posts and western views on twitter he says accusations that he's a russian bot are total fabrication is the other counter it's called the eye of the british authorities. it belongs to an australian blogger of syrian descent now when the u.k. government accused her of being a russian bot over her posts on the script case her response was that she is indeed human joins us live now. good to see you
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know you look real to me you're sure you're not a russian bot. last time a joke it's only real human being. you know the british government they can't even confirm that i'm not an automaton how can we believe anything they have to see about the evidence they have who are scruple and syria's chemical attacks the u.k. government argues that one reason to doubt you is being a real activists is that the number of posts that you wrote or repos did more than two thousand tweets in just twelve days and that's around two hundred posts a day where did you find the time to do all that how can you explain that large number. well i can spin it because the number is in fact false i check my analytics and i've only posted nine hundred tweets in thirty days that number comes from the atlantic council's dia of our love in particular a man called ben neiman i mean he's obviously been fudging these numbers because does not what my analytics show and perhaps his fudged them in order to insinuate
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that i'm automated you know that and this atlantic council it's not a neutral organization it's actually funded by the syrian campaign which is an organization which is behind the white helmets group and of course this organization has a vested interest in making sure that anyone who exposes the fact that the white helmets are connected to al qaeda are a tux and of course they're a top dogs have been atlantic council and you have our love and the sky. so another interesting thing about the city if i love is it's one of the other members of it because only ten members and one of the other new members is elliot higgins and earlier higgins in the past you know he has a reason to have even better against me because i exposed the fact that he is chemistry knowledge wasn't so great in his analysis in the chemical attack in two thousand and thirteen i happened to be a chemist by training and as a result of me exposing this he had one of his associates done presenter write an
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email to my university accusing me of experimenting with sarin i mean this is the deify love we're dealing with their fucking numbers they have personal vendettas they have no credibility and these are the people at the recent me is using as evidence to suggest that i want to meet if there are certain things that your tweeting that are raising a flag for people who are then sort of accusing you of being a russian bot to expect more activists to be treated that way for the expressing views that if someone comes out with something pro russian that therefore you've been bought and you're now an algorithm rather than a human. well actually as a matter of fact it wasn't just me and it wasn't just ian who you just heard recorded from sky news it was actually a coordinated attack upon against a bunch of academics activists including vanessa dealey tim is a professor as well anyone who is basically coming up against the mainstream media
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lies and the u.k. government lies the lies that they are using to start wars overseas and to basically intimidate russia the united nations particularly the war in syria and the chemical attack because cleans of the u.k. government are making the same as the budget does here they used in the iraq war and you know the interesting thing is that these attacks all happened within the frame of two days you had the b.b.c. coming out against inverness a billy the sunday times coming out against these academics so it's clearly a smear campaign to try to intimidate people into silence and to try to smear anti-war activists a somewhat of a biased voice you know related to russia. as well as apart from this have you felt any other pressure from any government agencies over what you're posting online. not yet i have had the media attack me multiple times in the past but i haven't heard any direct government intervention into what i'm doing yet but i think that
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unfortunately these are dangerous times these are times of war we're going to head in closer to perhaps worse than what the cold war was so i expect things to get worse and i know seem the censorship i mean i have been shut down my facebook account has been shut down they've tried to shut down my youtube account so i'm not sure how long i'll going to be staying online but i'm going to continue as long as i can here are blogging to business we can confirm you are here when you not say gee are you definitely not a russian potter came around for free thanks for staying up when i was late where you are in australia but i really appreciate talking to us on our. things for. the . next videos emerged appearing to show the moment israeli defense forces killed a palestinian boy close to the gaza border during protests last friday please be aware that what we're about to show you does contain distressing scenes.
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mohammed i was shot in the head and died instantly he was just fifteen years old is the fourth child to have been killed during a series of anti occupation demonstrations in gaza over the past month. the incident caused a global outcry and it's been condemned by both the united nations and the e.u. despite that though an israeli generals explained that soldiers will continue to shoot everyone who approaches the fence including children. great story sometimes when she took a small body and you intend to is arm or shoulder it goes even higher the picture is not a pretty picture that's the price that we have to pay to preserve the safety and quality of life of the residents of the state of israel and that's the price. the freelance cameraman who filmed mohammed's killing told r.t. that the boy posed no threat to the soldiers and was unarmed. i guess i should think that he was participating in the march like everyone else lots of people were participating and he was among them he was not
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a threat to the israeli army and he was not acting in a manner that could have been considered threatening or he was a fifteen year old child no matter what he was doing he couldn't have been posing a threat to the soldiers given the distance between him and the friend as well as the fact that the soldiers who stood one hundred to two hundred meters back from the fence on the other side when i filmed him he wasn't carrying a stone or a sling shot or a knife he was acting like everyone else in the march israeli defense forces have responded to the criticism by posting a picture on twitter that they say shows a group of palestinian boys attempting to damage the border fence the i.d.f. says that hamas which governs gaza is using youngsters to carry out acts of terror israel's defense minister is also lend his support to the i.d.f. stressing that protesters should not be approaching the border. it's coming up to twenty seven minutes past seven in the evening it's monday iran r.t. i'll be back tomorrow kevin's got your news for the next few hours so it was.
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a it's. a lot of. fun. for. politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be
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president or injured. or somehow want to risk. it's a joy to be for us this is what before three in the morning can't be good that. i'm interested always in the waters in the. first six. we all willingly accepted the risk of being shot wounded taken prisoner but none of us signed up to be friggin poisoned by our own people of seeing stuff that was nuclear biological and chemical products the said do not find the truck tires all types of styrofoam polystyrene these batteries trucks there was a complete denial i think at all levels of government that there was any connection between berm pits and what these brave soldiers were suffering from to compensate every soldier marine airman and sailor that was on the ground that are complaining
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about the illness is from their exposure from the berm pits would really literally send a v.a. broke and they don't want to pay it so the wady in decades a lot of those soldiers will die in time and they won't have to pay. paul burrell to get the middle finger the movie is to model the slow. delayed and i hope you die . the name is elvis some are saying i built tiny houses for the homeless. c.d.'s back and they are here why do these guys out for me a tiny house is not a solution it will be a free for all. these nice safe conditions to live in. susu discipline and rent the city of los angeles.
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always get terrorist and. nobody should be homeless anywhere but especially in one of the richest countries in the world. i bill there in english what is good i make a lot of mistakes. and it's easy to back out your mistakes in compton south central l.a. a pint sized idea as well this summer as in a battle with city author already so when you have nothing in order to go. you know having something like this may as well be a castle. the mayor of los angeles has to clear the city is in the midst of a homelessness crisis. overseas trying to solve it one tiny house at a time.


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