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the. delayed and. the partnership blossoms of international politics as the french and american presidents bond over a mutual dislike of syria's leader. the time a number of activists questioning the west's narrative being singled out as kremlin controlled online we speak to one of these bloggers then accused by the u.k. the russian people. in the british government if they can't even confirm that i'm not an automaton how can we believe anything they have to say about the evidence to help poor scruple and syria's chemical attacks. the camera man says he has video evidence showing that a palestinian boy who was shot dead by israeli forces on the gaza border on friday posed no threat to the soldiers there. when i filmed him he wasn't carrying a stone or
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a sling shot or knife he was acting like everyone else in the mosque. other heard anything from kevin oh it's just a nine pm here in moscow you're watching r t international the stars are breaking news are very scant details coming through but we do a live pictures crew from canada it's a wrong so it seems where police are reporting in the last few minutes the ten people have been injured after a truck drove into a crowd the vehicle then apparently drove off from the same but the motive at this time very early days they're still being very much investigate of course when this kind of thing happens gives rise to maybe some kind of terrorism whatever but nothing at the moment to say that it's happened we have seen this kind of incident before often it's just maybe a car or a vehicle out of control but sometimes there are more sinister motives behind it as well so we'll keep an eye on those pictures over the next. so as to say several
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several reported injured there's not too much to see in the helicopter shots the moment we're from toronto in canada there seems there's been some kind of accident with a truck it's a crowd of people pedestrians and then it's gone obviously the police are very much on top of it stay with us for more of that over the coming hours so if we get more in for you. meantime the french president is right now in the united states for the first state visit of the trumpet ministration before jetting into washington emmanuel mccrone stressed that he wants the u.s. as well as other allies to stay in syria adding that it would not be wise to withdraw even after islamic state is defeated. we were left to build the new syria after what is a day we will definitely swear against isis if we leave we will leave the floor to the iranian regime. and these guys and they will prepare as a new war ahead of the visit mccrone infused over the special bond issues with the u.s. president and indeed donald trump expected to reciprocate with
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a dazzling private dinner at mount vernon the virginia mansion was the home of america's first president george washington and is considered to be the cradle of american french relations next isha sesay looks at why the mccrone stateside visit promises to be so special. donald trump is the thinnest u.s. president in nearly a century and his famous chair without holding a state dinner but he's wasting little time in his second his first in a date at the white house french president a manual but the tyranny this initial encounters have been slightly shaky. micron even went as far as trolling trump on his favorite platform off the washington pulled out of the power of the climate deal but paris this child seems to have done the trick i remounted denah atop the eiffel tower with famous ladies last july may have been enough to figure if i'm thick at the box will tensions since then we've seen the best of the newest political bromance.
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the friendship between our two nations. and ourselves. is on break but. nothing will ever separate. deep rooted in their blossoming relationship lies the military foundation president micron was the first to back donald trump in his decision to strike syria even boasting that he convinced trump said to be a notoriously bad listener not to withdraw troops in the additional ten days ago president trump was saying the united states of america had a juicy to disengage from syria and i assure you we have convinced them that it is necessary to stay for the long term the relationship between the two leaders has drawn comparisons with former playschool best george w. bush and tony blair once dubbed the couple their friendship was not it will be full
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invasion of iraq and the british government inquiry called the bad bush relationship its attending factor in shaping it their relationship went from clean and healthy on toothpaste to a mutual hatred of saddam hussein some familiar syrian dictator bashar al assad the best shot at us said he. is in war against his own people micron and trumps common grounds can be found in good old fashioned ego a self proclaimed stable genius and the strong as the roman gods jupiter all good leaders make another as we can assess strength and the money feeds his chance for front his own special relationship with the u.s. at a time when the u.k.'s was beginning to flounder not to mention ties with other european leaders as well but it can always be smiles and handshakes take the iran nuclear deal currently trying a wedge between their new found friendship and the worst deals i've ever seen
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disasters deal one of the dumbest deals one of the worst deals ever was the around deal i'm all for agreements but that was a bad one we cannot and will not make this certification. a solid robust verifiable agreement that guarantees that iran will not acquire nuclear weapons to denounce it without. closing anything else would be a serious mistake not respecting it would be irresponsible as the deadline approaches to fix or nic the iran agreement is thought to my car might be the only european leader to try to talk trump out of breaking the deal but with the white house back on the diplomatic dating scene for the first time in two years there's plenty of things for the media and world leaders to. view from brussels with the germ is what you want to see a smiling listening to report the. evening what is it this bond between. is it just for the headlines or something
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a bit more meaningful going on behind the scenes that we do see eye to eye most things apart from as we heard the rather deal. but i don't think they're really friends i think it's more my own trying to manipulate it to the president trump of course trump recognizes the type these equally about her and wall street. and he speaks good english so that recognizes the type of man. michael moore is really you know admirers the united states very much and esau to for marshall sort of the the construction who. made his fortune in new york and saw this you need to be true to dance in these two together as was mentioned before michael moore invited trump the way trump wanted to be invited and to be recognized this the most powerful man on the planet and it was on the fourteenth of july with the military parade and then dinner at the eiffel tower perfect so of course the
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trumpet was appropriate but behind that of course there are many tensions you mentioned apparently yes they agree the french don't want to get out of the dream of with iran they think of their economy or their car makers of what needs to be rebuilt after so many years of neglect in iran so they look at the business to be made in iran so they agreed to go on syria of course what you mentioned it's clear by the way we have no proof yet that only regime. let's talk a bit more about a syria thing it was just a couple of weeks ago that trump was saying it was a confusing array of tweets etc over a day or two but saying you know we're going to pull out we're going to pull out the job's done then there is this change there we're going no we're going to stay we're going to stay and then the duma thing kicked off at the moment mcchrystal seems to be saying that it's actually mcchord him self that's persuaded to stay in syria and to talk about it more it's going to be
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a united europe with him is that really the case. what my process but i don't think will that be fooled by america on this of course they want to stay the americans will stay until i says is defeated that's for sure after that i think even donald trump will move the troops out gradually of course but they want to stay as michael asks for very long afterwards i don't see to what extent does. this relationship with trouble or get swallowed in germany i wonder what they think about it because of the two big key players in europe wonder what mr merkel thinks about it but on the same well france as an army germany doesn't feel that an embryo of an army and then every gauge them anywhere i mean they start a little bit so for one who talk about military affairs it is france the u.k. and the united states so merkel has no say in these. talks
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remain quiet don't get too nervous about this so this is michael doesn't play much role in military force she also wants to support business she doesn't by. regime either but. in her own see her playing a major role in these affairs liberal see what comes out from the state visit in the u.s. over the coming days will bring our viewers the headlines thanks for your take on it too much and this reminding you were home now if you're seeing on the corner screen there that box something happening tonight in toronto seems that an out of control. number of pedestrians maybe ten there are parts of injuries there but nothing mentioned about terrorism because it seems the van's gone to keep you posted on the next doubts are continuing to grow over claims of a chemical weapons attack in the syrian city of duma earlier this month a number of western journalists who travel to the city said that they're struggling to find eyewitnesses to confirm the reports you know neil got more details earlier from our senior correspondent word go. if you were expecting any concrete evidence
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of assad's culpability or even any set suggestion well you're in for a disappointment because we're just coming back from inturn about five kilometers from here and it has approximately twenty thousand people who have fled from eastern guta and above all do the people very telling us very persuasively that this whole story from april to seven was steve. there are many people i talked to amid the ruins of the town who said that they never believed in gas stories which they usually put a boat by the arm is the most groups these are serious journalists that we're talking about robert fisk a reporter from the independent he has decades of experience in the middle east he went to east ghouta to duma spoke to locals and witnesses and doctors working at the medical facility all of them told him they didn't know anyone who would suffered in this attack who had been
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a victim all they know is the someone said something about chemical attacks as a reporter german reporter from dia if there's this trend of people journalists coming out and say hold on maybe we got this wrong and invariably they face a backlash if they go against what the media has been saying for weeks and weeks now trumpeting that assad did this suddenly if you say hold on a second they come right up to you it just seems like many in western media in western governments already have their minds made up they've decided they know what has what has happened look at the united states backed by britain and france they launched an attack on syria mere hours before o.p.c. w specialists would jus to arrive on the scene point the o.p.c. w. organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons there had been criticism that
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. why weren't they intimate they're there now right here they arrived on saturday they've collected samples put through the jugular how they work their procedures they're all very hush hush so there isn't a lot of information where do the claims originate from where is this story coming from we're all pro-rebel sources the first one was the white helmets which are largely financed by western governments pro-rebel actors rescue is for rebel fighters and they released reduce from a hospital showing them downs in people with legibly the victims of a chemical attack then there was the syrian american medical society which is financed again by the united states to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in vain claim that they treated five hundred people with symptoms of exposure to chemical agents it's these two sources that was cited by almost the entirety of the
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media and governments it was their reports and their videos that went out nevertheless with growing opinion growing views witnesses testimony that nothing such happened you know you've got to question where they got this from world where this information and why this information appeared in the first place nevertheless the russian position is that we shouldn't jump to conclusions we should wait until there's the hard facts with which we can you know come to a judgment. there's more of mention there the self-styled emergency response group behind the reports of the chemical attack has long been brought in controversy the white helmets have been frequently accused of having links to hardline islamist groups in syria including terrorists affiliated with al qaeda the activists enjoy significant support from western governments though the group says it's receiving twelve million dollars in overseas donations this year and while the u.s. which is thought to be the white helmets largest contributor is reviewing its funding for syria nonetheless the state department says the group won't be affected
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by any cutbacks as the funding and the funding that the u.s. was providing to to this group ended because of this. as far as i'm aware all of the work still continues people's bills are still being paid if there's anything that's a change that also unlike you know u.s. contributions are still for as far as i know that is all still is all still in play a member of the u.k. house of lords baroness caroline koch spoke to us about it she's just come back from syria where she arrived shortly after the u.s. the u.k. and france launched that attack on the country she spoke to locals and she shared her impression of watch took in from there earlier. i do see when i come back i mean yes you are press releases that people are very keen to hear the point of view from people inside syria it's widely felt and is widely reported that b.b.c. reporting is very biased and very one sided and see if we want to the bigger picture and if you miss a wide range of people as far as the response we had from them as that unanimous and it was real anger at the missile strikes by the u.s.
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united kingdom and france and they regard there is as illegal there was no mandate for them from the u.n. there was no justification because syria is about to attack their countries they regard it as an ethical in timing because they took place just before the chemical weapons investigators were due to visit and they also guard it is dangerous because if a chemical incident had occurred it could well have occurred they suggest by the jihadists who have access to these kind of materials it was not imprisoned assad's interest to undertake a chemical attack at that stage and if it was it produced by the jihad just and elicited that sort of response from america britain and france then they're afraid the jihad this will be tempted to do it again to get an even stronger response against the syrian army and syrian people. as for the world's not a saudi led coalition air strike has killed the political head of yemen's hoofy
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rebels according to a statement from the rebels yemen is now into its fourth year of civil war government forces backed by saudi arabia are fighting against two three rebels in the north of yemen they remain loyal to the country's former president still heads of coalition comprised of persian gulf countries looking to try to restore the government's total control of the country but humanitarian organizations have accused the coalition of a reckless bombing campaign resulting in civilian deaths along the way the latest coalition air strike on sunday hit a wedding seems it killed at least twenty guests including the bride according to health officials where forty six others were hospitalized most of the wounded the chilled. and we hear some of them tonight in a critical condition the saudi led coalition is supported by the u.s. the u.k. and other european countries earlier this month a miracle donald trump approved another deal with saudi arabia on billions of dollars worth of weapons to be sold to them the u.n. secretary general said that the conflict in yemen has created the world's worst humanitarian crisis. well
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thank. you for an eye on meds for coming in from canada tonight breaking news in toronto people and police there reporting at least ten they think of it injured after a white van drove into a crowd the vehicle drove off from the scene then according to reports as investigators are working to try and work out what happened police of course on citizens to stay away from the area there in downtown toronto subway services in the city of also been partially stopped so it is currently hosting the g seven summit worth noting there will be more details as we get them. coming up two very real people very real views but not according to u.k. government report just ahead of the program tonight we speak to
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a blogger who's been called a russian bot. so a number of online activists who cast doubts over the west narrative are now being branded kremlin controlled two people in particular have been singled out in claims that they're not even real people but rather automated accounts run by the russian government something that's become known as a russian bot according to u.k. government analysis their accounts grew in popularity after skeptical posts on the sales be poison attack and for their views on the chemical attack in syria been falsified one man accused of being a bot spoke out on u.k. t.v. . you have consistently. really taken an anti british standpoint question what does it mean by theory or. does it mean. all does it mean.
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well the political activist who often posts the worst of views on twitter he says accusations that he's a russian bot are totally fabricated and here's the other account in fact two that caught the eye of british authorities it belongs to an australian blogger of syrian descent where the u.k. government accused her of being a russian bot over her post on the scriptural case their response was that she's very much human in fact a name is maram so slowly she joined a colleague calling breyer earlier in the studio where you look real to me you're sure you're not a russian bot. last time i checked it's only a real human being. you know. the british government they can't even confirm that i'm not an automaton how can we believe anything they have to see about the evidence they have who are scruple and syria's chemical attacks the u.k. government argues that one reason to doubt is being a real activists is that the number of posts that you wrote or repos did more than
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two thousand tweets in just twelve days and that's around two hundred posts a day where did you find the time to do all that how can you explain that large number. well i can explain it because the number is in fact full sized check my analytics and i've only posted nine hundred tweets in thirty days that number comes from the atlantic council's d of our lab it wasn't just me and it wasn't just ian who you just heard quoted from sky news it was actually a coordinated attack against a bunch of academics activists including vanessa dealey tim as a professor as well anyone who is basically coming up against the mainstream media lies and the u.k. government lies the lies that they are using to start wars overseas so it's clearly a smear campaign to try to intimidate people into silence and to try to smear anti-war activists a somewhat of a biased voice you know related to russia and expect things to get worse and i know
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seen the censorship i mean i have been shut down my facebook account has been shut down they've tried to shut down my youtube account so i'm not sure how long i'll going to be staying online but i'm going to continue as long as i can other news more controversy of the israeli border videos of most appeared to show the moment the air forces israel defense forces killed a palestinian boy close to the gaza border during protests on friday because be aware the pictures are about to show you do indeed contain distressing sing. mohammed a uber shot in the head and died instantly he was only fifteen years old he was the fourth child to have been killed during a series of anti occupation demonstrations and guards for the past month but instance caused a global crossing it's been condemned by both the united nations and the e.u. but despite that an israeli general has explained that soldiers will continue to
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shoot everyone who approaches that fence including children. to my great sorrow sometimes when a shooter a small body and you intend to his arm or shoulder it goes even higher the picture is not a pretty picture but if that's the price that we have to pay to preserve the safety and quality of life of the residents of the state of israel and that's the price. the freelance cameraman who filmed one hundred killing told r.t. that the boy posed no threat he thought of the soldiers and was unarmed because that he was participating in the march like everyone else lots of people were participating and he was among them he was not a threat to the israeli army and he was not acting in a manner that could have been considered threatening he was a fifteen year old child no matter what he was doing he couldn't have been posing a threat to the soldiers given the distance between him and the fence as well as the fact that the soldiers were stood one hundred to two hundred meters back from the fence on the other side when i filmed him he wasn't carrying a stone or a sling shot or a knife he was acting like everyone else at the march but we want to get the other
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side of it the israeli defense forces have responded to the criticism by posting a picture on twitter that they say shows a group of palestinian boys attempting to damage the border fence the i.d.f. says a mass which governs guards there is using youngsters in fact more of to carry out acts of terror israel's defense ministers also lend his support to the i.d.f. tonight stressing that protesters should not be approaching the border i spoke to get in levy is a journalist for the newspaper he thinks there is simply no need for soldiers to be using live ammunition that. gaza is the biggest cage and after eleven years living in this case there is this need to raise your voice and what other ways do they have to raise their voice nobody cares about gaza now that there were no in israel nobody cares about the fact that two million people almost two million people are living in in a c.g. in the biggest jerry. and that's their way to protest i mean there are. most of them don't get closer than three hundred meters. they don't endanger the lives of
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anybody by the end of the day it's all about the means and there are other means to stop demonstrators that's the core of the issue stop using life we were initially against armed people that's the basis of any international law. but the breaking news the pictures in coming from canada's wrong police reporting at least eight have been injured but earlier on after a van drove into a crowd there he said the driver is now in custody that's a bit of new news in they've a call them citizens to stay away from the area subway services in the city have been partially stopped me time and worth bearing in mind as an aside to all this with security very much in the forefront toronto's currently hosting the g. seven summit so keep an eye on that one i said the new is that we heard earlier on the verna driven off no thought is terrorism is not that of the moment but it seems that someone is now in custody with the police and chemically posted you can stay across that online at r.t.
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dot com. and the next live news bulletin here is in half an hour. for the mainstream media playing out roles found in the great russian novel the possessed voicing dissent against media orthodoxies has never been more dangerous and is peace breaking out on the korean peninsula.
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tense in this is going underground a quarter of a century to the day britain woke up to learn of the death of stephen lawrence in south london sparking an inquiry that would find britain's police institutionally racist coming up on the show from other it's not just bombing of the melvina for close to tourism is bombing of syria we are tony blair's attorney general morris what makes a war legal or illegal and what is abating in yesterday's london marathon may not be as healthy as it seems according to a report from the international call industry funded us health effects institute more than seven billion people on earth are breathing dangerously polluted that buses london cleans the streets of daily brief from sunday's marathon we speak to a criminal court judge appointed by a little shorts and i got the train skid row to run from oppression on the civil coming up on today's going on the ground but first to more european union officials convene in brussels to discuss the future of syria nine days after british prime
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minister tourism a bomb the middle east country certainly recovering from seven years of a war where different sides were backed by outside powers so was what tereza may did illegal publish legal advice suggest resume's lawyers relied on precedents like this we are taking this action for one very simple reason to damage the forces sufficiently to prevent the loss of each. for continuing to perpetrate his vile oppression the late yugoslav and serbian president slobodan milosevic would later be exonerated by the international criminal court in the hague which said it was unable to find sufficient evidence for a plan for ethnic cleansing but yugoslavia was just the beginning of legally controversial wars carried out by nato joining me now is the british attorney general appointed by tony blair a lot more a survivor of a lot more us welcome back to going underground or was tourism a justified in bombing syria on legal grounds yes no doubt about it hugh followed
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the deed quoted her statement exect clear in terms what appears in my book fifty years in politics of the law which set out exactly what i did in kosovo. or were there that there was no alternative that the damage was proportionate and short as possible in order to alleviate an overwhelming humanitarian disaster you're telling me that there is the word proportionate in the un charter no but we're not talking about the un charter here and yes i know regrettably the un charter doesn't cover this kind of situation the charter allows you to arm conflict where there is self-defense or where there is a security council resolution unhappily when because of the power of the veto
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you could not get. the united nations resolution in kosovo and i'm sure you do it hopeless to try to get it to this occasion what is the point of the united nations charter having oversea i'd expect you to back your decision when it came to the former yugoslavia you might change your mind of a serial of the past few days what is the point of the united nations surely if those two areas obviously the syria strikes are all about self-defense of. and if russia vetoed. why i've tried to persuade the. countries of the world the i.p.u. international political union parliamentary union. to change the charter i'd made a speech in cape town ten years ago and i made a speech in st petersburg last october but it's a bridge too far amending the charter is a bridge too far for the notions of the world is it less a.


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