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see when you when you say cleansing how you going to liberate it and i'm going to ask this question did the syrian government ever use chemical weapons during these past seven years against even if we want to accept that they were foreign backed proxies did the syrian government of use chemical weapons never never even what we had chemical weapons even before dismantling our chemical weapons when we had them in our arsenal we never used them against these proxies actually they were used against us of two thousand and thirteen. my twenty kilometers from aleppo and we were the ones who went to the security council and demanded an inspection to go to a book to inspect the use of chemical weapons under the of course the support of the turkish government as you know the british the british prime minister doesn't accept it and believes that russia was in some way involved with this and actually you know what i am here lately over your chemical weapons program there was no russia at the time in two thousand and thirteen the russians game
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september two thousand and fifty i'm talking about the incident two thousand and thirteen we lost more than twenty soldiers due to chemical weapons that were used against our soldiers and civilians are harmless. and we are the ones who submitted the first claim. under western police can inspect that these jihadi groups that you call moderate rebels are using chemical weapons bear in mind we don't have all the followers to control the wind directions and we live in a dense highly intensely populated areas and our troops are everywhere so it's not really smart to use chemical weapons to hurt our soldiers and our civilians and just finally your reaction to the kremlin saying that they have to look again at supplying the syrian government now with the most advanced defensive missile defense of technology in the world and whether it will protect you in case out here rabia and israel and perhaps britain united again send airstrikes your way. we
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really hope we really hope the kremlin supply us with not only with this three hundred but we need the s four hundred as well because we were victims of. terror war for now eight says now we are entering the eighteenth of this war and israeli air force the so-called coalition air force all of all of this is the threats to our security is a threat to our people and we need to defend ourselves this hour our god given right and our international right to defend ourselves. thank you it well after the break. playwright and food bank volunteer tara was one explains why the one in the whole million food bank packages were needed last year to keep british people from starving when the u.k. has money for storm shadow missiles at one million dollars a pop and from the news hauled up and coldness in britain on the wall square simply getting buried kennedy to lethal military force all of the more coming up in part
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two of going on the ground. join me every thursday on the alex simon chill and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics score business i'm show business i'll see you then. palestine is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill fails to commission to do it love me feel like an idiot this isn't my cup of tea is something i'm going to have no phil saviano maybe a bit. yeah old shot without a doubt hope of a ship the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the oak bush did not
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only could get it. and not fizzle off with knowledge to how to display any of the most of which they had i not going to continue muslims you know do more commitments last time piss off. welcome back want to go through some of this week's headlines as broadcaster a former liberal democrat member of parliament lembit obrecht lembit u.k. nato joint warrior exercise today that we get wind russian all the other scandals or you've chosen this very grim story from the lever dev's independence this is no war exercise this is war for real the independent reports yemen at least twenty killed including bride after airstrike by saudi led coalition it's wedding party
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not for the first time it looks like a completely innocent social occasion meant to be a celebration has resulted in mass death and forty five wounded obviously change ten thousand been killed in this british rock war but what we do know is that over ten thousand people are being killed the majority the vast majority civilians over eighty percent of yemen's population now in need of humanitarian aid in that sense this individual killing pales into insignificance but this is happened time and time again now if some other aggressor did that to a western country they would be pandamonium it would be brought up in the united nations there'd be an emergency session of the council but this seems to be treated as some kind of collateral damage perhaps because our allies of the west are responsible and i should say the sales of weapons and bombs to saudi arabia from this country have increased by five hundred percent since the start of the war but i think surely leaders apologists as it work could defend themselves by saying wedding parties have been
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a particular targets that they were doing whether you want to do any thirteen by the u.s. air force i mean that is just paktika province december twenty third twenty one one hundred revellers down in a village in eastern afghanistan. province july first twenty zero to at least thirty possibly forty celebrities twenty seven members of the family twenty of form a twenty and we're going to rebuild iraq forty two dead wedding guests even the musicians hired to play of this at the ceremony this is the point afshin that word the sterile phrase can. lateral damage is written large in the destruction not just of immediate family but friends and relatives because the west has made another mistake yes i suppose the british could try to distance themselves from the american mistakes but in reality let's not play that game this shows that there's a lack of responsibility a failure of targeting even if one argues that those wars further didn't and they were in place reined by the saudi arabian government say they don't deliberately target civilians britain is giving a massive aid package to the world's worst humanitarian crisis how do you answer
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the oh well it's a mistake let's move on let's forget about it once again same point if it was the other way around if it was americans or british who died in a wedding due to another country's aggression you'd never hear the end of it but there wasn't much coverage to all of the day after this happened tony hall today i should say director general of the b.b.c. when we answered questions as to why there's no coverage of yemen it's about b.b.c.'s commercial activities but you have a story here from evolve politics well this is about the b.b.c. this ties into what we've just been discussing in a sense of politics reports the b.b.c. work directly with m i five to bar left wing journalists and prevent a left wing british government this goes back about eighty years i think turn around nine hundred thirty three where no was in for the whole story right up potentially to the one nine hundred ninety s. it started then two years after the informal conversations there was a formal agreement that there would be conversation between the secret service which of course didn't exist officially till one thousand eight hundred nine and
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the people running the b.b.c. to prevent arguably a left wing government now this was all denied at the time and you can kind of understand why but it's. what you get your way but it's as if the he says association was enough you didn't need to be a member of a left wing organization they actually had three different categories and i think that is understandable because there was a terror in this country about the communists over running the country but here's the irony. i work with the b.b.c. i must be right wing i joined the b.b.c. around this time which included years ago do let no one ever say i would have to england but they were supposed to file for all of us sitting here in our t. which basically means we've been potentially an article by the b.b.c. and now they have to explain why we're here it makes mockery of those people who point to one or two stations and say we've got a bias but the other ones haven't i think in reality there's much less bias overall then we think but it's also means that those who seek to blame others need to look
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at their own house first well very serious article which i'm sure they have to be some kind of inquiry into let's go to a source that probably never makes it on to the b.b.c. and perhaps the headline shows were yes the world socialist web site says nearly thirty thousand single parent families made homeless in england in twenty seventeen now let's think about that this is england a first world country and it turns out that something like forty seven percent of households who are statutory homeless are single parents lots of work but they simply can't make ends meet and the figures have gone up there's a charity called gingerbread which has been very concerned about this and here's the other point the changes to the benefit system make this even worse where there's a cent austerity well these are the people going or just actually least there has been no coverage on the order of the mainstream media here in britain could be thirty thousand single parent families there is peripheral coverage i occasionally
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see things on the news you see maybe a little bit more in newspapers especially after leaving ones but this is an inconvenient truth eight percent increase on five years ago is austerity policies that they didn't save directly from tourism is david cameron's policies there's been a ten fold increase in zero hours contracts by forty thousand people your party liberal democrat coalition in those early years can't blame me for that i wasn't there for that period of government with coalition but you. all right from twenty ten on words has been a big problem it actually goes back to the labor administration as well tony blair's administration gordon brown's of ministration also made changes to the benefit system let's take a step back from this these figures once again sound a little bit sterile we're talking about tens of thousands of people living in the united kingdom which is the sixth wealthiest economy in the world who are homeless and they're trying to bring up children and i think that squares two comfortably with those who claim that we are the bastion of the welfare state they would over
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thank you. well in the past twenty four hours the u.k.'s largest food bank provider the trussell trust has claimed failures in the tory welfare system of lead to more and more people needing food banks to live former food bank manager charles when he wrote an actor in a new british theatre production the food bank as it is joins me now to our thanks for coming on going underground the odds on favorite going to the latest odds to be the next prime minister is jacob riis morg the tory m.p. marginally beating goldman on the odds says food banks are rather uplifting just describe what inspired you to create this new play. well far from uplifting i found that when i started working at the food bank i couldn't quite believe what i was seeing i was shocked to be frank at the situations that the people were coming in with. i felt that the stories were widely known amongst the public that
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that things were going on under our noses that people just had no idea about this they were living in a parallel universe so i was seeing people who had had no money for weeks. yet families with young children it makes absolutely no difference whether their young children in the family or someone's benefits are delayed or they're being reassessed the presence of children in a household makes no difference boris johnson and dominic round the other tory m.p. board shorts of foreign secretary it is not about people languishing in poverty this is more about cash flow problems i totally disagree with that i mean people living in desperate poverty even even people who are working in secure employment are really just about managing we often find people who. although they may not be able to feed themselves they also can't hit their homes and sometimes they can't even light their homes people are not able to run for it is. or ovens
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because they don't have the money to pay for the power so people really are in poverty it's a serious problem in this country i know it's been performed in front of jeremy corbyn before jeremy corbyn became labor leader we had blairites appearing on this program advocating the carrot and stick approach towards welfare and the most vulnerable how do you think the media managed to create if you do a perception that actually these are just people scrounging and using food banks as some sort of in a number rudd's words magic money tree of a difference or. i think the discourse in some of the press is deeply distasteful and immoral frankly that you know these are not just words these words are really hurting people they really internalize the stigma that peddles and and people just believe it and even articles that depict food bank clients in
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the supposedly sympathetic light often don't go into full detail and leave the person open to horrible comments trolling. in so doing they they help to create an atmosphere of which the prime minister said food bank use is complex the reasons for food bank use a complex and that it's not a simply a matter of having enough money to eat going to be a minister a member of i think she may be trying to fudge the issue and distract people from the fact that the main issue is poverty that's what's driving food bank here. there are obviously there are compounding factors that result in a person living in poverty so disability mental health issues addictions. make it more difficult so it's a month soldiers cruelty that on the part of the government conscious cruelty is the phrase used by some as regard to achieve it drives them people like the
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director ken loach. he's been on this program we depicted them of course famous in the. door winning film on your bling i think before i did the job at the food bank i would have thought that phrase was overblown but having seen the reality is really really hard to escape the notion that there is a conscious policy going on here to leave people in the. and possibly that somehow that will deter people from claiming benefit. i mean when i see someone who is money has been stopped overnight who has a disability who has maybe depression and is driven to the verge of you know feeling hopeless and despairing i have met people in line people who've been using the food bank who attempted suicide and it's very difficult to escape the feeling that there is a conscious cruelty going on terrorism thank you think here well in
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a moment we'll hear an excerpt from the play and if you're in london in the u.k. you can see it at seven pm at center in the seventy in waltham so that's after the show they will be back on saturday with palestinian mc gaza or up to the un's mideast envoy has told israel just stop shooting of children can be judged by social media was your saturday fifty one years to the day muhammad ali refused to serve in the u.s. war against vietnam that would kill more than four million men women and children he was stripped of his title as heavyweight champion of the world now here is sarah somerville performing an excerpt from food bank as it is a lot of us volunteers a former cia bank uses and every week we hear the same things i'm so shy. so far as to be. a companies it's me needing help it's usually me helping other people some of them are
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quite pale some of them thin some of them can barely hold their heads up they're so low on energy. often if you show them slightest kindness or understanding the burst into tears. even the men will say things like. i feel broken or everything's wrong just everything. and that be tears streaming down their faces. you try and keep it alive cause she did it every week that at least now at least one person says they feel like you know. killing them so. we keep
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a happy face you know we really try but sometimes it's all we can do not to. break down and cry we've. and i have some people say the banks are run by a bunch of do gooders taking the place where government should be doing what we meant to do i think that people still hold. in july twenty seventh holiday i'll set up a freelance journalist working with. militant shelling in syria. john to sacrifice quality has established a holiday memorial they will recognize war reporters who often risk for the sake of
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the truth and through that. you can submit to your published works in a video form britain form toward auntie dot com and now. the two koreas are on the verge of signing a peace treaty i don't know trump on some ideas in the works is peace coming to the korean peninsula well it's possible the foreign policy blog and the corporate media are less enthusiastic after all conflict is very business model.
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saudi arabia's top diplomat that it's regime faces collapse unless it starts backing u.s. operations in syria. between pleasing europe and donald trump during his address to the u.s. congress this agreement. but we should not abandon it without having some seen substantial and more substantial. extremist it's revealed that an alleged bodyguard of a sama bin laden has been claiming benefits in germany for more than a decade. and russia's defense ministry displays fragments of missiles it says the syrian government intercepted during the recent western strikes claimed that all of
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its missiles are to. international this is your news from headquarters in moscow first off this hour saudi arabia's foreign ministers want the qatari regime that it could collapse and quickly if it doesn't start lending support to the u.s. military in syria. qatar should finance the u.s. military's presence in syria and send its own military forces there before the u.s. president lifts american protection for qatar if the u.s. is to withdraw its protection represented by its military base in qatar then the regime there will fall within less than a week. this comes as we've heard different words from trump basically giving the impression he's still making up his mind about whether or not to withdraw u.s.
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forces from syria he's been talking about it for him in terms of very soon relatively soon it's not exactly clear now we did hear trump say that if saudi arabia wants the usa to maintain a military presence in syria they should help pay for it they will be making a decision very quickly in coup warden issue with others in the area as to what we'll do saudi arabia. is very interested no decision and i said well who do you want to say maybe you can have to pay so now we hear the foreign minister of saudi arabia saying that there are regional rival are must share the burden of the fighting in syria or else there could be some rather harsh consequences it's interesting to note yesterday tuesday donald trump was at the white house a speaking with the french president in a cron and he seemed to indicate that there were other countries that had been approached by the united states about increasing their role in syria financially as well as merit militarily but there is talk of the prospects of an arab coalition in
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the works for syria now this is certainly not the first point of disagreement between qatar and saudi arabia folks recall over a year ago there was a falling out between the two countries and that resulted in a number of countries cutting off diplomatic relations with qatar saudi arabia and during that spat we heard that donald trump unprecedentedly accusing qatar of funding terrorism. said that they absolutely are not funding terrorism in that statement from trump was simply inaccurate so now we've heard these very very dramatic words from saudi arabia's foreign minister who are waiting to see what comes next security analyst and former british army officer who bridge told me that any go for state sending troops into syria would be breaking the law. well a lot depends on the difference of course between what is being stated quite grandly by various politicians and leaders and what actually may actually turn out to happen on the ground let's not forget that this would be an occupation force
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because syria of course is a sovereign entity certainly the recognized government of syria has not invited these other countries from the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council states to come and join in any action or any military operations inside syria itself let's not forget sad president assad and his forces are winning the war in syria and almost certainly at some stage those that then replace american troops may well end up in combat against syrian forces and possibly also russian forces and those countries will be keen to avoid that i suspect. the french president has concluded a three day trip to washington by addressing the u.s. congress where he got a warm welcome from lawmakers. the president of the french republic. after that
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and i knew about the cross spoke he asked to clear up the special bond between the two countries in a lengthy speech and historical references. friends i spoke to created this story of this great nation from the very beginning. that i remember. as the french philosopher evolved. in the benjamin franklin george washington for america. that's a good song of the united states. the income simone de beauvoir martin luther king's road. from thomas jefferson i mean it was not close novels. patient relationship this is. along with all of those historical references there was some policy discussed most importantly the
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iran deal now the media has portrayed a trump and micron's relationship as a bromance sort of speak and comparing it to the infamous bush blair bromance of the early two thousand but that definitely could be a mischaracterization considering that mccrone took some positions that were totally out of line with trump's policies including expressing support for the paris climate agreement using the phrase make the planet great again which is in stark contrast to trump's make america great again slogan but cross it that didn't seem to be. position he was a bit more ambiguous regarding that you c.p.o. way earlier but this time he did call for a more comprehensive deal while reiterating that france wouldn't be abandoning the agreement but that wasn't is a position on tuesday when he met with trump. for a number of months i've been saying it was not sufficient it will enable us at least until twenty twenty to have some control over their nuclear activities.
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we therefore wish to work on the new deal with iran. we signed it at the initiative of the united states we signed it boasts the united states and france that is why we cannot say we should get rid of it like that france will not leave the g.c. purely because we signed. again mccrone did clarify that the necessity of the agreement outweighs washington's concerns and he urged other signatories to stick with the deal and till there is a better one now trying to argue the opposite but mccrone interim reaching consensus came as somewhat of a surprise to the other signatories especially considering that five hundred of french british and german m.p.'s wrote a letter to u.s. congress asking them to support the deal saying that the concerns should be addressed separately and not within the context of the g c p a way this is crucial because it's in direct conflict with my crohn's view so check
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out what the e.u. and russia have to say about it and what can happen in the future will seen the future but there is one deal existing it's working it needs to be preserved we are against the revision of these agreements and believe it's very counterproductive to de rail the longstanding international efforts will make sure that these agreements and shrines in the u.n. security council resolution weren't be violated trump has until may twelfth to decide what he's going to do but now that there seems to be some division amongst the members of the e.u. it's impossible to predict what exactly will happen so mary kom reporting from washington as for how all this looks from tehran political analyst side my stuff a course correction told me that although france and america might be aligning on the iran deal though the rest of europe does not want to shift. the real nations in europe especially friends even more than germany and britain is trying to get closer to donald trump's aspirations and demands especially with regard to iran's
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nuclear issues but there were rest of europe is a standing against any intensification of problems and tensions with iran they just reject the demand by trio of european nations with regard to imposing further sanctions on iran for its missile and regional activities so this shows that europe is not much willing to you know work with donald trump. it's a message that a man who was once allegedly asama bin laden's body guard has been living in germany on welfare for more than twenty he is with the details his polly boyo. even though some of the laden was killed in two thousand and eleven by u.s. special forces operation he was just the figurehead of the group and some of its members are still out there one of them it turns out has been living in germany for over twenty years now he's been getting welfare payments to boot he's been named in
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the media as a. national and he's believed to have joined al qaeda in afghanistan back in two thousand and illegibly worked as one of osama bin laden's bodyguards because he was already a german resident by that point he dented germany three years prior a need on a student visa when he came back he filed an asylum request that was denied in two thousand and six and a court in germany described him as an acute and considerable danger to public security but a higher court subsequently overrode the deportation order and they cited concerns that this man sami a would be subjected to torture back home in tunisia now sami a was never actually charged with terrorist activities in germany but all sources deemed him a security risk and he.


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