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this position at the end of the day needs to be that the peninsula is is kind of insulated from the larger geopolitics often north east asia south south korea has already shown that it is not not terribly interested in getting into things like a regional ballistic missile shield well it's not interesting i'm going to eilat for a line we're going to find we're going to find actually yeah we're going to find out just how far the pentagon wants to go along with it john let me go to you because if you get if you look at the mainstream media and the punditry that we are bombarded with all of the time the mainstream media is really not on board here is it just because they don't want to see succeed at anything or in the military industrial complex i mean south korea and the and that region of the world is a nice. trough for arms in the u.s. as a vast military establishment there that needs to be paid for i mean that a combination of these things here and go ahead john in washington. well you know i
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peter i don't know that's that's that's kind of hard to say what i will say is this i think what has happened is that we have now gotten a de facto freeze for freeze this was the proposal you have that was made by moscow and beijing years ago and i wrote on this subject about a year and a half ago and i got excoriated now for saying that but this is what is this is what is now de facto in place and so this is this is a big deal it is you know the u.s. the u.s. military exercises this year the joint us are ok exercises are a shadow of their former self last year we had three aircraft carrier battle groups participating this year it's one small aircraft it's really an assault ship with a short takeoff and landing jape third f.
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thirty five so it's a huge deal now there are huge military asymmetries on the peninsula which are going to be astronomically difficult to resolve so we may get a start in these in these discussions when the two korean leaders may meet they may in a few days they may even declare and then to yes the korean war or at least hostilities but it's going to take a lot of tough slogging to work through some of these details and to particularly to put in place the security guarantees which i think the north koreans are going to insist on to go forward daniel let me go to you i mean the security guarantees that's what it's always been about and i'm glad that john mentioned the freeze for freeze because that's been around for a while nobody in the mainstream media says that where that idea comes from but i can tell you if you go to last year during the security council you could see the russian and chinese ambassador at length go through that. process here daniel
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before we go to the break go ahead in new york. well i just want to remind your viewers that that in two thousand and two george w. bush virtually declared war on north korea which he somehow blamed for nine eleven but north korea was was one of the three countries comprising the so-called axis of evil and the u.s. invaded one of those countries has you know it's been sort of rattling at the other ever since and so north korea had had grave concerns regarding its own security so kim jong un figured his only protection lay in a nuclear power nuclear weapon which he had any hope and they enabled him to you know let me jump in here hold that thought gentlemen we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the korean peninsula stay with our team. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the
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world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see them. palestine is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos the middle c. will stick listed to the loving you like it is easy to make up a city is going to have to study how maybe. you know john no doubt tell. me the only palestinian civil gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the oak bush didn't know only could get it. and that's to sell off your knowledge to how to display any of the muscle that you had no difficulty in the customs you to do more commitments last time piss off. me. right back.
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you never know what's around the corner never know was in the pub even to walk into a nice fat excitement it's back work now and that's where the adrenalin rush comes from. and you can easily move by definition and the extremes will support. the violence is a part and it's almost a schizophrenia. where you can do all these things and behave like badly. important people of course qualify that a lot. more so focused on the last. punishment and infirm then walk. in the thought. i would rather win a fight broke out really get a cold i don't want to get. the meaning in reason is that beast if you don't let me
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involves this constant involvement. welcome back to cross like we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the korean peninsula and the possibility of peace. ok let's go back to daniel in new york you were taking us down history lane you were you were just talking about the axis of evil to pick up from there go ahead daniel yeah so in two thousand and two with this axis of evil speech george w. bush essentially the clear of war north korea and that's that speech has never been rescinded anyway this one nope no apology issued no you know no taking back etc so so so kim jong un figured quite logically that it's only protection lay and having a nuclear weapon capable of striking the united states mainland which he apparently
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has achieved so that is his that is his is great you know is great chess pieces ace in the hole and i don't think i want to live here but i really doubt that he will agree to for denuclearization unless the us needs is willing to engage equally and equally grand gesture which trump might be willing to do but i can guarantee you the rest of the foreign policy establishment or blog as you call them will not they will raise holy hell and they will essentially block trump from doing that. in washington can you reflect upon that because that's been my inkling for a moment long you know i'm like john said i'm perfectly willing to give donald trump credit for this if this is just kicked it off ok fine ok but there are forces and you see it all the time in the corporate media mimics the the their corporate
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owners ok they're not keen on seeing peace breaking out particularly if it means negotiations as equal. that's not in their d.n.a. they don't operate that way go ahead absolutely absolutely correct first let me back up a little bit out here and say that yes i totally agree with john that a huge amount of creditors also due to donald trump because let us remember before you talked about fire and fury and destroying north korea he also probably went up further than any u.s. president had had talked about and talked about particular some assurances that he doesn't see the collapse of the north korean regime he doesn't seek regime change he doesn't want to have an invasion all of thirty eight over the thirty eighth parallel etc etc so he has tried he had made a lot of assurances also in his early months and that hasn't had that has he has not got adequate credit for that so yes i mean in other ways also donald trump
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deserves credit and that's that's that's that's perfectly fine you know the one grilli good thing going for donald trump is that the u.s. system provides huge in on foreign policy huge amount of power not just to the presidency but to the president and so he can really over i did his staff because frankly this is all going to come down to donald trump and making that deal with kim jong il on which the foreign policy establishment has not been willing to contemplate and part of the reason it's not been willing to contemplate it's easy to say that all the came regime for ever and the kims never never. on their from their part always cheating etc etc which is which is not entirely true it is partly true not entirely true but just too many forces i think for people in washington are western and in a war mindset confrontational attitude to north east asian geopolitics with the
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thirty eighth parallel being that tripwire and it's not easy for many of them to come to terms that you know what the point. could be just insulated from that whole geopolitical environment let's ask john because john that was his line of business for a while i mean what are the forces moving against this here and beyond because it's donald trump's idea but i mean the you know talks through the bureaucratic inertia that you know that would be against this go ahead well i think i would disagree i think that currently the top leadership of the u.s. defense department is not against what trump is trying to do and we just saw that in syria we saw the d.o.d. weighed in and so we had symbolic strikes against syria rather than the more far reaching operation that some were advocating so. i
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think that we have to be a little bit careful here now i would take this back even a little bit before the axis of evil speech people forget that nuclear weapons were first deployed on the korean peninsula during the eisenhower administration and we had at one time nine hundred fifty nuclear tactical nuclear weapons in korea this is and this is now a de quite well we had seven thousand and western europe. anyway. president bush the elder who's now ill in the hospital was the was the one who decided to put an end to this this kind of madness and so we began withdrawing them but you know you don't have to explain the nuclear issue in terms of the evil nature of the north korean regime although perhaps there's some of that that that can be part of the explanation it's really an action reaction sequence and
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we took the initial action and the north koreans then responded to it so i think the same dynamic can be used in the current circumstances and terms of confidence building measures and hopefully we can walk this back i agree completely that having. a progressive president and seoul is a huge help and i think china and the russia can also help but. i think it's going to be really difficult to unravel this not which which we've tied ourselves up in the peninsula in these various asymmetries ok danielle i think this kind of leads to where i want to go in the program i mean i am sure that there is there's a sense that if if the u.s. in there's the perception of the u.s. backing down the perception of the u.s.
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. involved in a diplomatic process that would be deemed as a piece made here that would have a ricochet effect through all of the other in tangling alliances the u.s. has in the pacific is this part of the thinking there because it is john said you know to untie this or not here there is a huge ripple effect through the entire region go ahead daniel. totally true totally true and will be a huge ripple effect in washington as well where all these countries have their have their interests they have their they have their you know their little alliances japan most particularly russia and china as well so if you know. the north may be playing a kind of vietnamese game where they're trying to you know seek a closer alliance with the south in order to protect themselves against china so therefore that's certainly possible in china could be getting nervous as well and china has friends in washington and. between the japanese wouldn't be very happy
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that you have that unified strong powerful korean peninsula and so you know that they wouldn't there to hold defense thinking would have to be rethought keep going daniel. and japan has tons of friends in washington also so so i think that we're going to see a huge ripple effect from the north northeastern northeast asia to wash and. pile on and you know and trump is on one hand trump has got great power as a u.s. president but i have him politically he's very. yes he is really on the ropes it's a ferocious problem. so i don't know i doubt very much it's he'll be able to withstand these forces and i think that he will i'm pretty sure he is incapable of engaging in the same kind of grand gesture that kim jong un is willing to engage on you know let me go back to sort of i mean you know he won the presidency he surprises it's all the time you know maybe it'll work this time i don't know i mean
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don't you think also it's just a mindset i mean north korea is this cartoonish evil character the axis of evil i mean it's so convenient and there's so many people that have made entire careers out of demonizing and i'm not i'm not siding with the north koreans or its leadership i don't do that kind of thing i i'm basically a realist when it comes to foreign policy so but i mean don't you think that's part of the problem here is he is changing minds you know taking a fresh look and there isn't this really an amazing opportunity that we may never see again go ahead. oh absolutely absolutely this is as good an opportunity source the end of the korean war in. as since the end of the korean war to have a peace regime on the peninsula as well as since the denuclearization declaration and agreements of the early one nine hundred ninety s. to do the nuclearization let me go out a little bit on a limb here and make two points you know with regard to denuclearize nation most
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people and i totally agree understand there the views that this is going to be very difficult close to impossible he's not going to give it up i'm one of those feel very tiny minority but who believes that this is very doable and i can really give it up i could give john i did john is not in the same position as saddam hussein. but you had to go hide it that's why you developed it in the first place to trade it away for security guarantees it seems logical to me exactly. exactly let me explain that point also you know what is a nuclear weapon the focus of a nuclear weapon is to call unacceptable damage to the adversary he already can do unacceptable damage to their adversary by crushing seoul with this conventional guns and therefore a nuclear weapon over and above that is something that he can leverage and he can bargain and which is exactly what he is doing and therefore i would say that this is doable this is a great opportunity but what we have to do also is this cannot be
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a process which gets out over many years in a decade and it's action for action with five hundred steps which then breaks down after twenty steps this has to be a big grand bargain a kind in a truncated where and then to define time period and i think it's doable let me go to look at let me go to john john you're on the negotiating team for the united states what would you tell your boss dollars trying to do in forty seconds go ahead hey i what i would tell him to do is just have good vibes in the in the meeting apparently that was the case when pompei went there i think. it's different this time around is that the negotiations are not being run through a bureaucratic process and a lot of people are criticizing trump on this score it's it's a crisis situation and people forget what we were talking about last fall we're talking about the imminent prospect of war on the peninsula so i think things are
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moving in a good direction i am concerned about the asymmetries. also we're going to have one possible drop out in this process prime minister abbay is in deep political trouble i'm not sure if he's going to be able to survive or not but yeah i think we we just have to hope that the interference goes well ok and in a way moon is playing that is vance gentlemen we have run out of time and very rarely do we end on a positive note many thanks to my guests in washington and in new york and thanks to our viewers for watching us here on c.n.n. and remember. survival. if you want to start.
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getting. back to. work at the rescue seven years. deliver separate cars or work. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trades per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one in one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only
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boom bust. you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you're going to walk and you never know who's going to be there and it's the excitement it's that not know it that's where the adrenalin much comes from through. only going is a means by definition and extremes to all for your support because you're prepared
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to fight for the reputation or not a name of your football club. the violence is a part of it and it's the schizophrenia gang culture like it's a part time gang culture where you can do all these things and be a bad. i. believe in islam is that least if you try and involve these constantly evolving.
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vertebral market zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero victorio. despite owning three restaurants he still prefers to tenderize and grill me to himself it isn't just his stuff and clients who call him the shelf shelf is the nickname of the founder of the wise men from gothenburg one of the most violent gangs of football hooligans in europe. back down extremity and into heaven anyways it was strong thing to soak into football he wanted a family and everything in stockholm about it and now it's all more violent supporters and for them yes it was kind of easy targets for thought in doing trips over there risking pubs you know just to rest people and a few us finally had enough and like ok it will fight back. from me and it's more like self defense most of my boot and sort of we've had to go to this is that it is
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more or fans started going to trips abroad got. i mean standing up i read stall or wrecked stuff i was stabbing was it started in a face or before is a small like old school fighting storming pogs closing each other you know rewards you know people are using sticks and knives and bottles and everything would be going to get you and some chairs now it's more violent but there roylance was more respect and didn't have any leads and actually want to kill each other. and indiana that i die when i was actually died now it's more sportsmanship well for this fight . i don't i don't. i. i. don't. get together on haunted posters both stated tykes for on the throne
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sixty plus and. when a young you really have to show yourself you have to participate in all the fights you have to go to games. or if i think it's really important if you and i will be along you can play can blame oh my girlfriend don't want to go we had to go. thank you thank you. for the unfussy fight maybe six times a year i mentioned be too old to get away six times a year. thing up these days you're going to have to train at least three times a week. and you won't cheat on your part of my story i mean if you take out all of twenty five the strongest try to sell me trying to foist on us my father to the team so you don't want to have someone who's just hanging over. oh
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no. no oh well. almost everyone uses might show some members from stay. basis starbucks is. saying and i may one time of the week we tried to train together here. granted he did i think we see on monday for when they come where they would go you know that's going to try to get to the number salute them with a piece and stuff like that so it's different every day. because
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sometimes we both are secluded gathering and sometimes we get that the. central time is the one before there may be a year due to that there's a want to forward in time we miss the group but also. the best way to find out here is so if there is stuff that we look for or just follow them to do something not too late the night before the day most of the game it depends best way of we think there is to. the pub so we don't have a team firefight with on plus us with on third person and usually it's a bow to one to three minutes once you get into we. get them. on the ground or they run away both very aggressive. and so tactical and it's more about sceptical numbers feel some one on one end games yeah roman bang and everything so if we stand up we will start till.
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you get you know you know that it was interesting. because of all of the on screen from scandinavia that probably the most crazy i think anyone in the most right wing friends. that's quite scary. if some of the extreme for. the wise men and badly boys such all of those guys it is all about the fight becomes about the confrontation clubs know every game but when you've got a local rivalry it will be if there is any violence it will be about who comes out on top.
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of the list. came into the sun and. the greek capital is divided into zones of influence between the greens and the reds and i goes into libya because supporting hooligans. are just like every day something of a different. kind of
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a thing if. you know about the long after for the months they come and where are the same difficult. but also want to. think. about how many of the other but in the same argument about it on the cover some of the newest things on essential scuffs only when we sample moscow this is the world like you but i think it's a phenomenon like it's one of only. god god god why do we can point to become a focus on us when they don't know if you paid for you or one just cause an essential that's going to last them off they've only got the one without the long term this last one let us alone the. second i'm going to get them off the mind if you don't like saying this getting lost you know it's awful when somebody is nice. but i don't want to do this and others like i actually so think i'm one of the things you've got to psych. of the we don't have them with. one of the thirty
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no no if this is. just what they look. after if you want to fix on some of you it was this. because so much that i thought i might ultimately. to go see the visual of this part in about three months and must also said almost on a fair amount of freedom i brought a pashtun. rivalry between the fans of two athens based clubs a libya simple nothing like us has become a war of attrition that has raged for decades the conflict has seen dozens of young greeks mutilated and even killed.


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